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LRT: that shit is hot. mfs straight up kink shaming ppl as if they are on a high horse, now that's the weird thing…
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Find it funny that some ppl are tying to frame this as "elitist" Twitter down bad when they themselves are in fanba…
@IshanKizu oh the ishigami avi dude @IshanKizu crying @IshanKizu who @IshanKizu no @Bloodscarecrow1 not youeither extremely bold or no sense of awareness. i dont wanna be rude thothis mf on main has no self awareness bruh
tired with lifei gotta submit it tmr and im done with 2 questions only. oh fuckmf gave me 20 questions as assignment and all of them are 2-3 pages long. This is literally another way to ask you…
assignments season woohoo i wanna die
Tired of typing objective and subjective
Retweeted by pepo v2also saw deku getting it with a nomu...saw bakugo deku nsfw 18+ sex audio on the timeline....😶 @Alphahels Watch La Haine fr🤍
Retweeted by pepo v2 @elviejopato no. i dont really know the reason. tried searching for it and got nothing. one more stream it seems and that's it
Retweeted by pepo v2 @elviejopato she doidnew layout lmk @kefizh @ishan_shino 😭😭
@KuroiKuzu quite a few. dm if you need specificityanother "grumpy pepo complains about stuff" tweet LETS GOOOOOOOOOO beat my knees in frustration and now my knees are in pain. I just wanna scream and keep hitting something AHHHHHH… so hard to understand what this meant on my main for clout 😔 im sorryNeed to have some self respect fr10k qrt coming 🙏My life a movieFound out ppl eat breakfast without brushing their teeth.... @Ed_gatsu @LovingKaguya @ianizboring 🥶🥶🥶
Retweeted by pepo v2 @ishan_shino nice @ishan_shino GOAT @ishan_shino SAKAMOTO @ishan_shino SHINICHI @ianizboring no 😢 @ianizboring my grandma a gon stan @BardyBo1 cute @Frukuri i dont think you have bad opinions, ppl disagree with you regardless fr @BardyBo1 ya you are right you dont know shit @Frukuri you disagreeing means I'm rightthere are mfs that only interact when they disagree with me and its so annoying
tho im so impressed by ppl my age or a little older than me or younger than me having such an easy way to talk abou… soon as it gets political I'm out of the conversation or i dont even bother with it. I feel weird cos I feel like I'm virtue signaling @ishan_shino 🤐and it wasn't even that impressive if im being honest. these fans delusional af. so many other things in it to sing… someone say great art on this popular manga and it was so poor in quality. I wondered why it was so poor, then…
peaked at his introduction so farReally dont know what ppl see in kaido. granted im 4 chapters behind
@ishan_shino @MiniYukinoSzn Reliance fresh lmaooooooooo
@KuroiKuzu Could also mean you are a porn elitist and think popular = bad 🧐 @BardyBo1 Bottom left the best out of these fr @TensaiJorge Whats it called 👀Damn i never seen the top right one tho
Retweeted by pepo v2What does he expect me to reply 😭😭
there are ppl who don't follow me on my main but follow me here. cool but i feel bad cos i dont really tweet any in… lack self awareness. they lack awareness in general. they cant read the room and always take jokes too farStarting to hate this app a lot. ppl are so fucking toxic and rude over harmless things and all the virtue signalin… @elviejopato i just use whatever rolls off the tongue well
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Had the most weirdest conversation on main. They seem wholesome and its probably just them not knowing fluent english i guess @pepoxler @_x135x_ Oh interstellar, inception, tenet, American psycho too @HerNameIsAditi There are lots of indians, they just dont go around telling they are indianWas feeling miserable and depressed yesterday but i feel much better today.
@Husvero goatIM IN DESPAIR @MagicEightBal Shut up you stupid ass ballwill i get out of this country @MagicEightBal @RIGHTANlME outlook this ratio bitch @MagicEightBal how bout you move forward deez nutscan i move forward阿良々木月火 #物語シリーズ
Retweeted by pepo v2 @_x135x_ about you? whoif it gets banned, i will return back to this shit hole when i move out to a different country🙏if by some slight chance it gets banned, I ain't coming back @gythia_ take careif twitter gets banned in india then a thrid of anitwt is dead lmaooo @RIGHTANlME nah that is just the timing for a tv show talking about this and these dumb ass mfs took that as the time its getting shut down. @RIGHTANlME that is such a sad sight that i have to use a vpn. literally the opposite of innovation. evolving but backwardsif we thinking logically, twitter probably won't get banned, but the idea that this is even being discussed is conc… reason to hate this countrymight just stay off the internet today. feeling horrible todayahhhhhhhhh i hate this feelingmaybe i just wont draw anything at all. not feeling it today @shardesu gm @IshanKizu either way you winning @IshanKizu continue reading innocent fr @KuroiKuzu lob their @ @KuroiKuzu i thought ani instagram was just ppl posting randoms "facts"
@ishan_shino BURNT FIELD SOON. FUCKING PEAK subject sucks