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@OfficialPCMR founder, lawyer, special advisor to the folding@home project. Personal account.

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@gskillgaming @redbullgaming Winning>Clout. @PdxInteractive Do I also need to rename the 754 DLCs of said game, or just the main one? I might need an entire afternoon.
@edrenaline_ Funny, but I think you think I am much younger than I am. Windows ME is my favorite OS of all time. @DurvidImel @muhreeyaa There is always a way. @Nugget27368607 @MaxWinebach So, and assuming the use of ethanol 96, about 80ml of it and 20 of glycerin per 100ml.It would be funny, if it wasn't tragic. This was, unfortunately, not the only message I got on that "Dancing while… @Nugget27368607 @MaxWinebach It's not "alcohol at 75%". It's 75% OF ALCOHOL.The last frontier of PC building compatibility is RGB. Proprietary connections, headers that belong in the 1980s, h… @Nugget27368607 @MaxWinebach What kind of unrelated random fact is that? There are only two substances in the 100%…
@SensasianOne @Ed_TechSource I like your humble abode.Someone replied to an insta story of me wearing a mask saying something like "Unfollowed because you're promoting t… @MaxWinebach I might make my own, tbh. 75% alcohol and the rest just plain glycerine from the hardware store. @sajjad_sattar @one_man_gangg @ASUS_ROGNA @OfficialPCMR @CORSAIR @GlobalLianli @wd_black It's the @GlobalLianli O11D PCMR edition.I told you: Weekend Zara rave is the new meta. #WearADamnMask #WearAMask @Wyld @Fallout So you're that one person playing Fallout 76? @TheDarknessPGDM Acertar de tão longe tem de ser ilegal! @real_hardware This isn't a goodbye, but a see you soon. @JeremySherley @GregSalazarYT What does put dates on every video mean? @GregSalazarYT Stupid people on the internet will make you to crazy, man. I think I lost like 10 IQ just from arguing with people online.
@NadaOverbeeke @InWin I love this @NadaOverbeeke Void! @EposVox Congrats! @Logan_RTW Can I come back when I want to? I feel like this is really important to know.
It's a sad, sad situation. #JustPCMRproblems thought I would dislike Valorant, simply because videos of it reminded me of CS:GO a bit too much (I'm not a fan)… @one_man_gangg @OfficialPCMR @CORSAIR @ASUS_ROGNA @GlobalLianli @wd_black PCMR case and Aliens fan? Are you me?
@CobTheWeeb @CoolerMaster Ah, that photo was from less troubling times.I'm about to judge you, but from a safe distance! Promise. Mod a small part of your case, peripherals or setup, us… @one_man_gangg @CORSAIR Sorry for the delay. Which build? @bhasiinsahab @CORSAIR With more efficient PSUs, you actually save money. Max wattage is just that.
People who stick their noses out when wearing a mask outside. Why do you do that? @vagrant_beard @Noctua_at I can't understand why people are so literal. @TacticalGrace_ @Noctua_at All my PC parts are modular. I think I have like 12 coolers.Summer is coming. It won't be hard to stay cool, I feel. @Noctua_at. GIVEAWAY! We teamed up with @OfficialPCMR to give away a very special combo to a very, very lucky pers…
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@MaxWinebach First time I went there it was so crap that I had to Google what the hell was up. Then I found out abo… @jeremyjudkins This thing right here might just be the only logical reason to use Fahrenheit over Celsius. @GregSalazarYT @OfficialPCMR That's a nice PC sales ad you got there. Would be a shame if someone checked if the…
@EvertvNoord @MaxWinebach Just because your upload is terrible doesn't mean something better than yours can't be ba… @reddit_AMA Twitchcon 2021 @reddit_AMA Taco Bell far surpasses all other Mexican food places I've tried. Americans improve everyone else's food, I feel. @MaxWinebach 33mbps up
@Sava_R6S I miss a good barbecue. @ZOTAC_USA Keep @joaopeniche1 Sim @youhaveawhat Not knowing is part of the fun @Jonezayy @Razer Team Noob Saibot @Jonezayy Indeed @jonotan86 Chicken nachosI'm kinda obsessed with Taco Bell, ngl. @saradietschy 3Am? That's wake up time.Clubs might be closed, but Zara isn't. Next time I'll bring my Gin&Tonic.'re in this together, @AorusOfficial ! Thanks for the support to the folding@home cause! @drGregBowman
@GregSalazarYT I quit after like 20 minutes.
@Recklol @Razer @minliangtan Dumb question but you did check the product page, right? @Damianizando É o maior mito moderno da televisão. Português. Certa vez os dois palhaços andaram à pancada ao vivo… @seeson @Razer @minliangtan @TeamRazer Noob Saibot @WellDoneIsWrong @minliangtan @Razer I am finding it more breathable than the surgical masks. I can't help you with… @Damianizando @minliangtan @Razer Thank you! Stay safe, my friend! @Techaficionad00 @Razer @minliangtan There's a green one too for that extra color.Thanks, @Razer. Now we just need a Chroma toggle for the next edition and we'll achieve perfection 😄. Dr. @drGregBowman keeps spreading the good word of the @foldingathome project worldwide, t…
@theMrMobile Bottle caps? What year is this? 1976? @TheDarknessPGDM @AD0LFZ Hahahaha que é isto no meu feed Alê? 😂😂 @colton_potter Snack @Agent_Mab Donde esta la fika
@dylanbass81 Hehe @MaxWinebach @hitstreak , @_MightyPotato No @arukun14 ❤️ @Captain_Quench ❤️The Verge build guide, step 1 be like.
@olafurw Massive beauty? @Random_Pc_Gamer @GregSalazarYT That's a Corsair Strafe
@DANNYonPC @Brandon_Y_Lee lol @Brandon_Y_Lee What app is this?WORLDWIDE GIVEAWAY! We teamed up with @msiUSA to give away a very special combo to a very, very lucky person: MSI M…
Retweeted by PedroPCMR @Techaficionad00 I was watching a video about top 5 photography tips, and tip #1 came in at the 7 minute mark. @GregSalazarYT I tried but it didn't do anything a lawyer: The art of turning two sentences into 10. Being a YouTuber: The art of turning 2 minutes into 10:01.Experienced moderator tip #1: If someone who was banned tells you they were banned for X, X is usually not why they were banned.
@Manbullpig1 Oh god @__aRk0 And tik tok, and Facebook, and everything. @Wyld I would argue that freedom is the most important thing. I like to see over the top PCs I'd never build becaus… half your social media feed comprised of teenagers who seem to be stock market experts and know exactly what sto… @Wyld Dahell is a pokie machine
@teknisktsett No, I am old enough to remember the type of people who owned a 3330. lol. I'll stick with the 3310.
@theMrMobile I have been thinking of getting a 3310 just because. I think it's time. @_MightyPotato But they weren't for me, darn it. 😭 @GregSalazarYT I need me some transparent glasses @GregSalazarYT Much better ❤️ @GregSalazarYT So many great looking American cars with personality and you go pick some Audi TT lookalike. @Agent_Mab I watched it twice because of the 3d. Without the 3d I'm not sure I would have watched it even once. @GregSalazarYT Ah, American cars @Chemspook @Brendon_Ball @CORSAIR Even better! ❤️ @RachzellaDawn @OfficialPCMR @CORSAIR Not anymore