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This is how stupid i looked in my last relationship lmaoooooo (2013) dir. Bong Joon Ho iluh happy valentine ya @peceleve 💕
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damn i want what she has😺✏ — 21 @tom0o0o bitch everyone knows i do hella drugs, that was obviously a troll tweet @kedeanan iya @ngomongkotor no i’m not even mentioning anyone specific lmao? @hasyakyla 😔 @sweetboyblondey Du, weil du du bistkalau teman lo berbuat aneh kenapa gak ditegur aja secara personal daripada langsung di blow up di sosial media? @pputtercup mana tiktok yang aku minta @__cringepotato of course bb @cigaretaftersad semuanya pake olympus superzoom @ksaisas clairo and naif nation🤝we the fest really thought they did something when they announced the migos huh @aalkills ye @cakeraine paula’s choice bha liquid solution @vajijay if you do drugs stay away from me @kamarauhl olympus superzoom @Taniainsn dulu suka banget pake makeup tapi sekarang udah gak nyaman, maybe i’ll try doing more makeup looks in the future tho <3 @eggvelyn istg imagine your boyfriend having to wake up to a picture of me everyday i’d ask for a divorce @chxocolato iya @eggvelyn BITCH SJFGKJJKSKSKS @eggvelyn more 4 u only
december😺✏ — because he’s a capricorn @sadheauxx QUEEN TINGS! @FluffiologyBb BITCH HAHAHAHA YES U CANleave lucinta luna alone!i’m gonna make the lucinta luna version of this @vajijay BITCH??!?!?!?? @vajijay bitch i thought we were going to bali😐😐malas banget mampir ke jakarta tapi demi clairo a bitch just might come to ibu kota this summer! @dhafinelka <3!!!!!!!!! @farrelmeonk tai hahahahahah @badgaIdidi @crystpt those are two separate factors that should not correlate with eachotherif u say hello to me and i fall in love then that’s your fault
@yung_gola absicht😺✏ — depends on who’s asking @calarasucia can u read my reply i was being sarcastic @yemimadn ily! @dododid_ paypal bebiiiiii!!!! @putradafy Stop being transphobic it’s 2020 @naufaldot nonton jojo rabbit @yellowcrime @pputtercup gimana @ryandawamm Kasihan aja. I couldn’t imagine being her and having the whole country see and judge this situation that is so sad and personal. @cigaretaftersad nosumpah sedih banget denger berita lucinta luna @pputtercup elu anjing @CallHerAbigail susu duluan...periodtall i do is watch love island, talk about timothée chalamet and lie @xaditya_ bitch i’d rather go on omegle tbh @yungnarziss @polaristinct that’s human trafficking kampret😭or putri gloif you still use snapchat you’re either under 16 or a drug dealer yang mau patungan so we can buy the call me by your name house @needdolanx nobody laughed?i’d just post 2 hour videos of me screaming, that’s allsomeone send me a camera so i can make a youtube channel😳👉🏼👈🏼
@serln9antuk filmnya @hipibidi filmnyadilan 1991 jelek @fianfardianto ok incelman asian girls jus hit different
Retweeted by eva @senjatanuklir freak lo kampret @novemberdad @novemberdad bong nation gang gangdon’t ever doubt me again i was joaquin phoenix i would have just said "we live in a society" and left the stageman i’m about to fall asleep if joker or tarantino gets best picture don’t wake me upthey really brought out eminem huhée🤕👋😳😐👉🏼👈🏼LITERALLY PEEING MYSELF AT HOW GOOD THIS ECCO AND BLADEE SONG IS
Retweeted by eva @novemberdad damn i want himparasite best picture or i’m deleting this account @skipberat he looks like every 16 year old italian football player @novemberdad frank ocean met gala type beat
@JeanBeau13 @llutf1 narkoba @catsedih ini lo sarkas apa gimana kampret @pputtercup i’m lil bitchy u lil naughtybaju gue bukan urusan lo, mau revealing, mau tertutup, mau overdressed...none of your business @thegreatnarnia clothes or confidence probably but there’s nothing bitchy about that lmao unless she’s a misogynist @concubine__ well aku emang bitchy so cant blame her🤝 @howtodressvvell #nohate cancels everything out👉🏼👈🏼LMAOOOO emang @kismin666oys kampret <3ya maaf gue gak jaim but who cares @kaislut itu merch sahabatku tapi udah sold out :(my pimples said 😬👋assalamualaikumwomen’s toilet
@cherrytourte freak