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🎮Scott Beiter🧪 @pentaclethra Delmar, Albany, Rensselaer, NY

Sci teacher, martial artist, learner of things, #esportsedu advisor, Gamer. NYS Master Teacher #scitlap #xplap #games4ed

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Cheer us on LIVE at 3:10 and 5:30 pm ET. LIVE via @twitch First match of the day is happen…
Retweeted by 🎮Scott Beiter🧪This coach is ready to enter a new arena. Hey BKW, anyone interested in joining me on the Rift?
Retweeted by 🎮Scott Beiter🧪 @mrdergosits great meeting you yesterday. I'm sure we'll connect again.Planning more of the @classcraftgame quest about chemical reactions LIVE #scitlap #games4ed @PunkClassrooms Picking a techedu sticker to cover over now... @UptimeEsportsgg That is so nice! @Slapshot99 2 tubes and must have two areas of high PE and two areas of high KE. I also have them test marbles compared to bearings.
@ramusallam I noticed that when I looked closer at the writing. Do they design the nose cone and other parts? @Slapshot99 My students love this activity every year. How many tubes do you give each group? @ramusallam Water Rockets! Check out conversations at the #TechADay #esportsedu panel. Everyone working together to help develop programs for kids… in to the Tech Playground to chat and play #esportsedu #TechADay’t miss the Esports Roundtable with @pentaclethra at 11:15! And definitely come play some @RocketLeague with me…
Retweeted by 🎮Scott Beiter🧪Lost my voice today. Moderating a panel tomorrow. It's all good. #whatmeworry
Trying to keep the colony alive and sane playing #survivingmars on #twitch #smallstreamers #science #mars #gameonLIVE @GravitySpyZoo to start on then chemical rxns planning and Surviving Mars! #science @8bitbiologist thanks for the follow back!
Waiting on a lobby, sitting on a loading screen? Try these quick & easy exercises to keep you moving while you ga…
Retweeted by 🎮Scott Beiter🧪 @mr_isaacs @WiseDad_Games NHL 98. College house favorite. Older game? The first Bard's Tale.I'm thinking of going but not sure. I'm so busy at the moment I can't think of scheduling anything, even months in the future.I will be streaming some #citizenscience tonight on at 9:30pm EST. @the_zooniverse #scitlapI will not be at #scitlap tonight since I am at a @NYSMTP cohort meeting till 8pm.Anyone else going to the 2020 Game Based Learning Summit? First time hearing about it. #games4ed @ObiWanNICKobi reach affiliate! So close! #twitch #affiliate #smallstreamers #fortnite @arnoldscience @jteacha Same here my wife and her teaching inspires me. Our best PD is often at the kitchen table.
Help out a teacher starting an #esports program. #esportsedu you tried @epicgames @twinmotion? It's FREE through early 2020 and is a professional quality Real Time Immersi…
Retweeted by 🎮Scott Beiter🧪 @ObiWanNICKobi @TwitchHost @TwitchReTweets My daughter has her winter concert but will stop in if I can. @ObiWanNICKobi @TwitchHost @TwitchReTweets People should follow you on Twitch anyways! @ObiWanNICKobi @TwitchHost @TwitchReTweets BoooBaby Countdown: 1 Week! | Christmas Tunes During the Path to Affiliate 43/50 @twitchhost
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@MsGianas @GarveyNYC @mr_isaacs Please stop by! Next stream is Wednesday at 9:30pm about science games. @scottlike Hello! and thx for the follow. @TBerndhauser I love this in so many ways. @MsGianas @GarveyNYC @mr_isaacs I stream games, but also lesson planning and #games4ed content on Twitch. I don't s… @FilamentGames Something to consider (2019): ~880 college football (2yr+) (-4.5%) ~210 college esports (2yr+) (+11…
Retweeted by 🎮Scott Beiter🧪See the esports panel at #TechADay featuring @C2Fgaming @GInsomniacs @mrscartysmath @ctkennedy as we discuss… up to #Overwatch as I bash as Reinhardt! #smallstreamers #twitch #gameonLIVE! Relaxing before the school week playing Borderlands 3 on #borderlands3 #twitch #smallstreamers
@arnoldscience I'm in the same boat. Need a new desk and thinking of running out and get a sheet of wood to sand an… @Greg_Moffitt @jeffreykubiak @PrincipalFrench @MelSideB @MelissaRathmann @teachchoice @MrNunesteach @clegleiter @Greg_Moffitt @jeffreykubiak @PrincipalFrench @MelSideB @MelissaRathmann @teachchoice @MrNunesteach @clegleiter year is shaping up to be one of the best modified wrestling seasons ever with 18 motivated athletes.
