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Feeling good energies coming my way, my head be cloudy as hell still but we getting thereNeed some producers to experiment sounds with, trying put more shit on spotify and do less beat chasing on youtube @bobhobobstudios “haha thats a lame ass song theyre playing, anyway whats so important about the free earl movement and his trip to samoa” @bobhobobstudios 💀💀💀💀💀 I think its ignant shit, I hope it aint shit off FBOFW @CarbonatedXanax they not readyjaded szn.
Retweeted by jadedsgardenmy nigga told me I might get played in the club, god this is the moment I’ve waited for....we will see if Jaded is…🐐 either got imposter syndrome or I often find some of my songs to be lackluster, likely the former but..I am an extreme perfectionistit is almost 2:30 and im up looping House of Balloons Kuzma really got more rings than A.I and that shit is gonna keep me up at night @dontdoitshola this is what happens when stupid niggas get rings son @dontdoitshola 💀💀💀💀💀With every move like this, every artists that builds an independent brand, the music industry is shifting. Labels w…
Retweeted by jadedsgardenwhy did twitter give me voicesgot ableton workingLauryn Hill kinda night
Retweeted by jadedsgardenStop bag watching and get yo own
Retweeted by jadedsgardenYOU NIGGAS 3rd imposterno mask in sight just pyramid schemes and vibes
Retweeted by jadedsgarden @OxidizedPercs LETS GOOOOOOOOOOAINT NO WAY YALL LET ME HIT 1K
Retweeted by jadedsgarden @ineedagothbitch @PR6STON you a mf golden retriever @PeroxideHeroin jaded during the race war when he has to kill me and @ineedagothbitch
Retweeted by jadedsgardenI've come to terms with the fact I'm pretty asexual I don't derive pleasure from a lot I admire sex in the same way…
Retweeted by jadedsgarden @sphericnoise BOOMER @PeroxideHeroin I mean I won't say nothing
Retweeted by jadedsgarden @theyaremallory would it be racist if I was georgeI might just be fucked @PR6STON watch your back nigga lazy to make a thread but a way better explanation in dms would gladly be sent then my consistent raging on twi… know while I did not expect my angry way of tweeting and poor explanation to start this, I’d be lying if I said… @PR6STON ill dm you later on my reasoning @QuithJa im coming with ammo bring ya armor @QuithJa the problem is the music theory we know isn’t universal and the language of music itself is different worl… @QuithJa not using some shit that was used for powdered wig whitemen who made classical music>>>>I’ma say it, fuck music theory that shit is limiting and you do not need it to be considered a great musician @theyaremallory robberyWhy do ppl think therapy fixes everything
Retweeted by jadedsgardenwhere has the time went
do yall ever get bored of comparing random niggas who don’t even make the same lane of musicI just wanna know who the fuck casually bumps Beethoven on the regularbaked bean shorty can go, you’re bragging that MJ’s team was the sole super team of his era? No wonder he was 6 for 6 lol
Retweeted by jadedsgardenfeeling a little excited for the new music, trusting my producers @theyaremallory nigga pardon me?Erykah badu thicker than a kindergarten pencil
Retweeted by jadedsgarden @SacramentoKings THIS MY RATIO
Retweeted by jadedsgardengreen machine be so pointless when your shot timing is assPeople with glasses have know true pain since this pandemic started with these damn mask....if you know you know lol
Retweeted by jadedsgarden2017 was peak soundcloud tbhold comethazine used to be so fireJanuary 28th (2014) & Acceptance (2017) by J. Cole
Retweeted by jadedsgarden @fbgwayne nigga spittinIt’s so easy to tell who doesn’t know the value of money, acting like you can be a millionaire one day & completely…
Retweeted by jadedsgardenJ. Cole fans be starting shit with a new fanbase every other week
Retweeted by jadedsgardeni hate the ignorance on this app but I also hate people blowing stuff out of proportion, nigga sighTHE TRILOGY CONTINUES...
Retweeted by jadedsgardenand thats the most annoying part, we the most giving fucking people and we get spat in our fucking faces, theres a… pump is a prime example of why black ppl need to stop being so lenient with ppl using and abusing our culture/…
Retweeted by jadedsgarden"Yeah, all isms feed off one another, but at the top of the food chain is still the white, corporate, macho, strong…
Retweeted by jadedsgarden"When I think of Right-Wingers, I think of terrorists ... 'Right-wing' is the foulest, dirtiest insult a person co…
Retweeted by jadedsgarden@ nigga in my city I’m done, back to 2k, ill start the revolution a later timeAnd just because I lean left does not mean flaws aren’t apparent, alot of you mfs just racist as hell and dont take… who aren’t affected by the politics and laws placed in this country shouldn’t get their say on how certain g… wanna say they value tradition but historically speaking what does that mean for people who ain’t a dude, straight, or white?the most 2020 thing is seeing the same guy who idolizes Kurt Cobain vote for Donald Trumpyou give people a little bit of money and heres what they do with it
Retweeted by jadedsgardencan’t believe it took recording a song with my cousin to realize how much I took this music shit seriously @drewidk you gotta be a real corny ass nigga or be doing some lame shit to be called champ is the funniest DMV term to me
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lot of niggas won’t even ugly they just either could not dress or had poor maintenance skills..or both, most of the time it was bothI hope you and everybody else in that thread can find some self love to not call yourself ugly
Retweeted by jadedsgarden @ineedagothbitch @randombrownkid son whaaat @PeroxideHeroin SHES VERY GORGEOUS TO ME
Retweeted by jadedsgarden @QuithJa boy you sound like one of them freak ass black weebs “LEAVE MY WHITE GODDESS BE”it’s all fun ans games until I stop putting up with peoples bullshit @QuithJa roaches* @QuithJa im yanking them fucking braids off them snow toachesone day im going to snap @theyaremallory angry viibesi am so fucking annoyed @artetasdisciple @Caliboy4599 @Temp BO1 was overrated?
Retweeted by jadedsgardenhow do niggas hate frostingbrownies can fuck off for all I care man just told me if i suck his dick he’ll give me a free laptop and obviously i didn´t take the offer cause i…
Retweeted by jadedsgarden @CreditCardNumbr we love iggy contentFriends a terrible show
Retweeted by jadedsgardenI don’t understand how people have blind loyalty or worship a presidential candidate. They’re not god, they’re a p…
Retweeted by jadedsgardenI feel like everyday a waste if you not getting better at something 😤
Retweeted by jadedsgardenall these complications, and the lack of music I make, ik the right factors will make classics, this shits justs fr…’m up every night aimlessly thinking of music I won’t makeARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME
Retweeted by jadedsgardenI’ma have the world and the ville in my palms, just give me some yearsI’m getting closer to closing up old hobbies, just hopes my friends from em stay around