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@piersmorgan damn. thats cold. its hard to think of a public figure more universally disliked by people than yourse… seinfeld
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fuc kit!!! im gonna become a CARTOON!!!! @Hex0sphere @Logo_Daedalus @annakhachiyan @rglpwx not really @Logo_Daedalus @annakhachiyan @rglpwx the depth of self justification i guess @Logo_Daedalus @annakhachiyan @rglpwx can you really be right if you're an asshole... a riddle..:dude all this new resident evil shit (post-RE4) has *no* swag and that is the real survival horrorbig goku homsar of destroy is restore but really should be restroy @itsmelvv that's the plan ! @echolaliack mega man babyyyeguys i won $5 in a smash tournament. i'm officially a coffee cup pro : - )reddit was right about baconClip of Larry King reminiscing when Prince told him to change his name to just "King," and then telling the journal…
Retweeted by Peter BerkmanWe won👍 We have obtained never-before-seen materials for an undeveloped '90s Mega Man anime... OR a very early inc…
Retweeted by Peter Berkman @layajospe lmfao what is itthat actor, he's acting his *ass* off!!!!Have you ever noticed that right there in Cruella Deville‘s name... are the words “cruel” and “vile”? Pretty fucking fitting if you ask me.
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these clips are so hype. skate video energy @hercules_64 @Zadorrrrr wait so vaporlight is realthere is literally no reason at all to use twitter. it is time to go. thanks for the memories everybody
Retweeted by Peter BerkmanNot operating heavy machinery - too sleepy @LimitedRunJames big same @SickAnimation you betta chill @Goodtweet_man 🙏O___O LOL @ryder_ripps @notsalmaicki @SAP @401k @vmas @Sethrogen @ryder_ripps @notsalmaicki @SAP thank you ryder - me and my portfolio (?) have never been happier thanks to @SAP'Ghostbusters: Afterlife' Reveals "Fucker," One of the Film's New Ghost Characters
Retweeted by Peter Berkman @bryanleeomalley i need more RAM!!! @notsalmaicki @ryder_rippsit's always seemed like something i'll have to understand someday though??all i really know is it has a much more tightly knit shell than things like harry potter, which keeps any cultural… is one of those things that i somehow dodged 100% altogether yet permeates everything a millimeter away from me it seems @IfyNwadiwe geniusthe true power of literally not caring at all about carl schmitt's honestly amazing that i am not anti-vax
@amicusadastra transitive vs intransitivelove ma coat'm hamilton rapping my way through these crazy new york streets, just to get by @timheidecker this could be the oneall roads lead back to the computer
Retweeted by Peter Berkmanthe absolute rush, the thrill, of uploading files @GR0CERYBAG i go loco @realbriankemple the plight of 'discarnate man' !i'm *still* in love wit da co cogoro going "YOU FOOL!" in mortal kombat lmfao @annakhachiyan people getting mad about stuff @infinity_shred needed da coffeeim sorry but david lynch's entire film career was literally founded upon head erasure @MUSTDIEmusic nu fluxy @georgealways susetsteuprraauuukick @playazball and he shall ride againstepping out so much earlier that i woke upcapcom tryin to figure out what to do with resident evil in 2022 i'm just about done looking at bernie sanders wearing mittens with his arms foldedPUBLICIST SUCKED
Retweeted by Peter Berkman @IAmLui_Jesus yeaaaaa!!!!!!! @DSA_RACIST oh sick didn't know bout that!!A friendly power plug named Dennosuke is the mascot of Osaka’s Denden Town (a place full of electrical appliance st…
Retweeted by Peter Berkman @DSA_RACIST which wanlmfao pete buttigieg phone case is BREAKING. It's a sign @Blues_SFR i got a stage spike first stock to start off then just got 0-death'd three times lol
what... does mega man do against min min.... like..... what @10kfreemen @snottdog @Dot_AY @Jamatarmusic we did a first to 10 which i won but we are OVERDUE FOR A REMATCHi’m deCEASED
Retweeted by Peter Berkman @zachrobinson hopefully it is the first in a string of thousands of posts tagged Miyagi Metal @zachrobinson looks like it! @ZekeHere thank you captain the fwd z drop report @areyousurebruv count the amount of times the term sacred is profaned challenge etci dreamt i was walking down the street and saw david lynch's barbershop thanks for the subconscious invasion happy birthday @ZaaackKoootzer millimakeralex jones default ass voice is tuvan throat singingMarshall McLuhan's copy of Finnegans wake
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@Zadorrrrr bangin dude congrats @dawn2021 whoa @layajospe how wuziced americano @ZacMabry hbd zac !! @amymethvenart @mangomahal not to mention they clearly thought their own commercial was good so like.. probly not the best judge lol @mintauntaun @GRRLmusic knocked me out twice for sure with psycho low-stakes social nightmares*hypnotizing* i am getting very sleepygot so tired that I just straight up fell asleep @physicallydv love dat snare
@GRRLmusic @ChisWri in SCHOOL?!?! @ChisWri @GRRLmusic dunno if they still make it @ChisWri @GRRLmusic it was great @GRRLmusic i had this and it gave me social anxiety dreams twice to getting randomly punched mad hard by an otherwise normal seeming woman on the UES
Retweeted by Peter Berkman @AVDIT6 where from“All human wisdom is manifest in words, and words come in three forms: silent, written, spoken. The ‘logos’ is ther…
Retweeted by Peter Berkman @LimitedRunDoug sometimes i'll chat all day about my vehicles extended warranty