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🎮Scott Beiter🧪 @pentaclethra Delmar, Albany, Rensselaer, NY

Sci teacher, martial artist, learner of things, #esportsedu advisor, Gamer. NYS Master Teacher #scitlap #xplap #games4ed

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@AtTheBenchtop Watched it all the time back in the day. @Pfagell Sounds like typical middle school logic.Fixed a toilet! week with the amazing @marylyndphan join us as we chat #Mindfulness and more! #AcademicTwitter #twitch will be great!
@LittoralLiz Hello! I was wondering if you'd be interested in joining me for a Twitch chat about coastal geology! M… to do school work! Teacher work #stream Stop in and ask questions and see what's up! #edchat #twitch
@AtTheBenchtop Even as a NYer I know those aren't grits. @ComplaymentdO @mr_isaacs @MrMillerCodes @DarkMark75 @MrHebertPE @Mr_Miller_Sci IMO Supercell did it on mobile when… you see that?! #subnautica time on Take look! #twitch #gameon
There are now 7 PhD positions open in our faculty @AboAkademi, up to 4 years of funding! If you are interested in P…
Retweeted by 🎮Scott Beiter🧪🧪Spread the love of STEM!🧬 I’m looking for scientists to share out what they do! Join me for a conversation on… conversation with @colinmbrand yesterday! So much fun and great science learning. Check it out on YouTube… of the chat #games4ed and a great topic @mpilakow Later all and have a great Friday!A4 We moved to block this year and I try and work in a break where students get out of their seats. I encourage stu… Having good outdoor internet is a bonus for using tech outside. I've taken remote kids with me and the in person… @JessZanco @mpilakow Hello fellow NYer. #games4edA1 As a science teacher using the outdoors often comes with the class! Love taking classes outside! Planning a few… #games4ed just getting into chat. My favorite outdoor activity was capture the flag as a kid.
@hezjbranch I wondering if you were interested in coming on to my Twitch stream to chat science, AI, and neuroscien…’s quantum center announces Carolyn B. Parker Fellowship for postdocs: #BlackInSTEM
Retweeted by 🎮Scott Beiter🧪ScienceStreams is on @youtube !! All past Connected Conversations with inspiring scientists are available at… @mr_isaacs @cleverlike @CasaliScience Great idea! Even those seemingly little things can make a big difference. #scitlap15 minutes and we'll be chatting chimpanzees, bonobos, and MORE on Hop in for a great conv… My team is good at celebrating. Team meetings are filled with goodies and ice cream. We deserve it gall dang it! #scitlapA4 The days of being able to give out treats of any kind. Slowly coming back. Simple praise and happy dance work as… I'd love to make more of an "event" out of some current events. This was not the year, however. Did an entire le… We talk about the science! I'll share a video and try to answer questions or we learn about it together. Ss have… @daleyscience Awards ceremonies are awful IMHO. Generally all the "good/smart" kids get recognized and the "stupid… Depends on the student. Some students really don't want the recognition and would be embarrassed. Others feed of… #scitlap I'm Scott in upstate NY and I teach 8th grade physical science. I'm here to celebrate! Where's the cake?
@frame_vr @MrAlbertSES @FrameVR @gregkulowiec Thanks for the reply. I'll run it by my IT dept.Teaching #sustainability and human impact on the environment? Checkout Your Plan, Your Planet by Google! Here is a… @MrAlbertSES @FrameVR @gregkulowiec How is your experience so far with @frame_vr ? Was considering it as a platform… North America Scholastic Esports Federation joins together with The High School Esports League (HSEL) and Middl…
Retweeted by 🎮Scott Beiter🧪Whoa! This is huge! #esportsedu #esports teachers, or teachers who teach science, come join our #scitlap chat tonight! The topic? Celebrations!…
Retweeted by 🎮Scott Beiter🧪TODAY I'll be exploring #anthropology and #biology with @colinmbrand on 9pm ET!! Be there!… @daleyscience I do self-talk as well! I'll dance to get the blood flowing. @OBrien_Algae Was hoping you'd be interested in joining me on my Twitch Channel to talk science, ecology, and marin… @gibsoale That is awesome!Tonight’s #scitlap questions Q1: 7:35pm CDT Q2: 7:40pm CDT Q3: 7:45pm CDT Q4: 7:50pm CDT Q5: 7:55pm CDT…
Retweeted by 🎮Scott Beiter🧪Let's celebrate! Join us! my self pumped to get through this Wednesday! How do you get pumped? #scitlap #games4ed #tlap @AntoniaMSFOX ! Star Wars Genetics lessons, thought-provoking discussions and activities for sc…
Retweeted by 🎮Scott Beiter🧪Did you know that scientists use mathematical models to predict the spread of volcanic ash and pollution? Learn mor…
Retweeted by 🎮Scott Beiter🧪
*ATTENTION* The purpose of is #Scicomm and #Education through conversation about #STEM. If… pumped for the Connected Conversation this Wednesday with @colinmbrand on #anthro @SenorG @misterwashburn @irvspanish @WiseDad_Games @000Dave @PhilipPulley @mrmatera @remikalir @mpilakow @mr_isaacs any of my followers work as data analysts or scientists? I have a few questions so I can help my partner
Retweeted by 🎮Scott Beiter🧪ScienceStreams is on @youtube !! All past Connected Conversations with inspiring scientists are available at… It's done by talking and doing, not sitting and getting. Too much of remote/hybrid learning is sitting and getting.#MayThe4thBeWithYou #scitlap nephew shared this with me last night. It's a plant cell model made with @LEGO_Group pieces. The detail & unders…
Retweeted by 🎮Scott Beiter🧪I have the sudden urge to go to IKEA.
