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White van lady. Midwife. Adore animals,a musician ,photographer. #AnneListerCodeBreaker🎩🌈

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@parkiebath @moliveiradev I agree
@AnneChoma Collecting a cutting of queer hair from her lovers was the norm @DaleenLeitner @ScepeDeneDays Yes. Also, they never had a sexual relationship. I think that made a difference @DaleenLeitner @ScepeDeneDays Yes. So lovely to see Anne interact with such a dear and genuine friend. She also val… @DaleenLeitner @ScepeDeneDays In the period of 1835, they wrote lovely letters to each other. No pretence and no si… @DaleenLeitner @ScepeDeneDays Anne and Vere are very close and wrote all the time. I believe from what I’ve transcr… @AnneChoma What have I missed? 🎩 @vignemale2 @itvcorrie Yes. As punishment because she made dinner he didn’t like. Then he cooked her and fed her to Yasmeen @DaleenLeitner @LumpyandFriends Me too @DaleenLeitner @LumpyandFriends Animals are much nicer than a lot of people @LumpyandFriends The wound will granulate from inside out, so if it’s clean and looking smaller I’m sure it will he… @lonelyislandz Watched it all afternoon. 👍 @itvcorrie Just get it resolved and finish it @Katie_Scoot Me too. That’s pure evil.I’m sorry but bloody @itvcorrie has gone too far with this Geoff and Yasmin storyline. WTF??? Killing her hen??? C… on @Emmerdale Vanessa found out she had stage 3 bowel cancer. This means the cancer has spread to nearby ly…
Retweeted by Karen Trillo @itvcorrie Evil bastard!!!! I absolutely hate him @SarahJaneReed2 @Helena73Moren @HP_Community I know. I was a midwife for many years. Bodily fluids have a Mind of their own 😂😂 @Helena73Moren @HP_Community 🙄 @emmacariad 👍😂Weather crap, sooooo nice cuppa and 26 episodes of #ScottandBailey to watch. Bliss @just_yasi @vignemale2 It was perfect.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣............❤️💋💋
Retweeted by Karen Trillo @DDD_101_ @Mymzee 😂😂😂😂 @vignemale2 Saw it, went to photography it. Battery dead 🙁 @michaelxavierUK Steph Belcombe 😉 @mermhart @emmamovie I have to put a drink down whenever you appear in these ads. There’s a big risk of spraying it…😂’ll just put this here.... #SuicidePrevention #BeKind @Helena73Moren @HP_Community Not sure why people leave toilets in such a mess#GentlemanJack FANS. CALL TO ARMS!! The whole team are up for awards. Please vote. It would mean so much to us!!…
Retweeted by Karen Trillo @just_yasi @TopsWindsor Yes it can. People working in that sphere are so dedicated and do all they can. Professor M… @WildlifeOrphan1 @TiggywinklesUK It’s a life. I’d do it and sod them all @DaleenLeitner It’s all about him. ‘I did a good job’ really? @ladycreaturee @moliveiradev So sweet 💖 @iamkeevz Thanks @BrianHTweed @reece_dinsdale Never heard of Brian Tweedale.
