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@Reedie_Reed Same! @Reedie_Reed Finally. That took forever @RolandWNoBrakes This place.We gotta be specific with our manifestations.
Retweeted by The People's OracleTwitter is ruthless and wastes zero time. Like how you gonna have this many Black people cracking on you at the sam… 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 is turrrrble @RolandWNoBrakes 🥴it's still Black Friday, right? available works -
Retweeted by The People's Oraclethis was one of those out the gate hits. we was like dayuuuuum who is this?!?! carey really just came to visit us on earth and sing our faces off. i listen to her christmas album every ye… the dudes of various genders who can't figure out how to take a selfie that actually attracts people to you phy… @tressiemcphd please ma'am. hahaha! the chin looked like it wasn't finished being made before it was installed.Issac Hayes gave us a between the sheets christmas bop.The Mistletoe And Me by Isaac Hayes #NowPlayingNah. Saturn just made ya’ll grow up. No redos or take backs.“divination for liberation” struck me so. shoutout @PeoplesOracle. can’t unsee what you’ve spoken light on. word
Retweeted by The People's Oracle @tryingLilac 🙏🏾 @themakeda This whole entire album. No skips.If @DWHomeCandles sends me one more email today! @at_bran @Reedie_Reed Reed in tweet form @Reedie_Reed 😭🤣🤣🤣Yes, this too! With Venus, ruler of the Taurus eclipse in Libra... to the impending Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Taurus: recommended! @Reedie_Reed📌 tsunami...Saturn... @BlackSeaSiren Wise one#mood @euvitis It’s my pleasure 💕 @euvitis My friend @Astrovisions2 is hosting one tonight. I’m probably gonna do my Full Moon Reading tomorrow on Clubhouse + YouTube. @aarionlyons I only saw one person without a mask. And his wife had her nose out @ineedja_kadeeja Listen. I just...🥴 @aarionlyons No. Just took longer than was comfortable‼️‼️‼️ just came back from Target on the Westbank. That really should not feel far. Cause it wasn’t far. But also... 😭 @ErinJam04418037 @YNB @leslieodomjr He has 2 I believe @aconjurewoman 🤣🤣🤣😭 @leslieodomjr You’re blessing all. You’re welcome. And thank YOU!🙏🏾 @lyvonnep Well, you know! If it ain’t confirmed then it ain’t Spirit 🙌🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
‼️📌 @CieCieluvsGuJu Oh that’s lovely ☺️ @YNB @leslieodomjr His first Christmas album truly made me a believer. Now I stan forever. @RandiM04711394 @lzinnober FactsI really could listen to Leslie Odom Jr. sing anything. It's the tone for me tbh.i love everything about this, especially given the signs where this eclipse occurs. The wound of Taurus is rejectio… @lzinnober it really is. surrender is such an underrated spiritual practice.If you can mind your own pocket book, you can stay out of mine, be blessed.🤣 are humbling (or humiliating) awe (or fear) inspiring celestial auguries meant to be interpreted by skille… you ever considered waiting to hear + see what Spirit, your ancestors and guides reveals this moment to be for… see, ya'll are so programmed and enculturated into the cult of individualism that ya'll think EVERYTHING is an… 6 months we gotta remind ya'll to leave your crystals alone and stop trying to do rituals under a Lunar Eclip… @sylphanne mean... @aconjurewoman Like I haven’t been banging the drum about now and the next few months THIS WHOLE ENTIRE YEAR?!?! @fmMyke @NettaWitDaHoops @mminthecity 🤣🤣😭 @fmMyke @NettaWitDaHoops @mminthecity Rawdogging air orgyYa’ll really don’t listen huh? really hope that VP Kamala Harris doesn’t fix her face when talking to these fools. I hope she gives them all the… Lunar Eclipse can only occur at Full Moon, but these are also two distinct events that don’t usually maximise at…
Retweeted by The People's Oracleamericans looking at COVID-19 data:
Retweeted by The People's Oracle @NettaWitDaHoops @mminthecity What percentage of the population is that? Cause 😳 @anaturalbeaut ☺️I’m not “really into sidereal.” I am THEE sidereal astrologer.
Retweeted by The People's Oracle @anaturalbeaut Right! He knows I don’t get up that early to do anything. We are unschooling + deschooling and I wor… we were watch 35 year old cartoons as kids. @FirstGentleman We’re never gonna get over this until people are paid to stay homeI used the cord cutting bath to release me from emotional baggage that was keeping me from taking a necessary risk.…☺️‼️ Anything and everything but minding their own bodies. @Reedie_Reed They talk about their feelings and it’s really wonderfulIt’s like they can’t see that their interventions are actively causing harm? But that’s the first thing they accuse…
Retweeted by The People's OracleI mean think about it - the obgyn says “your vagina is perfect” but if you have the slightest problem their solutio…
Retweeted by The People's OracleWe have some of the highest rates of unaddressed menstrual pain and discomfort but obgyns are content saying that v…
Retweeted by The People's Oracle @PriestessSpider Oh! Heeeeey! 😘😘I’m never going to get over the cuteness of my niece and my son on FaceTime. They started early today. My son, 8:… @PriestessSpider It is! So joyous @lyvonnep 💕 @_Trapitalism Rude! @_Trapitalism 🥴 @senae_destiny You’re welcome @senae_destiny Thank you! And...😭 @HeidiByNature 💅🏾 @KaylayShorter 😘 @byshefon This gif = A+ @TheCosby 🥰 @ThatBthang @reallybriya 🥰I’m not “really into sidereal.” I am THEE sidereal astrologer.
@taiaburgess Bougie boo finally gave in. He chose rice + gravy... “Mmmmmm this is so good.” 🙄Claiming + conjuring this for myself. @taiaburgess So he came crying about how hungry he is. Told him to let me know which of the leftovers he wants and… @jessicalanyadoo @thestrology_ Honestly, my CH joy comes from staying out of rooms where there are more than 2 men.… joy that this gives my heart. I remember when the neighborhood across from mine would deck out the whole block.…
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