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milo is my dog, bobby flay is my king

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can you tell i like neutral colors hi tubby hi fooof hi aila @femaleredhead i like her @ashhhhhhole ready to kiss your forehead soon belly @bootycollins_2 ya @jeledari nutritious @robbyissad @mononarunner this would also work to attract me. maybe i’m the boyfriend @ELandsperg i’m gonna call him rn and tell him you said that @Mro19Owens i’m just asking what everyone is thinking @romansowavy come on @femaleredhead OF COURSE YOU GET ITthis damn tik tok is allthats been in my head for days now @aust_inpain hey lol @notshlawmpf yeah :-/i could keep going::-) he has four eyes:.-) he has three eyes:-) he has two eyes.-) he has one eyewish i was a planetwould it be just like ,, forbidden chunky water or whatwhat would happen if you put glass and water in a blendergonna start a youtube channel but just stare at the camera and never speak @cowboybreezy i love you and i’m proud of youdyingrubbed my eye with taki dust on my fingers @arielll_t you’re my soulmate @intragnizent thank you it means a lotbaaaaaaaabe @parrspective dmdo y’all see how big my penis is @arielll_t please im beggingnice @lilredridingwud am i too late @onlyfronds i’m coming overhiding my pain by putting “lmao” at the end of my sentencehow do i stop ending every sentence with lmaohow do i stop losing people @KIAsouleater lmk if you find out @dumb__crybaby i cant though i self destructhow do i stop depending on alcohol lmao helphow do i get a boyfriend if i’m scared of menhow do i stop being sad @chickenstriip ugh angelwhen u want some soup
Retweeted by kels @whatdaFisupkyle eddy :-( @cowboybreezy HELL YEAH @Flawless_Cowboi tell him i said wtf @Flawless_Cowboi either 5’3 or 7’3 probably @whatdaFisupkyle do you think i’d get a bid @arielll_t ur sexier @parallelbark you are sexy @zziak22 it’s gonna kill me one day @underupreciated my favorite thing to eat @tatertothotbtch do it do it do it!!!! @arielll_t neither did swag @arielll_t yolo never left my vocabularymy fatal flaw is that i forget to chew when eating mac n cheese and end up unable to breathe every. single. time. @parrspective obviously ??? i made extra for you @autiodrip cmere come get some @punished_gooch well duh i have your plate made already @bigirohenergy do u want some @notshlawmpf yOu LoOk LiKe ChEeSe @trashhleyyyy love that!!!uh anyways i made a creamy four cheese mac n cheese
@kellyscarpone it suckkkkks it keeps happening and i’m sorry it’s happened to you too :-( that’s very true though t… ur friends get better friends and decide they don’t need you as friend anymorei have the hiccups don’t textmilo is dreaming and kicking his little feet @maemae_lee it’s past your bed timeon beer number 4 @parrspective cmere let’s watch @YaLiekJazz @parrspective okay this is good too @maemae_lee did i ask you? @parrspective you read my mind @punished_gooch wishing for alecquick give me a disney pixar movie to watchhope you made a wish bc it’s too late now a wish thots chugged two beers in 40 seconds who want me @parrspective thankful for discounts @cattpace we love youfound out that i have not only one auto immune disorder but TWO @whatdaFisupkyle shit is it really i fucking hate talking on the phone and facetiming all the abovedo you see the love in her eyes @peyotegroce i deserve hellthis is my kitty aila everyone say hi aila @KIAsouleater orange lotion @vwhoreb wine is the same as a parfait pretty muchhad some enchiladas the other day that were smothered in some mysterious orange sauce and i cant stop thinking ab them @vwhoreb but what if he didn’t @arielll_t ran out of grandma :-/ no more @punished_gooch baaaaaabe @dvrynnn this is deserved @vwhoreb yes :-( i was getting up off the couch and his head was there so i kicked him on accident and he backed up… @vwhoreb he loves her so much but she absolutely hates him @parrspective he stared at me like “mom wtf” @parrspective he doesn’t know that :-(