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Tarahh🌼 @peachT_07 South Texas, USA

Welcome to my shit show // 23 and a complete mess //

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I feel like this migraine will never go away 😭 @StephenKing
Retweeted by Tarahh🌼 @cumdumpsterrr69 @ChelseaChelsah 😅😅 I look different now a days @ChelseaChelsah @cumdumpsterrr69 🤣🤣🤣🤣Hear me out, a sports bar. But no sports. Just @BravoTV
Retweeted by Tarahh🌼🗓 23rd November 2020 🏷Instagram/gsiblue 💕 #animaloftheday
Retweeted by Tarahh🌼there’s just a lotta shit that ain’t my mf problem
Retweeted by Tarahh🌼You wanna be the one I run to? Fucking act like it then.
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I fuckin love cowboy stew, it’s the perfect weather for it @ToboCaresForYou Nooo 😂😂One day my brothers and I will all have badass rigs and badass kubotasThis headache won’t let me sleepFuck, I really don’t want to drink ever again after last night.
I wish I could end my weekend being snuggled up with my hunny.Ouch, I’m hungover asf 😣Taking tequila shots with my bff was the highlight of my year
do i want to go to jail or get railed?? world may never know
Retweeted by Tarahh🌼I want to be laid up with my man every night.If you’re callin bout my heart, it’s still yoursps if this austin i still love you
Retweeted by Tarahh🌼Bro I fucking HATE hearing people chew with a fucking passion that shit irritates me 😭😭😭😭😭😭
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I miss my dumbass bf 🥺😭There’s only one @fiftydeuce. We’re just glad we don’t have to go up against him. 😅
Retweeted by Tarahh🌼Don’t be shy bruise my throat
Retweeted by Tarahh🌼Get tested before y’all go home and get around y’all people for Thanksgiving
Retweeted by Tarahh🌼Greg Abbott is the most useless motherfucker alive
Retweeted by Tarahh🌼Loooove
Me distracting security while my wife steals the PS5
Retweeted by Tarahh🌼“Keep your liver spotted hands off my beautiful mother! She’s a saint!”🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ miss Javier Baez. #Cubs
Retweeted by Tarahh🌼Cost of public college tuition: Germany: $0 France: $0 Sweden: $0 Norway: $0 Finland: $0 Brazil: $0 United States:…
Retweeted by Tarahh🌼A very true story.
Retweeted by Tarahh🌼If Hillary Clinton had to testify for deleting emails, shouldn’t Lindsey Graham testify for tossing out voting ballots?
Retweeted by Tarahh🌼🗓 17th November 2020 🐮 Zabu 🏷 Instagram/adventuresofzabuandellie 💕 #animaloftheday
Retweeted by Tarahh🌼The alleged victims range in age from 8 to 93 and have come forward in all 50 states as well as military bases in G…
Retweeted by Tarahh🌼😂😂😂
Retweeted by Tarahh🌼Damn Ted Cruz your mom should’ve definitely practiced abortion and swallowed you you’re wondering sometimes hamsters just scream once they find out that they can scream
Retweeted by Tarahh🌼this verse caused a shift in the timeline
Retweeted by Tarahh🌼Allow me to address the elephant in the room: Donald Trump should now be classified as a clear and present danger t…
Retweeted by Tarahh🌼I love how USAA shows me how to budget and shit. I also love how they showed me that I spent over $200 on food 😅😅
@lorenasalinas89 @Davidperez1122 @BigRoro69 @ArinSaenz @Genesiissz @ChelseaChelsah @yvonne_suarez12 @kaylabena_25 @ChelseaChelsah Can you bring me one 😭And when I think of you Linda I hope you fucking joke @wyattlee21 was going through my snaps and I really miss the squad. We are stupid as fuck.If my female friends want to see my tits, I will simply show them
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I’m set on going to Montana and Wyoming, one dayPeople who idolize Texas need to go somewhere that has mountains, you’ll realize Texas ain’t shit
Retweeted by Tarahh🌼 @beltranralph25 An 8 week fetus isn’t that big either 😂😂 @beltranralph25 It was a melted dildo 🥴🥴I believe that I found God About the same time that I found youI knew this shit would hurt like hell.if it’s not like Mine All Mine i don’t want it
Retweeted by Tarahh🌼Dear @Twitter, Trump's tweets are dangerous and reckless. They incite and invite violence. It's time to pull the p…
Retweeted by Tarahh🌼 @hypekingjohnson @cuitlacoochie Because not everyone who's pro-choice is pro-abortion; they just have the common se…
Retweeted by Tarahh🌼Yes’s her best friend, she wants a man like her dad, her sister and red wine are the only two she talks to when she’s mad
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& i pray my son is never the reason someone's daughter is questioning her worth..
