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Keenly follow athletics, swimming, tennis, triathlon and love travel. deaf.

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Hello @CocoGauff - congratulations on your incredible victory tonight. I would love to meet you too. 🚀
Retweeted by Jack PerrymanCoco Gauff beats defending champion Naomi Osaka in R3!! I think she can make the final...🙏
@DjokerNole Kind of wanted you to fully SEND that ball Into the next field and the dog still would have fetched it back. @nocontextfooty Why did he say sorry as well as thank you??
@domcunningham on dress to impress on itv2. Did you have fun splashing the cash pal? Few 🤸‍♂️ round the shop as well. 👍
@guardian_sport @JamieJackson___ He better give Gareth some assurances, especially if it’s revealed he played Rashf… @JennyMeadows800 @Faster_feet @keelyhodgkinson @stephaniemosss @rxbybell @Rachael03076628 So you mean to say that w… @sharongosling No. And Leo, in some guise. 💔 @QuestionofSport Barronness Tanni of course! @JennyMeadows800 @Faster_feet @keelyhodgkinson @stephaniemosss @rxbybell @Rachael03076628 Are you a sadist??? 😂 @JOJEHARVEY We like @OwainWynEvans in Manchester too. Huge boots to fill, left by Dianne but he’s doing a flawless job. 👏 👏🇳🇱 NETHERLANDS! parkrun is coming! 🇳🇱 parkrun Nederland launches on Saturday 29 February in MULTIPLE locations!…
Retweeted by Jack Perryman
Coolio at the house party 😂😂#SilentWitness
@ChrisBrownSport On day 1 last year I had Kevin Anderson(w), Jelena Ostapenko (L), Kyle Edmund (L) and the epic And… @RettaRace @freyaandersonn @britishswimming @titansellesmere Omg and it was nearly a 1:55! Well done Freya! Who was in the race?
@utdxtra No Ole, we’re boring some of the time. Start dominating teams!
@curiousiguana Even if it wasn’t happy? 😂OMG Is CAROL DEAD NOW?? #DeadwaterFell @curiousiguana Useful to no one! @curiousiguana I don’t mind flashbacks when it’s obvious and you’re like ohhhh yeah that explains that etc. But this? Kmt @Dikay32 Cos guarantee Debbie or John need to get in “just to make a quick coffee” - their 4th since break. 😂 @curiousiguana Yes, some sepia or sped up, just so we know it wasn’t present timeframe. @0_0MrWhelan0_0 Yeah but she needs IVF I assume cos of policeman husband so then if she gets preggo by Tom first ti… @cadefero I took that she knew he was sleeping with curly hair woman. She knows. @HillaryClinton @hulu I liked the line when you responded with, “If I’m playing the feminism card, then DEAL ME IN!!” Haha, it was great! @danroan Don’t touch the camera equipment, Ed! Rude! @Claire_GThomas @ABaggaley @pingpongWC @SkySports *will HAVE. I definitely wrote that first time. 🙄
@waynehough13 @sandicheekspv I thought of this performance too. Friend: “There’s a party at my house, please come a… @Claire_GThomas @ABaggaley @pingpongWC @SkySports Ah a fellow garage trainer. Same here with my bro and sis, then l… @chrisfroome Yooo, sick to see you back on a bike, Chris! All the best!
Hey @adam_peaty do you think you’re ahead of where you were January 2016, about the same or behind? How you feeling, champ? @Anthony33955801 @am3zing_tr33 @Lionesses Not disputing this but next year and 2023 will be interesting to see who…❤️ Tennis greats played together to raise money for the Australian bushfire appeal. #bbctennis
Retweeted by Jack Perryman @SamanthaQuek I pine for this stuff. @LeaBourgeteau @hayls182 @nickw84 Flawless @hayls182 @nickw84 Like, to even consider a Spice Girl/TLC collab was pretty out there but it showed the strength of girl bands at the time.
@hayls182 @nickw84 Glad you agree. It’s such a tune, I love it. @NickHopeTV Did you have a pro skater behind him? Or drone?WATCH: Today The Duke of Cambridge used British Sign Language to congratulate Alex Duguid MBE, as he presented him…
Retweeted by Jack Perryman @LinsayHalladay I think I took the units and it sort of righted itself a few hours later. @am3zing_tr33 @Anthony33955801 @Lionesses Plus you don’t have Jill Ellis anymore... @EllieSimmonds1 I really enjoyed the read too. I saw you poolside at London world champs in September and chatted w… @nickw84 Nothing will beat Lisa Left eye rapping “Though improbable it's not impossible For a love that could be u… @sam_dysch @fing1992 Beautiful wide slope. Jealous!
