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@alshipley the two most Chicago people to ever live @alshipley there is something so wonderfully perverse about him getting Jimmy and James together again in the studi… @AngstyX wow so I have to assume JJ Abrams was on this wavelength too since giving those ships that power was a big plot point in Episode 9 @CoriMarie21 @CerebroCast @JoelProsser @nolapfau I figure we are at bare minimum going up to about 4 years after HO… is a write-in: if you could book ONE person currently alive to be on CALL HER DADDY, who would it be @TheGayChingy the rocker, because it rocksI am impressed by how many homes in my area already had Christmas trees up at the start of this week, makes me hype… @destron @mondosalvo ha I see them as very similar men and that they both were Courtney's romantic partner only emp… @destron @mondosalvo it's true that a lot of his immediate peers turned out well but he had a contrary streak that… @carriecourogen @elizabethbarr she's only 55 now, people really should be tripping over themselves to give her inte… @destron @mondosalvo certainly the 94 version but Gen Xers age weird @destron @mondosalvo the funny thing is if he had not died there's a good chance they would have a lot in common these daysI don't mind stealing bread from the mouths of decadence @MrKA_LA there's only one room for one person in 4 choices who would love the experience and the one I chose is muc… @ConroyForReal you know this is the first time it's sunk in for me how funny and perfect it is that this kid grows… @ConroyForReal you should not hear this, you're teetering on the brink @ConroyForReal Chris if you heard this you would probably become radicalized into wanting to exterminate straight people @mondosalvo you wouldn't even be intrigued by how Rogan achieved a successful necromancy?Which deceased literary icon would you most want to have resurrected exclusively for the purpose of being a guest o… of these deceased American presidents would you most want to see resurrected entirely for the purpose of tapi… of these deceased music icons would you most want to see resurrected entirely for the purpose of taping an appearance on Hot Ones? @abrahamjoseph Longshot by Nocenti and Adams
@Clarknova1 I am curious what kind of film Simon would have thought was actually good for children or if cinema sho… @Ted14187682 @Marvel you will be waiting a very long time @Ted14187682 @Marvel how about this week thanks to @perpetua for helping me fill in some disco gaps in this week’s playlist! He made an incredible “Disc…
Retweeted by Matthew Perpetua @CerebroCast @nolapfau agreed, it's more akin to the waves of "relaunches" that corresponded to phases of Bendis' A… thankful for The Ohio Players' absolute commitment to a very specific horny visual aesthetic through their… is a song for everyone who is spending the day alone to put on the @perpetua’s WHAT WAS BRITPOP? 1993-1997 and aimlessly “play” skater xl
Retweeted by Matthew Perpetua @megsokay took me a moment to realize that's not swimming in a puddle of milk like it is cerealAnother new episode of Fluxpod, this one features @melknee who talks about her job as an A&R for Secretly Group and…
Retweeted by Matthew Perpetua @MjrKusanagi @Upguntha @newskoolnatty I think he still makes a good point that I think they will get into over time… @megsokay this is def the path I am sorta forced to take and I don't mind it!Recommended soundtrack for cooking your meals tomorrow @maliciousglee I do not get people wanting her to get a comeuppance - she enabled the defeat of Amenth and the libe… @ConroyForReal Welles is the choice that is not sadistic @jackriedy that is just a good episode, he's a chatty guyWhich of these men would you most want to see resurrected entirely for the purpose of taping an appearance on Hot Ones?Eternal thanks to these two and this ep which got me to imagine what David Foster Wallace’s Grub Street Diet and hi…
Retweeted by Matthew Perpetua
@missmollymary ??? Jamflowman episode is a true classic! I also highly recommend the YouTube supercut of Ezra and Jake talking abo… @ConroyForReal @samhumphries maybe it's more of a Fred Flintstone thingWhich of these things have you done in 2020? 1. Strut it out 2. Walk a mile 3. Serve it ancient city style 4. Talk…'m on the new episode of Fluxpod! Thanks @perpetua! "From @2DopeBoyz to @PigsAndPlans, to the cool YouTube channe…