Retweeted by Tarahh🌼How privileged is your life where wearing a mask is the most oppressed you’ve ever felt?
Retweeted by Tarahh🌼 @AlexiaSoliz4 Super excited tho!! 😂😂Last year we talked about who was going to be a parent first in our group, never thought it would be Perez 😂😂This is King Julian and he’s the best thing we’ve seen today 😭 🏷TikTok/kellydudley92
Retweeted by Tarahh🌼Ain’t nothing that a cold beer and some Turnpike can’t fix.
Retweeted by Tarahh🌼✨I’m ✨a ✨dumb✨bitch✨
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Ugh I’m so bloated and hot headed today.I’m so sleepy and miss my babes and I’m sad“The pill isn’t 100% effective, just ask some of your friends parents”
𝘾𝙊𝙉𝙏𝙀𝙎𝙏 🍻 Quote this tweet and get 0 likes, 0 RTs and 0 comments by 9 AM tomorrow for your chance to win a reserved…
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Retweeted by Tarahh🌼I’m tired asfffSan Antonio Riverwalk at Christmas time 🎄🌟
Retweeted by Tarahh🌼It’s spelled Jägermeister…
Retweeted by Tarahh🌼No more giving compliments if y’all fuckers just gonna be like “I ain’t cute” okay fine fucker you’re an ugly sum bitch how ya like that
Retweeted by Tarahh🌼Ran into my ex earlier, I guess I’m drinking whiskey tonight“I’ve got a fever and the only prescription is more Isbell.”
Retweeted by Tarahh🌼One man will leave Arlington, TX as the 2020 PBR World Champion. Jose Vitor Leme holds strong as the World No. 1. I…
Retweeted by Tarahh🌼Thank you veterans. #VeteransDay
Retweeted by Tarahh🌼Today, we’re reminded of our solemn obligation: to serve our veterans as well as they have served us. To all of our…
Retweeted by Tarahh🌼Seems lately every time it rains, it poursToday is a day to honor the extraordinary sacrifice and bravery of our veterans and their families, and make certai…
Retweeted by Tarahh🌼🗓 11th November 2020 🐮 Lenny and Freddie 🏷 Instagram/farmsanctuary 💕 #animaloftheday
Retweeted by Tarahh🌼 @yvonne_suarez12 Lmao a little sixerMe trying to find love in this generation
Retweeted by Tarahh🌼Figured I’d just let goodbye run it’s courseMy dad always picks my chin up when I’m down. @yvonne_suarez12 Tell Marcus c’mon!!TWO DAYS until the PBR World Finals kicks off inside AT&T Stadium for the first time in history. There's still time…
Retweeted by Tarahh🌼as if i needed a reason to love Target even more
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water drinkers only 💦
Retweeted by Tarahh🌼 @laymeee And they look like that too.I’m seriously on the verge of losing my shit.Y’all date a cowboys then are shocked when they act like cowboys.
Retweeted by Tarahh🌼 @Rock_Hard_Abbbs @alexismagana27 Imma leave this here
Retweeted by Tarahh🌼One more hour 🥱🥱Boy, am I fucking tired. And pulling doubles all week. 🥱Fuck you @LindseyGrahamSC, you lying sack of shit.
Retweeted by Tarahh🌼i have two moods
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