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Peter Wartman @Peter_Wartman Minneapolis, MN

Writing and drawing Stonebreaker and doing the art in the Avatar: The Last Airbender comics. | he/him | 🏳️‍🌈 | Repped by @molly_oneill

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@hottestsingles and a good chair, very important that @hottestsingles this has good vibesSo I have decided to animate two kittens. T. rex model by Herschel Hoffmeyer Full credits on
Retweeted by Peter Wartmani shouldn't be shocked anymore but that trmp interview is... something @howieeday Excellent! I sorta want to see a show with this ship now :VFurther #startrek #adventuregame evening ship noodling. I got the 256 color palette pretty close to where I want it…
Retweeted by Peter WartmanBeneficiaries of the PPP included a lettuce farming venture backed by Trump’s son, Kushner companies, and a dentist…
Retweeted by Peter Wartmandepressed witch
Retweeted by Peter Wartman @_twothirty so much moody🤷‍♀️
Retweeted by Peter Wartman#faceyourart i really need some stuff out of NDA lol
Retweeted by Peter Wartman @MKatwood right when we needed him most @alexriesart They're not kidding around huhI’m going to be thinking about this for a long time:
Retweeted by Peter WartmanFrom my experience. Every single person at every company should do this because how it is some sort of secret what…
Retweeted by Peter Wartmanprogress on this creature project I started a month ago, a love letter to BROGUE, re-imaginings of the ASCII dungeo…
Retweeted by Peter Wartmanis it just me or is the entire internet feeling more broken @Trungles maybe twitter is trying to help usthese landing gear are extremely good
wip, currently adding dragon friend
Retweeted by Peter WartmanToph's metalbending academy shreds pretty hard 🤘
Retweeted by Peter Wartman @Trungles so flipping goodI am elated to find other Southeast Asian artists through #ArtistsofSEA! I'm diaspora Vietnamese by way of the Phil…
Retweeted by Peter Wartman @directorflik one daywip, currently adding dragon friend @Trungles making it work thoughyep
Retweeted by Peter WartmanAttempted to avoid elves. Also think I want to do more illustrations with color / backgrounds. #faceyourart
Retweeted by Peter WartmanI don't know how this hashtag works, if there's like a theme I'm supposed to stick to, but here's some faces for…
Retweeted by Peter Wartman @beverlylove is anyone not a furry now🕷friend🕷クモネコ
Retweeted by Peter Wartman16 days until Displacement comes out! I let today get away from me, but here's a #faceyourart edition with faces…
Retweeted by Peter Wartman @BrittSabo i did blow on them to Gently Dissuade however i misjudged and may have Entirely Blown Them Off The Table… @Hannah_illo looked to be a fuzzy jumper @ericjschuster i am generally pro spider to be clear @BrittSabo they were on my computer cable but now they are Elsewheresaw a spider in my room @kellysketches elf club best clubIt's a great day to start reading my cool exciting *cough* TRANS *cough* new comic 😎😎
Retweeted by Peter Wartman @taagolarts @my2k yeah on second look that definitely is not an E on the end @_twothirty i am shaken to my core @_twothirty h-how how do things get made @_twothirty wait there are *3* @kellysketches @vaincomic i love your expressions always#faceyourart but it's just vainglorious funny faces
Retweeted by Peter Wartmanwow this looks like shit
Retweeted by Peter Wartman @my2k "BOEK THE BLUE"?Jason Todd on the cover of Gotham Quarterly.
Retweeted by Peter Wartmantwo emotions: smug and disgruntled #faceyourart
Retweeted by Peter Wartmani like to draw this face: :3Attempted to avoid elves. Also think I want to do more illustrations with color / backgrounds. #faceyourart using my TLOU 2 concepts 💖
Retweeted by Peter Wartmanyep @ericjschuster i dunno, if enough come together they might reach critical fuck
#faceyourart hello i love drawing emotions
Retweeted by Peter Wartmanyou ever worry that all the fucks are starting to cluster @ArtofNickRobles maybe you're on to somethingi'm still not sure what this says about mei could do that face your art thing entirely with elfs @Orbitaldropkick damn dude @Trungles argh i'm too close to this thing @Trungles uh the fuck?THREAD: Which Constitutional thing do you take most for granted? Probably the Post Office. Literally created in the…
Retweeted by Peter Wartman @shingworks At the very least we'll buy some stamps :V @EthanMAldridge immediately bought it @EthanMAldridge Oh shit i need that Nausicaa book terriblyU.S. Postal Service workers say the new Postmaster General's cost-cutting measures have led to disruptions in mail…
Retweeted by Peter Wartmango support the USPS. here are some things you can go order from their store right now;
Retweeted by Peter Wartman @NeuralHandshake Awesome, thanks! @Peter_Wartman Lotta good to be found here.
Retweeted by Peter WartmanThis is the fault of the T administration, not the USPS employees on the ground. The USPS is one of the greatest in…
Retweeted by Peter WartmanI think waiting until the election will be too late. This has to change now.How do we save the post office before the election hits? Honest question -- what can be done to roll back the sabot… a reminder that the United States isn't "falling apart" or "breaking down," it's being deliberately and purpos…
Retweeted by Peter Wartmanlanky gobbin (an old drawing, but now with some color)
Retweeted by Peter Wartman @EthanMAldridge Every artist's dream @EthanMAldridge trollself is very goodSome of my favorite autobio sketches featuring my little trollsona!
Retweeted by Peter Wartmani hope you all like rooftopsredrawing something @AngrygirLcomics soldHey!! You might find yourself following an account called @/MrCryptoRad, which is @radsechrist’s old hacked account…
Retweeted by Peter Wartman @kellysketches this is always how it happens thoughLast of the old test book layouts, spelling errors and all.
Retweeted by Peter Wartman @ryanlecount mid-to-late teens? @alexriesart wub changed the worldA Thought: Can we stop showing Black and White pictures of the entire decade of the 1960s so people stop thinking…
Retweeted by Peter Wartman @EthanMAldridge what excellent eyebrows
@_spaddy these are good characters btwThe demolition of Vavatch orbital Thanks Patrons!! #Culture
Retweeted by Peter Wartman @howieeday @ben_304 I love, love how close you stuck to the original series hallways while still making it look more believable @hottestsingles @Trungles i know which character i am in the horror movie and i am at peace with it @hottestsingles @Trungles outdoor cookouti heard its #SpiderManDay and i havent drawn peter yet i think, but here's some miles draws from last year that i s…
Retweeted by Peter Wartmanlanky gobbin (an old drawing, but now with some color) came out a decade ago but trailers still go WUBI added clouds! I like them a lot. Also switched to HDRP which was a pain. I want to start adding more animals like…
Retweeted by Peter WartmanI guess I’m starting fresh lol
Retweeted by Peter Wartman @radsechrist That sucks man.