Retweeted by Matthew Perpetua @BlackBat09 @homosuper1or I appreciated that he and Jean's big decision was entirely rooted in that domesticity - t… @noradotcool @alanna I was gonna just say "all of Appetite For Destruction" but got distracted from the timeline @maliciousglee yeah and just the same I feel like this story really cemented my appreciating Betsy as Cap Britain,… @maliciousglee Brian Braddock, a superhero who enjoys late period Roxy Music @maliciousglee I can't even explain it, maybe it's just the costume or how he has to deal with Jamie now, but I fee… @CraigSJ my path in was watching this video yesterday, a lot of really good insight into Cornell and Cameron's gift… @CraigSJ I was listening to this record out of nowhere earlier today as well! I was focusing in on "Switch Opens" a… Soulwax remix of Warmduscher is a gloriously odd banger, silly but hits hard like early LCD @carriecourogen over here the nightmare situation was voting, they had like six heavily populated residential neigh… wowwww legends only 🔥🔥🥵
Retweeted by Matthew Perpetua @arthurstacy but then they've been quite weird about keeping Claremont/Lee stuff in print, and that's easy money so… @arthurstacy yeah still feels like a roll of the dice, demand-wise - Claremont reprints are an easy sell @arthurstacy I wonder if maybe the notion is that the demand for this prior to XOS is very low, but now that this s… @carriecourogen I feel weird saying this was ultra easy in Park Slope! but I'm not surprised by any terrible situat… @TiniHoward great job with all of this, really looking forward to where things go in your book @excel522 I doubt Monet as she is not a senior X-Men member, but I do think it would make sense to have this slot g… @excel522 my guess is no one replaces Apocalypse and I'd bet Jean's seat goes to Archangel#Xspoilers Here's my complete set of #XofSwords posts! Now that it's wrapped I can say it's quite good and I really… @MagnetoRocks I read them all because I read most of them in very bleak times so the bar is very low, though I am n… @DanaElleS why would you let Jason Mraz do that @DanaElleS please give us a Top 5 for each!! @EmileeLindner @ConroyForReal the funniest thing would be if they only had his vocal and this was their way of faking the footage @GerryDuggan thanks for co-writing one of the best Storm scenes ever! @missmollymary @casparify the essence of freshly sliced eyeballs @CerebroCast @Marvel I personally feel blessed because a friend just gave me those Moore/Davis trades like 15 years… @CerebroCast @Marvel they recently reprinted some of this for $1 True Believers specials spotlighting both Saturnyn… @Landladyband he should just keep the look it works @ConroyForReal this is the most probable answer, though I think I just assumed it was a single camera just set up stationary and not mannedI am a little confused why Bon Iver was wearing a big mask while recording alone in his home studio while Swift and… @excel522 the SWORD ship The Peak is right there btw @excel522 and that appears to Spurrier's pet Legion @excel522 his name is TARN @MjrKusanagi @RobertSecundus I think a bigger problem comes when Orchis notices there's suddenly at least 6 million more mutants on Earth @excel522 Tarn Tarn Tarn Tarn Tarn @MjrKusanagi @RobertSecundus it's not a monolith for sure but note the contempt virtually ever Arakki has shown for… @MjrKusanagi @RobertSecundus Arakko was in Amenth, Krakoa is on Earth, Okkara remains a question - you can unite th… that's 2 free episodes this week, and this Saturday will be another Patreon premium ep wrapping up the Rob Sheff… new episode of Fluxpod, this one features @melknee who talks about her job as an A&R for Secretly Group and… @excel522 Opal Incel Saturnyne @arthurstacy sure hope so @hasief he's def not dead @marc_bowker oh you definitely want to read X of Swords in full, once you get through the sword gathering phase it's quite intense @hasief it appears to be Banshee, who can't catch a break in this thing @RobertSecundus and then we head off to Shi'ar space, and we have a pretty good idea from POX what Charles has in mind for that alliance... @RobertSecundus I can't get over the notion that Arakko, the vassal state of Amenth, is now shunted over to essenti… I wrote up the finale of #XofSwords with an emphasis on the formal reformation of the X-Men under Cyclop… @excel522 haha I think if you look at the first year of X-Men you see he's clearly the protagonist of that book along with Scott and Erik @RobertSecundus getting hyped up for imperialism and vassal states @seaninsound too much for any one person to process even in spite of industry setbacks @excel522 and I do get the feeling that Excalibur is not going to be quite as relevant to the subsequent big event… @excel522 but it's also co-written by the author of Excalibur and this is unquestionably the biggest Excalibur-cent… @excel522 I think you're reading too much into a necessary epilogue, the climax is entirely about Apocalypse @excel522 man I don't know if I agree, maybe this is an ink blot test thing but I felt like the Captain Britain myt… @newskoolnatty it's maybe not wise to have a person who cannot lose in a voting body @20_mmitchell I love that panel with Jean and Emma reflected in his visor, and then the other with Charles and Magneto