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🎮Scott Beiter🧪 @pentaclethra Delmar, Albany, Rensselaer, NY

Sci teacher, martial artist, learner of things, #esportsedu advisor, Gamer. NYS Master Teacher #scitlap #xplap #games4ed

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@ObiWanNICKobi Amazing logic. Sigh. @DarkMark75 thx for the retweet and stopping by the stream. Chatting teaching, gel worms, and games on #scitlap #scicomm #tlap #twitchedu @daleyscience
Wildlife camera posted on a cold day! In a few weeks I'll retrieve it and we'll look at the images. The camera is s… @hoffmanteambret Yes! I prepare most of it at home and then bring in what I need for the process. Spherification I… 3D design ideas for content areas - go! #waledchat #champforkids #scitlap #tlap #betheone #runlap
Retweeted by 🎮Scott Beiter🧪 @hoffmanteambret I start the unit by using spherification as a phenomena to hook students. Food engages! #tlap @hoffmanteambret Sure do! @FelixJacomino Edu streaming for networking and teaching. #tkf #twitchedu @TwitchA video of a gel worm from yesterday. #scitlap #NGSSchat anyone is wondering why I haven’t been streaming recently, my wife and I have had to divide and conquer bedtime…
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Gel worms today out of calcium chloride and sodium alginate. Natural to synthetic. Lots of smiles! #scitlap now to room 209A! @iwearthecrowns and I are presenting on transitioning from block based to JavaScript code! A…
Retweeted by 🎮Scott Beiter🧪💭 Imagine if you could have permanent access to game modes and music packs... The Locker. Coming soon...
Retweeted by 🎮Scott Beiter🧪For today's faculty meeting I have to choose between talking about #restorativejustice and doing my budget. It is t… infamous @mr_isaacs and @misterwashburn presenting on the history of #EsportsEDU #eSports #ChatOnEducation
Retweeted by 🎮Scott Beiter🧪 @YSurgy lol I'm your first follower. Thx for the follow here and on Twitch. @daleyscience Yep. I play games. Chat.Don't forget to stop into in 20 minutes and chat. I'll be playing Surviving Mars. #scitlap @misterwashburn @irvspanish @mr_isaacs @SenorG Big FOMO. Have fun! #notatFETCThanks for the great topic and hosting #scitlap @schnekser Qs got me thinkin' tonight.A5 Students need to see themselves as liking and doing science. As scientists. Otherwise they will never take the l… @daleyscience I've seen this debate go round a few times. Hence the quotes. #scitlapA4 Every year I think about connecting with scientists in the field or something. Never happens. Perhaps someday. #scitlapA3 We'll I've never published so "real" science isn't my thing. I'm limited to #citizenscience which I share and th… I don't discuss many specific people in class. Suppose I should. Too busy doing usually. #scitlapBTW trying to get through grading these midterms while on #scitlap tonight. I may completely revamp my summatives next year.Hello #scitlap I'm Scott in Albany NY area. I teach mainly 8th grade science. People that help me most in ed?… @carbaeli @we_are_vaei @schnekser @mearnshaw158 @JoshRBuckley @traceyLtaylor @spedteacheriam @mr_Alsheimer
A little less than 2 hours until #scitlap are you ready? @pentaclethra @LLexpLORIum @daleyscience @biologygoddess
Retweeted by 🎮Scott Beiter🧪Happy to see our very own @misterwashburn with @mr_isaacs share the amazing things you can do with games and esport…
Retweeted by 🎮Scott Beiter🧪OMG the sun ☀️ here is crazy!! I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ it!! Fantastic guests on @OnEducationPod #Chatoneducation
Retweeted by 🎮Scott Beiter🧪 @HaleyMorgan_372 @Mx_Collins @fetc @enewb @mr_isaacs @misterwashburn @thechocmoojoo @TechedUpTeacher And middle school boys scarier.As requested.
