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Pete Abraham @PeteAbe Boston, planes and hotels.

Covering the Red Sox for The Boston Globe since 2010. MLB beat writer since 2002. Contributor to NESN, MLBN. Prior: UConn hoops, Mets, Yankees. All thanks, NC.

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The Red Sox rotation is getting ratio'd said the rotation for the Blue Jays series will be Weber, Godley and bullpen/opener.Good news for #RedSox 3B coach Carlos Febles, who tested negative after an inconclusive test. He's waiting for ano… has 36 career OF starts, so this is nothing new for him as the Sox sit both Benintendi and Bradley against a… tonight (6:40 NESN): Pillar CF, Devers 3B, Martinez DH, Bogaerts SS, Vázquez C, Chavis 1B, Verdugo RF, Pe… baseball ... @AlexFeuz Sorry for your loss, Alex. Peace to you and your family.Could Michael Chavis’s tough start with the Red Sox soon open a door for Bobby Dalbec?
Retweeted by Pete AbrahamAfter receiving guidance from state and public health officials and consulting with football student-athletes, we'v…
Retweeted by Pete Abraham* Trop flop: #RedSox lose again, 5-1, against Rays: * Sox Notebook: Off-day precautions an… called @salemredsox games before this. Congrats to her, she earned it. beat Baltimore 13-2 on Opening Day. Their run differential in the 10 games since is minus-26.Benintendi is 2 for 29 with 12 strikeouts.#Rays 5, #RedSox 1. Sox now 3-8, four losses in a row. Already six games out of first.Bradley snaps an 0 for 20 with an infield single. Sox load the bases with one out, Peraza the tying run at the plat… @MarkZuckerman 😂Mark has the answer! bring in a reliever with a delivery a shade above a sidearmer. "Oh, a Laredo," says Eck. Not really sure wha… starters have a 7.07 ERA through 11 games.Other than the seats being empty, nothing normal about this game at the Trop.Ten extra pitches(and two runs) for Eovaldi after the missed called third strike to Tsutgo. Now at 71.Trop 2, Sox 1.Cockamamie ballpark.
"That's a pair of shoes," says Eck after Eovadi doesn't get a called strike that would have ended the inning.Brutal call by the umpire. That's why they have replay.Bradley's glove sure never slumps. Why they're reviewing this isn't certain. Clearly a catch.Big escape for Morton. Martinez's ball hopping the fence saved a run and Bogaerts pops up to strand two. Morton at… tidbits as the Chaim Bloom Bowl gets started: * Sox have 5.79 ERA, 3rd worst in MLB. * Eovaldi has faced… will make it easier for the Sox to carry Rule 5 pick Jonathan Arauz all season. But they appeared committed to… @TimoNolan No fans is pretty much normal there, right? @Rdot33 @vrinaldi02 No he doesn’t. There’s enough nonsense in the world, don’t add to it. Thanks.Red Sox added Bobby Dalbec and Mike Shawaryn to the taxi squad for this series. They join Jett Bandy, who was in NY… said Josh Taylor, who threw in Pawtucket today, will get two days off then will go to an every-other-day s…
Retweeted by Pete AbrahamSox 3B Sox Carlos Febles is in Boston waiting on a test. He had an "inconclusive" in New York. Ramon Vazquez will coach 3B in this series.Seen rain delays, snow delays, a delay for fixing a hole in the field once. Now a potential delay waiting for COV… tonight @Rdot33 Because Charlie Morton is a righthander.#RedSox tonight (6:40, NESN) Benintendi LF Devers 3B Martinez DH Bogaerts SS Moreland 1B Vázquez C Verdugo RF Brad… pitches for #RedSox LHP prospect Jay Groome at Pawtucket today in live BP 11 strikes, 5 swinging. 21-year-old… Red Sox rotation to date: Worst ERA in MLB, and what would be the lowest K/9 since 2013. How’d this happen, is…
Retweeted by Pete AbrahamGriffin Holt, the first pick in the 2035 draft. (And hopefully he still has some Sox gear.)
@ABC7Jeff I have listened. It’s great.Bartlet for America (Recently finished rewatching the whole series again. Still annoying what they did to Toby in… hired Michele Meyer-Shipp as its Chief People & Culture Officer.'s television product would benefit so much by using cameras like this, microphones at the bases, and on players… Bennett is 94 today. There are some cool messages at @itstonybennett Elvis Costello, Elton John, Stevie Wonder, etc.A crazy different kind of season, a drive through the Midwest & a stop at a Wisconsin cemetery to pay tribute to a…
Retweeted by Pete AbrahamOn Baseball: After being swept by the Yankees, the #RedSox are tied for last place in the AL and it’s hard to see h… @dgoold Soft opposition if we're being honest.Sox had leads of 2-0, 5-3, 6-5 and 7-6 in that game. Bogaerts tried to be optimistic, pointing out the offensive p… 9, Red Sox 7. At 3-7, Sox tied for worst record in the AL. Gave up 19 runs in three games at the Stadium.Two outs, nobody on and Barnes walked Tauchman, who had come in for defensive purposes. Leads to three runs.Raffy comeback game all the way around. @MrSeanMSweeney We'll make it happen sometime. You were better off with Nick anyway. A legend.Xander Bogaerts pre-game: "We've just got to play better." Bogaerts in the game: 3 for 3, 2 HRs so far. @MrSeanMSweeney I found these of Ted about 15 years ago at spring training. Guy in Bradenton had a box of old photo… @carmacarmeleon Pretty much, yes. @MrSeanMSweeney @cpriceglobe @Dan_Shaughnessy @pgammo Wow. Pretty cool.Devers getting his defensive mojo back after a rough first week. Terrific stop and throw to get Judge.Good base-running by a Red Sox player. One of the few times that has happened this season.
