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turquoise seas and ocean breezes.

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Well you my pimp!
Retweeted by too me such a long time to not get offended & not take things personal but Chile im hereniggas man lmfao
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Retweeted by Yaya.please. his old ass...that racist thot next, God willing 🙏🏿 are you having sex with two niggas and still working 3 jobs, baby wtf😭😭 Pussy should’ve been sewn up
Retweeted by Yaya.😭 your son is me white side of the internet is so strange....chile, & not the baby @TheM4vie @SunflowerShan lmfao !How you still had the energy to fuck two men while working three jobs is beyond me.
Retweeted by Yaya.there’s nothing like a dark-skinned man. that is the epitome of fine to me...the standard.literally !! do not ask to be invited anywhere, at least not seriously. like if somebody wanted you there, they would’ve invit… ass people. Chile i thank God my friends aren’t those weird females that feel like they gotta say somethin…😭😭😭😭😭 i know you fckn lying!!!!! slim God be knowing what he doing putting the right humble people in those positio… get on my knees in the street and scream “WHYYYYY?! 😭”
Retweeted by Yaya.I play the same way niggas play. literally mimick whatever game they be on til somebody get tiredWhoever reading this I hope you come up on $10k play this week.
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Retweeted by Yaya.lemme go run before i get too tiredI hate when my body is tired but my mind is not
Retweeted by Yaya. @20FEENS @_JimmyNuetron Lmaoooooooo
Amanda Perez: "send me an angel to heal my broken heart from being in love" 8 year old me: CAUSE ALL I DOOO IS CRY…
Retweeted by Yaya.I need those vibes for tripBig Big vaxxed
Retweeted by Yaya.i cannot wait to get my hair done, 28 inches me 😩Pulling up to every function this summer like
Retweeted by Yaya.🤣🤣 I’m happy as hell in life rn ain’t no way I’m gaining wait since getting my COVID vaccine, I was able to get my phone bill paid, I got sounds and 13's put up in my Caval…
Retweeted by Yaya.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 is so beautiful 😍 bout to get this workout ini cannot be with somebody that wanna be up under me every damn day, nor somebody into physical PDA. i draw the line… @YungMiami305 Cus it’s funny when Santana call out ya government in frustration 🤣😭🏴‍☠️
Retweeted by Yaya. @thenatemonroe @YungMiami305 😩😂🤣
Retweeted by Yaya. @YungMiami305 Caresha Please
Retweeted by Yaya.everything won’t chill out til next week possibly but i needs that busy, planning busy, just annoying @SunflowerShan see no, they unreliable. i do not order anything important from there anymore like at allthese days im all over the place...just busy in every single direction lol & i need for everything to chill out a bit.i feel like i tweeted this exact thing before cause same , ppl play!! except boohoo their express is mf express lol nigga did something to my damn phone now it’s just acting stupid i want a new one nowthis week is my last full week working then next week we outta here 🤸🏿‍♀️slim i really need to sit down and find out how many orders i got rn cause it’s dead ass like 6 i ain’t tryna lose anythinglmao i love spontaneous drunk nights man, i ain’t even plan to be outside last night at all cause i looked tf crazy but w/e🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 a nigga say this to me I’m laughing him out be like “???” must be somebody else in this damn car
Retweeted by Yaya.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 normalize murdering psychos the friend that’ll take ur pictures til you like them bc ik how that shit be when you look good 😂 we will not move!
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awww yes, positive energy y’all know how fucking crazy y’all look in this new squat pose? are you taking a shit? @NiceLook_Neo I said the same thing 🤣🤣🤣 her daddy’s son
Retweeted by Yaya.Just saw an article that says that one of the BLM cofounders bought a million dollar home in Cali 🥴 While Tamir Ric…
Retweeted by Yaya.Kim really been giving “me and my babies we gone be alright... we gone live a good life” as of late
Retweeted by Yaya.Man North has Kanye’s whole face
Retweeted by Yaya.Tony Hawk reacts to the passing of DMX & shares pics of him on a skateboard
Retweeted by Yaya. @SealabIsForever Home Depot 😭😭I love playing bob the mf builderit’s been sooo long since i made MONTHS. i can’t wait to make it tonight..i need to get the perfect winehe definitely got his ❤️ so very much loved man...very much. to Black Rob 🙏🏾#blackrob
Retweeted by Yaya.but that’s one thing you not too old to get back intoi really used to take legit dance lessons and stopped. if i ain’t become inconsistent i could’ve been where I’d really like to beRelease me from the shackles of Apple MusicI will never get tired of singing this 💙 then i was mad, now i just don’t give a fuck about you.i can’t wait to stay in all day and watch moviesY’all need Jesus 😭 dancing at an Albanian wedding. God rest his soul
Retweeted by Yaya. @jennehsays27 🤣🤣🤣 @jennehsays27 I know lol but that’s like Tuesday I’m talking about actually todayI got so many orders coming in, idk where to start with this trackingWho else used to be embarrassed af to wear a winter coat to school😭that shit was humiliating for no reason LMAO😭
Retweeted by Yaya.Pregnancy is insane
Retweeted by Yaya.There was Brenda, LaTisha, Linda, Felicia...
Retweeted by Yaya.I feel like somebody close to me has a birthday today but idk who 😭def scared to drink tropical smoothie as well...even w/ no turbinado! i don’t trust anything frfr lolI’m still scared to drink and eat certain things lolol like I’m scarred for life on carbs, i will forever watch mys… i don’t want you to miss me, cause there’s no way that you’re sorryLush cosmetics getting rid of this jelly bomb is a real disturbance in my life rnI want a protein shake but ima relax today @somehmara thank you gorgeous ❤️❤️Y’all could’ve at least sampled hollaback girl or something...this is 🥴🍑👀
Retweeted by Yaya. @somehmara alll there 🤪🍑i bet I’ll make ya phone stop ringing, those niggas won’t call you again ❤️ @cixnna Lmfaoo foh!! I’m no longer supporting y’all bad eating habits 🤣🤣🤣 @fitmekia Happy Birthday !!!🥳🎈🎉my love language is doing things for the people i love lol giving meaningful gifts or just doing meaningful thingsIt’s the same for women lol
Retweeted by Yaya.!!!!! honestly i know i be up late but this shit got me up later than usual, i can’t my package been SHIPPED or did the shipping label just get PRINTED?
Retweeted by Yaya.Why does this make so much sense LOOOOOOOL
Retweeted by Yaya.rare footage of my great grandma’s first cousin after getting the first silk press ever done (Louisiana, 1903)
Retweeted by Yaya.🤣 you tell people to leave you tf alone that brings even more, chile you is wasting ya time running behind know that i do not depend on nothing or no why would you show up, so uninvited?tell me whatcha say now? me watcha say, come again?all her tears are building up, building up, building uplove you like a crime....and gladly do the time.Have you seen a beauty today?
Retweeted by Yaya.singing my heart out to old jhené like 🥰🥰