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Perry Farrell @perryfarrell Los Angeles, CA

Psi Com, Jane's Addiction, Porno For Pyros, Satellite Party, Kind Heaven Orchestra and Lollapalooza. The Official account from Perry Farrell.

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Thank god for Jesus and @realDonaldTrump for letting him use his crotch to talk about politics and theft elections,… Get me 4 Big Macs- now. #SteveSays: Hurry up with the “Dickey Me’s” order darlin. #PerrySays: Look what… “The musicians on the other side might even help us” Good bye papa please pray for me. I was the black sheep of the family... From Belgian singer songwriter Jacques Brel. “Seasons In The Sun”...
Let’s take a trip down memory lane.. Jerry! within The KUŠ-NĀMA, an epic poem written 1,500 years ago, is a love story between a Persian prince and… Jeff Beck’s first solo album titled Truth. An original Yardbird, lifting off upon Ravel’s Classic
We may have two Con-yeahs running for President (Yeazy and Sleazy). More than half of the signatures Kanye’s camp t… of all colors: Fuertes avocado on ruff rosemary sourdough, heirloom tomato, basil plant, devil egg w Bubbies d… February, CP3 gave Steven Adams some tips after he missed a half court shot. Less than a week later, he hit one…
Retweeted by Perry FarrellThere is One way the Pirate Donnie can turn the ship around, and Win the Election. He’s got to reach out to the You… @perryfarrell His ego is trying to tell us that he really never believed in shit, same as Trump. Which is great, un…
Retweeted by Perry FarrellLORDee! (go-for-the- I have a Drinking Problem...keeps them off of the - Not attracted to my Wife anymore problem.)… you @guardian and @passionweiss for the piece. I thought it was swimming!
@perryfarrell @kanyewest @realDonaldTrump Don Says, have you seen my wig around.
Retweeted by Perry FarrellWe took a trip to the Grand Canyon, dropped acid and lived in a Teepee.-PF - PSI COM’s new single XIOLA out now whe… @MichelleObama Says she’s been depressed I take that as honesty without defeatism. Michelle has gotten past m… Daoud is a French Lebanese impressionist. Studying his painting from 2017, I wonder if the fatal explosion wa… patriot @kanyewest admitting his spoiler campaign was designed to hurt Joe Biden- I too am beginning a campaig…
Yesterday Twitter suspended @realDonaldTrump account because he made false statements about COVID-19?! His statemen… 10 M reward given by our country, to catch people who are cheating our countries election? I hate when dumb detec…’m missing you. You know that love makes the heart go wander. Or is it fonder? Both... Peace
Name this Band: Da Cheatahs! Garrett has a beautiful voice to go with her beautiful heart....The Aristocrats
Stellar performance by The Clause. We’ll hopefully meet in person next year in Chicago (or Birmingham.....) should write one that’s a little Jane’s- Foos- Dead- Queens- Allman Brothers!! Yeah! Yeah!!…“My god! it looks like we’re in Minecraft...” “Really like your dog Dave, what's his name?. “Mochi...” ”And, I’m…
2020 To Mike Garson: “Still thinking about what David told you in the back of the tour bus”...“Saw online that you received a new face tattoo.. Chinese lettering- what does it mean?” People 🐓 Book Waivers 📖 Soul Savers 🛐 Love Preachers 🍭 (it’s lit to pop and nobody is gonna stop)... Jane’s Ad… Of Puppets... Doctor, Spoke with @larsulrich about family life. He’s proving to be an incredible father, as well as musician…
We love you @maddow “Hear ye’ the news, spun with a late model attitude, its got you; true. What the new world is c… Bill Barr seem to you like a naughty child ruining things within his family’s home and then hiding the broken… @tmorello being the night watchman right in our kitchen...
@YelloPain It’s like watching the news reported by a musician.. That was intense. @ImalilTcup Reallly Reeaally rawest the @Alabama_Shakes on in the kitchen. 1817 1615 and Gentlemen LollaLive 2020 starts today! Here’s the schedule. See you there in fancy duds..… @perryfarrell Jane Bainter was your roommate, and she wasn’t a hooker.
Retweeted by Perry FarrellThank you Mike, He knows nothing about me..
Rep. Jayapal, We have been waiting for someone to speak out against the pirate politician Bill Barr. Since his hiri…
Way off in the Galápagos Islands, a citizen’s face looks like this (while allowing his fellow islander a free ride)… of the things about being the parent of school aged kids in Portland is that I know a bunch of the women who ha…
“Easy boy!” says his pal “I’ve never seen you this excited?!” (reliving the night he slept on Obama’s bed in that R… All the Corona angels getting together.
