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@therealjpk @beastoftraal Not listened to her speak, but I find @runophilia's story of Sugar cosmetics quite compelling.
@gangadhargs @TheKenWeb Oops. One of our static test pages that was live by mistake. Removing. Thanks for pointing out. @plsfix_thanks @TheKenWeb Thank you Sakshi. Very kind. @flaimanal @TheKenWeb Hah. Interesting. Good feedback. Thanks. @Nivivacious @floydimus If you want to know how to make it into a subscription business, I'm always here.
100% accurate. @jessie_paul @GTM360 @TheKenWeb Oh. Weird. I sent it to you last night on Twitter DM. Let me email you as well. @jessie_paul @GTM360 @TheKenWeb Hi Jessie, I responded to you last night via DM. Could you please check and let me… @DeenaCYKUL @TheKenWeb Sorry about this, Deena. Let me check what happened and get back to you.
@jessie_paul @TheKenWeb Can you try now, please? @yashj97 @TheKenWeb Damn. Sorry about this. Someone will get back to you on this today. @jessie_paul @TheKenWeb Hi Jessie, I’m afraid we are a small team and do not offer support on weekends. Could you…
@maxdavinci Issa weird company da. Won’t keep hope. @maxdavinci Been talking about this for a while now. @nityeshaga @r0h1n Oh, finally, no The Nutgraf isn’t getting shorter. Always been around 2200-2600 words. I see yo… @nityeshaga @r0h1n Also the third Internet is not just about rules and regulations being vague. It’s about *how* In… @nityeshaga @r0h1n Interesting. Useful feedback Nityesh. I suppose these may seem obvious to you, but I think there… @DhirenSalian Are you a) logged in b) a paid subsciber, Dhiren? @rad_rantss @TheKenWeb @DhirenSalian Nope if you already have a subscription, you get BFO and The Nutgraf for free. @rad_rantss @TheKenWeb Oh you should get access to today’s as well. Just go the Nutgraf on the website and login. S… to that. This is a huge characteristic of leaders.
Retweeted by Praveen Gopal Krishnan @SamDeol5 @TheKenWeb Our regular plans include the newsletters for free (we'll add this tex… @shanky3286 @TheKenWeb Weird. Drop an email to support at the-Ken dot com please?
It's crazy to see how VC twitter is all in a hysteria about how the tech press is so overly skeptical Just a few…
Retweeted by Praveen Gopal Krishnan @vinayaravind Dei. DM me. @HariPyt @SunOfGan As if Jio needs a growth hack lolMake in 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 saying this but who listens.
My gym just went bankrupt. Who's the quitter now?
Retweeted by Praveen Gopal Krishnan @Snaik_1995 @TheKenWeb Sorry about this. Drop an email to support at the-Ken dot com? We’ll get this sorted @r0h1n @TheKenWeb @Vaishali__Vr @TheKenWeb Thank you, Vaishali. @weshnoo @Sequoia_India Do well, man. All the best. @vetrijedi @shrinivassg @TheKenWeb Yeah I think some mailing list mess-up for SG. He’s getting the free email, for some reason. Figuring. @shrinivassg @TheKenWeb Also you are right. That text is confusing. We’ll fix. Thanks for pointing out. @shrinivassg @TheKenWeb Lol. Sorry man. You shouldn’t get the paywall. You should get the entire thing on email. Let me check.
God. What a week. Remote product launches is another thing only. So bloody fortunate to have an amazing, amazing team.Super thread💯 @dhanyarajendran Kinda disappointed there isn’t an “Adipoli” tier... @vmvignesh @phalgun_g @mangharam @TheKenWeb Hum. Maybe some weird edge-case. Let me check what happened. @chuck_gopal @TheKenWeb This is why I love you. @nandiniv @gigibenefits All the best, Nandu. @summitt_ @TheKenWeb Yup @mangharam @TheKenWeb Can you DM me your registered email address, Siddharth? I’ll check what’s going on. @mangharam @TheKenWeb If you have an annual subscription, you don’t need to pay for anything extra. Is that not happening?
