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That’s not adoption that’s kidnapping.
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Look I know it's low hanging fruit and we shit on this guy enough, but Jesus Christ this is so bad. Good to know t…
Retweeted by ThePedanticRomantic @ AXhonestly have no idea what, of the many things people find to be mad at me about, this person's so mad about, and t… @stabpossum @hedrigal @Softgirl2789 @The_Mikei Ah, there's a reason I had her muted lol @MrFagigly This isn't "capitulating" to white supremacists tho; they're angry that it's being removed I could see… Fun Fact: Remember that "You Wouldn't Steal A Car" anti-piracy ad? The guy who wrote the music for that ad was…
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Retweeted by ThePedanticRomantic @ AX @alice2uni SHITLike, I think it's usually lame when in response to *right-wingers* the "ah you don't have a partner" line is pulle… @captain_nekoo @jaz2kX thx!!Idk bro you tell me @jaz2kX Maybe before crying "fake" and making an idiot of yourself you should search my twitter for a few key terms… @deathpigeon Surprise surprise, people whose ideologies are built upon the writings of a European philosopher are o… wife, noted communist, has played like 500 hours of EU4 I'm sorry fellas, you're just making myths for yourselvesAlso, Waypoint, *the* lefty sjw game site, is a big fan of Paradox games; the idea that "not liking to assist nazi…"Paradox is betraying The Gamers by removing a slogan beloved by white nationalists from its game!" I feel like yo… @Baconside they release anime after it's done airing @rei_is_not_bei a big thing for Netflix is that they want to release in sub and dub simultaneously, so that wouldn't work for themTime to finally post what I'm watching this season, only 2/3 of the way through the month!
Retweeted by ThePedanticRomantic @ AXWe're watching the same stuff and largely have the same views of these series, so you can check this out if you're… @Dogmy_gremlin @car_keys_ Oh, I mean, how do you think I've watched it in order to make that judgement that it's one of the AOTS? @JaredMithrandir Fate is always gonna be really popular, and other series, like LWA, definitely feel like they woul… @JaredMithrandir I'll definitely concede that Kakegurui is SUPER popular, and some of that definitely seems to be d… @sinbethemoon FUCKOH MY GOD I JUST REALIZED THAT BEASTARS IS IMPRISONED BY NETFLIX HOW IS IT ALWAYS ONE OF THE BEST ANIME OF THE SEA… @Potatopolitics Swedish bot @fohfuu For sure, it's more the way in which they work that's grossly misconceivedThe reason behind THAT being that fascism works a lot better with capitalism than socialism does, and so the capita…^ This is sorta the story of contemporary American politics btw, the Democrats have retained a much stronger centri… @RheaWelsh8 Yeahhh, that's a good articulation of what makes it so depressing actually. I see people who *feel* th… "russian bots" refrain is *firmly* liberal, and has little to zero adaptability to leftist aims and causesIf we look at how effective Trump was at utilizing political memetics during the campaign, "Russiagate/Russian bots… & a while Im forced to remember the sheer, overwhelming number of people who believe in "Russian bots" as a po… @katposting "an abusive act" then @katposting The definitional line you're drawing between what you did and "abuse" feels like a very arbitrary one @katposting And the spreading perception that she was threatening you into rehabilitating Kayleigh isn't one I agree with @katposting Reading over everything here, I don't think Maru's caps misrepresented the convo I'm sorry; this situa… @katposting No, I meant, is Maru wrong when she says she posted the screencaps uncropped, aside from the personal info she omitted? @katposting is this not true? remorse over posting private suicidal ideation that she only had access to because someone leaked it from a pers… is undeniably abuse, and gross as hell @ClydeSenpai I *DO* think it's fair to hold abusers accountable for the trauma they cause in this way Is she respo… @ClydeSenpai For starters, I think a framing that centralizes that "obligation" on Kat's part is a cynical one to d…
Retweeted by ThePedanticRomantic @ AXI know these kinds of abuse allegations can be tough to parse from the outside, so here's the tl;dr: "I apologize… wanna see #PROMARE 4dx now im gonna Cry i wanna smell roses in Lios scene
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With 2020 on the horizon, you'd expect that everyone in the anime industry is on board with the latest tech, right?…
