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Sci teacher, martial artist, learner of things, #esportsedu advisor, Gamer. NYS Master Teacher #scitlap #xplap #games4ed

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Stream schedule change! Starcraft stream will now be Monday 9:15pm EST and stream Sunday night. Be Damned
Cut stream a bit short since i almost got tilted and need to get up somewhat early. Was shown a lot of love from…
Retweeted by 🎮Scott Beiter - on vacation🧪More @NicheGame on I'm getting better at keeping these creatures alive! #science #genetics #scichat #ScienceTwitter
Spooky stream tonight at 9pm CST. Will be playing Outlast and I don't do well with scary stuff. Come watch me give…
Retweeted by 🎮Scott Beiter - on vacation🧪 @Chem_Warrior Periods are blocked. oops. @Chem_Warrior Ours is similar with Friday being the office hours day. The periods are not block.Finally digging into @ramusallam Master Class today! #scitlap #tlap #sparklearning
Guest cancelled for tonight so instead I'll be playing the genetics survival game Niche! St…
Health teacher Bob Stranahan and I will chat tonight at 9:15pm EST on about attendance, due… Store = Science! via @YouTube #scitlap #scitwitter
@ashley_green2 Thanks for the reply. I would have them link <embed> their lab report as an artifact within their portfolio. @Mr_Miller_Sci @weebly I'm moving away from summative MC and short answer tests. Hoping portfolios will help me do that. @daleyscience I want students to be able to design it themselves to some degree. Also, give students the ability to… do Google Sites science portfolios with #NGSS for middle or high school? Would love to see some student exam…
There are several Chrome extensions for taking attendance during a Google Meet. Which would you recommend? #GAFE’s our turn! This morning @misterwashburn @iwearthecrowns @Professor_Erik & I will attempt the #Minecraft masters…
Retweeted by 🎮Scott Beiter - on vacation🧪Starcraft 2 tonight on Stop in and chat as Matt and I chat martial arts, gaming, and all ki…
@ItsAmandaMacias @ADutke You can agree @ADutke that having districts encourage classes to go outside is a positive! 🌲🌼🍄 I also look… @BradShreffler @misterwashburn @LytleDiane @mr_isaacs @Professor_Erik @irvspanish @jonathanspike @PaulDarvasi‘Hey, You Free on Friday for a Meeting and a Bank Heist?’ @misterwashburn
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What will school look like in a month? Looking into the draft reopening plan for my district tonight on…
@MrArsenie on stream; Poll Day, Arxiv vs Snarxiv, and some fun with Non-Newtonian Fluids. live in a few!
Retweeted by 🎮Scott Beiter - on vacation🧪#scitlap #ngsschat hussel = side stress is Amazing
Retweeted by 🎮Scott Beiter - on vacation🧪 @Mister_Ashmore @alley_kat_beer Grilled veggies are some of my favorite veggies!
#polarcaves @ItsAmandaMacias @wakelet @Flipgrid @Buncee @sketchnotes
2020 suggests that when it comes to complex texts, the brain prefers reading on paper. @DFISHERSDSU @NancyFrey
Retweeted by 🎮Scott Beiter - on vacation🧪Twitch has such great features for promoting chat, communication, and community. Wish Zoom or Meet had some better… @MrRoughton Incredibly true! Same goes for students as well. I'll be getting my daughter a second monitor so she ca… are back with the @ImmersiveMinds #minecraftedu #esports build challenges tomorrow. We have a group of teachers…
Retweeted by 🎮Scott Beiter - on vacation🧪 @ItsAmandaMacias Don't get me wrong. Lots of great stuff still. Definitely a bit of 💩 with the ❤ and 🌈 now though.… amount of garbage on my Twitter feed has exploded.
I am honored to be presenting on a panel with people I think the world of tonight @DavidJLockett @Leontynesjr and…
Retweeted by 🎮Scott Beiter - on vacation🧪May or may not have just finished creating emotes for the @participate @Twitch channel! You should come check out…
Retweeted by 🎮Scott Beiter - on vacation🧪 @topherjaims @PioneersGG_ @Muteified @ogkilltac @JG7tv Great to hear this!
@JoeHugo6 @250Esports Reach out to your local colleges and universities. Whenever I see a program start in my area… view of the White Mountains of NH from our vacation spot. something to check out! university ran multiple Esports camps where students learned healthy habits, how work & communicate collaborati…
Retweeted by 🎮Scott Beiter - on vacation🧪 @arnoldscience I played the original but never Sc2 which is surprising. Matt and I are just hanging out, chatting,… @ObiWanNICKobi and @DarkMark75 thanks for stopping by the stream tonight! @raymepastore Thanks for the follow and happy to connect!More StarCraft II on as I get schooled! Stop in! #starcraft2 #gameon #smallstreamers
Still working on #VR streaming. Right when I think I have it figured out. Nope.
