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privated insta and i feel so much better
Whoever moved the search bar to the bottom with this new iPhone update, give me ur address so I can ruin your parents marriage rn
Retweeted by moonlover🌙this comedown is so bad omgposted dis on my keeb insta alr but >:3
Retweeted by moonlover🌙hello world @JSK1ng we’re friends but i’m chasingi am chasing after a man who gets absolutely no girls. wtf is this.try not 2 oversexualize myself around men as a form of self harm bc i have daddy issues challenge
Retweeted by moonlover🌙i wanted to post mine too
Retweeted by moonlover🌙new header +1 @undoritoes @peachmesweettea
Retweeted by moonlover🌙fuck depression ima just gaslight myself into thinking i’m happyIM LEVITATINGdo i look intimidating ?
Retweeted by moonlover🌙 @abgmulan me and u🤝baefy n i burped at the same time
Retweeted by moonlover🌙even if you have “good intentions” u can still mistreat people? just because u don’t mean any harm doesn’t mean you can’t CAUSE any harm ?
Retweeted by moonlover🌙high watching euphoria with @supreme_asian and @abgmulanshe don’t love u bro focus on yourself 😹😹😹
Retweeted by moonlover🌙
Retweeted by moonlover🌙 @ynb0t saw a bong and i was like “ryan prolly high rn”I think I got flirted with at work today but they asked for my work hours so they could visit and I told them it was my last day
Retweeted by moonlover🌙i want more baby figurines :3i can't breathe😭
Retweeted by moonlover🌙took some pics of my friend
Retweeted by moonlover🌙i have got to stop drinkingme staring into your soul
Retweeted by moonlover🌙 @luvrhime @nhubitably OMG URVRIGJT IN FRONT OF ME(●˙꒳˙●) hiiiii ~
Retweeted by moonlover🌙got a new top and i am obsessed 😋
Retweeted by moonlover🌙 @cindynmt noooo stay safeHow girls pose in their ig post
Retweeted by moonlover🌙
@JSK1ng the 3rd homie 😹☝️ @JSK1ng funny thing this mf is also a homie of my other old talking stagetalking to some dude i literally don’t give two shits about so i can distract myself from the guy i actually like. bruh.Gm
Retweeted by moonlover🌙it’s 11am and i am being called out @NuocWater BROOO?!?!he broke our pinky promise. ALCOHOL AINT CUTTING IT NO MORE I NEED DRUGS. @momocalpico oh hell notbh at this point i genuinely think i’m just unlovablemy overthinking ruined everything :/// i literally can’t do anything right. @jamesrogN 48 hoursUhm well that was a short talking stage. HI GUYS IM A WHORE AGAIN. @okayeimi @MMO___RPG cancelled on the tl @MMO___RPG ???
Retweeted by moonlover🌙 @MMO___RPG @JSK1ng I-Quynh needs help beyond anyones capability
Retweeted by moonlover🌙i like him (multiple guys)QUYNH THINKS 21 SAVAGE IS HOT ??????????
Retweeted by moonlover🌙don’t give me ur number. i wanna know ur credit card plates landed ‼️
Retweeted by moonlover🌙 @_lmaoren i only gaslight meni have the god complex of a manit’s ok to think you’re the main character but you can not match my god complex
Retweeted by moonlover🌙opinions on libra men @kashmoneyykat CONGRATGULATIONSi passed my drivers test!!
Retweeted by moonlover🌙 @luvrhime PRETTIEST GIRL EVERsame but different, also eek me w no falsies
Retweeted by moonlover🌙 @JSK1ng HI MATTI do be looking like a lil sugar baby tho😜
Retweeted by moonlover🌙me again
yesterday’s leftovers
Retweeted by moonlover🌙now i’m sobbing fyckDRINKINH AT 3 AM WOOOtalking stage jealousy a different typa toxic 💀
Retweeted by moonlover🌙i wish i wasn’t stuck in my own head all the timei miss bikini szn 🥲
Retweeted by moonlover🌙i miss her no cap
Retweeted by moonlover🌙She got us im not even gonna lie she got us good
Retweeted by moonlover🌙wife applications are open
Retweeted by moonlover🌙my own tattoo artist😭💔
Retweeted by moonlover🌙sorry for spamming (not)
Retweeted by moonlover🌙me in constant need of reassurance??? pfttt what @j1nsoyoung Hiii @annabbly i have that gut feeling again :(((keep Matt alive past February 14th challenge
Retweeted by moonlover🌙 @SKPNKISS he made me cry myself to sleep last night 😹😹single btw’m so use to guys just liking the idea of me idk what’s real and fake no more
@ErecYeager WOAHHHHHigh school me would be shaking rn if he found out who he was going to grow up to be
Retweeted by moonlover🌙 @JSK1ng let me get my insurance first 💃💃 @athennessy ILY TYY @FILlPlNO TYY TYY @annabbly real estate 🥸 @ariyeuna TYYY @annabbly look it could’ve been 5 but she was tired of seeing me @trifairy WORDDD @SKPNKISS 😎😎😎😎OFFICIALLY LICENSED ONLY TOOK 4 TRIESoverthinking is not fun not fun at allin class this is so boring
Retweeted by moonlover🌙me & the besties on a disney date <33
Retweeted by moonlover🌙 @undoritoes HOW HE EAT THAT SPICY TOO