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Danish educator living in the US, mother of 4 and soulmate to an incredible man. Teacher, creator of the Global Read Aloud, author, speaker. She/her/hers

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I'm excited to have students dive into these as they anchor our work for the year - A Work in Progress: Digital Not… celebrate YOU SHOULD SEE ME IN A CROWN being an indie bestseller, my friends over at @librofm are giving away te…
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@msbarbarabarr Five of them! How are you doing? I was thinking about youPeople on here were strongly recommending this. I held off, somewhat skeptical. I shouldn't have. And you should re…
Retweeted by Pernille RippThis fast paced survival book has been sitting on my shelf for a while,I’m so glad it kicks off my vacation reading…
Global Read Aloud Information 2020 #GRA20 via @pernilleripp @RiderCEHS
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Our current home read aloud is a beautiful addition to your collection and also has so many great short stories to… year old in Mississippi has been in jail for over 500 days and has yet to be charged with a crime.
Retweeted by Pernille RippWonderful news! @AvidReader727 @ProjectLITComm @susangbarber @KellyGToGo @ILAToday @ncte I would use Tristan Strong Punches a Hole… @nobleknits2 Yes and no, it is an honor that people think highly of the project and want to use it as a way to reac… @MrsGstlm Thank you, usually people respond pretty quickly and kindly. @MrsGstlm Every year...and file trademark violationsJust a reminder to the Global Read Aloud community that the the name is trademarked and I do not allow anything to… @LadyOfSardines I am so sorry to hear this, I hope your new journey will wrap you in love and care and that you wil… @mrsjjee Oh Julie, I am so sorry that this awful disease keeps impacting your family. Sending you love and strength @CortezJMM You are a star, so proud of you @tiffanymjewell I almost never do, we share so much already, those slides took a lot of work and I don't want the w… @nobleknits2 I plan on it, thank you so muchWe are headed home to Denmark today for the next little bit, I will, therefore not have any PD sessions next week f… @akennedyss78 I don’t @RaedeneAveritt I think from home but we haven’t been told yet @TinaGraven I think you misunderstood, everyone starts virtually and then the first reintroduction is k-4
@Kpteach5 Sending you loveRelieved that my district will also start online for the first quarter for 5-12 with potential phased introduction… @Delta I snagged a text message instead, thank you though @Delta is it possible to receive a bit of help with changing a seat for an upcoming flight? @BergerBooks @AuthorVillage @MsKass1 @MisterMinor @acrekate @chadceverett @SaraKAhmed @juliaerin80 @donalynbooks The feeling is mutual!Office hours with me kicks off here at 9 PM CST - join us for a discussion on whatever needs to be discussed in reg… to be in the group of thinkers, I cannot wait to learn from all of you
@heymissteach Thank you so much for giving me the gift of your time, I hope you found ideas to transform your own teachingWatch +100 video replays from fantastic presenters including: @ramusallam @naomiharm @pernilleripp @rachelmberger
Retweeted by Pernille RippMy essay in @TheAtlantic this week is about making #GoodTrouble in education #GoodTroubleEdu #HipHopEd
Retweeted by Pernille RippIn case you are wondering what the discipline rate and such is within your district, here is the latest data everyone, this is for my students not for me so I’m going to see which ones of these are easy to use @pernilleripp Hey @GoogleForEdu - can we please add an audio/record button for Google slides? Life in chromebook fo…
Retweeted by Pernille Ripp @edutinker Ha!🗓 #GETA FREE PD! TODAY! 🗓 🟢 Sessions 🟢 3-part masterclass series, & 🟢 Open office hours Go to ➡️…
Retweeted by Pernille RippA valuable resource for educators AND families. You want to make a copy of this now💯 @GoogleForEdu Tutorials creat…
Retweeted by Pernille RippHappy to see this is being picked up by larger media outlets, because this has to be resolved. Please continue to s…
Retweeted by Pernille RippThat’s a lot of learning happening tomorrow
