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PETA @peta Los Angeles, CA / Norfolk, VA

Animals are not ours to experiment on, eat, wear, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way. #EndSpeciesism

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@Mythrum1 The investigation that led to the nation’s first arrest & criminal conviction of an animal experimenter f… @Ceti_Alpha_V Thank you for your support! #StopAnimalTests @HarmonicShip944 If the cows never got pregnant they wouldn't make milk. Cows (like humans, and all other mammals)… Dorothy’s tragic story then take action to close down the Washington National Primate Research Center, where… @imnilessh We speak out against the meat industry all the time. We promote a completely #vegan lifestyle. The meat… @Glasses2themax There are an estimated 70 million homeless dogs & cats struggling to survive in the US. They are a… is food. They're not. @ambermardon It's so great you're acknowledging ALL animals are deserving of compassion! 💚🐕🐄🐖🐔🐟🐝 Don't worry, we're… @BW More and more consumers are realizing that #vegan options save fish, help the environment, and protect human he… @VeganGalaxyNews Charley doesn't deserve any of that. He's just acting like a normal dog! Let dogs be dogs. 💙Workers tore out their hair using sharp metal combs. And it takes the hair of about six goats to make just ONE cas… @bibequi 🙌 @TheLastAesir Based off Tesla's love for pigeons, he may have been very disappointed in the way #ElonMusk treats ot… @greenvegana Tesla - brilliant scientist and lover of pigeons. 🥰 @AlbertSweareng6 We hope you don't mean this as an insult - rats are wonderful! 💙🐀 Rats are clean, social, empathet… @Decker_Fox When land is used to raise animals instead of crops, precious water and soil are lost, trees are cut do… @HarmonicShip944 Cows wouldn’t need to be milked if we didn’t take their calves away from them or impregnate them in the first place.Help her get this message to @SeaWorld! 👉 @4PF_Timmy @ayatsushii Most who criticize PETA eat animals, wear them, buy products tested on them, and/or altogether fail to… @ParkFarmUSA Thank you so much for spreading the word! 🙏 If you haven't already, be sure to take all these action s… @Sorotinus @ayatsushii Thanks for your concern about animals having to be euthanized in shelters. Never buy an anim… @Fireslamm96 Our main social media strategy is to use evocative, emotional messaging to grab people’s attention. We… @Sweater_Yams_ We've been campaigning against the federal funding of cruel experiments on dogs, such as those takin… made from tomatoes. Plant-based shrimp. Faux fish is coming for the multibillion-dollar seafood market
Retweeted by PETA @ju_martinez_v Hi, please report all details on this to, and let your dean know as soon as possible. Thank you! @Uyresoul This wouldn't happen overnight. When you pay for animal products, you are paying for animals to be needle… @Cook123Death Yay! 🙌 Now be sure never to pay for needless animal experimentation by always shopping cruelty-free. 🐇 reportedly found dog corpses stuffed in a trashcan, animals’ bones scattered across a living room, & floo… @Steph_Bermudez Let's take one step closer to the day slaughterhouses are a thing of the past. 💚 the inventory of #PETA's literature and demonstration materials and PETA's and the PETA Foundation's offic…
Retweeted by PETA @alysiareiner @MiyokosCreamery @MiyokoSchinner @DianaDiMenna @guardian So good! @MiyokosCreamery’s #vegan butters,… @dj45williams 💯💯💯 Plants have the best healing qualities for our bodies 🌱 We got you with the recipe ideas… @Tiffany_Smith Loki has entered the chat 🤣 Gotta love when adopted dogs crash our zoom calls ❤️🐶 #NeverBuyDogs @2fourhrs So many good #vegan eats there! 😋 Hit up @HomegrownSmoker for vegan BBQ, Ichiza Kitchen for pan-Asian cui… @kourtneykardash We just love seeing you live life #vegan style 💚 Sounds like the tastiest mix of veggies and pasta… move, @Starbucks. #EndStarbucksVeganUpcharge @ArianaGrande ✨ Smells like compassion ✨ Love that your perfume is saving animals by being #AnimalTestFree and #vegan 💜🐇 @jerryjamesstone We can just imagine those amazing aromas 😍😋 Love easy vegan slow cooker recipes! Can’t wait to try this 🌱🥣There’ll be a day when slaughterhouses are a thing of the past. Which side of history are you on? @yaboidubbs No, we recommend the sofritas. 😊 @nick16779860 Can you think of anything else our ancestors did that you might not agree with or do today? 🤔 @univurse17 Our main social media strategy is to use evocative, emotional messaging to grab people’s attention. We’… @Cook123Death Experimenting on and killing mice does NOTHING to save humans. It's just senseless cruelty. 