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@babaduke_nukem It’s a nice face anyways but we don’t face shame @babaduke_nukem None of thisNew shirt for sale at all proceeds will he donated to @MusiCares ❤️❤️
Retweeted by Perfume Genius @perfumegenius 👈 👊
Retweeted by Perfume GeniusYou can shove that semicolon up your ass sis
girls- let’s have the conversation!
Retweeted by Perfume Genius @sassyblackdiva I stopped watching when the other main guy came back one season with a shaved chestWhat’s going on with mycareer @bejohnce I LIVED for the “opportunity to design a custom accessory worn by Red Robin servers nationwide” that was… this @just_chet ‘Don’t Take it Too Bad’
I can feel where Blockbusters used to be @BrandonHacha Me
Retweeted by Perfume GeniusNina Simone them all Lighthouse love lesbians sis NEVER heard of it to the Gallows, Max Richter @Rush_Hour1 1. Arugula1. Beds 2. Couches 3. Desks 4. Tables 5. Chairs 6. Fuck the rest favorite is Ultraviolence and I love Her BAIUL ANS THATS IT Dakota Rat arthritis 2. Chowder goblins 3. Enormous blouse 4. Dagger stuff to rank, Have One On Me and Ys my favorites Diptyque “Eau Duelle” 2. Bruno Fazzolari “Feu Secret” 3. Tauer “L'Air Du Desert Marocain” 4. Dior Homme Little Earthquakes 2. Under the Pink & Boys For Pele tie 3. Choirgirl @bradypetitt Love them but let’s be real here1. When The Pawn 2. All the rest equally then the rest should I rank ? @adriann_ramirez Ginger
I don’t know how to explain it but Freddy Krueger there too @twiabp RespectScorpio, today is about CITRUSI only listen to this song now and that is not a joke really thinks it’s doing something
with Leo last winter getting our picture taken do! @BATHSmusic oh have I ever !!!
imagine @blink182
Retweeted by Perfume Genius @Vampire_Holiday Honestly........I feel like I should take over @Arr @_blakemills of course!Set my Coronary heart on Fire Place InstantlyIt wouldn’t be Fragance Genius with the bitter to mood the candy that’s on what???!!!
*to slowly...roll around...your houseI told @pitchfork and now I’m telling you this is an excellent time so slowly roll around your house to this record…"On the Floor" is the @PerfumeGenius we've been wanting: heartfelt songwriting delivered through sunny, sumptuous p…
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2020 thinking about standing up and maybe even moving @tenmillionboys It exists actually🎵Come on, Vogue 🎶 I mean Go 🎵Let’s go eat some fried fish 🎵 Fried fish
Want to be 6 feet apart from myself @alejandronebula I love youAnd will I capitalize on that in some way? If somehow I eventually understand what that even means? 100% if I feel like itYes...yes I am the singer of the Tik Tok meme @sassyblackdiva 😂 and listen 🤝 incredible 🤝 @_blakemills Enya the first to ever pop off Enya realllly doing it for me right nowYessss new @perfumegenius
Retweeted by Perfume Genius @TWNTY4KGLDFCE_ 🎶🎵Fried fish
Thank you @stereogum 😭😂 songs need radio edits now. Previous records I would have to add an extra chorus to break 3 minutes in a song. M… @lindsayzoladz ❤️me and the boys when the new perfume genius comes on
Retweeted by Perfume Genius🧎 pumped to be on the cover of the Apple ‘Antidote’ playlist in the UK. Listen to ‘On The Floor’ here -…
I really did that and it’s done! from Ma...
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2020 was unhinged before.... @perfumegenius crickets from pina bausch since this tweet
Retweeted by Perfume Geniusa BTS moment NEW SONG
Retweeted by Perfume GeniusSam is truly, truly brilliant - a must listen and a must know
Thank you for watching and listening today. Love you all, take care of yourselves
no you’re so sexy ahaha
Retweeted by Perfume GeniusFOR YOU genius supplying me my monday dose of g*nder *nvy 😌
Retweeted by Perfume GeniusThank You ⁦@AppleMusic⁩ for featuring “On The Floor” for New Music Daily 🤝 Listen Below 🤝 @perfumegenius you own the dirt oscars mike
Retweeted by Perfume GeniusWatch a video for @PerfumeGenius' new single "On The Floor"
Retweeted by Perfume Geniusoverwhelming, love all of youMy new song will premiere on YouTube in 15 minutes. I'll be there to chat with you are my children