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Good Journalism with detailed insights. @TheKenWeb articles, the Nutgraf have become morning essentials along with…
Retweeted by Praveen Gopal Krishnan @kavitharao WTF. No. Thank God. Only Bong food I like is kosha mangsho. Rest all I avoid. @kavitharao Oh I thought you were talking about Bengalis... @kavitharao Same.Really enjoyed (and struggled) writing today’s Nutgraf.
@NatellaPuncakes vs Swiggy bots thread
If you haven’t read today’s story yet, you are missing something really special. (It’s free) @OBanerji Ya I did this too last month 👀
Saw this live. Was clearly a targeted attack. Very sophisticated. thrilled to be part of @TheKenWeb and to be surrounded by such great colleagues! Watch out for many more mean…
Retweeted by Praveen Gopal KrishnanIt really is.
@kakayy This is brilliant. I feel this pressure too. Thanks for sharing. @RuhiKandhari You can read it all here. @RuhiKandhari's story today is fascinating at multiple levels, even if you don't follow healthcare. guess we all know my lead story for this week's Nutgraf.
@J_Sankeerth @TheKenWeb Will check. iOS or Android?I think about this tweet more and more often these days. boys before they go the gulf vs after their unscrupulous employers return their passports 3 years later
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@bala_natarajan @AbinayaV5 @TheKenWeb @prajektor You’ll find an option to purchase just the story on the paywall, Bala. @bala_natarajan @AbinayaV5 @TheKenWeb @prajektor No. Yes. Yes. @nandiniv @TheKenWeb Thank you! 🙆‍♂️ @Nivivacious S is right next door. At Mohali this weekend.Fantastic thread.
@sibapmohanty @AbinayaV5 Manually. No other way. Took her three weeks.
@navdhad Wait till you finish episode 6. You will be blown away. @AbinayaV5 I could go on. It's a great example of how a story at The Ken is made. A combination of grit, research,… @AbinayaV5 Then there's the small matter of Amazon's search results. (All products in green are Amazon Basics prod… @AbinayaV5 Of course, that was just the start. Then she got her hands on contracts signed between suppliers and Ama… favourite part of today’s story was how @AbinayaV5 found Amazon India’s private labels, something never reporte…
@vivekb_ @coolredwine No, I think not. Recession is a consequence of economic contraction, not slower growth rate.🚨 JOB ALERT 🚨 Hiring a subscriber engagement manager. - Own 15,000+ loyal, vibrant, subscribers of India’s larges… @missdrookie Ya. Come soon. Far nicer places than Chinita now.
@missdrookie Hai na? Now tell when in Bangalore next.100%
Retweeted by Praveen Gopal KrishnanPlease read fabulous thread that is going viral among mid 30 year olds demographic audience. always, every business reporter has missed the forest for the trees in the Oyo report.What. A. Slide.
Hi all. Happy reminder that @TheKenWeb is accepting pitches. Please write to me at Contributor p…
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The Washington Post used to have a handful of developers. Now: 300. Expanding its culture to include programmers ha…
Retweeted by Praveen Gopal KrishnanOh I know this one. @TanishArora11 @TheKenWeb Typically 1-2 working days, so I’d say Monday. @2ndhandjawaani @TheKenWeb Thank you. @HiraMulchandani Nope.Can’t believe I made it to a list with world famous @chuck_gopal and @notytony. Also I do agree. The Third Slip i… @asmitaghosh18 I think this is the best take amongst a lot of nonsense on my TL. @Shashank_Mouli Thank you.Not writing about telecom for at least another month. Exhausted.
@ritvikshekhar @Singh10Seema @TheKenWeb We do have a pay per article model. You can buy a single story if you would like. @yella_ok @Singh10Seema @TheKenWeb Everybody wants the best of both worlds, but making trade-offs is a real, conscious decision. @Singh10Seema @TheKenWeb That's why we have @Singh10Seema's story today. About how Ashoka University is navigating… @Singh10Seema @TheKenWeb This isn't easy. Conflicts exist galore. Prepare students for life, or for a job? Teac…’s story by @Singh10Seema at @TheKenWeb is about a topic that’s close to home, and ties in to a larger debate… @tanvibhakta_ @bdeep15 @TheKenWeb 😳 I am not sure if you are kidding, but if you aren't, that's...humbling. Also,… @bdeep15 @tanvibhakta_ Had no idea about this till now. Super cool stuff, @tanvibhakta_ 👏
I am all-in on #Watchmen now. It's probably headed for Lindelof disappointment, but what the hell, I am in.
