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PhD in mathematized philosophy of literature (Harvard Comp Lit/Einstein Institute of Math), now independent scholar

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@hujane @evankindley @shmepshmein lmfao
@lastpositivist 10x! @lastpositivist Can you unpack a bit? That's a lot of indexicals @k_genin Michael Kohlhaas be like @mrohene Hearing this in Arrested Development narrator voice @McCaineNL Facial hair Matthijs is top quality Matthijs @NihiloPunk Replaying 1cried at the end of the John Wilson finale. It’s so beautiful!!! Btw- Because you see my tweets, you may have come…
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Intrusive thought: 'We Have Never Gitten Gud: Dark Souls and the Anthropocene'Dark Souls and Georg Büchner's short prose masterpiece Lenz are more or less a single object in my mind @mervatim @CNakarado Whoa, so, 'Frozen 2 is about rationalist mysticism' seems to be an actual thing. OK I've got t… @CNakarado @mervatim I have a friend who swears it illustrates the fundamentals of Alexander Grothendieck's philoso… @CNakarado @mervatim Is Frozen 2 good actually? I heard a couple of 'it's kind of a striking philosophical film' takes here and there @NegarestaniReza @JasonChoe14 @lastpositivist I think @JasonChoe14 was alluding to a possible social conflict where… @NegarestaniReza @JasonChoe14 @lastpositivist I think what @JasonChoe14 is saying that it seems like the intersubje… @JasonChoe14 @lastpositivist @NegarestaniReza i got a laugh react but left it out of the screencap because i'm humbleA whole lot going on here, mostly I think really cool stuff is no song inside me, instead a bitter fight between a bunch of assholes that can only see it from one side
Retweeted by Peli Grietzer @littmath i have a joke about the incompleteness theorem but you'll misunderstand itKierkegaard "poured sugar into the coffee cup until it was piled up above the rim [and added] strong, black coffee,…
Retweeted by Peli Grietzer.@8ball_sean gives "Gamerbait" the full explication it needed :) Once you are aware, you begin to see it everywhere…
Retweeted by Peli Grietzer @evanewashington @LogicalAnalysis @lastpositivist 'philosophical psychology meets decision theory' i mean @evanewashington @LogicalAnalysis @lastpositivist Emm, guys, one of the best philosophical psychology meets books e… is a better version of this post in some possible world where Liam's name is DanaDemons (ft. @lastpositivist @NegarestaniReza) @lastpositivist @NegarestaniReza Same, though I might wait for the 2nd edition that's meant to come out soon @lastpositivist @NegarestaniReza has some interesting stuff iirc defending the usefulness of some variant of the co… Conan Doyle on his invention of one of the most successful fiction formats of all time: recurring characters…
Retweeted by Peli Grietzermy new thing is going to sleep around 630-7 pm and waking up at 3 in the morning. have already been awake for an ho…
Retweeted by Peli Grietzer @chickenpaprika they mean the need a top laner for their league of legends team @jbarnettr loldoes any art form, besides *maybe* dance, problematize movement (need not be physical movement) in the way (and may…
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@ionicasmeets Sort of a failed dandy? Though I guess failed dandy is a kind of nerd @Lmorus I think 'dweeb' isn't a subculture, and doesn't imply love of tech and of genre fiction at one @schwarz_seher @JasonChoe14 @schwarz_seher here you go: @JasonChoe14 @schwarz_seher No but with enough google grind it's findable @schwarz_seher His critical but admiring review of Being and Time is pretty great @JesseTheTov Are you sure @skwthomas Happy birthday! @adecess @fs0c131y @epenser @Experimentboy @gourmaud_jamy Ok, France has twelve nerds @lastpositivist There's literally nothing you can do to stop us @cartelneeld @StephanieLaCava Yeah that's the best counterargument so farEverything is political in the Aristotle/Arendt sense of bearing on the question 'which among the projects that we…'Nerd' is a subculture characterized by liking tech, science, and genre fiction and being worse than average at clo… lot of you either don't know what nerds are or just need to go to Grice-jail @C_Trombley1 I live in Berlin tho @LughSpear The polytechnique guys I met were all incredibly bro-y pudding probably the world's most underrated thing @fugioutliberem Bread pudding is my favorite dessert @Wemusthaveknown @idkrlyanymore This tbh @Liamjsm Close enough! @Liamjsm FWIW my French friend agrees with OP @Liamjsm Maybe he was Jewish, there are some Jewish French nerds @deeshka Exactly!It has dweebs obviously but that's differentFrance doesn't have nerds. This is a weird and under-discussed fact
Bread stuffing can stay
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@bartlebytaco he's right tho @crossslide Which novel
@_onionesque I think Hofstadter had an important-ish physics thing then became more of a computational cog sci nonfiction author @lastpositivist Australians can't help asking questions it's literally their accentI tried to explain to an angel what it was like to have a body. "You know how it feels good to give a dog a treat?"…
Retweeted by Peli Grietzer @_ryanruby_ Thanks!! @MatthewShor They literally did a new season last year because it's so beloved @MatthewShor How is VM forgotten?It's over!!!!!!!
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@evankindley @hujane Oof that sounds like a bummer @hujane *The Favourite. Apologies to my British readers (@lastpositivist), I'm always learning and strive to do better @total_exit same writer I thinkKind of an interesting question, what makes something iconic but historically null @hujane I maybe think of The Favorite as going more for a kind of mythopoetic deployment of 18th century imagery th… think the most today-forgotten most iconic-at-the-time thing in my lifetime is Ally Mcbeal?Another really great piece from Femi. As he mentions, I'm on record defending Standpoint Epistemology - and I (ha!)…
Retweeted by Peli Grietzer @hujane I feel like The Favorite wasn't really about the kind of totality-dramatic-irony you describe as endemic to… @hujane Is The Favorite a period drama by your definition? @ericlinuskaplan Lol yes dramatic typoCelebrating books and publishers @khole_emily @kalladomcdowell @IgnotaBooks @deluge_books (launching today! 💦💦💦)
Retweeted by Peli Grietzer @ericlinuskaplan *in @ericlinuskaplan It's the Macguffin I'm the iconic and very poetic game Dark Souls @_ryanruby_ Once upon a time @ClaraCianfer Yep! in the end the Dark Soul was a pigment for painting a quiet, gentle world where humans can have a good home afte… piece by Nadia John @seventered now available from our site! Here I Am Now, You Cordial Miss, is one of the fir…
Retweeted by Peli Grietzer @kmett @mathemensch @AShmakovMath @JBeardsleyMath @Patreon This paper contributes nothing new: this theorem is folk…
Retweeted by Peli Grietzer @damfales What's the difference between this and a pumpkin pie? Also, looks amazing
And here comes the awful, soul -shuttering migraine-sadness @mervatim It's a back of the head neck and upper shoulder type migraine, which I feel is basically irresponsive to… going strong, to be clearMaybe 2nd most painful migraine I have ever had @jbarnettr Oh you're rewatching? @jbarnettr I gets way better mid seasonI'm in horrible physical pain @lastpositivist This might be the actual worst thing I've seen on the internet all year @lastpositivist Wait, sorry, he does say that some First Nations, indigenous, and Asian peoples also have magic and/or religion @lastpositivist Is he saying that, like, magic and religion are special African concepts @mrohene omg how is this still a thing @dkulchar idk, try to cause a nuclear holocaust?