Someone said nice things about somethings we write sometimes @unassertive @TheKenWeb @r0h1n Nope. Sorry. Just the one all-access subscription. @r0h1n Oh it's 100% accurate.This thread needs a trigger warning. fun fun @snehasanks @uhhhnushka @TheKenWeb Thanks Sneha. Team is definitely taking shape.Tanushree Nagori, Doubtnut's co-founder, had laid out the edtech space of 2019 on a white table. A year on, the lan…
Retweeted by Praveen Gopal KrishnanHappy and proud to welcome @uhhhnushka as the first member of @TheKenWeb's New Product Initiatives team. Anushka… New York Times is removing itself from Apple News because it wants "a direct reader relationship — one that can…
Retweeted by Praveen Gopal KrishnanI’m told that @TikTok_IN pulled its apps from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store itself, and was not tak…
Retweeted by Praveen Gopal Krishnan @Sathyantweets I think ISPs will block API endpoints and make it unusable soon.In an overnight move, TikTok is gone from the App Store. We write about the ban in today’s BFO via @TheKenWeb
Retweeted by Praveen Gopal KrishnanTikTok is deleted from Apple and Google's app stores. @ruchitgarg @TheKenWeb Will check and fix. Thanks. @ruchitgarg @TheKenWeb Whoops, sorry. What email client are you using, Ruchit?
For those asking, this does not affect my ongoing course, TikTok and Indian Society. I've already downloaded the vi…
Retweeted by Praveen Gopal KrishnanIndian Idol’s Demonetisation moment. @amitvarma But what happens to the Tik Tok course, Amit? Goes underground? Will you take money in bitcoin now?I wrote this last week in The Nutgraf, @TheKenWeb’s newsletter. How do you downvote something that’s banned? Mast… @asaiatin !!! @sarsij @TheKenWeb Um...The Ken’s mobile apps. :D @ypsYash @r0h1n Not today. From 1st. Campus subscribers are premium subscribers. Nothing changes for you. :)
@iamadipatil @chuck_gopal @TheKenWeb Would be a pretty poor subscription business if we had to depend on Twitter to… @chuck_gopal @TheKenWeb Haha. Thanks. Btw I see the dashboard everyday. Most haters are renewing their subscriptions. :D @ahbunaa All-time legend video. @beastoftraal Pretty obvious why, IMO. Post June 14, people are playing it safe.
@Gunmaster_G9 I don’t...understand your point? Of course it’s better to have an annual subscription. But 99/month… @CigLox Spoilers for what? @wanderer_8 99/month is unaffordable for students? 😳 @wanderer_8 @b50 @TheKenWeb Nope. Each newsletter at Rs. 99/month. Regular annual subs get it for free. @ramanathanrv @TheKenWeb If the harms vastly outweigh the good, why focus on it at all? @BiswarupG_ET @TheKenWeb Thanks man. Appreciate it.
But we do know that Khatabook's investors consist of some of the most gilded names in the VC world. So @tam_arund Khatabook is worth it. Maybe it isn't. Maybe it'll end in glorious success. Maybe it'll come crashing down.… of Khatabook's customers : 6 million Khatabook's revenue : Zero That's revenue. Not profits.Perhaps you have of Khatabook. Valued at about $300 million, it raised close to $90 million from Tencent, Sequoia… was highlighted today in BFO by @TheKenWeb. Owned by the Chinese Military, their Indian subsidiary owns 3…
Retweeted by Praveen Gopal KrishnanIt's only Cancel Culture if it originates in the Cancelle region of France. Otherwise, it's just sparkling consequences.
Retweeted by Praveen Gopal Krishnan
All the people planning to cancel their NYT subscriptions over the doxxing of Scott Alexander are going to get anot…
Retweeted by Praveen Gopal Krishnan
100% @_PulkitSomani @TheKenWeb Please email us at support at the-Ken dot com? @technofunky But in all seriousness, we have dark mode on the apps. @technofunky Lol. @amritavs This makes perfect sense. Thank you.I could do a TED Talk on this. @chuck_gopal Hahaha. I got a subscriber writing in saying please create dark mode and I'll renew and I was like macha...our articles... @chuck_gopal Thinking of creating higher subscription tier with dark mode. @srini091 @nandiniv Get a lot of subscribers writing in asking for it. I never understood the big deal. @ShirtShanks Why read under your blankets in the first place!?!I will never understand dark mode enthusiasts.
@aashrairavooru @TheKenWeb Afraid not. The subscription is for access, not perpetual rights. It's like Netflix.
@bharatunnithan How you haven’t been blocked by Twitter is beyond meEveryone say happy birthday to @Nivivacious. 💓💓💓 (She’s only been reminding us about it for two months now)