💥Pretty exciting news friends💥 @WonderWorkshop Blockly is now available for CHROMEBOOK! Just head to…
Retweeted by 🎮Scott Beiter🧪 @misterwashburn You should check out @TheKnowledgeFe1 for inspirational content creators on #twitch. @TraceyKast This convo with Ss, in a nutshell, shows the difference between teaching different age groups. My eight…! Weekly teaching reflection and chat on #tlap #twitch #reflectandlearn #scitlap @OnEducationPod Check out my science, education, and gaming channel at Stream tonight 9:15…
A1 My muse for lesson planning is #tlap along with #eduprotocols . The trick with creativity is it doesn't work whe… Extension I use the most is Awesome Screenshot. Not really a big add-on person. I generally have 12 or more tabs… Timing is critical for management this time of year. Release an exciting activity too soon and the lesson peaks… a 2 for 1 today. Holiday shirt check. #scienceshirtfriday #nerdyshirtfriday check. Added bonus is we are curren…
Retweeted by 🎮Scott Beiter🧪 @JWalterTeach @AntoniaMSFOX This is EXACTLY what I've been looking for! #scitlap's time to submit your AWESOME session proposal for #USMSpark! Be an important part of the best PD of the summer…
Retweeted by 🎮Scott Beiter🧪 @ObiWanNICKobi is almost to #affiliate so help him out! LIVE now #fortnite #twitch @JWalterTeach @AntoniaMSFOX What reactions did you have them do? I've been looking to work in an activity like this. #scitlap
@MrPowley Yep, stress on top of stress. Why? @33heupel @daleyscience @Flipgrid @castlelearning I did a performance assessment in the past. A planning and organi… @esportsChair thanks for the follow. @33heupel @daleyscience @Flipgrid I've tried giving more choice for summative assessments as well and have run into… out Frog Fractions on What the heck is going on?! #twitch #frogfractionsFrog Fractions! How have I not heard of or played this before? LIVE on #STEM #scitlap Personalize my own learning by learning to do new things from teaching conferences, to learning new guitar music…'t forget to stop into in 10 minutes for some science games. #scitlapA5 You own the learning. You did it. The teacher or classmate didn't do it for you. If you love what you're learnin… Compliance assignments are good only in that the expectations are clear and concise. No room for confusion. Too… Not a huge shift since I've always allowed for some degree of student choice and relevance. Could I do more? Sur… I know some of my students like #fortnite so why not incorporate fortnite into a lesson or allow them to express… Personalized learning means it is curated for individual students. Student choice is a bit part of this as well… #scitlap I'm Scott the weather is cold. I teach mostly 8th grade physical science. The 20 inches of snow is hanging around still.We are getting started here with #scitlap Come join us :) @mradamwelcome @burgess_shelley @burgessdave #tlap
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Any teachers out there who use raspberry pi's for teaching hardware and doing student choice projects? I'd love to…
Retweeted by 🎮Scott Beiter🧪I will be streaming again at 3pm est playing a new game #EliteDangerous that I got on steam last Saturday I can wai…
Retweeted by 🎮Scott Beiter🧪You may never suffer an acute injury from gaming. However, repetitive stress on muscles and tendons causing their…
Retweeted by 🎮Scott Beiter🧪 @TBerndhauser Love this! Did they need to sketch their idea as well as describe the process? Did they then get a chance to try it out?Playing Periodic Table Battleship today. #scitlap #games4ed live again in 5 with my ALL GIRL 7th grade game design and digital storytelling class. Playtesting and giving…
Retweeted by 🎮Scott Beiter🧪I’m wondering if there is anyone out there in edu-academia who is in the early stages of looking at the efficacy of…
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If you don’t know @TheScienceJedi and his work with you need to check it out ASAP! Bringing…
Retweeted by 🎮Scott Beiter🧪Stop by and visit as I build a Classcraft quest for Science 8. #smallstreamers #games4ed @classcraftgame me test my new #Streamlabs setup! I need to see if my alerts work! Doing an @classcraftgame quest build! #twitch #classcraftChanging things up for the stream today. Couldn't get Alerts working with OBS studio so using Streamlabs. Test stre… @ObiWanNICKobi got an assignment handed in. Students were to create an unique cell model and describe what each piece part do…
Retweeted by 🎮Scott Beiter🧪You know what's going on Wednesday Night? The #SCITLAP chat. Come chat about "personalized learning". I'm personall…
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@jcbjr None of those will disappear from the classroom in 12 years. Maybe 1 or 2 from 10% of classrooms. I'll stil…'ve got me curious about your upcoming blog post. stream last night playing #leagueoflegends Sciencestreams got its first bits! Thank you Haslette and TehPootato!League of Legends on Need to practice! New hotkeys! #LeagueOfLegends #smallstreamersSnowday tomorrow!
LIVE #Dauntless on as I chat biology - slaying. #smallstreamers #twitch #gameonSunday is game day on I'll be playing whatever. First stream starting soon and then at 9pm… @ObiWanNICKobi on playing Fallen Order! #gameon #twitch #smallstreamers
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⁉️Why is it important for scientists to embrace science communication with the public?👉👉👉"Knowledge is power. And i…
Retweeted by 🎮Scott Beiter🧪 @k_callahan4 @teachergoals @magicalmsmurphy I put my "starter" on the board as well which is a @plickers @teachergoals @magicalmsmurphy Assuming they actually read it. Ss will still ask, "what are we doing today?" @amyebowker @maker_junior @afmcdnl Buy a few toys at the $ store and have Ss figure out how they work.Now playing a bit of Bards Tale IV for fun and quest inspiration. #rpg #bardstaleIV #smallstreamers