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Peter Wartman @Peter_Wartman Minneapolis, MN

Writing and drawing Stonebreaker and doing the art in the Avatar: The Last Airbender comics. | he/him | 🏳️‍🌈 | Inquiries: peter [at] peterwartman [dot] com

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star trek ships are the weirdest dang things @evebolt i do not trust computersit has been three monthsall the expensive tech i bought is breakingstonebreaker feels
Retweeted by Peter Wartmanrealizing how late it is @evebolt me too 😭goofs
Retweeted by Peter Wartman @justrube apparently not. what a bummer.guy fieri has horse girl energy
Retweeted by Peter Wartman @thebadbucket c. take it from me, a colorblind personK here it is all spiffy!
Retweeted by Peter Wartman @MicheleQuirke Unfortunately I'm not taking commissions right now, but thank you! @BakadoriSan @wacom honestly if this means i'm about to go beyond the infinite i'm readyhey @wacom is this something you've seen on your screens before? @directorflik good to know, thank you! @AbdiYohan i may still have warently actually, i'll have to talk to support tomorrowargh there goes my night dammit @AgnesSalek yep :/ @AgnesSalek it shows up when it's not plugged into my computeri don't think i have warranty either fuckfucki think it broke... there is a line in my new wacom screen. just... a line of pixels that are always on
elf noodling’m frustrated by cartoon depictions of chickens, which in my experience with the actual animal doesn’t even make s…
Retweeted by Peter Wartman @ghostgreeen i wish i had a word for the emotion dot eyes conveys but it's soething like... blank innocence? accept… @FromHappyRock oh man they'd be fools not to hire you, FOOLS @Trungles such wonderful small beans in their noggins @AngrygirLcomics happy 30! @my2k aaaaaaaaa @curtis_square i made an assumption that it was using it but it was not a good assumption especially as there is a… @curtis_square that's not the problem: the problem is that I should be using SFTP because FTP is not encryptedtil that using this is probably a giant security hole @TommyBurazin SFTP, yeahoh god rigging
@GoblinEatsMoon yeah, this is the reason i was reconsidering downloading italso my website now has loading spinnerstil that you can use windows explorer to connect to ftp servers neathey tech twitter, is filezilla still the go-to FTP client for PC? Or is there something better?wait so are all the dnd podcasts turning into animated series now @jakewyattriot i had to find this image by searching twitter for "bad choices murder girl" incidentallythinking about @jakewyattriot's Necropolis so here's fan art from 2017 that i'm tempted to revisit and finish also… @Gingerhazing why do they make it reset anyway, it's so rudehm is it time to retweet old Necropolis fanartTBT to sword girls I drew probably five years ago now maybe
Retweeted by Peter Wartman @Alex_Connolly @howieeday Love them leg joints (and that cool s-shaped exhaust)Sketchy sketchy
Retweeted by Peter WartmanIf you want to apply to the Helioscope Mentorship Program, you've got ONE HOUR TO DO IT!!!
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hm i miss paintingA good winter for wandering.
Retweeted by Peter Wartman @Chronotope not good @hottestsingles @Trungles jumpsuits are neat @sstarkm Good lord this is good -- especially the lighting!Hiyaaa, this is my new personal piece, which is a take on an alchemist. It's sort of supposed to mirror the previou…
Retweeted by Peter WartmanCALL FOR ARTISTS: We're looking for comic artists to work with for an upcoming unannounced project between…
Retweeted by Peter Wartman @Orbitaldropkick @Lancer_RPG @DarkHorseComics HMM this sounds cool @HannahTempler this is extremely good?Everything is fine.
Retweeted by Peter WartmanI’m dying at the sharp, shearing accuracy of this
Retweeted by Peter WartmanVerse has updated with a new page. Do we need to have a discussion about priorities? Read it here: -- ☁️…
Retweeted by Peter Wartman @Catcoconutart i do not like this man @Catcoconutart assassinated by his wife? I don't think I've heard THAT one beforeTrump wants progressives pitted against each other. Corporate media want progressives pitted against each other.…
Retweeted by Peter Wartman#goblinweek starts sundayyy
Retweeted by Peter Wartmanspaceships @hblumenreich these are good Hannah! They have fun shapes and lots of character. keep going!This week's installment of Necropolis, in which we brave the yard:
Retweeted by Peter Wartmana character displaying the one expression my characters have: mild concern
Retweeted by Peter WartmanMy old friend and collaborator @cmkosemen has recently uploaded the (near) entirety of our 2009-2011ish speculative…
Retweeted by Peter Wartman @hottestsingles the raddest @CaptFlushGarden i love everything about thisDelivery truck!
Retweeted by Peter WartmanI don't have new art but #PortfoIioDay please give me work!!!
Retweeted by Peter Wartmana character displaying the one expression my characters have: mild concern’s #PortfolioDay! I’m a freelance illustrator who is currently open for work! I love painting detailed landscap…
Retweeted by Peter Wartman @BenjaminHale7 That means a lot coming from you, thanks!Hello #PortfolioDay! I'm a best-selling graphic novelist and illustrator. I make books about changelings, goblins,…
Retweeted by Peter Wartman @Trungles is that a sextdent
I heard it's #PortfolioDay :O Hello! I'm Ally, I draw a lot of things (but especially comics)! I also work as a tex…
Retweeted by Peter Wartmanyou all are so dang goodportfolio day is a good day to feel inspiredHi #PortfolioDay, I'm a fulltime freelance artist.
Retweeted by Peter WartmanI’m Conner. I draw and design people, places, and things for games, movies and sometimes comics. Big fan of costume…
Retweeted by Peter WartmanOh hey #PortfolioDay Hey, I'm Peter and I draw comics (and also illustrations) of mostly fantasy and sci-fi stuff… game looks super cool @Trungles these lines are so nice @ReaganLodge he had won the victory over himself. he loved Cheesecake Factory. @ReaganLodge why is the truth so harshbefore i buy my friday pass for #ECCC and cross my fingers for a waitlist table drop: anybody still want or need to…
Retweeted by Peter WartmanCover reveal! My labors!
Retweeted by Peter WartmanThis is so worth a watch for any creative. These people are absolute geniuses and this is the future of storytellin…
Retweeted by Peter WartmanHere's another commission of a chipper fellow and his turkey #dnd #dnd5e #DnDcharacter
Retweeted by Peter WartmanA WIP showing a northern Reclamation prospecting rig in the upper reaches of an inlet. For the birrin book. #scifi
Retweeted by Peter WartmanI always remember wondering which of these we would choose.
Retweeted by Peter Wartman @curtis_square hopefully the cold will save us