Retweeted by Praveen Gopal KrishnanI have lost track who is canceled and who is uncanceledWe are hiring mobile app developers. For something special. Please RT. (I'll send snacks)
@EricBellmanWSJ Yes it was a fantastic deal. Now I'll have to figure out another way to read the WSJ. Gah. @kanwar321 100% correct.I suppose this is the grim reality of the bundled subscriptions strategy. Those who live by the sword, die by it.… man, I don’t envy what the Product Head for subscriptions at Business Standard must be going through today. masterclass by @ajarrodkimber - one of my absolute favourite sportswriters, on mistakes that amateur wri… I have to pinch myself to believe that @TheKenWeb now has talented writers like @kakayy & @nfreischlad (a…
Retweeted by Praveen Gopal KrishnanJOB ALERT. Graphic Designers interested in creating some of the most compelling data visualisations in business jou…
This is absolutely one of the trickiest problems. (That's why I hired smart cookie @mananbharara whose idea of a…'ll be quite funny if the Synder Cut is actually released and it's somehow worse than the original movie
Retweeted by Praveen Gopal KrishnanSetu is obsessed with uptimes and deployments that are as smooth as butter. We're looking for a DevOps Engineer tha…
Retweeted by Praveen Gopal KrishnanIncredible read.
@catchgops This is a very hard problem, and quite frankly, there are a bunch of things that's outside our control.
@PhadkeTai (Can’t wait for the book)Crazy.
@vinayakkm He’s getting worse and worse. @Argentum729 @TheKenWeb Oh no. Expecting Income Tax raid any moment. @bharatunnithan @notytony Can’t believe lawyers are virtue-signalling to MBAs.Woke up early by mistake on a Saturday. Now I'm just waiting for @TheKenWeb 's The Nutgraf to arrive in my inbox.
Retweeted by Praveen Gopal Krishnan @SandeshAtyam27 @TheKenWeb Hah. Just sent. @notytony @bharatunnithan I must have missed this class...
@Franzkt91 @yoursvivek @r0h1n @the_hindu No fight man. I just said I was thrilled and humbled. :D (Thanks for the feedback. Very kind) @Franzkt91 @yoursvivek @r0h1n @the_hindu Who said anything about copyright? @abhicantdraw @the_hindu Brilliant. Tagging @the_bongrel who'll appreciate this pun. @elnovw @the_hindu It's this 🙏🙏🙏 @saffrontrail Hey I am just happy they didn't tag the OPOS guy... @SwaroopH @the_hindu I am crying tears of joy. @muralisatagopun @abhishekmadan @the_hindu Copy + Paste + Keep source formatting @abhishekmadan @the_hindu I am just sad they didn't use Comic Sans. @PhadkeTai Consider it pre-ordered already. @the_hindu (To get more such exclusive content, follow @omarzubair3093, @sleepyhead148 and @mananbharara, the very… @the_hindu As of Monday, The Ken has 80+ communication workflows across onboarding, activation, engagement and rete… and humbled to discover that @the_hindu, India's second largest newspaper, has copy-pasted The Ken's email… @PhadkeTai Have you considered a subscription product for your writings or something, Phadke?One of the very, very, very few fearless reporters left in India. @renuydav @TheKenWeb Hi Renu. Please drop a note to support at the-ken dot com? Someone will help you out.
@rahul_raushan @TheKenWeb Yes she will. A subscription grants you access. It’s like Netflix.Hiring for entry roles in Strategy/Execution at Dunzo. These folks will directly work with CXOs/Business heads at D…
Retweeted by Praveen Gopal Krishnan @tantanoo YES! Even in the Gulf it was popular.
Of course. @tyags6 Oh whatay. Congrats and best of luck.“Luckiest”