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Comin up with a massive crew on @noodsradio this afternoon for the @sneakersocial takeover @charmainesnames @ScratchaDVA Ironic donk tweets is most def not a hill I’m prepared to die forNew music alert: in great company on this MASSIVE comp by @sneakersocial with a new track from the Terminal session…
Retweeted by Peder Mannerfelt @ScratchaDVA 😂probably for the best, I’ll see myself out @ScratchaDVA 😬 in that case I think I’ll go w this one instead @ScratchaDVA Only option is to put a massive Donk on it
2020 @Jas_shaw @ActScr Ah cheers m8✨ @Jas_shaw Got well chuffed seeing your name pop up on a recipet for the new @ActScr EP this morning🤗 @opiumhum @usikuvo @T5UMUT5UMU Oh will do sir! @opiumhum @usikuvo Shit this is sick!! @BAMBOUNOU @SHFTD_AVN @slateandash Very true. Think I’m striving after less possibilities and more definities in my… @SHFTD_AVN @BAMBOUNOU @slateandash Also had my eyes on it for a long time, the price tag has kept me from pulling the trigger so far butToday’s 1 stop shop👀🎉👀🎉👀🎉👀
very Sneaky and very Social @RajiRags Famous last words
Happy #InternationalReggaeDay @boomkatonline @orenambarchi More like boi in the corner these days @boomkatonline @orenambarchi Amazing! So he’s not sitting down in the room anymore ? @johnxela That’s some grade A classic BK writing right there John! Great to see you back at it 🤗THIS👇👇👇👇 @dalecornish ❣️love u Babes✨THIS👇👇👇👇
@andrewryce I’d rate that as “mega-pro”Sun Ra be like I know THE place
The debut release by @ActScr is out everywhere today🎉 This has been a long time in the making and I’m very proud to…↓ OnScreenActor: Crisis Act I (Peder Mannerfelt OSA 001) ☞
Retweeted by Peder Mannerfelt @Eavsounds 👍
yo pls take a minute of yr time and give this one a listen. it's v sad but also life affirming. if u can afford to,…
Retweeted by Peder MannerfeltBest 303 programming tutorial ever
Whatever happened to kasimp3? Is there any thing like it anywhere else in the world?!Muchos me gustas ❣️ @AnnieWaff17 @mattpound ♥️hope you’re ok Annie!
♥️ debut EP drops Monday! Premiere: OnScreenActor – Great Pulteney(@PederMannerfelt Produktion) via @dubiks
Retweeted by Peder Mannerfelt @yu_whoooo It’s all about the dialogue! The back and forth, reacting and being inspired by each other. Nothing happens in a vacuum @yu_whoooo Also Kraftwerks whole thing after Trans Euro Expr was that they wanted to copy James Browns beats with e…’s another brilliantly banging record out today 🔥 Oi “Crisis Act I” by @ActScr drops Monday @TectonicPinch @emika_records @TrimTaliTweets @KillaPmc @ineziofficial @nivenielsen ✨amazeballs ✨Loads of great new stuff out today! oG @pinch new album is a proper peach 🍑 @danielmarkavery @phantasysound @MuteUSA Wow sounds great on first listen D! Nice work! Also really good title:)
Messiaen? Railton? That’s a very strong YES for me! Absolute magic✨ @blindoldfreak @maxburgers_se Well that’s probably the “problem” here, we go there way more often ;)Very essential conversation that we all need to engage in
Listen to another slice from the @ActScr EP that’s out on Monday on PM Produktion @ErikStenborg Yes, that’s the basically the level of my parenting skillsMy 8 year old drew this today, don’t know if this means we go there too often or not often enough?? @dalecornish SameSo wait, is Partyboy like a “real” dj now?! I always assumed it was like meme thing but not very funny or I didn’t get the joke or whatever @_morelian @boomkatonline @manarecs 🙈🙉 @dalecornish @_morelian @boomkatonline @manarecs I wish... @_morelian @boomkatonline @manarecs I honestly don’t wanna know @boomkatonline 🙋‍♂️This is an album I also adore and fully endorse being played in it’s entirety the music score from @structure01 Shelley Parker’s collaboration with dance artist Fernanda Muñoz-Newsome…
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Legend @lyra_pramuk @chnndler Ping @alexanderljung @tony_poland I’m so excited!!!!
Still the sound of the future 🤯 @BenUFO 🤒
@ChraComfort Omg!!! Makes so much sense!♥️AP 4-ever♥️’m totally onboard with TikTok and Tom Petty leading the resistance
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@__ELLLL__ Nooooo that’s one of my biggest nightmaresBreonna Taylor’s name is no longer trending and the police that murdered her are still free. If you see this please…
@opiumhum @boomkatonline Ha was just browsing the Sonic Youth 14 tracks in my iTunes the other day and thinking to… I can now personally attest to the new @iamsherelle mix being an absolute blinder that’s got me well primed for… now, for the next 24 hours, Bandcamp will donate our share of sales to @NAACP_LDF. Here is a list of artis…
Retweeted by Peder MannerfeltFind a crowd-sourced list of of Black artists, labels, and producers on Bandcamp (searchable by name, location, and…
Retweeted by Peder MannerfeltIt’s @Bandcamp Friday again and this time they will donate their cut to @NAACP ! Here’s a list of my favourites
Phatter than Photeks Ferrari, 'Crisis Act I' by @ActScr drops June 29th @AnnieWaff17 Wow that sounds intense @OssiaOssia Literally me right now
@fiskargubbe Går det möjligtvis att nertäcka han igen? @hamacattack ❤️Imagine to able to blow out all your built up anxiety on the dancefloor right about now. The absence is so physical… @chinchillaah Also boring but Glue and Eq eight is also something i use on almost every track @chinchillaah Frequency shifter! In shift mode try having the frequency at 0, dry/wet at 50% and just a fraction of… debut EP from OnScreenActor lands on PM Produktion June 29th and you can get a first taste of the magic here @AnnieWaff17 🎈😘
Lately it’s been equally exciting to see how many likes versus unfollows I get for every tweet I do100% of the proceeds to @BlkLivesMatter #BlackLivesMatter
Retweeted by Peder Mannerfelt @gee__booo Yes, yes and yes @opiumhum 1000% YES @Eavsounds 🤗Really ace tips on writing process and production here 👇👇👇 the sounds of @ctress_a @dalecornish @_knive @bjork @johnxela @KimletGordon @rebismusic @sarahdavachi I did a new mix and you can listen to it here @flxk1_ Happy birthday Felix🎈 @dalecornish Also this remix is tiiiiiiiiiiight @DeejayMosca @dalecornish @OOH_sounds @structure01 @dalecornish Aye yeeaaaaaahs
@jacquesgreene Congrats J! @haraldpeter Hmm dunno tbh, kind of changes everything but I think it makes it more original