Listen back to @petetong’s @BBCR1 show last night to catch the exclusive first play of the @perryfarrell reconstruc…
Retweeted by Perry FarrellI am seeking America. What can I do to find her? Pray to God (bullies come to get theirs in the end) Connect with l… O -T -E VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! @headcountorg,🤪 we go! @headcountorg,📺 NEW VIDEO Trump promised to build a wall, but instead, we built a #WallAgainstTrump We need 10,000 retweets on…
Retweeted by Perry Farrell
One more prayer- for a Vaccine to End the days of Covid-19...“Opening prayers cleanse the mind, Reach out find out we are all; Divine”... Thank you James, Exquisite Assembly News. Really American's video attacking #GestapoTrump got deleted by accident, with 2 million views, after t…
Retweeted by Perry FarrellRT @rsfelling: @perryfarrell Stop trying to burn down federal court houses & this (Disillusioned Homeland Security/…
He has turned the guns on us. Insane. Yes we are fatigued, depressed, physically ill. We must find strength and reg…
Christus ist euch Bohnen! need to escape is growing stronger and stronger as Corona dives us deep and slow into our own fantasies; aboard… Thank you @MeusDiscos for playing our record “Kind Heaven”. Please tell your colleague DJ I… ye’ Rebel Crusaders, Last night at 8ish 20•20•20•20 happened. You may ask what does that mean? To me it means…
Four years ago today, we met. Being a lead singer, I overdressed a tad, but Hilary took it all in stride, no judgme…
The song was Freeway which featured Flea on bass. I was just thinking about the song this morning. How spectacular… at that house in Zuma where Porno For Pyros was writing Good God’s Urge.. She sang a chorus with me that went on…
If we really make an effort Now- to social distance and Wear Masks when we go to public gatherings, the pandemic wo… too read these articles, and ignore the atrocities. Are you proud of yourself? I am personally grieving. Must r… can read all of these things I’ve posted, and yet you aren’t infuriated? Colluding with people who mean us ruin…
My first band #PsiCom has our 1st single after 35 years -- HO KA HEY! So much appreciation to @Spotify and… November is just around the corner. BLM has made great progress. We are all witnesses. The…
Someone was looking for a picture from the outdoor show up in UCSanta Barbara? Here’s one. That was a good gig... I… vocal warm ups this morning, I chose the very same record to sing along with. It’s great because now you can…
Is that your family Bertram? Don’t mess with me on this. I’d be pleased if it was.
Yes but the Lord brought us Donald Trump (and now we know why).. It may have been less of an issue in your house @c Lives Matter. The Black life is at the very center of time and space; at this moment. In my mind.. I am searc… Lives Matter. The Black life is at the very center of time and space; at this moment. In my mind.. I am searc… Lives Matter. The Black life is at the very center of time and space; at this moment. In my mind.. I am searc… Lives Matter. The Black life is at the very center of time and space; at this moment. In my mind.. I am searc… Lives Matter. The Black life is at the very center of time and space; at this moment. In my mind.. I am searc… Lives Matter. The Black life is at the very center of time and space; at this moment. In my mind.. I am searc…
Thanks @sandraj52041546, I will watch it..A Parable: We’re in a relay race for our lives. Off the blocks we spring-…, I don’t think they care as much as they should about the environment. But since they sent us a picture of th…’s really going down in Orlando. So happy that these great players will have a chance to compete this year for a… With all the sadness that surrounds us, we sometimes forget to seek the joys in life. Music…, My view is quite the opposite. George Conway is a conservative lawyer educated at Yale and Harvard. He be… Halo, Just finished warming up to the album and agree it was fine music. I came away very proud to have been…, You are on the wrong side of history my dear (husband George is a great man). Why don’t you team up, lik… land looks beautiful NH. @ProjectLincoln We appreciate your courage; shedding a light during this time of regen…
Silly, people always rubberneck to see a car crash..
The decision to open schools is being led by Betsy DeVos. Read the extent of her corruption. The sister of Eric Pri… Politics of Nonviolent Action is a must read for all rebel crusaders. The book states that when people unify pe… man does not weigh his actions. Just imagine all our children mingling innocently together, then coming home t…
“Our redemption will come by virtue of our endeavors in refining and purifying the material world to the extent tha…
I love to read Ken, You know that. Speaking of CNN, Please think to finally wear your masks down there in Florida.… The irony of Charlie’s last words are that mankind is in fact utilizing aborted fetus to cr…