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Brady @pebbut the crib

strongest man on the planet, disrespecter of my girlfriend, superior philosopher, and smartest man on the planet, inventor of feminism, and the humblest

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his name is henning may i think lol he is germani was not expecting the second guys voice
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you can drink the recommended 6 cups of water while you are in the shower every morning @nerdjpg banana bread is one of the best things ever created @rudy_betrayed actually my one sexist take is that she fucking sucks
@EmeraldBull_ lmaounless they are able to bait people into voting for them again there’s no way they win like they need to lolthe democrats are gonna lose so hard in 2022this is the first time i’ve heard of this senator but can arizona get rid of them @world_to_win @_virgogre ahh i see lol i don’t mind since those tweets aren’t doing very well anyway @world_to_win @_virgogre 🤔this is now an italian hate account @tiredbutchaotic did the i’m not white i’m italian memei called him a virgin and then he said the nword things escalated very quickly @OfTheCave that is good to know 🤔 @OfTheCave do you want me to hate italians or stop making fun of themfor the record i don’t have anything against italians i just love to ironically hate on themit gets better @piper_pen @theesudani im about to walk outside to my next class in 10 minutes idiot @shoe0nhead where’s that “is there someone you forgot to ask” meme at @nicothe420th i didn’t realize they changed it back until just now @rudy_betrayed my sexist take is that girls drool and boys rule @nerdjpg my parents have @kimpossiblefact isn’t that the wall street girl
@milkinhisbag bro @letsassume @TheEpicDept hooters @frankquaranta_ mmmmmm all apologies @leftiloosi @leftiloosi are you trying to find my exact playlist or yours lol
in one dayme and my friends watched the entirety of the eric andre show together awhile ago lol @wwweeesss5 solid playlist @_dml21 love yeek and rav @alexcypriano55 dr dog and beach house 😏 @yalilnastyyy i like it @fxglve good playlisti would like to see what everyone be listening toeveryone drop your on repeat playlist 😏 @pissboymcgee i don’t think i’ve been around anyone under the age of 18 for awhile that just talks or thinks about eminem @JarJarFan69 is he rock hard @goblinfurby666 @101geccos me @nerdjpg Comedown Machine - The Strokes @101geccos pebbubt
@nerdjpg pebbubt @DarioVarriale1 it’s a me mario. do you know that one. it’s the lil italian guythe romans were punished for killing jesus by being turned into italians
Retweeted by Bradyitalian history is gabagool and the sopranos @ellieeanes i have no idea when i took this @NormOfNorth @notsofiacoppola thank you norm of the north @ellieeanes my hair looks spectacular in that contact pic what picture is that @bIondiewasabi classic kelly doo has been found dead in miami
an 11 year old will see this and then also find “sjw owned” videos and then be fucked for the next few years or the rest of their lifeWhen i was 12 and already diseased by the internet shit like this just made me an even worse person at the timeunnecessary phrases like “womxn” most definitely send a bunch of impressionable preteens down the altright pipeline @_jazzghost_ @_m_a_k_e_n_n_a_ king
can you guys please stop making fun of biden if it wasn’t for him i wouldn’t be able to go to brunch :( @bIondiewasabi I cannot process real emotions‼️‼️‼️ @badboychadhoy i’m so sorry take care man :( @ellieeanes you will figure it out eventuallymy girlfriend trying to figure out her left and rights while driving point of life is to attain as much swag as possible @daylanlmao kingi miss my gf and im gonna take brady’s thing so here’s my beautiful girlfriend:)
Retweeted by Brady @notsofiacoppola @_ericcurtin i like emphasizing the hamp part before i say ster @d_funkle @ellieeanes did not expect this viewpoint from mr. grunkle 🤔
me and the fellas when covid is over @monsk_ i will @TheNotoriousHRT i agreeit’s girlfriend posting hours look at my hot girlfriend
Retweeted by Brady @graveratt favorite part about political ads in georgia were when they said “vote blue and we will bomb syria and give you nothing” @ellieeanes vampire
@fshley they are different idiot @nicothe420th @rudy_betrayed dont laugh at me @ellieeanes delana and layton did it to youit’s girlfriend posting hours look at my hot girlfriend @BoyYeetsWorld me too @rudy_betrayed you know who else was suspendednice’all weren’t there *picture of obama*thinking about posting “y’all weren’t there” and then putting 4 images of things that happened like 5-10 years ago like everyone else
Retweeted by Brady @sunfloweremojis sailor moon edits are cringe too
@parrishhhhhh 😏who is amber and why did she alert my phone and tell me to look for my own carif you have ever posted a sad bart simpson edit you should be made fun of
@ellieeanes me neither @ChinatownMarket shirtif you are a good enough investigative journalist your career will end when you commit suicide via two gunshots to…’t there a black mirror episode like this @ellieeanes red @ellieeanes good jobkitten: mother lend me some milk i need sustenance baby sea turtles: hell is all around me suffering is inescapable