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lw I’m sorry for calling you fat back then, please come back 😭
Retweeted by penny is annoying“restricting always leads to binging” FOR YOU 😂😂😭😭😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂
Retweeted by penny is annoyingdrinking the lax out of a wine glass did it everyone clap
not gonna tweet until i hit 135 lbs @_monica404 50 💯
breakfast targeted love knocking on my collar bones !!! like knock knock who is there? my literal skeleton!!!!
Retweeted by penny is annoying @virginnosuicide id encourage her to beat the shit out of me tbh my tweets have typos help3 am i’ve smoked pretty much all the cigs i had left, took a bath, tried to shit. to sleep now @l0velyyfa1ry virgin? idkcup users rise up feel like burning calories doesnt actually burn the calories
Retweeted by penny is annoyingwatching the new season..,what evennot a guy but not really a girl hmmmgonna kms wtf @fairycvms @WLFHRDC4LS incorrecteverytime i eat more than 500 cals i just
Retweeted by penny is annoyingim so tired all the time but have insomnia?????????hmmm maybe i’m not really a girl @wpoqerr i haven’t heard anything ab mpreg sense i was in 5th grade writing alpha and omega fanfics @stevecaIs oooo i’ve heard people say who pissed in your cornflakes, but rice cake was so funny 😭 @MASTEROFCUTTETS fetish imagery 🤨 @stevecaIs PISSED IN UR RICE CAKE⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️⁉️what is gender even (having crisis) @MASTEROFCUTTETS it’s so weird like?? new to edtwt he him cis have penis male xy chromosomes 6’12 if that mattersrt if your bmi is lower than an apples bmi
Retweeted by penny is annoyingwhy the fuck cant i be a pretty girl who gets acrylics and long hair and wears short skirts with pretty makeup whil…
Retweeted by penny is annoyingIf I like a bunch of your posts at once it’s bc I’m stalking you. No shame bae your Twitter dot com page is fire
Retweeted by penny is annoying @kurtkunkals @TheBestTobyEvr 96im not battling anorexia we are good friends actually
Retweeted by penny is annoyingme when I step onto the scale
Retweeted by penny is annoying @kurtkunkals hashtag The Lesson8/11/22
↷ a cooking mama food poll 🍡彡 --------------- ♡ & ⟳ appreciated ⏎
Retweeted by penny is annoying @rotari222222 stop@this happend to me to also. all the comments were like is this /srs??? and say sike rn. i woke u… need to stop telling myself i have plenty of time to lose this weight bc no tf i dont???
Retweeted by penny is annoying“kgs or lbs” stones.
Retweeted by penny is annoying @icedcherri correct @4ngeiina put some socks on before you have 0 skin left 😟😟me listening to my irl tell me that they ‘gave up’ anorexia cause they got bored @_monica404 you have the dna of a ginger tho 🤨 @_monica404 ginger on ginger crimei really want to 110 before school starts but i know that’s probably not possiblegonna lay down for an hour then get the rest of my steps inwater is delicious, orgasmic even
Retweeted by penny is annoyingwater dislikers dni
Retweeted by penny is annoying @al3xisntreal you get me @zayluvsyu @zerobmihoe stoop i remember that and they went on a space and pretty much encouraged their followers to… @zerobmihoe cough youscals cough
Retweeted by penny is annoyingsex? no. bmi 15? yes.stop texting me MOVE ON GURLY @purinology omg ur waist is so small!! do you do any workouts?? ur gorgeouswelp time to go priv GOT MORE BITCHES live in the middle of nowhere so my dad doesn’t care. sometimes i’ll walk on the road other times i’ll walk in th… need to get out of bed and weigh myselfgood night, homonicked this off a lowkey big brba/bcs account but wld not be surprised if this was posted already to eedeetwt
Retweeted by penny is annoying“just listen to your body” my body wants me to die
Retweeted by penny is annoying @tteokcaIs me but diet mt dewis this not normal??? im so confused’s so fucking coolone of my thinspo since i started watching shameless again she's soooo
Retweeted by penny is annoying
she’s crazy but we love her was better at having an eating disorder before I found out I had one
Retweeted by penny is annoying @diorrscent ⭐ve for female validation, I want pretty girls to tell me i'm pretty.
Retweeted by penny is annoyingthe best form of measurement.
Retweeted by penny is annoying
Retweeted by penny is annoyingholy shit
Retweeted by penny is annoyingMy gender identity is sigma male. My pronouns are work/hard. I stim by making money. I'm hyperfixated on the grind.…
Retweeted by penny is annoyingonly liquid worth the cals 💯 @nodinnerthinner lastmad
Retweeted by penny is annoyingyet im still tired i wonder if im really a girl @anjamilk the amount of vanity sizing i’ve been made aware of since i’ve lost weight is insane“ugw”? ❌❌🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️😡😡😡 “when my boobs and my period disappear”? 👍✔️✅✅✅☑️☑️☑️🫡🎉🥰🥰😁😁
Retweeted by penny is annoyingget surgery cereal away from me
uh slay ig @SORYUUDiET FR when will society realize women aging isn’t a personal attack. the way people talk about older women disgusts me @SORYUUDiET oh wow! im glad your okay:) have a healthy recovery <3yes sirrr literally my fav season to take walks in.
Retweeted by penny is annoying @SORYUUDiET what?? are you okay?pissing radioactive liquid @drakesixpack they’re taking over 😟breakfast of champions @_monica404 so real @FLOWERDlET gm @iNomMortician my horny ass could never have a bad relationshiphelep