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Anyone with a passing interest in what Jonathan Hickman is doing to/with X-Men needs to check out Matthew’s…
Retweeted by Matthew Perpetua @ConroyForReal @erikonymous @ConroyForReal A Pillar of Pringles @ConroyForReal Is that like a much bigger silo of chips or are the chips wider and bigger, like a spindle of CD-Rs @kittenwithawhip They won't, don't worry @subinev Anyone can teach you about sadness, Lou will teach you the true meaning of passive-aggressionY'know it's probably for the best that today's legions of softboys, fuckboys, and emo girls have no idea Sebadoh's Bakesale exists @RobinHHHHH It rulesAlso, the lyrical flex of "Sussudio" is incredible, a love song for a woman with an absurd name Phil Collins just m…"we're sorry to announce that due to concerns about COVID-19 this year's Big Fight To Rock For You has been cancell… @megmantis Thank you Meg!! @alexagwinton @plitter Sloan twice! 🇨🇦🎶 Everybody bloghouse tonight / everybody JUSTICE tonight 🎶This playlist of ’90s alt rock by @perpetua is literally the only thing I ever want to listen to again.
Retweeted by Matthew Perpetua🎶 Everybody have grunge tonight / everybody PEARL JAM tonight 🎶🎶Everybody have punk tonight / everybody RAMONES tonight🎶I am certain I'm drawing on childhood sense memory here but I think there are few songs that feel as "summer" to me as "Sussudio" @EMadsWasHere @BenjaminBirdie @jhemming @ashishkjha @DhruvKhullar I've been hearing an uptick in ambulance sirens l… @lindsaygoldwert I thought so but I am so bad with acronyms that I thought it might be one I don't know @activitysongs It's so beautiful too in how that mirrors the 1.0, 2.0 upgrading of technology and also the broader… @ericrennerbrown It's 2020 what is stopping you now @nojoy @ConroyForReal I think you basically made an entire album saying so! @dreamoforgonon I do find it suspect whenever people can't even slightly imagine a future beyond the present, evide… playlist PRE-MILLENNIUM TENSIONS: Pop Beats 1996-1999 exploring pop and rock in the time of "electronica," an a…
Retweeted by Matthew PerpetuaIs the band MGMT anti-union? @amandabalagur @mitchfpark I have a slightly different take on this I will eventually do @jeff_klingman I kinda feel OD'd on the more slice of life stuff through the line and would just like to start movi… @andykhouri @ConroyForReal Nah but I did revise it into the 1999 survey after this came out @jeff_klingman It's funny because it seems long at 22 parts but it's basically done in two months and then we're on to the next thing @jeff_klingman Maybe you can tell I'm very yadda yadda Arrako, let's get into the Vault already
@jeff_klingman I don't think so, I think his concept of the Children was def more species-specific and I think he u… @jeff_klingman Yeah it's an issue I'm particularly excited about especially knowing that it involves AIM and the Vault plot @sad13 Is the E Street Band unionized? @dicebourbon Low key this tweet is an ad for Spotify premium @lindseymgardner If you got a good photo with The Boss you gotta break it out as often as possible! @ericrennerbrown Born To Reprimand @CorbinReiff Oh I just scheduled to see people on Saturday, it's just a Wednesday @DanaMidura Tell yourself whatever you need toTomorrow is my birthday and I will not see anyone at all so I guess I could go very "treat yourself" but for budget… @Jonnynono Rock Stars: They're Sensitive Babies Just Like Us @iluvbutts247 Emphatically, yesYou all think Bruce Springsteen is so cool but when I worked at Rolling Stone there was a rule in the style guide f… but there's also no "This Hurricane Loves You" so @destron @jasonwoodrowha2 I think the thing is I have little interest in reinforcing existing critical or market no… the early 90s playlist and the new one for the late 90s mirror the trajectory of the 2010s from starting… just want to ask Billy Corgan about The Big Fight To Rock For You @ConroyForReal @tjmahr I had that in mind but it felt...wrong? like the energy is wrong @ConroyForReal @Abbey_Bender yeah I really could have included half the songs from that record - that and the Pumpk… @lindsaygoldwert it's like 1992, of course!What a great pleasure to spend the morning consulting with @perpetua on this playlist of the tacky, dated, thorough…