@LinsayHalladay can I DM you about the event at the weekend? If you follow me..thanks @am3zing_tr33 @DLHarpz @Lionesses VAR ruling Ellen’s goal out. Keeper saving the pen. Was so cruel. @DLHarpz @am3zing_tr33 @Lionesses Yeah it was good but then it began to be predictable and Phil should have shaken… @DLHarpz @am3zing_tr33 @Lionesses Daly in for Keets from start and the rest I like. @DLHarpz @am3zing_tr33 @Lionesses Tobin Heath- what a player! 😱 @DLHarpz @am3zing_tr33 @Lionesses Also, I’m sorry but I would also drop Millie Bright from England and play Leah Wi… @am3zing_tr33 @DLHarpz @Lionesses Have USA kept their squad together or has anyone retired? I’m searching for weaknesses to exploit! Lol @DLHarpz @am3zing_tr33 @Lionesses Ok but taken off pens please. Give to Jordan, Jodie if she plays or Ellen. @jamieooo123 @5liveSport @IanWright0 Gate was 10,000 at the weekend. In the prem! 🤦‍♂️ @MsNottledim @ShinySeviper Oh man, it was so conflicting but not central to the characters’ relationship. They were… @KevGeo2011 @soopy21 It’s you Sue. @MsNottledim @ShinySeviper Did you also want Leo and Amanda to get together? (Even though his wife and daughter’s deaths were still raw) @yllek_oswald98 Definitely recognise the scenes when she’s caught up in the rampage of a sniper: on the Uni campus… @Umb0g0 Judo! 😂 @StateOfSwimming @Tokyo2020 @mafaldina88 Big fan of Federica and what she’s done in swimming. @am3zing_tr33 @Lionesses She’s sick every time for England. Deserves more starts. @am3zing_tr33 @Lionesses Doesn’t surprise me given the quality of players she’s playing with there. If she doesn’t… @am3zing_tr33 @Lionesses Minute we start thinking that, the complacency begins. We were bad post World Cup so we ne…
@pullbuoy Yes please!
@GemAlkis @chimenesuleyman Wow ok. I didn’t expect chatshow fodder to peak beyond this. 😳 @carole_bouchard Yeah but didn’t Hopman cup attract twice the number of fans? @chimenesuleyman Cc @GemAlkis and you’re welcome. @SRbelle2 Brilliant, well done!
@Irish_Colm @BBCSport @BBCMOTD Especially as his guy to his right is panicking cos they didn’t have time. They had time, pal, chill! @huwbbc This made me shed tears of laughter. “Who?” Chinese! 😂 @mrdanwalker B of courseOmg we have a woman with T1D in our midst! #DeadwaterFell @eliistender10 *which like to @eliistender10 It’s also great because I think the boys’ costume is the velociraptor which likes to hunt in pairs or packs. Smart choice. @BenRothenberg You should invite them both separately for coffee to the same place, so they think they’re meeting y… @themichaelowen @HKane @SpursOfficial @England Bring it back to yourself, ok.
@FMTDC @danroan @ChrisSlegg Not sure that joke really fits here...😕 @BBCOne @BBCRadio2 @Adam_Pearson @HannahMiley89 he uses the mantra you’ve spoken about before, about challenging th… @danroan @ChrisSlegg But didn’t he arrive at Beijing WC in 2015 with Salazar under investigation and Mo crying abou… @OlympicStatman Yeah. Hopefully nothing more sinister than that. @OlympicStatman Why were the police looking into it? That’s what bbc were saying..
@AdrianLong3 Had a cat watching me make lunch today. @markpougatch The East 17 ref did not go unnoticed. All the best, Mark.
@c_roberts1972 @mrdanwalker Dan, er, hello, can we please see your benchmark just so we know what we have to copy?… @bazza210 Had the same thought when I watched him in the champions tennis at the Royal Albert Hall last month. Still moves pretty well too.
@NickHopeTV @youtholympics @redster73 @Libbydawes89 @BBCSport @SportOnTheBox @TSF_Com @lausanne2020 @GillHayward1 Right!!? He wants to be funny by being controversial or rude about people but it’s really not!! He’s…
@AdrianLong3 Vítor Baía, 19/22 @KatharineMerry Listen to him.
@Mike_Phelan_1 Happy new year Mike. What a man! @James_Athletics 2015*
@James_Athletics Great question! a) in general: Wayde breaking the 400m wr from lane 8 and nearly going 42sec. b) I… @jessphillips Why he even go there if could just put a plaster on it and jog on? Seems like attention seeking idk 😐
Me, even though I don’t have one: Alexa why is the film ‘Ad Astra’ sooooo bad? Did Brad Pitt and Tommy Lee Jones no… @smokymozzarella Absolutely. If I am to be “influenced” on social media, I want it to be by people who do, talk and…
@jmhenner @sarahbea89 Oh yes. Craig David’s first album Born to Do it? Know it all. Early 00s pop is still my jam...20 years on. 🙈
@linda_beesley Thanks yes there’s enough people and cheese and chocolate to see my safely through. Sugars are a bit high- to be expected.I really can’t remember if I’ve done my long-acting insulin within the last couple of hours for overnight, such is… @bobballardsport We did in Teignmouth. Was brisk! @swimswamnews Please! If you never kissed someone who was doing cocaine, how can you use that as alibi? Are you ser…
@Trackside2019 I’d forgotten this race so when I saw Jepkosgei take it through in 56, I said “she can’t sustain th…