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Animator, dog groomer, forest cryptid probably 🌲🏔 I make comics about mediocre lazy demons. Coordinator for @FearTarot

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Rikki is selling some more original GIR art for the holidays~!
Retweeted by BeelzebastardMade a locked personal that I won't use a TON, more for just moving some brands of silliness, messy art WIPs, and r…
Retweeted by BeelzebastardWould anyone here following me be interested in a really quick Toonboom crash course for rig based animation over the holidays?
Retweeted by BeelzebastardI made a ko-fi which is still in the works, pls consider helpin me out while i try to navigate all the awful shit i…
Retweeted by Beelzebastard @Dumpysaurus @Rezllen @lobitaworks Thank YOU for being a part of it! 💖Saw some folks making kk slider versions of their favorite albums and thought I'd doodle some oingo boingo albums 👀
Retweeted by Beelzebastard @OhHeyMonsterBoy YOOOOMade a locked personal that I won't use a TON, more for just moving some brands of silliness, messy art WIPs, and r… to announce that I'm helping to manage a new charity project with my friends @PedestrianWolf and…
Retweeted by BeelzebastardCurators of this project: @PedestrianWolf @Rezllen and @RWallaceArt
Retweeted by BeelzebastardHello twitter! This will be the home for updates and previews for the Tarot of Fear charity collaboration! We've go…
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My favorite bit I drew from our @DGDtheband graphic novel by myself, @EliotRahal , Aladdin Collar and Justin Birch…
Retweeted by Beelzebastard @Rezllen *Is invited to guest on any project* ok but how to I weave really bonkers obscure paranormal bullshit into thisDoin’ a guest spot for @Rezllen’s “Blood Sugar” next month and just delightedly realized I can turn it into a reall… @GhostMire GOD I’M SO HYPESKATUNE NETWORK IS A LEGEND!!! GO SUBSCRIBE TO THEIR YOUTUBE CHANNEL, THEY’RE ALMOST AT 200,000K FOLLOWERS!!
Retweeted by BeelzebastardHaHAAAAAAA remember when black people didn’t follow curfews in defense of human lives and the police came out there…
Retweeted by Beelzebastard @insaneboingo Happy birthday!so i finally watched obsidian and i just wanna say this is the COOLEST freakin part
Retweeted by BeelzebastardAnother viral banger courtesy of the herd being psychopaths
Retweeted by Beelzebastard hey! if you like sled dogs and wolves check out warm and snuggly merch i designed for chri…
Retweeted by Beelzebastard @sunnycritters DUDE THIS IS SO AWESOME THEY COMMISSIONED YOU! proud of you friend! This print is adorable! @spookychan CAB!!! 💙
Retweeted by Beelzebastard @itskoob Love and miss youuuuu. Feel free to call us on the holidays or video chat if you want! Rainy will be here…
Ooh man, the last two @AstonshngLegnds’s episodes had some seriously unsettling Bill Cipher tricking Ford vibes. 😬Re: the tarot project. Social media accounts have been set up! They’re a little barren for now but give them a foll…
Retweeted by Beelzebastard @roxxyhaze THANK YOU. We got a second oregon one and MONTHS later the line was still like this and just... don’t ge…’ve got about 40 of the artists we’ve reached out to confirmed and I am SO excited to see what everyone comes up with in the coming year!Re: the tarot project. Social media accounts have been set up! They’re a little barren for now but give them a foll…
Retweeted by BeelzebastardThey keep feeding so they keep growing. My dear old friend, where have you been?
Retweeted by Beelzebastard @dayclancy Just wait til Judi Dench locks eyes with you for like 500 hours while addressing you personallyI’m trapped and Crus is just up here BLASTIN farts good god*sits down with laptop by the heater to get to work on project coordination stuff* Both dogs deciding that I now g… is one of the reasons I've been so excited for Animaniacs to finally premier- people need to see the incredibl…
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2020 available now!!
Retweeted by BeelzebastardLooool I got this notification during this episode
Retweeted by BeelzebastardLet's go investigate 👻
Retweeted by BeelzebastardWhen I die I want to be cremated but at my funeral there will be an open casket with a Muppet version of me.