@EpicLaLaGirl Congrats! Must feel good.Why did you teach that lesson they way you did? It shouldn't be a mystery and YOU should be able to put into words… pumped for the Connected Conversation this Wednesday with @colinmbrand on #science you. Back at ya! died while exploring a habitat deep underwater. AAAAAGHHHH! #twitch #subnautica @Xeno_lith @johannabrown @phyzman Truth @mr_isaacs @jacobisnachos Hello @jacobisnachos let me know if you want to chat esports!
ScienceStreams is on @youtube !! All past Connected Conversations with inspiring scientists are available at… pumped for the Connected Conversation this Wednesday with @colinmbrand on #science DALI experiment: Searching for the axion, a proposed component of dark matter via @physorg_com'Pokemonas': Bacteria related to lung parasites discovered, named after Pokémon via @physorg_com last week and week. Join in! Science news in review and then…
C'mon in! The water's fine! #subnautica play through on #twitch
@Enceladosaurus @peltarion_ai Congrats! 👏 @ObiWanNICKobi Great to see you on steam again.I have the pleasure of exploring #biology and #anthropology with @colinmbrand this coming Wednesday on… @AngelicaSRamos1 @CynthiaLPina Oh, for sure! I don't teach primary, but I can imagine it works for all levels. Thin… you @EpicLaLaGirl for joining me Wednesday on Twitch about #VR #AR #gamification and more! Check it out her… for the topic and questions @GameifiedSchool Have a great Friday and weekend #games4edA4 Art is such an integral part of science. Providing arty options to show mastery is a good way to include the "A"… @mpilakow We played Superfight today as a random event. Fun times. #games4edA3 The classic egg drop challenge involves dropping a precious dragon egg into the volcano nest. Every egg must sur… @MysterY186 A way I see both science and ELA linking (history as well) is arguing from evidence. It is a large part… @mpilakow Yes. I have tangible locks as well as digital locks. This year all digital. #games4edA2 This depends on the game we're playing. Some games have no tech (unless markers, scissors, and glue are tech in… Integrate the science skills in with the content. #NGSS designed lessons do this specifically by integrating cro… #games4ed chat! Scott in Albany, NY and the teacher of science amongst 13+ yr olds. Favorite movie: Blade Runner, Blood Sport...
ScienceStreams is on @youtube !! Conversations with inspiring scientists available at Lik… you read between the lines here, former Gov. Walker believes the most privileged are being put in a hole by equi…
Retweeted by 🎮Scott Beiter🧪Tonight's #games4ed is... STEM based!! Science teacher @GameifiedSchool is leading the charge on this one, so you…
Retweeted by 🎮Scott Beiter🧪Just to share. April is month of the military child. My 6-8 kiddos contributed artwork to a narration of a book wri…
Retweeted by 🎮Scott Beiter🧪 @daleyscience Wonderful topic and again you've got me thinking and brainstorming. Have a great week #scitlap !Just 15 minutes away from an epic conversation with @EpicLaLaGirl on So excited to delve i… Yes, it can be done. Is it easy? Not at all. Student apathy is a thing and getting students passionate about som… I have no planned end-of-year projects. I fear anything I plan would be an effort in futility. I may do a few da…
Join in! Informative and fun chat with awesome people! #scitlap @AtTheBenchtop WTG! is on @youtube !! Watch it again or catch what you missed. All past Connected Conversations with… are not going to want to miss this! Connected Conversation with @EpicLaLaGirl about #VR #AR #XR #games4ed
Have you seen Use it with Google Sheets to: -Make a matching game -Make a leaderboard -Mak… @Mr_Miller_Sci The authors do a good job of pointing out the faults that TikTok has as a teaching media as well. Th… are you doing Wednesday at 9pm ET? Hanging out with me and @EpicLaLaGirl on !! #twitch #science #scicomm