First time the Red Sox have scored in the first inning this season. Martinez long double and Bogaerts a short homer. @DGerwatowski He never suggested that. He answered a question about how communication has changed. Beyond that, the… @MillManner My experience is that's atypical, actually.In '14, after the trade, Red Sox wanted Cespedes to play RF, which he had never done. Coach asked him to come out…"Enjoy the game," Bogaerts says as he ends his Zoom. He also discussed how difficult it has been with so many new… Van Wagenen says that Yoenis Cespedes is opting out for COVID-related reasons
Retweeted by Pete Abraham#RedSox tonight: Pillar LF, Devers 3B Martinez RF Bogaerts SS Vazquez DH Chavis 1B Plawecki C Bradley CF Peraza 2B Brice RHP @DPower2487 Why would it bother me? It's just not true, or you left yourself be spun. They ultimately offered him r… @DPower2487 The last time he missed a start was in 2007 when he was recovering from cancer. Don't make things up.Why it's as if Lester was talented and smart enough to make adjustments and pitch well into his mid 30s. tonight (vs. #RedSox 7:08, ESPN): LeMahieu 2B Judge RF Torres SS Stanton DH Hicks CF Voit 1B Sanchez C Urs… Van Wagenen just released a statement saying Yoenis Cespedes did not report to the ballpark today and the Me…
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#RedSox have a day off Monday, play at Tampa Bay on Tuesday. Still planning to fly to Florida after Sunday night's game.Kudos to @eduardorod5 for allowing the Red Sox to discuss his non-baseball-related health situation with the media… expectations are for Rodriguez will fully recover and pitch next season. His heart is functioning normally. He…'s condition was related to his having COVID-19. "This is not something you want to mess around with," Bloom said.Chaim Bloom: Eduardo Rodriguez's heart issues (mild inflammation) hasn't abated. Optimistic for full recovery. But… @CJongarnett @BGlobeSports Kind of weird. Agreed.#RedSox tonight (7:07 FOX) Benintendi LF, Pillar DH, Devers 3B, Bogaerts SS, Moreland 1B, Vázquez C, Verdugo RF, Br… Baseball Notes from @peteabe: In the season’s opening days, a look at the most intriguing people in pandemic…
Retweeted by Pete AbrahamHonest take by the manager. Thiel, one of the two remaining Boston Braves, passed away today. He was 94. Wrote about him in April:…
Those tarps on seats at Yankee Stadium are kind of strange.#MLB internal investigation found the #Marlins were very lapse in following protocols during Atlanta trip last week…
Retweeted by Pete Abraham @GregLevinsky @mattpep15 Big contributions from you. Good luck with the next step. @Peter_Thibault They're facing a lefty, sir.Sears overruled him. tonight (7:05 NESN): Pillar RF, Martinez DH, Devers 3B, Bogaerts SS, Vázquez C, Verdugo LF, Chavis 1B, Brad…' home opener vs. Boston tonight. Gleyber (contusion, right elbow) is in the lineup. Gary Sanchez on the ben…
Retweeted by Pete Abraham @DeansDesk @RedSox @Dan_Shaughnessy @FelgerAndMazz Oh, and Betts has a .958 OPS since July 1, 2019. And RBIs aren’t… @DeansDesk @RedSox @Dan_Shaughnessy @FelgerAndMazz How so exactly? Isn’t having many good players a positive? Please explain.A sobering story from Mike. Anybody who has ever been to LeLacheur Park for a game knows what a great spot it is. Taubman, who cursed at women while praising a violent domestic abuser, is a “genuine decent person?” How do…'s legs "are barking" and he had the day off according to Roenicke. Mitch has a history of leg issues, so that's understandable. @dakernal16 I think physically it’s all there. Close game I’d be worried about throwing to the wrong base, stuff like that.Red Sox 4, Mets 2 Four Sox pitchers hold the Mets scoreless over the final six innings. Sox now 3-4 going to the Bronx tomorrow. @dakernal16 I'd rather have Pillar.Shouldn't Moreland be at first, Bradley in CF and Pillar over to RF?You'd like to think two runs are enough. But Sox should have wrung another run out of that inning. @AndrewMarchand I find it too loud. But beyond that, they worked in boos on throws to first, as an example, trying…