👎 @LordVad41906774 There is nothing found in any animal product humans need to survive that cannot be found in abunda… know the cognitive dissonance is strong when people in our mentions would rather make up a cow fetish than admi… @NcrRanger17 @SnuggsyRP @Tidoverse Yes, PETA’s animal shelter is open-admission and offers euthanasia. Here’s why:’t be this person… @bewda_jahazi Our main social media strategy is to use evocative, emotional messaging to grab people’s attention. W… @Winter3217 Do not buy these fish. If you do, they will use your money to replace the fish, torturing and killing e… @AreHogberg We don't choose who to show basic respect and kindness to based off of who plays a "substantial role in… @Max_Wumpa People who consume dairy products retain less calcium than those who get their calcium from veggies. We… @breedingskele Huh? The vast majority of human adults are lactose intolerant. Cows have evolved to drink cow milk,… @imnilessh You're right - there isn't much difference between a mother cow and a mother human. Both make milk only… @16Jaaaake We can harm fewer plants by going vegan, because eating plants directly, rather than feeding them to ani… @GyaanduLadka This is illustrating how the dairy industry sexualizes mother cows who have just had their babies tak… @NATHANINSOCAL 🤦‍♀️ @NIHDirector: The laboratories you oversee are a disaster, filled with negligence, suffering, and grotesque a… @KekOrCringe6 That ridiculous story is obviously not true. 🙄 @jake_hht Animals are turned away by shelters that tout “no-kill" policies. This may keep euthanasia rates low, but… @JackFro67953812 🙄 @Bruhingtonbruh1 Plants have protein, too. 🤦‍♀️👇 @jermainedupri Looking so good up there and making such an impact for animals 💯🌱 Appreciate you inspiring so many to #GoVegan 💚"It starts with the animals." Sending all of the best birthday wishes to the compassionate & spectacular #vegan si…⁦@peta⁩ says it is sending a supporter dressed as ⁦@BobBaffert⁩ and carrying a large syringe to the ⁦@nmrhof⁩ indu…
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@momz4prez Thank you so much for helping to educate people Jenny! You rock! 🙌💚 @BarbaraBencard3 Chinchillas take baths in dust because they cannot get their fur wet! ✨ @ElliotKaufman6 We just hope Marcus will find it in his heart to give Charley a good home with patient understandin… @Mr_Chistera This is a campaign by the deceitfully-named Center for Consumer Freedom, a front group for the meat in… @DFrigoletto Sure there are! You just need to know where to look. 😋 salaries of these @NIH experimenters and officials are some of the highest in the U.S. thanks to YOUR tax dolla… @stpb6925 Thanks for the tip! We'd love to send you a free vegan starter kit. 😊🌱👇 @CarrascoBobby "Grass fed", "organic", "GMO free", and "cage free" are all deceptive and misleading labels used by… @IDonutLikeKake PETA’s shelter transfers most healthy, adoptable animals to high-traffic placement partners, and fo… @3435ROGERS We agree, ice cream is so good! 🤤🍨 @stpb6925 We are always sharing ways to get protein from plants, here's a helpful infographic, and a great link to… your new favorite summertime fruit salad 🙌 Pro-tip: Leave it in the rind to impress your guests 🍉… @Kivose1 You bet! We'd love to send you a free vegan starter kit. 🌱💕 @AlipOhsem If you read the entire article, you would've seen this be addressed: @mega_404 If taking a peak behind the curtain of the dairy industry is painful, imagine how painful it must be for… @respectall_life Many humans would certainly be a lot kinder if they could imagine themselves in an animal's shoes… @llexiumm 👏👏 @lucyspost Yes! 👏 When you adopt a dog, you are accepting a new member of the family. This family member definitely… @ShellattheBeach We sure hope nobody would find that to be reasonable. It's not a reasonable way to teach a human,…’t leave them in the car, even for a minute. @joelrama 💙🐕 @parichie49 Nobody should ever adopt a dog if they cannot provide them with a fit home. No dog should ever be punis… @vegjeff No dog deserves to be punished for simply being a dog. If someone can't handle a dog, they aren't fit to provide a home for one. 🐶 @tumegonfle See how you can help neglected dogs near you. 💙 @AlipOhsem As we already said, a vegan diet is responsible for less plant deaths than a diet containing animal prod… @mega_404 PETA eyewitnesses often ask for the animals during investigations. PETA eyewitnesses have rescued mice, r… @AlipOhsem Humans don’t need to eat animals to survive—and the evidence shows that humans are not naturally built t… is one of the primate labs asking Congress for $30 million in tax money in the wake of the pandemic. But it c… @stpb6925 There's no reason that would happen. When you pay for animal products, you're paying farmers to forcibly… @Ashleymrec Vegan food creations are really on another level 🤤🤩 @zzzzaacchh The dairy industry is the one who sexualized cows, and we certainly do have an issue with it.… @plantcrazii We love it 💪👏 Today, with so many amazing vegan options flooding store shelves, it's never been easier…