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Just here to say, @ReallySwara your commitment to uphold our democratic values and your spirit of unwavering resili…
Retweeted by Pallavi @Menenners @masterchefau 🤭 Add a dash of mixed greens also!Pakistan Zindabad != Hindustan Murdabad
Never underestimate the insecurity of an ugly man.
Retweeted by PallaviSunlight leaking through the surface of water
Retweeted by Pallavi @shreyamunot @spadjay Decathlon has these camping shorts for women mid thigh length. They come in hot pink, milkmai…
Here's a reminder that abuse doesn't have to look like direct physical assault but can sometimes come in the form o…
Retweeted by Pallavi @surekhapillai @surekhapillai Munnabhai prolly got it right. "Haan thoda dard hua par chalta hai" 😭😭Vibhu Grover (@vibhugroverr on IG) (age:18) a photographer covering the protests as a journalist got detained from…
Retweeted by Pallavi @surekhapillai I think it is true for nearly all art forms. The ones who do best are broken af.
The reason Pringles fit so nicely in a cylindrical tube is because they're hyperbolic paraboloids plotted over a ci…
Retweeted by Pallavi @13surroor @sapunintended Oh hah she had words 😂 chicken band karta hai fir vote maangne aata hai @sapunintended Hehehehe sapan but its the kid 😂My 10yo student to me: B*P log harami hai, usko vote nahi dena chahiye Me: suno ye nahi bolna chahiye, bad word hai… for Kanan and Biswa to bring back Pretentious Movie Reviews
Retweeted by PallaviThe issues that we are fighting are neither hypothetical nor in the future. Detention centres are here and now. C…
Retweeted by Pallavi @maryanntheresa Old people are gold! He tells me he wants to leap together through the leap month 😂
सुमित जी! एक कहानी है भीष्म साहनी की ‘चीफ़ की दावत’। उसमें बेटा अपनी माँ जो ‘uncool’ है उसे उस रात बॉस से छुपाने की…
Retweeted by PallaviThe only word that matters @bhupendrachaube Ab next Modi-ling khadi karwaake muh kholna, kya?What is @HemantSorenJMM waiting for, to make a similar announcement in Jharkhand?
Retweeted by PallaviI got so happy today when my granddad called, and asked us to book his tickets. He says he wants to see the kids. W… @dumplinghoee 11/12 goddamit kaun shaadi karega aisi kulakshini se
@Zbeeblebrox_42 We're screw€d. @Zbeeblebrox_42 Lol, the irony of the times we live in 😂 @Zbeeblebrox_42 But alas! No country for satire. @Zbeeblebrox_42 These days, it's hard to believe what ministries find it alright to come up with.This is Buddy. He’s going to hold your hand. Knows you’ve got a lot going on, so just take a few breaths, and let h…
Retweeted by Pallavi @AyushBaheti Bangalore gundagardi
@maryanntheresa Bollywood and Mr Johar both, were going through an SRK phase at the time.Sunny saturday afternoon beer with greens beer!
@pg_sarin The Noah charm was lower than the last one too! @kovidkapoor This seems straight out of r/nosleep
Trying to collect as many BHU alumni signatures as possible, to send in a letter to the District Magistrate of Ghaz…
Against the inhuman principles of @UPGovt @Uppolice Our Satyagrahis will start hunger strike in Jail. 5pm today…
Retweeted by Pallavi
.@Uppolice ने न केवल हिरासत में लिए गए 10 सत्याग्रहियों के मौलिक अधिकारों का हनन किया है बल्कि उन्हें मानसिक रूप से…
Retweeted by PallaviHere’s an article on the peace march. How can we remain detached or silent?
Retweeted by PallaviReturning to perform in Sikkim after a long time. All those in Gangtok, do come. This is going to be fun, we promis…
Retweeted by Pallavi call him father of nation and you punish people for following his path . This is what @Uppolice is charging Sa…
Retweeted by PallaviGonna tell my kids @Uppolice cosplayed the Britishers in India 2020. #ReleaseSatyagrahis
Retweeted by PallaviShe's the only woman in a team of 9 others that has been detained and sections 151 and 116 slapped on them. We're t… @iampradeepika is a senior from BHU, a regular journalist for @GaonConnection @scroll_in Satyagraha, @TheLallantop.… about Journalist Pradeepika’s unfair arrest in Ghazipur From NDTV. It’s so sad:(
Retweeted by Pallavi @HemantSorenJMM ????'m not a science student, and my rationality doesn't prohibit me from calling a spade a spade, and a moron a moron.
Kanhaiya can make it in politics. Umar cannot. Azad can say what Sharjeel cannot. Rahul Gandhi can insult Modi. Sch…
Retweeted by PallaviEvery once in a while, I come across something in my research that I must share, which is why today I need to talk…
Retweeted by Pallavi @CineAvishek I think its true. Its been on NDTV. I'm fucking appalled.
