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Author and broadcaster. I’m hunting #KevinParle. BBC podcast - Manhunt - DM me info. Agent - Emily Rogers 07976 850311

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@DavidMCov92 Thank goodness it's a light and not a fight!It's Friday, so at 5pm I'll be enjoying a drink with my mates in the Zoom Arms. I've really enjoyed my new local fo… will be discussing many aspects of this story with @Iromg on @talkRADIO around 10.45am.
I will be discussing many aspects of this investigation on @LBC around 10.10pm. @GraemeThirde Episode 13 is in production. We will be back. Please be patient...
Slightly drunk message just sent to a friend; ‘As long as I’m drawing breath, can put one foot in front of the oth… @VMcpartland With every copy of the album.A very interesting article for those of us interested in the drug law reform debate... @UKLEAP @wudzee0 @johniebonkers Midlife. Can I claim that at my age?! @NatalieJanes3 Hacked, no. Sacked, definitely!! @grantmelton1 A beer? Count me in! @MiahHazel Never let the truth get in the way of a hit song lyric. @LG49590156 Blowing?! @sharonsmithy Harsh.Here's a sample of lyrics from the title track, 'Blocked'. 'Got a call from my great friend called Ruth, She said… @SamanthaCrossl5 12 inch of course! @SteveWright58 Your memory is way too good! @MichelleTownhil That's very funny!I have decided to retire from writing books and broadcasting, to concentrate on writing a collection of songs based… @MarkGiess A deeply disturbing case, which could and should have been solved. My thoughts remain with Daniel's fami…
@Good_Dr Tut tut!!I have not stopped hunting #KevinParle for a moment. Our BBC podcast, ‘Manhunt; Finding Kevin Parle’, will be back.…, in the last 36 hours, I’ve had 150 ‘Friend’ requests on Facebook. In an act of utter recklessness, I’m g… @JMRussell1986 @MarkWarburton9 @QPR When’s your open top bus parade Joe?!A message for ⁦@MarkWarburton9⁩ and the players of our beloved ⁦@QPR⁩... @Richardgoldie3 @RollingStones @officialKeef Finally? That happened weeks, if not months ago! @DrRistoTalas @RollingStones @officialKeef Do you want to see my trophy cabinet?!Tonight will be spent listening to brilliant @RollingStones tracks, while pretending that I am the incomparable…
@Josh_Milnerr Hi Josh, my hunt for #KevinParle continues. He will be found. Our podcast, 'Manhunt; Finding Kevin Pa… @UKDetectives @cristo_radio @talkRADIO Please tune in and you’ll hear!Would you turn your child into the police? I’ll be discussing this story with @cristo_radio on @talkRADIO around 0… @RebelDimond @vern158 In the post. @jameswigmore @theJeremyVine @BBCRadio2 Here's one of many articles about these appalling murders - @MidlifeMoves @theJeremyVine @BBCRadio2 Er, no I didn't. I pointed out what the maximum sentence for Misconduct in… @custardcross @MidlifeMoves @theJeremyVine @BBCRadio2 We shall have to wait for the full details to emerge...I will be discussing these appalling murders and the deeply concerning issues around the case, with @theJeremyVine the CALENDAR: @PeterBleksley will be joining us next year - 13th March to discuss his 20+ years working as an…
Retweeted by Peter BleksleyGood Morning All, I was delighted to contribute to this podcast, where myself, @AmplifyDot, @drunkwomenpod, and…
@tcollins817 @sarker @MRSandell @BBCSounds @bbc5live Soon Tracey, soon. Please keep an eye out here... Thanks for listening.Yes, #KevinParle is alive. work hunting #KevinParle has never stopped. Lockdown did not mean slowdown. Manhunt will be back.... He will be… #TrueCrimeLive - the UKs first event for #truecrime enthusiasts and opportunity to meet leading industr…
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Very best of luck to Chloe and Harry Goom from the 1st Sowerby Scouts who are taking part in the #RandDScoutChallenge2020. Be prepared! @JonGoom I’ve just DMd you. @ChrisMCook They’d never find me!
