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Mike @perillomike24 Parkland, FL

Loves Horror movies and Jam bands. Mets,Giants,Rangers and sometimes Knicks. pizza and sandwiches. oh and my wife and daughter.

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@elitecarterhome @Shudder Movie from the Netherlands called Saint. Hard to find, but excellent. There is an Engl… @ScaryStuffPod @Shudder It was free on Hulu. Not there anymore. Think ill try prime. So worth it @Giants Best pick up in years. Sign him long term please !! @ScaryStuffPod @Shudder Fucking yes .... this movie rules !! I saw a movie called Saint last season. Cant find it anymore. Was excellent @ZackPuckett6 You got balls wearing that mask @RachaelKHarper1 Hot damn that looks worth the trip.
@bobclendenin What’s this about a virus you say ? @carryaboomstick @ScreamsBehind Nice to see another Thale fan. 👍🏼👍🏼 @nervepills1 @ScreamsBehind This has been in my queue for ages and I haven’t pulled the trigger yet. @filmizon @bales1181 @JanuaryMovie @stonegasman @ithrah69 @riccardi17 @sequelsonly Oooh yea. Such an interesting d… @Blade5276 @bales1181 @JanuaryMovie @stonegasman @ithrah69 @riccardi17 @sequelsonly @filmizon I remember reading th… @somefilmstudies @bales1181 @JanuaryMovie @stonegasman @ithrah69 @riccardi17 @sequelsonly @filmizon 😥 @JanuaryMovie @Boomb1ddybyeby1 @bales1181 @stonegasman @ithrah69 @riccardi17 @sequelsonly @filmizon Holy crap i for… @filmizon @bales1181 @JanuaryMovie @stonegasman @ithrah69 @riccardi17 @sequelsonly Need to see this @bales1181 @JanuaryMovie @stonegasman @ithrah69 @riccardi17 @sequelsonly @filmizon Damn. So many to choose. I would… @Blade5276 @bales1181 @JanuaryMovie @stonegasman @ithrah69 @riccardi17 @sequelsonly @filmizon Ive always thought th… @HorrorNHaunted Some great choices here. A favorite of mine has always been the Dr’s mask from Nightbreed. Im not good with including pics @n0d0yunalulz @HorrorNHaunted Guess what goes to the top of my queue ? @ecto_fun Oh man you nailed this verbatim. Kudos. So friking annoyingly dramatic @MorticiaVibes That sucks. Im in a similar boat. Wanna kick her off with no life jacket sometimes @thnkbg @RealMMyers78 @juda1313 There’s always one @AlexVorkov I am .. and i bought all 3 of your books. Cant wait !! Going to have a lot of free time in the near fut…
@radinadrandova Wait, so if im reading this correctly, people didnt approve of the Sainsbury commercial featuring a… @AlexVorkov Hey Alex. Is this an e-book only ? I would love to buy a physical copy if possible. @EliManning I hope more people realize what you did week in/week out was such an amazing feat. Almost unheard of in… @AliceLBronte @ScreamsBehind Good point. The remake is very different in that regard. But there are several scenes/… @AliceLBronte @ScreamsBehind As far as remakes go its one of the best. Give it a shot. 🧟‍♂️ @newhorrorexp @ScreamsBehind Feel the same. Peter was the man. Take charge, powerful presence and so subdued in his portrayal @Wrath_of_Teclis @ScreamsBehind Truth. Too many sub genres as well; rage virus, comedy etc. @littlemissrisk @ScreamsBehind Nice one. This never gets mentioned. Ever. And i thought i was the only one who app… @camcastiger @ScreamsBehind Hey i just ordered this from Second Sight. I live in US though. Its out of stock and i… @omaraubert @ecto_fun Very true. The pro lifers say life begins at conception so we are all 9 months older technica… @AlexVorkov Oh yea. My go-to zombie film. Ive watched this more than most Romero films. The settings and pace reall…
@jemma__moore You girls were amazing. So natural with each other. @TommyDoyle47 Thing all day. Never found the scream franchise any good @jemma__moore forgot to include you both here. @EdwardLinard @JamieAWrites I made sure to include her in my little tweet yesterday.. but i forgot @jemma__moore and i feel terri…
@Jedshepherd just watched #HOST for the 5th time with some first timers. Add 3 more fans to the growing list. Cong… @ScreamsBehind Very good film. Was impressed
@ZombieButch Love to see fellow msties on here !! @sophiarosecohen What a beautiful picture. Love that your family is living their dream !!