Retweeted by BeelzebastardI JUST... WANNA POCKET ONE AND SNEAK AWAY 😭💖 @drunknerd29 PLEASE DO
Hey siri how do you fistfight your entire town? we’ll have a twitter account for the project up sometime this evening. I’ll be sure to drop that here!*decided. Oops. 😅Ok gettin REAL hype for this tarot project now. Can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with and can’t wait to be… @GhostMire Lmao i’m not either, i’m just laughin about it @GhostMire I ALMOST added it to the list for pentacles lmao @MonsterKenzie Yooo lemme know your discord name so I can put you in the project discord💀🍂✨Alas! Poor Yorick!✨🍂💀
Retweeted by BeelzebastardI keep telling yall this is rudy giuliani
Retweeted by Beelzebastard @MonsterKenzie HELL YEAH @MonsterKenzie Heeeee you were on my list of people to reach out to 👀 @ghoulknights Hi, I'm Robin! I do a mix of horror and cute art! I love doing comics and fun merch.…
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Slowly solidifying a list of iconic horror monsters and characters from things both live and animated and we’re ass… to do a horror franchise themed tarot project headed by myself as well as @Rezllen and @RWallaceArt. 👀 More info soon. @DoubtingSalmon Hehehehehenew law if a neurotypical person tells an ADHD person to get a planner they owe that ADHD person twenty dollars
Retweeted by Beelzebastard @Rezllen YARD SARDThe single most important thing a man can do to be an ally is give his woman friends permission to give dudes at th…
Retweeted by Beelzebastard @GhostMire I LOVE HERRRREnjoy 90s slice-of-life & spooky forest cryptids? The first pages are coming in December 🍁 @read_wanderlust
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Retweeted by Beelzebastard @ItsmeChrisWade And ESPECIALLY this exhausting year- I thought when quarantine started in march I’d be a productive… @ItsmeChrisWade I feel this too. Some nights I only have the energy or focus to barely do one panel of pencils or a… the record, it’s a follow up to this tweet from last night. Exact same electoral numbers as when I originally p…
Retweeted by Beelzebastard @ghoulknights Hi! I’m Keri! I love to do illustrations of monsters, the paranormal and body horror and am developin… today’s sketchbook stuff. Still on the creepy horse train
Retweeted by BeelzebastardChista brought the girls to be groomed today and GOT JOSH THIS VERY GOOD BANDANA THAT MATCHES MY HOUSE. @ItsmeChrisWade SAME. And I miss living close enough for a daytrip to Dollywood!I just realized how well the rest of the scene plays out with what’s currently going on with Arizona and Nevada
Retweeted by Beelzebastard @ItsmeChrisWade God I love Dolly so much 😭Dolly Parton did more for us during the pandemic than that dumbass lout @realDonaldTrump. Im not even joking. She d…
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I love New York...
Retweeted by BeelzebastardP I N K & C Y A N
Retweeted by BeelzebastardThinking about this
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Retweeted by BeelzebastardIt cost $0 to RT my work
Retweeted by BeelzebastardHaving war flashbacks to my wisdom tooth removal @PacificPikachu Nature is... healing...? @GhostMire Bojangles became this weird ritual for me and two friends at scad where we’d leave class at the animatio… @GhostMire Like, i swore off cfa after I grew up and, y’know, found out all the stuff. But goddamn when I smell it I want it SO FUCKING BAD. @GhostMire Sidenote, I refuse to believe georgia isn’t also balls deep in chickfila? @GhostMire Bojangles has decent chicken but what you REALLY WANT is to go there and get breakfast biscuits, bo rounds and boberry biscuits 👀 @GhostMire OHHHHHHH ROBIN @Coelasquid WHAT @GhostMire The only accurate one is NC’s love of Bojangles @jongraywb I’m trying to imagine waking up in a night terror/sleep paralysis situation in there and noooooooAll I want for Christmas is Lindsey Graham's front door being kicked in by the FBI.
Retweeted by BeelzebastardFuck no one pointed out that I typoed serotonin! @slimyswampghost podcast interview episode rather than doc but this is the absolute WILDEST… @Kastia THEY’RE SO CUTE AND SOFT AND WARM AND EVERY DAY IT’S SO HARD TO TEAR MYSELF AWAY FROM THE PUPPY BLOB TO LEA…’all want sum seratonin? @TheMysteryofGF It’d pair well with my Confusion Hill mug!
@DoubtingSalmon YESSSS
But then I heard a low angry growl and looked down to the second level and got the cats one of those cardboard halloween hotels from target this year and at first I was like “Oh this…