Retweeted by ThePedanticRomantic @ AXWow this one did pretty well, huh? Glad to see it, it's between this and Beastars for AOTS, so I really wanted to… @drawingmeme Ryouma Ebata solo-animated the whole ED ^_^塗りをあきらめました… この顔を継続させたい
Retweeted by ThePedanticRomantic @ AXOne Angry Gamer tried to dunk on someone for "Pronouns in the bio" and accidentally revealed that they don't know w…
Retweeted by ThePedanticRomantic @ AX @SakubutaArmando @frog_kun omg i went back to the sakugablog article b/c i could've sworn it mentioned him, and i'm…'s on Funi too actually! @frog_kun Getting this OP so soon after Black Fox; we're being spoiled with Ebata cuts right nowThe look of the White House Italian translator as Trump says President Mozzarella for the Italian President and say…
Retweeted by ThePedanticRomantic @ AXFor those asking where it's streaming legally: @idigidestined @ginkohs it's on Hulu weirdly enough @Marri Hulu
@KayleeSmerbeck "oh? you have a crush on the team captain don't you? well how about this, come be our team manager… @yuriphobia it's about gay boys playing tennis @Dylan_Macri she draws horny art for the twitter likes while shittalking all the fans for having bad taste she's great @NelsonStJames1 @cillia huluIf your petty rivalry doesn't trigger B&W background animation sequences, are you even friends
Retweeted by ThePedanticRomantic @ AXLess surprisingly, episode 2 owned. Maki is a beautiful menace of a protagonist with more nuance to his actions alr…
Retweeted by ThePedanticRomantic @ AX @Zainou688 It's certainly stylized and not wholly realistic in its character animation here It's Ebata's personal… to the girl who clapped through the prez's entire dance: you the real MVP
Retweeted by ThePedanticRomantic @ AXThe characters with very different levels of stamina, coordination & enthusiasm stand out as obvious cases, but eve…
Retweeted by ThePedanticRomantic @ AXRyouma Ebata settles on his personal patterns for OP/ED so confidently that the result can feel a bit OOC sometimes…
Retweeted by ThePedanticRomantic @ AX @Zainou688 it's what's "supposed to be done"; I don't think it's achieved too often, in anime or broader animation @geebdarling apparently it's on HULU of all places lmao I didn't know they got exclusive seasonals anymore @fohfuu no that too, her level of realistic chunk is super refreshing @CanipaShow AHHHH, YOU'RE RIGHT I hadn't noticed but now that you point it out it makes perfect sense lolThe English title is Stars Align if you're looking for it on streaming services The show is also explicitly gay as… no Sora's ED is FANTASTIC Not only is it great animated dancing, which is always fun on its own, but the w… full version of Mafuyu's song is so beautiful 😭
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Blaire claims that: "A record number of teens & young people are now DETRANSITIONING” But the Sky News article th…
Retweeted by ThePedanticRomantic @ AXDiverting incipient leftist demands and threats to capital is the entire program of fascism, as central to it as th…
Retweeted by ThePedanticRomantic @ AXThe amount of incredulity people display when people like Bill O'Reilly or Tucker Carlson display beliefs like this…
Retweeted by ThePedanticRomantic @ AX @Drommels_YT @VertbleLycnthrp I DESPISE the fact that both of these are perfect
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Retweeted by ThePedanticRomantic @ AX @MozillaFennekin I fully support this move @Lonelystarrd22 Yeah, B/W and S/M are the mainline writing peaks for mebut idk if I need things to get much heavier than that. Also i really fucking want another Colosseum/Gale of Darkn… really effective one I think. I like Pokemon as a "kid-friendly"-rated escape for me, if it's got these winks an… alternative way of doing it, of speaking to the original pokemon generation as we get older not by becoming th… Gigantimax Meowth just being longcat, w/ Chonkachu in the game, w/ Hangry Mouse, etc., Gamefreak is just strai… @VertbleLycnthrp MY MAN TARANTINO REALLY JUST LET HIMSELF HAVE TWO MORE OF THOSE, HUH??????
@Uniqueosaurus There's debate in leftist circles as to whether or not it's communist, or, more accurately, *to what… really like wearing this top with more fem looks, creates a sort of Land Of The Lustrous-style androgyny of femin… @phrenic31 eyyyy @robpurpura @Rory__Walker @CRTgirl I DO of course see how my phrasing implied otherwise tho, and again, my apologies @Rory__Walker @CRTgirl Well for starters, I was talking about futa, which are different from trans women, but more… @MagicRhizome Sorry if that was there, such an implication wasn't my intent @CRTgirl ...thanks? @CRTgirl mhm, of course @microtrinket bless them tbh boytits are eternally valid