Retweeted by Matthew Perpetua @maliciousglee I really love that the first post-HOX Warren story is him being pretty and doing "business" and bein… @julianlytle @shutupdougan Well one of those songs is there?I feel like this tweet is just a bat signal for @theseantcollins @cortneyharding my friend Ben just watched the whole series in a binge and it inspired me to watch season 4 again,… @c_meola yeah I don't think there's ever really been a show where that is really a core feature of the character dynamicThe thing with Halt and Catch Fire is that each of the four seasons is about 25% better than the previous one, and… @jjkamensky @ConroyForReal I would not put him on eitherOne of my favorite tv scenes ever is in Halt and Catch Fire season 4 episode 2 where Joe and Cameron just have a ve… @ConroyForReal @andykhouri I also want to hear the stuff before they fully committed to or even found the aesthetic @ConroyForReal @andykhouri That is easily one of the albums I'd most want to hear every scrapped bit of progress recordings and mixes @lfitzmaurice Could not have been the first choice, right? So the question is how many people said no before they w… @Abbey_Bender in the time since the last Lion's Roar that mystery channel on YouTube added one of my all-time top s… @maliciousglee I have the opposite thing where I'm planning on just sprinting straight through the first 12 issues again before XOS 1 drops @lfitzmaurice This is basically like the lost Bluth brother @MrHoward @ConroyForReal It is pretty reasonable to bail on Live after the third record @dietcock Yeah but I used the song from that album that was THIS vibe @andykhouri @ConroyForReal That is interesting! I made the change about 15 minutes ago or so - I didn't have that s… @andykhouri @ConroyForReal Yeah why not @ConroyForReal Oh I left that out! Cut off at 1/1/00And here's the version on Apple Music playlist PRE-MILLENNIUM TENSIONS: Pop Beats 1996-1999 exploring pop and rock in the time of "electronica," an a… have never once bought anything commonly advertised on podcasts but I HAVE purchased a Caramello because… @mtedder ok wait though is Pavement a Brooklyn band because Crooked Rain and Wowee Zowee were written here? I feel… @mtedder Wow Liars is extremely generous as they are Australian/Los Angeles and have spent more time in Berlin than NYC @destron @jasonwoodrowha2 It starts to seem very mean spirited and not really a coherent thing to listen to @TheQueenBRI This is very good! @lfitzmaurice Wait are you saying a bunch of flagrant low-level clout chasers whose main career goals was playing a… @tegan_oneil5000 I doubt many people actually have this kinda totemic experience with photos they have on their pho… @m_millsey I think it's probably through the ISP, since this is probably all going through the same internet @DaneDLion Ok that makes a lot more sense, The Replacements too @DaneDLion Are you seriously trying to tell me you think NIN is an industry plant @Adubs124 I promise you if you just search Spotify you will find dozens of options for this topic @Adubs124 I am not the guy for this as I actively loathe that stuff @jasonwoodrowha2 ha ha, a history of critics favs lost to time is kind of a fun idea @yourewrongabout @Remember_Sarah A special miniseries for subscribers called Mike's Wrong About Sports where he jus… @BuffingtonRhod1 I think yr just asking for this one basically @Marcissist @ericdharvey The problem is that there is no Pant Pudding or S. Hitface on Spotify @ericdharvey This definitely is my lane @captaincarrigan this is definitely not my laneI am tabling a playlist I've been working on because I'm not happy with it and now is the time to request topics/er… @DJBBCheck And for rap it's Wu-Tang Clan @tatianatenreyro @DJBBCheck that's probably because Kim is from LA, but the spirit of the band could not be more NYC of the 80s and 90s @DJBBCheck I personally cannot think of any music that sounds more like the physical space of NYC - and the physica… @DJBBCheck For rock bands it's Sonic Youth, for R&B it's Chic @DustinWeaver12 PAKLIS on NETFLIX when
@destron To think we might have both been at the Galleria at the same time at some point! @andygreenwald Thank you Andy! @andygreenwald Well you got my attention @destron I think it's that but more a class distinction as a lot of the European stuff was deliberately down market and gloriously tacky @BenjaminBirdie Wow that's a tall cup of chili