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Owner of a pet care business. Midwife. Adore animals,music,photography and some people .HPCM Co-Founder-@kblinders 🎩🌈

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Our annual fund raising concert - how we pay for the grass cutting etc. - on Sat 19th October 2019 at 7:30 pm in St…
Retweeted by Karen TrilloSo, the first batch of #AnneListerCodeBreaker transcriptions have been sent. Want to get in straight away in the next batch. Must be patient @tariqrauf Let’s hope the birds and wildlife have long got out of the way @VGVLPodcast @wirlygallacher No remorse, none 😂 @heatherpeace @SaimaMir Mess and destruction, but they are the happiest girls and that’s priceless. Besides, all th… @gismotigga @HP_Community Really? That’s disgusting!!! Nobody has a right to talk to you like that
@AnneYesReally couple spends 20 hours a DAY rescuing monkeys 🐒💚
Retweeted by Karen Trillo @sophiearmishaw @busladypt @palynathisway @XYYxyy666 Poor girl @palynathisway @XYYxyy666 Looks a bit pale 🤭MISSING: Black cat in Reading, Reading, England, RG6 1PX steals thieves🤣
Retweeted by Karen Trillo @JaneyGodley Scared to death of him @livinonlister Also sophie @annelisteruncut Like you do 😂 @HalifaxOddity @ShibdenHall Although not her actual bed
@rickygervais WTF????? @ShibdenHall @Calderdale Where are the thermometers? @ElisabethMJ01 😂😂😂good for you you @TeamEveMyles Best country in the World #WalesPlease again if you can 🎩🌈Nominated for beat actress and Show. Vote now! #GentlemanJack #SuranneJones
@steph_davis1 @Shazd1966 @HP_Community Oh my God! Hope it will heal quickly xSo, had to turn @itvcorrie off...too many bad memories 😢 @AnneChoma @LookoutPointTV That not Suranne 😏 @RijkenAstrid @heatherpeace Awwwww he is so cute ❤️Brought to us in a cardboard box of puppies, Salsa’s a sweet girl-a friendly, playful puppy who’s also gentle. She…
Retweeted by Karen TrilloVery rare lion spotted
Retweeted by Karen Trillo @walksterfans That look ❤️ @debrapalermo @lacircuitgirl Fantastic. Are you as excited as Aunt Anne though? #shes here @kerrydhudson That’s what I came up with. She is a right one sometimesAny ideas? #AnneListerCodeBreaker It follows-Had mr Husbands, told him to give Ann a plan of ? Farm -? @worldcatlover @itvnews Why? @sadassday @itvnews No, he is just a phenomenal person and athlete who has been bullied and blackmailed to reveal p… ❤️❤️ @suerob50 @Apple @AppleSupport £45!!! Good grief!!! Go to Amazon @moliveiradev Yes, rood @HelenaWhitbread They would certainly make good reading. @woollymitts Yet could @moliveiradev Looks like it to me @moliveiradev Oh. Not seen that before 🤨
Completed all 10 pages of first batch of transcriptions for #AnneListerCodeBreaker. Now, the painstaking process of… @memorial_ann @friendschurches @FOSMchurchyard @heritageopenday Thank-you so much for this. A perfect day for a wonderful lady 💖 @AnneChoma @IndigoBristol @BristolOldVic @RTS_media It was. A wonderful evening. So lovely to meet you and Sally and have@my@book signed.This was such good fun. Thanks @IndigoBristol and @BristolOldVic for having us, and to everyone who came and bough…
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@friendschurches @memorial_ann @johnevigar @FOSMchurchyard Beautiful. And the sun shone on you all 💖i think about it 24/7
Retweeted by Karen Trillo @suerob50 Done tell Anne, you will give her ideas 😂😂 @memorial_ann @mellor824 @friendschurches @FOSMchurchyard @heritageopenday Beautiful day for Ann @JuliaBradbury @goodwoodrevival @CampAndCaravan Love your vintage look 👍 @ItaOB @MRCStudios @JWardLealandNow @DisneyStudios @IntimacyOnSet 👍. Your work with Suranne and Sophie was awesome.Right, back to transcripting for #AnneListerCodeBreaker page and a half to go, then go back and check and decifer ? Words. I’m loving it 👍😊 @ItaOB @MRCStudios @JWardLealandNow @DisneyStudios I have to ask. When you see intimate scenes from even a couple o… @slangcares @memorial_ann An amazing and so emotional day. I’m sure both Ann(e)s will be there with you @mellor824 @memorial_ann Have a fantastic day. XLoved them so much as a kid @80s_Kidz Loved them 😂😂 @suerob50 BeautifulРеакция кота на сужение прохода 😸😂
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This is the only way to shoot animals RETWEET if you agree
Retweeted by Karen TrilloSneak attack! (Wait for the wiggle)
Retweeted by Karen TrilloFound outside a #Zante apartment with her sister, little Tiki was a fragile & scared baby. She’s friendly, loving &…
Retweeted by Karen Trillo😂😂😂😂 @busladypt Also demonstrates the chemistry they had @markcharnock Yes, Marlon is worth far more xYou speak for us all Anne @RijkenAstrid I do though. It’s part of who I am. I’m getting better. 👍A beautiful moment in #gentlemanjack. AND it was unscripted. Perfection from both actresses ❤️🎩🌈 @suranneslister GoosebumpsThank goodness I remembered where my tripod was!!! #FullMoon @wildething2904 @heatherpeace @HP_Community @macmillancancer No words can express how in awe I am. XWtf?! @natalia_doran @suerob50 Disgusting beyond words❤️❤️ @suranneslister Absolute legendJust seen this report on tv. It’s essential children learn First Aid. It will save lives @moliveiradev I’d say so @moliveiradev No. Awake and ready to absorb all that infoWhen you get to hear #heatherpeace sing, then of course, you take pics too. @moliveiradev Right up her street. @t_jeffords There’s a huge tree and a honeysuckle bush they love to hide in. @t_jeffords Just the usual wild birds. It helps that I feed them so they come for a full belly 😂 @t_jeffords I did. A few mins ago in the garden"FUCK YOU AND YOUR SHITTY BISCUITS, JANICE" 📹: Imgur user gurprit
Retweeted by Karen TrilloBirds are beautiful creatures. #birdpics young and sweet #birdpics to be heading up North to play @CumbriaPride If you live that way, come and enjoy the music and surroundin…
Retweeted by Karen Trillo @OHooleyandTidow Bless you. Heidi, take all the rest you need. Midwife hugs to you and Belinda x @t_jeffords @SpotTheLoon2010 Most certainly would. They are the best and a service dog would be ideal for you. @t_jeffords @SpotTheLoon2010 Me too. Mine are the exact opposite #crazyCounting down to @HearHerFestival. It’s going to be amazing! A weekend of music and fun with an all female line-up!… energy version of fetch
Retweeted by Karen Trillo @wellshowmethen 😂😂This. #SuranneJones. #GentlemanJack #AnneLister @551E67 There are so many great scenes, but this one gets me every time. Suranne is just amazing, Sophie is as awestruck as Ann. Beautiful
@TheRealDoctorT BeautifulSo.#NikonP1000. Yes or no.?