@priyadamini24 @darthdevi @ZostelHostel Check out Trippr Gokarna. Its clean, nice and bang on the beach. You'll fin… ke papa ko mast kheenchke tamacha laga hai. Proverbial dande ka lagna is lovely. 🤭300% thoughts. The Delhi win is a start but far from enough. @whambamnam Comfort food be like 😂This is Woods. He’s here to help with the dishes. Specifically the pre-rinse, where he licks every item he can. 12/…
Retweeted by PallaviCounting seems highly susceptible to rigging today. God be with our fallacy of a democracy.
@Nick_khandelwal There are times when that happens too 🤭 @Nick_khandelwal No, Lana del Rey is great, but she ain't upbeat. Sometimes you need upbeat.Can anybody bayaan dil ka haal as well as Coldplay does? ♥️
@fayedsouza Calcutta biriyani and Kerala beef biriyani!
Retweeted by Pallavi @grubbysocks @grubbysocks You've been so focused and brave Arpita. 💚 It'll be over soon, and well. Love 💚"What kind of a mother takes a child to a protest?" Mahatma Gandhi's grandson Kanu Ramdas Gandhi, the kid who walk…
Retweeted by Pallavi @Sana_shuruart Sach mein kya? Chee 😣INSANE!
Found today's worst take
Retweeted by Pallavi @whambamnam Yeah imagine where we're going. Sigh. Guessing the pigs in Animal Farm are going to make a lot of sense right now. @whambamnam I must, right? I haven't read 1984 🙈Incidentally re-reading The Diary of a Young Girl rn, and it hurts like hell. Delhi, please please vote well. #DelhiElections2020
@sivaprasad138 @The_Keralite @PMOIndia @narendramodi The speech that doesn't like - comes from a satire website (wh… mother when aunts come trolling 😎 | VVPAT slips is the only way to detect tampering or manipulation in any elections. But EC has destroyed 2019…
Retweeted by PallaviSo, according to twitter - "G0li m@aπ0 saalon ko" slogan doesn't violate twitter rules. I reported 300+ tweets to…
Retweeted by PallaviIn my feelings, although I really really detest gulab jamun. I've been drinking roshogolla chashni for three days s… a taste
Retweeted by Pallavi @TheRestlessQuil Best. No bleeding when using ink, pilot or Uniball pens.
@rwikochet Come no!Modi is now literally quoting shit from Rahul Roushan's sorry excuse of a satire website and passing it off as real…
Retweeted by Pallavi @maryanntheresa I like how Karan Johar is the authority on snark :P @rsajay28 That tunnel is to be used by people who have created hate.Rats often travel through sewers. since being rid of BJP - Mutton is easy, and beer is back ♥️ @sundermanbegins 🙋Lathicharge, tear gas, rubber bullets used by UP Police at 4am. Hundreds of men, women and children are detained by…
Retweeted by Pallavi#NeedHelp Please suggest India based reliable crowd funding websites to raise funds for farmers collective based ne…
Retweeted by Pallavi
Hi. I have not put such a call before or any ‘sos’ call in fact to the best of my knowledge but I’m saying this now…
Retweeted by Pallavi @desimarthastew There's a silver shop called Chamba Lama, to buy amazing trinkets in New Market. This is GOLD. @desimarthastew Definitely eat Arsalan biryani (mutton), and rolls from Kusum in Park Street.Catching up with the last few Modern Family episodes and I have to say this. Courtney Cox got surgery so wrong. 😭
I'm a little confused. Are Shaheen Bagh protesters supported by AAP or is the shooter supported by AAP? Or are bo…
Retweeted by PallaviDon't go running after boys, they are a waste of time. We laughed then. We now know better.
Retweeted by Pallavi"Siachen mein humare jawaan lad rahe hain" Acha talking point hai, par hum apne gande zubaan ki insurance bhi nahi… is asked if he memorizes the Hanuman Chalisa. He renders it. That was the most crucial test for him. Not t…
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@dervishdancing @thatdoggonelady My best friend and her mother run a lovely boutique called Gulmohar in Park Circus… for an imaginary society! So let's do this again! It's - KeralA (not Keral) Tamil NadU (not Tamilnad) KarnatakA (not Karnatak)
Retweeted by PallaviArun Jaitley said something a year ago.
Retweeted by PallaviSmallest coffins are the heaviest. A little girl used to come with her mother in anti CAA-NRC-NPR protest regularl…
Retweeted by Pallavi @The_Keralite Waiting for Love, and the video, is gold! ♥️ @whambamnam @IronAndWine @casadecalexico Iron and Wine are pretty damn good! I discovered them recently and haven't…