@jess23435183 Thank you, this may do the trick @edutinker That's what I thought haHas anyone don'tdiscovere a quick way for students to add audio to google slides that doesn't involve them creating… opportunities to learn with me tomorrow: Developing student reading identity at 1 PM CST and then office hours… @SlidesManiaSM I so appreciate all of the work you put in @leslie_molnar Yes, loved it!Really grateful to @SlidesManiaSM and this planner template as I try to narrow in my daily focus for English @leslie_molnar It is really powerful, what an incredible bookLook for this searing novel in verse for middle grades and up to come out September 15th. A book about what happen… you know @LatinxinPub also exists? They run mentorship programs and do so so much. And then @diversebooks’s int…
Retweeted by Pernille RippWhen the queen Nic Stone tells you to read a book, you do it. Whoa, what a debut. On race and racism, activism, th… @nenagerman Beautiful, sending loveFinalizing ideas and resources for this upcoming session on choice, "easy" books, and integrating book clubs live o… second this recommendation, beautiful book and oh so practical as well. Really gets your thoughts moving into ac… @jennocaps I was going to have a box for the different days of the week if/when we are live
Boosting! Also, how is it Eid on Friday 😭
Retweeted by Pernille Ripp @mcarlson1968 @wopatwrites My district is releasing their plan on Thursday @SaraKAhmed You’re sweet, just a digital version of what we do face to faceFinal session on reading identity will dive into book clubs, supporting choice from afar and “easy” books @ReadByExample Thanks Matt, and to answer your question - yes I will, I always do
New study just published on SARS-CoV-2 and certain types of paper - sound like the recommendations for quarantine o… @LitandLearn That is usually a year or more journey diving into their reading identity and also auditing the readin… @edutinker We are coordinating with our school librarians to do pick up and drop off service, I will also be runnin… am doing one last session on reading identity this coming Wednesday - what do you wish you could get ideas on?We’ve been listening to the fantastic audio book of this thanks to @librofm but I had to read ahead to see what wou… me in 15 minutes - go to to join @PatriciaWit94 I believe itI ❤️ working w/ the New Britain HS English dept - they created an Independent Reading Seminar w/ a similar mission.…
Retweeted by Pernille Ripp @OchoaJen And I love that I can support indie's this way rather than the multi-billionaireMy kids asked me today whether we passed through March yet, or April, and when was May? I felt that deeply... @OchoaJen Ha! I know, but there are so many incredible booksI have 109 different titles on my favorite children's books of the year so far, wondering what they are? Look no f… office hours opportunity this week with me - tomorrow at 10 AM CST and this Wednesday at 9 PM CST - feel free t… learning with the Global EdTech Academy (#GETA) features sessions and office hours from: ✅ @pernilleripp Per…
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@TeacherLady702 @CatFlippen I will be blogging ideas as soon as my district declares their plans @ILAToday I am so appreciative of all of the love ILA has shown me and the Global Read AloudToday’s read aloud is this new wonderful picture book, a mix of the history of pride and telling kids how amazing t… @Inpi You’re welcome, I’m glad it is usefulI can’t wait to read and share this book @BetsyAlvord Just make a copy and then edit it @jerhende Agreed
I loved this new picture book with its story of fitting in, changing minds and embracing the opportunity to learn a… fantastic free opportunity to collaborate and learn with others @NordingLMTS That would not be in this notebook @waddingtonk Not yet, just heard about it as well @guerrette79 @donalynbooks @pernilleripp @colbysharp @juliaerin80 @heisereads @romenendez14 @CeCeLibrarian
Retweeted by Pernille Ripp @Mrs_Ennis_OMS Yes and it will house their free writing as well if they want it to @guerrette79 @donalynbooks @colbysharp @juliaerin80 @heisereads @romenendez14 @CeCeLibrarian @KirchnerJulie @MissNikkiIn5th It’s how they count their books @robinksimmons @donalynbooks @colbysharp @katsok @mokirk84 @hughtheteacher I was going to do it through google chat @Kjravenna I would say so @engageducate @halliesmills I super super super appreciate your workSo I am working on a digital notebook for kids to anchor most of their written work on reading identity and also ha… @fchiki Thank you so much, I hope it resonated in some way to continue the work we all doA Work in Progress: Digital Notebooks for Reading Identity Development @mjcraw @iceindiana @EmilyLiebtag @NoviAcademics But it's also so much bigger than that, I think love is often conf…