Retweeted by 🎮Scott Beiter🧪Spherification mess today after introducing natural and synthetic materials. #scitlap #phenomena @Gameboydrew @k_shelton Great pic!Solving the problem on behalf of someone and that someone asking for help are two VERY different things We need to…
Retweeted by 🎮Scott Beiter🧪Yet another GREAT student reflection on #gamedesign class, the #gamedevelopment process and creating a full game in…
Retweeted by 🎮Scott Beiter🧪What AAAAARGHHH you doing tomorrow evening? #scitlap @biologygoddess @pentaclethra @LLexpLORIum @elena_SF_CA
Retweeted by 🎮Scott Beiter🧪 @PunkClassrooms I taught high school physics for two years in 2017. I hadn't taken a physics class since '96.…
Ss use @PlayCraftLearn to demonstrate understanding about #bushfire crisis in Australia. Next lesson they will be p…
Retweeted by 🎮Scott Beiter🧪Join Super #SmashBrosUltimate director Masahiro Sakurai on 1/16 at 6am PT for a roughly 35 minute video livestream…
Retweeted by 🎮Scott Beiter🧪Conference request to attend @USMSpark has been approved! Now just waiting on my session proposal! #scitlap #xplap @ashley_green2 The difficulty for me in part is that at the middle level valence electrons are not discussed, nor a…🤷‍♀️ what do you mean it’s not actually a stick connecting wooden balls to make a bond?!? 🤔 how do I combat this…
Retweeted by 🎮Scott Beiter🧪 @JoshRBuckley @PunkClassrooms I don't know how i had never heard them before.What music 🎶🎵 is going to get you through the week? We’ll be cranking the punk 🤘🏼 but it doesn’t matter the genre.…
Retweeted by 🎮Scott Beiter🧪 @PunkClassrooms SWMRS last night. Also thanks @PunkClassrooms for mentioning Sunny Day Real Estate, Diary. Good stuff! @KollmanRebecca I entered a score for the standard that only I can see. I don't have other plans for it. Though I d…
@AskAdam3 thanks for the follow! @Mr_Miller_Sci Trying a few things on a trial basis this year. I am NOT used to it. @Cru33 @Challonge Great idea! Challonge is so versatile.Chinese paddlefish, one of world's largest fish, declared extinct There’s a chance that there could still be paddle…
Retweeted by 🎮Scott Beiter🧪 @web20classroom East tips and tricks work for organizing your inbox. Not for teaching.When it comes to #edtech, don’t just look for tips and tricks, hacks or the easy way out. Look for impactful peda…
Retweeted by 🎮Scott Beiter🧪Passed back a lab with only feedback, no grades. Haven't had any comments like "What's my grade?" yet. I did hear a… about teaching, science, and games on #smallstreamers #JustChatting #edchatGood Times in The Outer Worlds | @misterwashburn | #Games4Ed #xplap #ChatOnEducation #SmallStreamers
Retweeted by 🎮Scott Beiter🧪Join me and other educators on Twitch! Did you know @Twitch is free and if you have @amazon you can enable your Pri… tweeps- i’m looking for any research papers done on people’s response or perceptions about heat waves and h…
Retweeted by 🎮Scott Beiter🧪Stream tonight at 9:15pm EST! Playing some games. Thinking Overwatch but can be persuaded. What are we playing?… Docs: Change Background Color -
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Time for spherification. updated and scheduled. Feedback on 1 period worth of papers. 3 more periods - not done yet Practice molecular… YOUR SUMMER PD AT #USMSPARK! 2 days of awesome learning, connecting, and laughing!
Retweeted by 🎮Scott Beiter🧪#scitlap @mpilakow @TheTechRabbi @irvspanish @misterwashburn @OnEducationPod Great episode and conversation!
Today in ‘I Said What I Said’: #STEM is NOT synonymous with science and science is NOT synonymous with STEM.
Retweeted by 🎮Scott Beiter🧪 @DeBold_Science thanks for the follow! @PunkClassrooms @mmurphyBES @TAYLOR_does_IT @EduNeverDies @MrCoppola @mrccheney @Mrswander @RavesiWeinstein grade scientists bridged our chem and bio units with "The Essential 8 Tournament"! 🏆 Which element is MOST nece…
Retweeted by 🎮Scott Beiter🧪Friday Twitch stream will happen later. Computer/game room is full of girls at the moment. I don't have the heart t…
Made a building wide scavenger hunt with our librarian using these women in STEM posters QR… -Block Slug vs. Coin Sorter, built with magnets! #scitlap #lablife315
Retweeted by 🎮Scott Beiter🧪 @1nfinitezer0 I still own many of my childhood Legos including the space train.Video game skins are just paper dolls of the 21st century.
It’s been awhile but I’m excited to cast and stream some middle school #rocketleague today!! Miss working with…
Retweeted by 🎮Scott Beiter🧪 @mr_isaacs @MSMakeCode @FortniteGame @EpicGames @fetc @isteconnects @SXSWEDU Still working on my @EpicGames Fortnit… much exciting stuff happening at #fetc20 #sxswedu and #iste20. Excited to share about #esportsedu #minecraftedu
Retweeted by 🎮Scott Beiter🧪It’s a HUGE day and a long time coming. We’re excited today to announce the launch of @OnEducationPod live video,…
Retweeted by 🎮Scott Beiter🧪Cell to Singularity - Evolution game LIVE on #scitlap #scichat #evolution #science #smallstreamers #games4edThank you @daleyscience for having your Ss provide us with such great questions. Wonderful chat all! #scitlap @daleyscience I figured, but thought I'd clarify. Turning off the "include in average" option is a thought I've bee… cont. Ok, serious response. I asked students today in several classes about grades and if they would want classe… "What the heck does [insert new slang term] mean?" #scitlap urbandictionary is your friend btwA5 Posting any grades publicly is illegal. I do post grades but have gone from about 50 a quarter (a decade ago) do… cont. Also had a student ask "Isn't it boring to teach the same thing all day and year after year?" Boy, did he… "Boring! I get do cool labs, play games, and occasionally break up fights. Tiring, yes. Boring, no." -very simi… @schnekser It goes with the always popular "When do we get to dissect a frog?" #scitlap -replace frog with other organisms as well.A3 I have some snarky remark usually: "I have yet to have a student give me a million $." "If you say something eno…"Hey Mr., will something explode in this lab?" #scitlapA2 Gave up on homework a long time ago. Students complete work at home because they choose to not because they have… @Skymazef3 Thanks for being part of #scitlap tonight! @KRScienceLady I post the agenda for me sometimes as much as the students. Kinda a lesson plan in brief. #scitlap"Hey Mr., Why do you park on a driveway but drive on a parkway?" #scitlapA1 I try and tell them a teaser the day before and I have an agenda on the board. Do they all read it? Of course no…"Hey Mr.. You're a science teacher. Is water wet?" #scitlapI'm Scott and I have about 125 students. #scitlap @daleyscience Can I go to the bathroom Ms.? #scitlapMS PS1-6 Thermal Design Project 4 - exceeded standard 3 - met standard 2 - developing 1 - just starting