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Animator, dog groomer, forest cryptid probably 🌲🏔 I make comics about mediocre lazy demons. Coordinator for @FearTarot 🗝@balsamhaint

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Beautiful animal. I’m touched to be trusted with such a cool project. Especially since they’re ethical hunters who… friends of mine are paying me to tan a bear hide/clean the skull for them to do a big blanket out of fo…
The wolf mount is 100% done. I’ve got her on a driftwood base but learned I’m gonna need some heavier duty hardware…
Retweeted by Shrimp Imp @Kiriska Thank youuu! @EverythingsADog Nah, cabin in the woods is a fave and we all just had a watch party of it on my birthday last month 😂 @EverythingsADog Also THANK YOU 💖 @EverythingsADog I’m legitimately excited that multiple people have said this to me lmaoBonus photos wolf mount is 100% done. I’ve got her on a driftwood base but learned I’m gonna need some heavier duty hardware…
@dennynart AAAAA @Rezllen @emiface @RWallaceArt Oh yeah shit! Hey @Sklrtle you want some free dice supplies? 👀👀👀I just got lord huron tickets for me and randy and nothing has felt more like a step towards normalcy than that and… @SwampSkull “u got games on your phone?”Something I think about occasionally is how I once saw someone on here say “hit dogs holler,” which is a southern r…
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His expression changed to confusion and discomfort but he kept staring and standing halfway across my yard. Hopeful… neighbor man’s constant invasiveness finally backfired today when he started his watching me while talking a… draw demons
Retweeted by Shrimp Imp @novelteeth Ahhhh this is so cute! @Psshaw We’ve been making fun of fluffruit for the last day and a halfChrome Coils. Acrylic on canvas.
Retweeted by Shrimp Impworking in animation be like
Retweeted by Shrimp ImpMy latest prep work... I found this Liparoceras ’pseuostriatum’ Ammonite last week on the beach at Charmouth. It co…
Retweeted by Shrimp ImpThis is so good!
Retweeted by Shrimp Imp @SarahMasonArt Wolves and snakes!✨20K GIVEAWAY!✨ As I am on the way to gaining 20K followers - as promised, here's a giveaway for a full colour com…
Retweeted by Shrimp ImpIn honor of Star Wars day I will also be a constant disappointment to my father.
Retweeted by Shrimp Impthese things still absolutely crack me up every time I pack an order with one
Retweeted by Shrimp Impthis was singlehandedly the most devastating day I’ve ever had here on twitter dot com.
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This is an african sideneck species of some kind and the idea of my dopey little Da Vinci squaring up to a whole as… to finish. Now I just need to build and decorate the pedestal and put her on the wall. @binxsicle @ProjectJosiee Are we entirely sure this person isn’t the bug alien wearing a human skin from Men in Black? @ProjectJosiee I’m always worried I’m annoying to my barista by adding a pump of raspberry syrup and an extra shot… @Iquey Whatever size their largest iced coffee cup is lmao
@TheLybrarian Thank you! @TheLybrarian Ahahahaha we JUST rewatched that a few weeks ago and this scene definitely popped into my head while I was sculptingApoxie sculpt bits done. Mouth/throat details, gloss, paint touch ups, and proper brushout tomorrow, then I can mou…
Retweeted by Shrimp ImpGod I may have fucked up, my ears are ringing and my hands are shaking. Whoops.Drank a massive white coffee from dutch this morning with my adderall without thinking and now I think my soul’s about to leave my body. 😬Apoxie sculpt bits done. Mouth/throat details, gloss, paint touch ups, and proper brushout tomorrow, then I can mou…
Tonight is lip repair, sculpting proper eyelids and eyecorner repair, and doing some work inside the mouth/throat.Wolf progress tonight was just more face tweaking and setting the ears on the bust.
Retweeted by Shrimp Imp @itskoob IT’S DOWNLOADING SO I CAN PLAY WHEN I GET HOME AHHHH THERE’S SO MANY GOOD POKEMON THIS TIMENEW POKEMON SNAP HAS A HOUNDOOM I AM GOING TO DIE @ghostlycorvid THE WOOOORSTIt’s 1am, I have to be at work at 8, and the neighbors just turned on a playlist of sex jams at TOP volume with the bass all the way up.Wolf progress tonight was just more face tweaking and setting the ears on the bust.