Does this count? @catherinerusse2 @heatherpeace @ElliePeace01 @TopsWindsor If it raises awareness about bowel cancer, then it’s good. Andy would want people to know about it. He… @KlatuBaradaNiko Run mouse run @moliveiradev Agree @JSears29690034 Oh dear. Do we really have to look at Mark again 🙄 @JSears29690034 I thought he was putting something in her drinks to lower her blood pressure. No explanation about… @sherryismyhigh Viv and Mary living happily ever after in the beach house whilst the kids all self combust @JSears29690034 Hahahaha I regret nothing @Karashgould @Telegraph Don’t blame them. I loved the canal adventures and met them once at a canal side pub. Mr We… @FarhangNamdar @KlatuBaradaNiko Evil bastards @JSears29690034 He may wake up but doesn’t mean to say he isn’t brain damaged. We can hope @Katie_Scoot Oh, you’ve just reminded me that I have loads of recorded episodes 😂 @emmacariad Exactly!! @JSears29690034 Yes. A bit of artistic licence I feel @emmacariad Absolutely! It’s like an unfinished jumper! Wish that idiot hadn’t of woken up though.Well. It all happened in the last 10 mins! What a shame the old git woke up! Is this a clue for #FleshandBlood2 @ANDREW1ALBERTT Yes @t_jeffords @HP_Community @heatherpeace I know 😂😂 @t_jeffords @HP_Community @heatherpeace No! I’m too busy delivering the item I’ve got in the back. No time to do anything else @emmacariad I know. It’s getting a bit silly now @t_jeffords @HP_Community @heatherpeace What’s that?Hurry up #FleshandBlood. Time is running out!! @EverJen That’s a quirky delivery service 👍😂😂😂 @ZoeHenry03 @MaxineAlderton @jpwrather He certainly played Pierce so well. @MrsKatieLucas @irl_rosieposie @heatherpeace @HP_Community @DJ_Crystalx It ok, there’s a midwife in the house 👍 @LumpyandFriends He is so adorable ❤️ @debrapalermo Sophie always makes it betterPlease accept all the help you can get if you are in this situation. My wonderful brother passed a year ago and we… fluffy puppies want to be carried 🥺🤗😍
Retweeted by Karen Trillo @Suffragentleman Really? I see twitter is still full of trolls @WhelanGemma Love it 👍👍 @ItsSarahCreed @sacha_coward @DanNouveau #AnneLister #AnneWalker without doubt @ZacGoldsmith Try telling the farmers that. It’s a very stressful job, a 24/7 job and very hard work. It’s about ti… love the #eurostar ad. #ostrichCould I ask all you lovely followers to please subscribe and follow for free on YouTube as I will be trying to grow…
Retweeted by Karen Trillo @LumpyandFriends Done 👍 @LaurenceAkers Don’t blame you Laurence.#AnneListerBirthdayWeekend - a reminder that the #CalderValley is still getting back on its feet after recent flood…
Retweeted by Karen Trillo @Helena73Moren @t_jeffords @HP_Community 😂😂 @t_jeffords @HP_Community I have a ticket now 😂😂 @HP_Community Just seen did I miss it? 😳 @heatherpeace @catherinerusse2 @ElliePeace01 Hope this doesn’t happen! Walker and Anne Lister exchanged rings today back in 1834. 27 February 1834 #LGBTHM2020 #AnnWalker #annelister
Retweeted by Karen Trillo @memorial_ann A beautiful day indeed 🌈🎩❤️ @catherinerusse2 @heatherpeace @ElliePeace01 As long as you can wipe the necessary bits, does it really matter? 🤔😂Well. Returning to transcribing and all Anne can talk about is water and making a dam so that she would be in contr… @Calderdale Shibden Hall will now re-open to the public on 14th March 2020 rather than 2nd March, due to unforeseen…
Retweeted by Karen Trillo @WYP_CNewsome ❤️❤️❤️ @just_yasi @alexatansley1 We need @ItaOB to make sure it’s carried out correctly 😂😊 @alexatansley1 Who knows—- complete mystery 😂How #ShibdenHall mice rock 😂 #AnneLister #GentlemanJack @mackin_john @LaurenceAkers Martina looks far better
@royslat05399528 Meeeee @Katie_Scoot He gets around a bit @ChelleHardwick Belated Happy Birthday x @Tyrrells Prefer yours any day @Alliecat_1967 @heatherpeace Service with a song 😉Love 💖 @TreeAnge Awwww @AnneChoma A wonderful snippet. Poor Anne, always being misgendered. But, she rose above it and carried on @HeardinLondon @LaurenceAkers Brilliant shots @TreeAnge