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@areyousurebruv same @DSA_RACIST Berkman Industries Parent Company: International Berkman Conglomerate Parent Company: Berkman Parent Company: Berkman UnlimitedPETER BERKMAN: LIBERAL??????????????????????????Ellen DeGeneres debuts new slicked-back hair look
Retweeted by Peter Berkman @dynamic_effort He throwing that lil GameStop booty @ela_minus yoooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🥺🥺🥺
Retweeted by Peter Berkmannormcore is fucking dead i only listen to normaltón @sh44sti um... THANK YOU @YearoutWilliam @areyousurebruv 👏😔 @vcunningham oh yeah tough guy? who then is my neighbor????gonna be on a podcast on saturday. gonna be very charming and brilliant @BrianFukushima hahahaha. right as if "content" was where the money was in broadcasting. meanwhile ads which are 90…'s way more than i thought @BrianFukushima feel like people should talk about this one moreThis is Chris Pratt's pastor. Blocking replies because you people will ruin this.'s also no recognized origin — where did this term come from? who invented it and when? @chopsueyside and yeah content creator is a bit of an oxymoron like a 'robot god' or something lol @chopsueyside the terms maybe helpful in revealing that 'platforms' are actually artforms by virtue of being containers @kennethtakanami i think YouTube might've been firstnot only on behalf of the artist but also the audience who are the actual content of any 'platform'i know we've been through this before but "Content Creator" is prolly one of the grossest titles ever invented/embraced @HardDriveMag
Retweeted by Peter Berkman @nickdemarco then: eminem will bring me on stage to rap the finale songafter the asteroid hits earth, i will do a double backflip, then my mom will make oreo flavored spagetdi
kamala harris just virgo profiled me @in_a_dry_season occultism and infancy (literally: unspeaking) @layajospe and rain... simply sprinklers for adults @Michael_Ara @areyousurebruv @male7777777 @britney__spearz and hes wrong @yankeepapist @male7777777 @areyousurebruv no it should be done on twitter long after lots of people say its not worth tlaking about @areyousurebruv @male7777777 when we're born? no - we need to be trained in grammar logic and rhetoric @areyousurebruv @male7777777 ok well is our 'common sense' as you put it something we're born with or something we…!
Retweeted by Peter Berkman @areyousurebruv @male7777777 because he is a doctor of the church @male7777777 @areyousurebruv ok this is a Cam original and has nothing to do with what is controversial about attri… @male7777777 @areyousurebruv ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? @Michael_Ara @male7777777 @areyousurebruv cam is wrong or trolling @garret_txt @areyousurebruv aye @areyousurebruv @male7777777 no and cam is wrong @male7777777 @areyousurebruv cameron @areyousurebruv went to his website i know what blackpill means now @areyousurebruv WHAT the FUCK @soaroz gonna puke @areyousurebruv into ? @chopsueyside MY LIFE IS LIKE A VIDEO GAAAAAAAAAMEcant see zoom screenshots anymore without trying to pinpoint the masturbatori found out the guy who made this tiktok's tiktok is him "owning" everybody who didnt realize he was kidding. i thi… @soaroz wait what does this mean @coherentstates damn maybe they should play these in catholic schools now that fratelli tutti dropped organ just dropped
Retweeted by Peter BerkmanFRIDAY NIGHT -boatrat 2 -how to with jon wilson premiere -tim heidecker standup special insanely stacked @critikylie ty wanch ! @flossfurman @layajospe do not give me $500 each, champs...... @DGracchus i only drink bulletproof water @DGracchus lol @LackOfView quote tweet w my aviwhat the fuck @Hideki_Naganuma love is for the real world wish you luckst thomas is supposed to be a big fat guy and its embarrassing to pretend otherwise @cure_sianos i am sad @nobody_stop_me truly terrifyingリンクはスーファミカラーで塗るとなぜか落ち着く…
Retweeted by Peter Berkman @_tizzle @difara @Tony_BATtista @goldbelly @stoolpresidente @tastytrade @Donnie_Peters the pictures of vegas hurt my soulwhaaat hey toshi @comrade_bingo_ @VMNT_tso it's on the comfort that the medievals had with latin with st thomas as a big example - t… @VMNT_tso @comrade_bingo_ here it is if you're curious - hymn time @mrk_rbnsn dot matrix haircut @comrade_bingo_ have you read the walter ong piece on st thomas's poetry? @boethianyouth !!!! noooo @ZhugeEX @umru_ @maxschrampthere is a cute dog who is observing social distancing procedure at the coffee shop @GR0CERYBAG gm bag!!cleaning up @EfficacyOfGrace the WORST @gens_lucifuga 🤝 @gens_lucifuga hahah actually there is something in the works! which is why i was peeping for research (turns out i… @ItsCreepP i've shined but haven't raised yetspent a lil time trying to get a vibe for what prageru is yesterday and the whole thing is a bit embarrassing @lDOLisDEAD hayyi am mr woke up種の威信をかけた戦い
Retweeted by Peter Berkman @chopsueyside godspeeddreamt a similar place when i first watched og twin peaks on youtube, all-nighter style. was my only-ever sleep par… this from bloodborne btw @UltimaTully inside each man is an octopus (squid) and a bat @UltimaTully i guess squid really but you get it @UltimaTully water eye sky ear fur slimeoctopus is the opposite of batHere's @peterberkman clowning on a bowser before clawing his way through resurrection pools
Retweeted by Peter Berkman @aynchilada mhm!streamin tourney run 4 smashy streamy: bracky:
Just looking back fondly at some of the most iconic tweets ever written
Retweeted by Peter Berkman @sunnyotakuu gotta do a full band one on da discord soon @sunnyotakuu lmao honestly pretty good @garret_txt bandmate tho i guess aoc hasntp layed it yet actually RIPary and aoc played among us for the first time at the exact same time lol control to major jeff @theedorkguy this is after i was looking cool @wokus_dei did that happen?????sometimes feels like people are just friends with me for my lithium cache