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I'm Timothy Winchester - a sassy, independent man who can do anything (especially if it involves making comics / @PodcastIKnow). These views are mine. 🏳️‍🌈

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@KnapsackGames *cheering you on*Barbradook Streisand is going to be my post-pandemic identity @futurefabric Aaaawwww it's so cute! I tried Blender but it made my head explodeThis is the vibe I want Littlest Friends to generate children, we were given very unrealistic expectations when it came to housing
@rittersportuk @LoveWilko Please tell me if can order these online. Ideally so they go directly into my mouth @supjoey Joey! It looks ace! Congratulations!!I retrained as a graphic designer and the number of "entry level jobs" that require x years of industry experience is quite silly @gdpreston @Jonnyishh How do I mega-like a tweet? @HanburySt Toot toot. I'm summoning @ScottFlashheartFeeling weirdly nostalgic for PunkyfishIf you're a young artist/animator who needs a bit of support apply to this! We're gifting 5 graphics tablets (and s…
Retweeted by Timothy Winchester @submarinecoat Thanks! @feline_dacat Thank you! @FnY001 Hopefully I'll do a big online shop update in time for Digital @ThoughtBubbleUKNew Froggy pin badge arrived! looks brilliant
@MattTaylorDraws my Christmas present? @PhilippaRice A baby and a pig being friends @edgeblend Happy birthday Tom! I hope your gym adventures serve you well! @jrawson @oliver_strahle can't believe they didn't go for SCR3AM back in the day @jrawson is that 5ive setting up an ice cream shop / OnlyFans? @Lizzlizz hahaahahahaha <3Do I know any mega good eggs who are also very good social media people? @AlexZamora so many questions @sonnyrossdraws Mega congratulations
NASA - investigates the moon NASSA - investigates butts? @jrawson @robholley @ladyjazmana it is a very memorable episode and I love how much they mined it for footage. I wo… @pictoplasma Oh! Something I *did* find useful was to try something creative but also pretty different. So, instead… when Kelly Rowland sings about being down for whatever, it's an ultra banger. But when I put it on my Tinder pro… @pictoplasma Let me know if you get the answer to this plzALRIGHT! I haven't done this in a really long time, but I will be available in November to do some hand-painted com…
Retweeted by Timothy Winchester @AWolfgangCrowe wait... that's considered evil? uh oh @AWolfgangCrowe *all* of them??? Or just the best / most evil ones? @sparkeface but they'd have to somehow be related to a heart-warming story about getting a job???I'm so confused about what I'm meant to be posting on LinkedIn?I said, certified freak Seven days a week'm happy just to leave the moon alone, thanks. @joelist Oh my. I hadn't considered an entire Star Trek watchalong!I've run out Netflix. Next stop: the Vicar of DibleyWhen we talk about the "Instagram algorithm" this is what I'm picturing you like video games and good eggs then I can't recommend @HiScoreClub enough @TheRealZipwolf Hair swoop! 😍😍😍
Q. What is Adele's favourite strategy when she plays a Cleric in DnD? A. "Hallow from the other side" @torpordust Dear Joe Sparrow. I am digging this. Many thanks. Timothy WinchesterI just remembered that Oz the Great and Powerful was a film @x00 same except I'm not really working u_uLittlest Friends! Wholesome comics about weird smells... @Secret7s online auction is now up and running! My sleeve is in there somewhere! All the money goes to charity… to buy some records? Board 1 drops in 5.
Retweeted by Timothy WinchesterI never left the house in the end 🐸 👗🎮 👢👢 🛋️ @hamishsteele Toad Summoner is my new DnD characterMe getting ready to leave the house: 🎀 🐸 🧣 👗 👢👢
Feel a little sad not seeing familiar faces at MCM this weekend. Please just pretend you visited my table and that… to be 'horny on main' but @edgeblend love that optical illusion body shaping your character is employing @ShinyAlex very much had a similar week - just feeling cross and snappy and sad. Look after yourself and take it easy this weekend @sparkeface But Tom! We can't go on a date for several reasonsJust a heads up but when things are less awful, I'm probably going to ask pals to set me up on dates with nice people. @markbradleyart I can call you up and make spooky noises??
@michaelwconrad @beckycloonan omg I love nothing!!! @SFBDim Congratulations! Please eat a pudding to celebrate @tinyspells Is it ok that I now have a new favourite?When someone suggests that you've got too many tabs open and that you should close some...
I saw a witch on her broom earlier. It looked like she was reading from a piece of parchment that was wound around…, I'm the world's worst Girl Scouts dad, and I *just now* managed to set up my kid's candy-selling fundraising pa…
Retweeted by Timothy Winchester @stevencandraw @Secret7s that's my superhero name!Also @GinAndApathy made this incredible miniature version of the @Secret7s exhibition which is just mind blowing've been lucky enough to take part in four previous @Secret7s - here are my sleeve designs! I can't show you the l…! I've got a design in this year's @Secret7s - a brilliant event where 700 record sleeves are auctioned off for… @twiterney @dinoboy89 TOM! @Zafarcakes if this is about the moon then I will be very cross @dinoboy89 @twiterney I wish I could find the motivation! Can I borrow some from you? @dinoboy89 @twiterney ...the gym?! @dinoboy89 @twiterney Yes - I've given up on regular shirts and now I just wear things with pockets so I can put stuff in them @markbradleyart I can recommend calming music for sleeping. But also, have you tried reading? And also checking for ghosts? @stevencandraw Tesco do three lil' bags for £1! @jrawson oooooh yes - I've been breaking movies up into bite size chunks. Next up: Knives Out. Also, I recommend Em… @badgallexy yeah you can't blame lockdown for that. Actually! Yes you can! @twiterney they sound like fancy After EightsHas anyone had weird lockdown side effects? I can only sleep listening to music now, and I seem unable to read long… @DrewMillward I also want to dress as a bat! Please make one for me too pleaseMoon chat
@beckycloonan you didn't see that!Whilst you're all asleep, I'm just going to whisper into the cosmos that I would like to do a fun KickStarter for a… @TorkShaw 🎀🎀🎀 🎀🥚🎀 🎀🎀🎀 @TorkShaw Congratulations! I'm also giving you a promotion from "good egg" to "lovely egg" @jrawson not before doing a very meaningful soliloquy that details all your sinister plans @jrawson Are you *actually* pregnant or are you just pretending as a way to make sure you inherit all of my vast fortune?!How did we forget the Sunset Beach theme tune?! Talk about horny on main - that was a very steamy song! @TomHolmesDesign I'm going to give this to Quantum Leap because it's just so smooth yet motivational @wknoxwalker well, now I want to watch it all again! @wknoxwalker @wknoxwalker I certainly have and I'm glad someone picked up on the homage. I did some cute fan art once... let me dust it off.If it takes £12bn to balls up making an app, you could probably balls it up just as well for £11bn and use the othe… DM (@KitDraws) asked us what our characters would carve onto a pumpkin so here is Choo Choo. @EE DM'd @Secret7s @GinAndApathy @NOWGallery Whaaaaaaat???!!!!!! @spectreandvox Congratulations!!! @adventurers250 Sorry to hear it. Seeing you at Edinburgh was always a highlight