HEY YOU! Yes, you! Are you tired of NOT being a werewolf? Well I have great news! Introducing... 🐺DR. MOONDOGGIE'…
Retweeted by Shrimp ImpDags only #drawingwhileblack
Retweeted by Shrimp ImpThe more I look at it the more I wanna go in tonight and adjust the lips and muzzle wrinkles as well while it’s sti… I’ll be foaming up the back of the head/neck a little more and positioning and attaching the ears to the he… @FutureFlamingo Oh it’s not! It’s a head mount, but I have some excess to make a coonskin style cap too. DOUBLE PRIZES :D @FutureFlamingo I had to cut some of the bottom off to fit the mount and have EXACTLY enough to make a hat for wint… (foam wad is for holding the jawset in place while epoxy dries) the last several hours meticulously carving out this mouth to fit the jawset and rehydrating a wolf cape. Abo…
A child did great for her first night. Based on my thermostat readings I may need to install a second heat emitter… @Bad_Dream_Boat Now if only I could have the sandwich teleport here we’d be GOLDEN @Bad_Dream_Boat *soft gasp* this is the greatest day of my life @Bad_Dream_Boat JUST WANT HER AND HER SAUCE BACK 😭i plopped my camp down in a random spot and entirely accidentally ended up across from final pam's house, so was ov…
Retweeted by Shrimp Imp @Toxius_ Bahahaha @ghostlycorvid All of hwy 97(?) From the gorge to Yakima is SO scenic. I barely realized I’d driven 3 hours each way. So much to look at. @HamburgerBasket SHE’S SO CHUNKY AND CURIOUS, I LOVE HER ALREADY 🥺 @hastedaction I love that! @RileyWryly *coastal. I type gud. @hastedaction Yup! @RileyWryly Zee-ball-ba or She-ball-ba. It’s the word for the Mayan land of the dead. Hog island boas come from cos… my ride out to Yakima was BEAUTIFUL. I forgot how scenic all the high desert is past The Dalles. Also I saw a… in her setup. She has a new water bowl and I’m cleaning up a huge piece of driftwood that will support her futu…’s here! And she’s irritable after a long ride! Twitter, Xibalba. Xibalba, this is twitter dot com.
I’m a fan of both Oingo Boingo and wolf monsters. @denkimouse *trims britches on Yamper... shrugs and trims britches on joltik*🌈👁️PREORDER - EYECANDY || Neon Washi Tape 👁️🌈 via @Etsy
Retweeted by Shrimp Imp @RileyWryly I’m the same way. If I’m stressed or having a bad time, hunger just goes out the window. @OhJeeToriG LITTLE CARTOON FACES 🥺💖my progress is like this
Retweeted by Shrimp Imp @watery_day *soft gasp* @denkimouse UH. HMNN.Finally unwrapped my washable marker Robbie and Silent Hill’d him.
LRT: I’m just imagining the guy locking eyes with the idiot petitioner and not breaking eye contact as he tossed th… few years ago, a friend of mine was approached by someone asking him to sign a sheet for a petition to put an ant…
Retweeted by Shrimp Imp @so_engery @RHKidsGraphic Oh my gosh, the panel in the forest is incredible. Those colors!So, about all that cryptic “SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH MY BROTHER ART” ... I never, in a million years, thought I’d…
Retweeted by Shrimp Imp @IwriteOK Second pfizer shot gave me the worst brain fog I’ve ever experienced in my life and I say this as a perso… been playing around with animating at 48FPS again.
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A Shin Godzilla for my patrons.
Retweeted by Shrimp Imp @sabarika666 I’ll be sure to show it off once I get lighting installed and decor! Got it for a steal- 60 bucks. It… are reaching levels of peasant mindset not seen in centuries
Retweeted by Shrimp Imp @sabarika666 I haven’t put bedding and furniture in yet but on the bottom this is the thing I picked up yesterday f…
@sabarika666 I remember your rainbow! Duke right? God they’re so pretty. I’ve got my two BP’s and a feisty mexican… @sabarika666 Yeahhh i hear they can be super spicy typically!Hot Fuzz is HAPPENING in Hyde Park
Retweeted by Shrimp Imp @sabarika666 Oh gosh that baby White Lip is beautifulThe Joker, to Batman: there are two gender reveal parties underway on opposite sides of Gotham City
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Retweeted by Shrimp ImpCharacter design work for Gravity Falls (2012–2016), created by Alex Hirsch, Disney Television Animation Art by Jo…
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