@JoeBiden Piss off. Your kind spit all over the right for 4 years creating a hate this country hasnt seen in decade…
@BillyHarrisJr4 @booburella @AcampoJo_49er Green Inferno ? @Dave_Andreas @booburella I think i have this movie. A cop investigating some guy obsessed with over feeding women…
@RachaelKHarper1 @Damien_Weinhoff You just described the meaning of life @Mets Keith Hernandez DeGrom @barbaracrampton Ha unfortunately we have become desensitized to this kind of stuff. But still a tough one to watch @breannimator Plus you cant tell a horror aficionado not to watch something. We will immediately move it to the top of our queue @ZombieButch @breannimator Thats a pretty good description actually @breannimator Its tough to watch. But only for the subject matter not the violence like Martyrs or Serbian. Especi…
@bobclendenin 😬 @bobclendenin Why dont you raid the coffers of your cancer charity ? Those funds arent going towards research or development or anything. @JoeBiden Ask your son for money @StephenKing Oh fuck off. You’re better than this man.
@senexy27 Invest in Apple
@jemma__moore Oh my. Gotta say, thats a beautiful shot. @ScreamsBehind Aahhh i miss the golden years of this show .... @LIVINGDEADGRRL2 @HorrorNostalgia Right ? Bradley Whitford and Richard Jenkins especially. And for the kids, Fran… @HorrorNostalgia @LIVINGDEADGRRL2 Love it. Interesting concept and well cast.
Spot the difference. 😉
Retweeted by MikeAs long as he doesn't join the alt-right alt-right alt-riiiiiiiiight.
Retweeted by Mike @vasdrimalitis Bro that fucking gold !! Stealing ? @Primetime_1987 Never watched it but i know how it is when a series that has been so instrumental in our lives ends… @terror_studies @themission12 Dont get me wrong, i wish he would go away quickly and peacefully but thats not happe… @wanttobeleavin Nope. Why ruin 2 perfect food items by combining them ? @vasdrimalitis They need righty bats and a stud starter. And as usual bullpen help. They have a pretty solid offen… @Primetime_1987 Truth @RachaelKHarper1 Just watched this this past weekend. It was my 13 yo daughter who brought it to my attention. Her…
@Pander_Bear28 🤣🤣You’re on fire lately with these memes. If i retweeted id probably get flagged @themission12 Uumm 70+ million apparently did vote for him soooo ..... @Pander_Bear28 I love him
@Primetime_1987 Just a picture, or from society ?I wonder if he will see his shadow? 😂
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@themunnyshot Megan is Missing Not quite horror but these type of movies are tough to watch. Too reality based @BlackMajikMan90 Scream. Nightmare on elm st @HMoviesBeyond No shit. Same here on both of them. They will bring down the hardest hearts
@thehorrorchick Watched it 3x in last 2 weeks @HollywoodStace Congrats to you !! Great attitude
@breannimator Its so cliche. And they always rest it on the corpse. They try way too hard to show how disassociat…
@NOFSpodcast Man i thought i had problems @cordisbored Yeeaaa im gonna need you to go ahead and come in this weekend @ScreamsBehind Part IV is my favorite. The cast, cabin setting and Ted White as my favorite Jason. Least favorite… @bobclendenin As the great Vernon Shank once said “ im gonna need a towel “ @vasdrimalitis That’s it in a nutshell.
@vasdrimalitis No matter how much you are paid, it sucks feeling like you work for a boss who isnt doing every poss… @RachaelKHarper1 Frikin love her. Where has she been since this ? And dont mention the shark movie. @radinadrandova She is a revelation. Loved her performance @breannimator @vasdrimalitis Agreed. Dont need him. He will disrupt the culture
@vasdrimalitis @STR0 🙋🏻‍♂️ @STR0 @The7Line Cant wait for a full season of you guys pitching together @STR0 @StevenACohen2 Glad to have you back my man !! Playing for an owner who is a huge fan of yours and the team is going to be amazing ... @StevenACohen2 @STR0 @Metsmerized @Mets Love love love it !! @RachaelKHarper1 Yeeeessss pleeze @AlyssaRose @Miss_Met I cannot express enough how damn happy i (we) are about this man becoming owner.
@Megan6663 @AlyssaMyers93 This is very sad. I hope she is ok. @vasdrimalitis Damn. 72. I need to get out more
@HorrorNHaunted Yes/hell no @Pander_Bear28 🙋🏻‍♂️ @StephenKing Why should he ? Its within his right to get recounts when the margins are so slim. Whats the rush ?