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Peggy Noonan @Peggynoonannyc New York, New York

WSJ columnist and author of nine books on US politics and culture. Most recent: The Time of Our Lives. Pulitzer Prize for commentary, 2017.

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Seventy years ago, Maine’s first female senator distinguished herself for her courage and integrity, writes…
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Who’ll Be 2020’s Margaret Chase Smith? - WSJ wish my family were half this creative with our Christmas cards.
Retweeted by Peggy NoonanThank you, Justin., Michael. years ago, Maine’s first female senator distinguished herself for her courage and integrity, writes…
Retweeted by Peggy NoonanThanks, Gene. @Peggynoonannyc thank you!!
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Walter was a great man. ‘Walter Williams, who died Tuesday at 84, was one of America’s courageous defenders of free…“I am a political conservative, but liberals are my future comrades, and if you are liberal, conservatives are your…
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So wonderfully smart, on the movie Tree of Life. ‘From the Cradle to the Tree | Eve Tushnet‘This old anvil smiles at many broken hammers.’ “Why I had to leave The Guardian @UnHerd“I ran into Her­man Pinck­ney, a beloved cus­to­dian in the build­ing..Her­man told me he would re­tire in a cou­pl…
Retweeted by Peggy NoonanRT to wish the great @TheVinScully a happy birthday. #HappyBirthdayVin
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Baby Owl and tiny Kitten hanging out..
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Some really interesting responses here., in the history of baseball WAS there ever a seventh game that was tied in the bottom of the ninth, bases… picture always leaves me asking...was the scope here truly necessary? I know his piano was falling through the… you, Meghan! Absolutely. count. Third inning. gosh I forgot game seven. That’s how I was imagining it. that’s nice. efficiancy is not the highest virtue. @Peggynoonannyc
Retweeted by Peggy NoonanBut grand slam is so...beautiful. But outta the park also is beautiful. of all days we must not overegg the pudding., you must not. You must let it march. And say it like Vin Scully. am keepng bases loaded but my friend Lloyd says bottom of the ninth.I take your point but I think you gotta lay it out clear to catch all the drama. sentence in which no word is wasted: Top of the ninth, tie score, bases loaded, grand slam.
Thankful for our precious little shoulder monkey, aka Junior McFatbody, aka Sweet Grub, aka Lillybelle, aka Lillian…
Retweeted by Peggy NoonanChristmas can start now. Thank you.
Retweeted by Peggy NoonanHappy Thanksgiving y’all!
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Retweeted by Peggy NoonanThankful today for the amazing people at Boston Children’s Hospital. The nurses and doctors, the staff providing Th…
Retweeted by Peggy Noonan“Jordan Maahsh” Listening In: JFK Calls about Furniture (July 25, 1963) via @YouTube
Retweeted by Peggy NoonanFrom @WSJopinion: Among the unexpected gifts of 2020 is a newfound appreciation for people who keep America running…
Retweeted by Peggy NoonanAmong the unexpected gifts of 2020 is a newfound appreciation for people who keep America running, writes…
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Thanks also from me and happy Thanksgiving!
Good lookin cover. Congrats! was a gracious and kindly man. RIP Fish Dance 🎥 Imgur /gallery/69vce8w
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Information rich. Lotta reporting here.
Margaret Thatcher, who inherited a Britain that was poor and demoralised, and made it it rich and free, was toppled…
Retweeted by Peggy NoonanSome key quotes in this thread from my interview today with Michigan Repub @RepFredUpton pushing back on POTUS, RNC…
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2020 needed this paragraph by @Peggynoonannyc this morning. A great reminder of what we accomplished as a nation a few…
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Conservatives aren't the only ones who inhabit a virtual reality:
Retweeted by Peggy NoonanIt was a very orderly transition, as Chris Christie, who worked on it for the six months mandated by law would atte…
Retweeted by Peggy NoonanTrump is making it harder to be for a republic (not a democracy) and to support the electoral college. Basically, h…
Retweeted by Peggy NoonanRespect.
Retweeted by Peggy NoonanWhile the president has the right to legitimate legal challenges, responsible citizens cannot let the reckless acti…
Retweeted by Peggy NoonanI reference this 2012 piece by #RonaldReagan speech writer @Peggynoonannyc at least twice a year. "When anyone can…
Retweeted by Peggy NoonanBeautiful little baby with happy face. Bogus Dispute Is Doing Real Damage by @Peggynoonannyc via @WSJ
how do I get this job
Retweeted by Peggy NoonanThank you, Clarence. Great to see Mike Nutter, too. already making room for birds. said it best: "Mayors and local county commissioners-- That's where the rubber meets the road in d…
Retweeted by Peggy NoonanThis was a real pleasure for me, and an honor to be invited. is a lot more expensive nowadays @barstoolchicago (via ig:ashay40)
Retweeted by Peggy NoonanOn the Jolene Vaccine: ‘Dolly Parton: Singer, Songwriter, Pandemic Savior? person can seriously believe that Biden's Michigan margin of > 140,000 votes was due to fraud or anything like t…
Retweeted by Peggy NoonanOh my God it looks so...fabulously awful. Maybe there will be a children’s Christmas story about the big ugly tree…
Retweeted by Peggy NoonanMom Completely Understands That Coming To Thanksgiving Is Risky And That You Don’t Love Her Anymore…
Retweeted by Peggy NoonanElizabeth I to Philip II of Spain
Retweeted by Peggy Noonan @Peggynoonannyc Dolly is talented, humble, kind, generous and drop dead gorgeous. She’s the whole package. A national treasure.
Retweeted by Peggy Noonan @Peggynoonannyc We should name the vaccine in her honor to improve adoption. “Give me the Dolly shot” or “Jolene vaccine, please.”
Retweeted by Peggy Noonan @Peggynoonannyc She's a generous genius.
Retweeted by Peggy Noonan @Peggynoonannyc No, it's not possible. She's a national treasure.
Retweeted by Peggy Noonan @Peggynoonannyc No. It is not possible to not love her.
Retweeted by Peggy NoonanIs it even remotely possible not to love Dolly Parton? Not just for this, for everything. screenwriter who’s worked with him on a bunch of movies once told me the first question Scorcsese asks when arriv… from @mikeroweworks is so, so good.
Retweeted by Peggy NoonanMy quarantine hobby is scrolling through Twitter while muttering "oh my god, these people are monsters."
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Retweeted by Peggy NoonanThe old guys in the CBS newsroom used to call it a Hey Martha — “Hey Martha you’re not gonna believe this!”
This was a great man. Edward J. Perkins, Reagan’s ambassador to South Africa. with children. Gary Cooper, John Wayne, manliness and Donald Trump: via @WSJ
“It’s not the way we do things, I’m sorry.” A really wonderful interview. mom’s amazing explanation of critical theory using the example of a shower:
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Our Lady, I Love You!
Retweeted by Peggy NoonanHappy birthday, Caitlin!
Interviews like these make you wonder what the point is of interviews not like these
Retweeted by Peggy Noonan is brilliant, from Lance Morrow.
Me too, Ty.
Me when I retire...
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