I hear politicians today calling for harsher policing of beaches to stop crowds. Where were they when Policing trie…
Retweeted by Peter Bleksley @Flowerbomb999 They will know far more than we do. As soon as circumstances allow, I’m sure they will share their reasoning with us. @TJF9991 @JusticeUnsolved @itisEyelaClaire @ThelifeofRon Take it or leave it. @TJF9991 @JusticeUnsolved @itisEyelaClaire @ThelifeofRon Hi, many congratulations on your career defining piece of… @vern158 Value for money I promise you... @vern158 I’ll be uploading the video to Pornhub later.It's Friday. Why not click on this link and enjoy four minutes of delightful escapism... @SirIanBlair @itisEyelaClaire @ThelifeofRon Causing ongoing anger was not my intent. Enough people had had the opportunity to criticise.In these difficult and challenging times we all face, it was clearly wrong of me to post a tweet that caused so muc… @karlos2360 @itisEyelaClaire @ThelifeofRon I don’t know Buddy. Perhaps @CBS_Reality can answer your question..?Dear All, I have removed my tweet of last night. I would like to send many thanks to @itisEyelaClaire for her local… you for your local insight Claire. To a considerable extent, I stand corrected.
Retweeted by Peter BleksleyThank you @PeterBleksley so good to see your Tommy is ready to stand proudly in your window! 🙌 If you'd like to get…
Retweeted by Peter Bleksley @ThelifeofRon If your assessment of Wednesday evening is right, that is depressingly similar to the events I experi… @ThelifeofRon Thank you. What would have been the basis for Wednesday evening's decision making, which upon reflection, may have been wrong?Wednesday evening, Brixton, police in high-vis and flat caps. Thursday evening, Notting Hill, police in full publ… you for your local insight Claire. To a considerable extent, I stand corrected. today? Er, no thanks.
Congratulations @LFC. Party while you can #KevinParle... He will be found. 07908 617694 @JustinHammond9 Seen and noted. Thank you. @johnbetelgeuse Fortunately not.This Saturday 27th June is #ArmedForcesDay. I’ll be putting my #TommyintheWindow. Each Tommy is made by veterans… @C_J2020 No, not necessarily. I fear inept police leadership may have been a factor. @ShabnamChaudhri @Challatt99 A former racist prick. @b28f9218139f48f Do nothing more thank you.If these allegations are proven to be true, such ghastly, abhorrent, repulsive and utterly disrespectful acts, will… @b28f9218139f48f Thank you. @peonies76 Ooh la la! @peonies76 Too funny!! @bphillpotts There speaks the voice of experience..?!!Our neighbours have invited us round to try out their new hot tub later. Part of me thinks this might turn into som…
@barrymeadows78 Why not, or has he been on a diet?I can't get the hang of this Zoom thing. I've just spent ten minutes listening to Fat Larry's Band, which I don't t… @odette5466 Badge of honour!
A snake who works in TV once described me behind my back as ‘difficult talent to manage’. The truth lies in this tw… @jharlingnffc92 @MerseyPolice @NCA_UK Episode 13 is in production, but I cannot give you a firm date yet. Lockdown… @robinO5herwood @FrancesFoxroy I feel your pain. @MiahHazel Probably, especially the bar steward at our cricket club. @danielwragg My thoughts are with you. Best of luck... @FrancesFoxroy Pubs opening! @dr_stifler Great advice, thank you.I confidently predict that I will remember very little about the weekend of 4th/5th July 2020. @FionaVerling Thank you Fiona. It’s a team effort, so @sarker, @MRSandell and others will be delighted by your kind… @LouisTyler13 No, #KevinParle is not currently sitting in a cell. Let's hope he will be soon... Thank you for liste… @goonerquins Thank you very much. It's a team effort, so @sarker, @MRSandell, and others will be thrilled by your k… late than never Katie! Here's a link to our @NYFRadioAwards winning podcast; 'Manhunt - Finding Kevin Parl… @BusyBeeDebraC Very true.
@Fl4nners Not yet...Have we all gone a bit nuts during lockdown, or is it just me? @htcbmoon @ScubaCP @MyPOV_Online @UKLEAP @wudzee0 Nor me. All the more reason for regulation. @RebelDimond Me too. Cheers! @MPSQPRFC Rodney. No player sale will come close for me, apart from the catastrophic sale of Les, which was the cat… @ScubaCP @MyPOV_Online @UKLEAP I am not a member, but I am a big supporter. @wudzee0 is one of my heroes.Dear Team, please forgive the blatant begging letter. In return I promise not to sit on the fence..! @misslexirose I’ll always lend an ear...