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@curzzzz HAHHAHAHAHA @memetazaa tonight @memetazaa Wanna watch hockey @pontiusfan445 I think I’ll sit that one out @memetazaa I JUST NOW SAW THIS HAHAHAHI’m now CPR certified and also getting the vaccine this week who want me @jfksafk Donny isn’t a good name either that’s almost worse just go by Don like a normal personThere’s only allowed to be 2 Donald’s on this earth. Donald Duck and Donald who bartends at Crickets and that’s IT.Man what even is the name Donald? Who sees a baby and goes “Donald is the perfect name”. I can’t even imagine a bab… @mitch_aguirre69 never met a mean sig nu
@AgentMcBride yoooo swoop me on the way I want some nuggetsno. we don’t have them on our campus but if we did.... I’d want u all to rush them <3anyways I don’t like any of the fraternities here anymore so rush Sigma Nu those are the only boys I like @bandz4luv music to my ears @peppathepenis BRB coming to California right now :)I don’t want a boyfriend I want someone to give me the log in to their streaming services so I can watch hockeyDone (again)
Retweeted by peytoni will never join a zoom meeting with my camera on. I gotta see what the vibes are first
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Retweeted by peytonsome people can FaceTime me randomly, others cannot. know your role.
Retweeted by peytonYa know what they say, impeach ya once, shame on you, impeach ya twice, man you suck.
Retweeted by peytonthis did not age well... twice @gwalktime This made me laugh out loud lol @gwalktime I would probably agree for the most part. My biggest issue is that so many people talk about issues they… are really fuckin these snails up
Retweeted by peytonWith the first quarantine being in the 14th century! You can’t deny science or history, yet so many of you choose t…’all say “quarantine isn’t effective” as if this is the first time there’s ever been a quarantine put in place. Qu… as though lockdowns/quarantines worked for all of these, which also helped eradicate the disease/illness at t…
Retweeted by peyton @alimadetweet Hi @gagehateslife Flavortown 🤠’s crazy to think we’ve been in a pandemic for almost the entire last year of our livesFeel bad for people who got fit in quarantine but now have to STAY fit for like 7 more months before anyone sees. Shoulda paced yourselves
Retweeted by peyton @gagehateslife I been readymike wahousekey
Retweeted by peytonI wanna online shop why do I have to be broke
@gagehateslife Throw on some gold chains if we’re feeling spunky @gagehateslife I’ll give him little boots too.. a fashionable king he isbrb gunna take my cat on a walkDeutsche Bank has decided to refrain from further business with Trump and his company. And Signature Bank, the New…
Retweeted by peytoni hate realistic dreams like btch im tryna swim wit mermaids
Retweeted by peytony’all do realize Trump was the one who gave us $600... not Biden.... he isn’t even in office yet... and wants the s…
i be Iike "idc" then have an anxiety attack
Retweeted by peyton @heathbarmmm This is so cute omg STOP @sydneynelson01 It was lowkey traumatic I woke up like :Ohad a terrifying dream last night and in the dream I was trying to scream but I couldn’t move and then I woke up in… still think about this every day
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Retweeted by peyton @_Glintofsilver & I YHOUG IT THIS WAS ADORABLE AHAHAHA
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Retweeted by peyton @brandonslaterr STOP OH MY AhUSUWNSHSwalking through my house and occasionally breaking out into tiktok danceshe cheated on his girl for you and you trust him ??? LMFAOO
Retweeted by peytonYea I think I’m getting fired today ...
Retweeted by peytonno one: 8 year old me:
Retweeted by peytonhow you get banned from google LMAOO can’t even look shit up anymore
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@aljaphi Like mother like son @ValterSkarsgard Shut up valter yes u do @ValterSkarsgard Because you judged me when I learned Swedish lettersI hate it here
Retweeted by peyton @ValterSkarsgard Oops :)don’t text I’m going to get margs at chili’s older i get, the more i realize what a great job my parents did raising me because some of these people are
Retweeted by peytonHow it started How it’s going
Retweeted by peyton @wtfKobra why thank u :)Just a girl and her cat this the wildest ban in history. His phone just a brick
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Retweeted by peyton“I’ll get gas in the morning” = self sabotage.
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A critic described Andrew Johnson this way: "egotistic to the point of mental disease…[a] demagogue and autocrat” w…
Retweeted by peytonSnoop Dogg just be doing shit tbh.
Retweeted by peytonGOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDD MMMMOOOOOOORRRRRNNNNNNIIIIIINNNNNGGGGG to single people only😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰 people who are in relations…
Retweeted by peytonA story in 3 Acts:
Retweeted by peytonBernie Sanders just hung up on CNN cuz they kept interrupting him 😂
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@The_Smittman It’s the big window in my house lolYou’re telling my Trump got indefinitely banned from 2 social media platforms.... it’s hard to believe Donald could… @AlexiaMarion ILYDouble trouble 🥵 am no longer impressed that Nicholas Cage managed to steal the Declaration of Independence.
Retweeted by peytonI’m cryin lmao
Retweeted by peytonMcGraw-Hill gotta be overwhelmed making these new history books
Retweeted by peytonThe ransacked office of the Senate Parliamentarian:
Retweeted by peytonThank u bestie for locking his acc @twitter
Retweeted by peytonOh so now we want to hold the shooters responsible for unjustified shootings? Seems about white 25th Amendment allows for the removal of a President. It's time to remove the President.
Retweeted by peyton @wtfKobra Omg a COMPLIMENTthis one is gunna go to my head for sure have a crush in the United States is so motherfucking EMBARRASSING
Retweeted by peytonmy bestfriend just sent me this and I spit my drink out laughing
Breaking News: Democrats have won Senate control. Jon Ossoff beat David Perdue in Georgia, assuring a Democratic ma…
Retweeted by peytonThe national guard The national when a bunch guard when kids say…
Retweeted by peytonTEAR GAS EM didn’t get happiness from my last relationship but I did get a new microwave AND a tall fan so was it really that bad?Hearing the Kanye news but realizing that divorce Album finna be Fire 🔥:
Retweeted by peytonMe as soon as I listen to the first song on Kanye's breakup album
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