No stream tonight since I am spending time with family.
@arnoldscience Crazy amount of stuff to do and I'm really struggling to get motivated. @arnoldscience I've been super anxious since March.
9:30pm EST chat tonight on returning to school and making plans. LIVE on #scitlapThanks for hosting a great chat @daleyscience with a topic I need to learn more about. Good stuff! #scitlap #TeachSDGs @emilylahredu That is really cool!A5) Not sure. Does the UN have a list of affiliated organizations? #scitlap #TeachSDGs @emilylahredu What were some of the products they came up with? #scitlap #TeachSDGsA4 The technology/engineering class is a natural connection for SDGs. I know our students already design wind turbi… I've used the last few years to talk about sustainability with students. #scitlap #teachSDGsI do go over responsible production and consumption as well.A2 TOP 3 SDGs for science: 6) Clean Water and Sanitation 7)Affordable and Clean Energy 13) Climate Action #scitlap #teachSDGsA1 I've heard of the SDG's before. Didn't look too much into them as I was trying to rework my curriculum with… #scitlap I'm Scott hanging out in upstate NY. Doing some planning with both in person and remote in mind. #teachSDGsThirty Minutes until the #scitlap sets sail! #tlap @schnekser @pentaclethra @LLexpLORIum @elena_SF_CA @karlacalbear
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@daleyscience @CrazySciTeach @warkscience Done! Happy to follow!Our district send out surveys to the community about school in the fall. I got to see results because I'm on the co… trying to get audio from my Quest to Streamlabs OBS. Common issue for #VR streamers I found out. Tried severa… League goes free to play this summer #esports
Retweeted by 🎮Scott Beiter - on vacation🧪 @CurieuxExplorer thanks for the follow back!
Dave Grohl of the @foofighters wins the internet today, with his support of teachers. THANK YOU, you made me cry a…
Retweeted by 🎮Scott Beiter - on vacation🧪This morning it’s @CoreGames #gamedesign study on the Sandbox Live Stream. We will be play testing games created by…
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This Wed. the #SCITLAP crew will be chatting SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS in the science classroom. All subjects a…
Retweeted by 🎮Scott Beiter - on vacation🧪How common is it for teachers to combine #NGSS standards for activities/labs? The Thermal Energy Transfer Solution,… @NYSMTP @Mr_Miller_Sci Also happy to connect on the NYSMTP Discord.StarCraft II on tonight. Stop in to watch and chat! #starcraftResearch confirms what educators already knew: Quandary is an effective teaching tool. See the full research summar…
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@mrgfactoftheday @korytellers I know teachers that used dates instead of "topics". Also, they had a "past work" top… @mrgfactoftheday @korytellers What exactly does Classroom organizational structure look like? Do different classes… Planet Farming has over 15,000 downloads! We want to thank everyone who has downloaded, played, or left a review for the game! 🥕🌽🥔🌶️🥑
Retweeted by 🎮Scott Beiter - on vacation🧪 @topherjaims I talk with my scholar gamers about their brand and how to develop it. Informing them about college an…
@PaulDarvasi Lots of talk at #G4C2020 on how Endeavor RX has paved the way for additional games to go through the approval process.Flatten Island is a video game supporting the fight against COVID-19. LIVE now on #scitlap
@mr_isaacs @PlayTorchlight @FortniteGame @ObiWanNICKobi @STEAMcultivator @nswanTECH @Professor_Erik @irvspanish @educatoral @4skvictor @mr_isaacs For school use I would make separate accounts just for school use: student1, stud… @educatoral @4skvictor @mr_isaacs If I have students that want to use Fortnite Creative to demonstrate an understan… @educatoral @mr_isaacs spots in nature can helps us connect with beauty and our inner emotions. This can help to calm us and re-connec…
Retweeted by 🎮Scott Beiter - on vacation🧪 @4skvictor @mr_isaacs @educatoral One main benefit of building in Fortnite is the vast number of build items and pr… the Teaching with Fortnite Creative badge! You can too at #games4ed @mr_isaacs @mr_isaacs @EpicGames @PlayTorchlight @misterwashburn @irvspanish @BradShreffler @ObiWanNICKobi @BronSt @knowclue We’re looking for a few new @GemsOfWar players for our guild. Who’s interested? Great iOS / Android / steam ga…
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LOOPY looks like a great way to demonstrate systems in science. Check it out! #scitlap football coach tests positive for COVID-19 after holding team workouts to hold virtual town hall with @lindasellheim , Head of Education @epicgames & Arana Shapiro from @G4C as p…
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