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Words: @SBNation, @PackerReport66, @DimeUPROXX Podcast: @LockedOnPackers The president once butt-dialed me. #Cuse

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@Trudem84 @daire_carragher @JacobMorley Not as good as those two guys @JacobMorley Herbert Jefferson Everyone else who cares
@cowpoor @eduardoorva They played a lot of zone. Cobb got just about every catch in zone @gmatzek I think you can make the case the last two weeks are his best two weeks of film as a pro. Pretty good timing. @packersunbiased I don't like to use words like that because they are people, but I think it makes it easier to say… @sanjayxmurthy No they aren't winning consistently the way they were last year upfront. Coverage was pretty good most of last year too.Josh Jackson shadowed Brandin Cooks on almost 80% of snaps on Sunday. Cooks was 1/2 for 12 yards with a drop vs.… @simonwilson24 OL was their worst game of the season. New Orleans and Texans have good pass rushes with elite rushe… @BenFennell_NFL I've always believed the laugh was a break and Nicholson just improvised that. @JacobWestendorf Even if you play fair, it's MVS, Shepherd and Williams to Lazard, Fuller, and Jones. That's enormous.Brian Gutekunst's favorite play from Sunday. 2019 1st round pick Rashan Gary takes on, keeps his shoulder free, t… the #Packers defense on the coaches tape and it's not the pressure that stands out: it's the speed. They… @MaggieJLoney @MaggieJLoney Talk about dope, sheetsInjuries forced rookie linebacker Kamal Martin into the game playing a position he barely practiced. But the young,… @mkewayman @dispatch43 They were in on Sanders who would have been a rental @andrewmertig Correct take @RossUglem *Extreme Mike McCarthy voice* pawsitive @rcon14 So Twitter @rcon14 To be clear, I'd be in on Stills. @rcon14 DVOA prizes efficiency and Still has always been efficient because of role, aDOT etc. It's why Adams has so… Tim Boyle to stir up some trade value? @rcon14 He's been a very useful player with a particular set of skills at various points in his career. Underrated… @rcon14 I mean one guy has been a really good player in the NFL and the other is Kenny Stills. Right now I don't… @thelukerodgers What else can they say? Yeah, we'd really like to make a move? Also, Brian Gutekunst was pretty o… Ertz is a big swing Will Fuller is a big swing Emmanuel Sanders was a big swing Kenny Still isn't Curtis S… back to the draft and offseason, the #Packers clearly wanted to make a needle-moving move at WR. It's why the… @gabelale11 @rcon14 You still implied something that isn't a weakness is one. It's not. It might not quite be good… @rcon14 I understand that perspective. I also think one of the big reasons the "sexy stuff" QBs fail is because the… @gabelale11 @rcon14 In-season stats? You mean like what happens during the games? No one cares about those? lol dud… @rcon14 That's reasonable. I don't agree, if for no other reason than he actually does have the upside to be good a… @rcon14 We are arguing across each other here. My point is about process relative to positional value. If they had… @gabelale11 @rcon14 Let's be clear: They've had their superstar WR1 for 3.5/6 games, their WR2 for 3/6 games and th… @SirFunktastic THey'd have to extend him, but they could negotiate with him before free agency @rcon14 Their process includes using their evals though. So if they're enamored with Love and he's clearly ahead of… @rcon14 The only WR I think they missed on at 62 is Bryan Edwards, but he was also coming off a serious foot injury… @MSkurzewski Jackson, at least through these two games as a starter, played better than King this season. Another g… @rcon14 That's not a defense of the Love or Dillon pick, the latter of which is indefensible from a value standpoin… @rcon14 If we take them at their word that they saw tiers with significant dropoff, drafting a QB instead of reachi… @rcon14 Was it? They wanted to draft a WR, wanted to sign one -- they tried -- and it was only after the draft brok… @BrettKollmann Gallup is better and under contract for the extra year. if that's on the table, it's a no-brainer. D… @DaveSteger731 @FThurstonXXII Better stream it @BrettKollmann That's fair, but as long as it's not for a first, it's worth the risk because the upside is there. H… @BrettKollmann Can't win the Super Bowl this year with him though @MSkurzewski Greene is a safety and Sullivan is a slot. Chandon has also been great this year and is healthy. Jacks… also referenced Jackson's matchup this week (it's tough vs. Thielen and Jefferson), which suggests he'll ge… also called Christian Kirksey "Kirko" which is a pre-established nickname, so maybe there's a relation ther… LaFleur debuting a new nickname for Josh Jackson: Jacko. How do we feel about that one? @JacobMorley @jackwepfer We'll trade all our guys because we suck and need picks, but we have to save face, so just… Williams on @gmfb was as fun as you'd expect. He's become an all-time fan favorite in Green Bay. HC Matt LaFleur said WR Allen Lazard is going to start practicing this week.
Retweeted by Peter Bukowski @mavisidoro @Wuropp The Falcons are not trading Julio. Doesn't make sense for them financially. Huge dead money hit. @rcon14 Fuller is better but Still is cheaper in multiple ways. Seems like they're looking at big swings, not half measures.Hello can always use more pass rush. For a Day 3 pick? Easy call. @Sean_Zak Maybe your jumper 😉A first-round pick just so we can say “See they did use a first on a WR”💪💪 PUMPED to have @Peter_Bukowski as guest picker for #NFL Week 8! 5 SuperPicks from #IntualityAI to battle. Big 👞…
Retweeted by Peter Bukowski @Tommers71 You’re right, it’s a lot more than wearing a mask. And we aren’t even doing the bare minimum @JacobWestendorf Said this to @LilySZhao: if it were the Texans this week, I’d be much more concerned about trap ga… @nicolemarievdb Theo also loves themWe were so excited to buy things for my son to play as he’s gotten older. His favorite things to do as a near-six-m… Wisonsin has a positivity rate over 30% because no one there seems to give a shit about other people @JacobWestendorf @KenIngalls Ken is much better at this stuff than I am, but JFC even I know that is umpossibleThe #Buccaneers stopped Aaron Jones and pressured Aaron Rodgers. So did they create a blueprint for stopping the… @TheYellowBoy1 But they were willing to let the Eagles run it. That's the point. They were giving up the run to sto… @TheYellowBoy1 @53istheMike1 Plus a DPI on 3rd-and-13 to set up another TD. It really was a couple bad plays that ruined the game. @JordyRichards0n lol great minds @djkinion It can't go fully unmadeMike Zimmer on a conference call w/GB media: "You guys might ask the smartest questions of any group that I've ever…
Retweeted by Peter Bukowski @TheYellowBoy1 Chargers ran the ball well once they were up two scores, much like the Buccaneers. Eagles ran it w… really want to make a "Luckily no Texan got close to Davante Adams all game" joke but we know it's the Texans bac… have to keep an eye on the testing out of Green Bay. @TheYellowBoy1 Not really, no. The 49ers have. No one else really.As @Peter_Bukowski mentioned with @LilySZhao this morning on @lockedonpackers (The number one Packers podcast). The…
Retweeted by Peter Bukowski @TheYellowBoy1 You mean against teams who are good at running the ball it's harder to stop them running the ball? @ChrisKarlecke He's definitely made a leap. Tyler Lancaster was also playing very well against the run. @ChrisKarlecke It's not really. They've quietly been much better this year all season. @adamlevitan Considering the numbers when throwing at Jaire, they might not be overrated for him. He's been that good this year. @SchwankDogg A win percentage from either team between 5 and 95%. Pretty big range. @dame_b8 Why? They've already played the Vikings once.Excluding garbage time, the #Packers run defense is 13th in EPA/play and 14th in Run Stop Win Rate, ahead of so-cal…'re back with another edition of Zhao You Doin' with @LilySZhao to discuss the defense's promise from the #Texans
Retweeted by Peter Bukowski @mike_e_kaye lol no but those are two real guys for the Cowboys they're just getting rid of.Is it just me or has this year's trade deadline been much juicier than normal? A lot of teams punting on their seas… @by_JBH The Dodgers bandwagon is never closed @by_JBH Those people have been drinking. I've been drinking. It's symmetry. @by_JBH Take solace in knowing none of those people know that that word means @kavithadavidson But seriously, imagine @SportsFansAnon No, it's true that third time through the order, pitcher effectiveness drops. We have real data on that. @NoahCoslov I'm on your side Noah! @NoahCoslov Modern baseball man. Third time through the order numbers for most pitchers are pretty clear. I agree w… @Joey__Bradley *Insert Nick Foles joke here*You know when NFL coaches say they use data and their guts to make fourth down decisions? This is what they mean.… fine, I'll turn on the baseball since everyone is madonline over a pitching change jfc @lindseyyok Which isn't even the worst "Drinking water helps" QB take in the NFL. #Nanobubbles Brady out here doing his best to support the "shut up and dribble" crowd. Not what I expected to see tonight. @szechuan_sean @fabiolzrt Honestly if these are the takes ... they should shut up and play football lmao @klook1988 Wait so Tom Brady's bullshit is now my fault? Man GTFO @AaronNagler @TexWestern @BadgerNoonan Wait wait wait, so let me get this straight: Tex and Paul are sensitive for…