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Pre-production model. Aus run aground in the UK. 🇦🇺 🇪🇺 Masks - wear one please.

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@michaelglasper @GuidoFawkes Also, who pays you?Have northerners realised the problem was never the EU or refugees or benefits claimants or Meghan Markle or even J…
Retweeted by CreakykneesI am Jeffrey Toobin’s daughter and I have some things to say!!
Retweeted by Creakyknees @TheDynaslow That's way too classy for me. 10/10 for research though. You should work for Sky History. @jogreen1971 But politicians always make cringe stuff (though rarely of this level). Don't they employ somebody to… Tory, ever. @TheGaryFairley @BorisJohnson @Conservatives There was once a very good cartoon of a fat cat business type taking m… @richardmoore73 @SportsOrla Yes. I know what you mean. Not disagreeing with you on that aspect. I'm just not certai… @TheGaryFairley @BorisJohnson @Conservatives I wish for that too, but while our decisions are made by and much of t… @richardmoore73 @SportsOrla I know what you mean, I'm not questioning the legality of it, as it stands, but that i… @TheGaryFairley @BorisJohnson @Conservatives Absolutely this. You deserve everything that happens to you. Except when it happens to them. @Nicovel0 James Melville et al: It's an insignificant blip. @michaelglasper The question is which production company got the gig to make it & will they employ proper researche… @Nicandfartin @drphiliplee1 Why not? He's inevitably been a dick somewhere without being caught so call it balancing out. @youwouldknow I do wonder how much this is his direction. Not that he's not a turd but I get the feeling that this… @campbellclaret 'Get ready to not ask questions'? @DrHeadgear That's not to say I disagree with many of their complaints, on the contrary, I'm sympathetic to a large degree. @DrHeadgear Sorry, I'll never buy the "we're the *good* type of Nationalist" argument. Harsh probably, yes, but only by degrees. @mnrrntt @spokes_man75 What they were given. @DrHeadgear If there's only one thing that unites this splintered, sceptred isle (all of it), it's xenophobia. (Nat… @HISTORYUK While you're at it ask your 'researchers' (guffaw) to look up the definition of research. @SportsOrla @richardmoore73 I'm still struggling as to why anyone would need to deviate when in front on a straight road. @CyranodEcosse @MrMcEnaney The trick is not to overwater them & keep them in bright light but not direct sunlight. @MrMcEnaney And they're not that difficult to look after. @MrMcEnaney Orchids, if looked after, will last much longer. @TheDynaslow He looks like he doesn't (& never will) give a flying f*ck. Wetherspoons? @Roger_Xanth_Day Watching American Football highlights. And yes, I hear ya.While everyone is justifiably raging about the Govt's treatment of the North & how that's lost it for them, I can't… 2020: Oof, that's gotta hurt @misscathsy l'imbécile @ij_ford That he knows of. @schooltruth The poker aspect is the only consistent policy of this Govt.A little bit of perspective for those who are still inclined to give this Govt some slack. @two_oars @SarahTaber_bww ffs. @peterbreda2000 @SarahTaber_bww For real.
Retweeted by Creakyknees @two_oars @SarahTaber_bww That's sadly consistent. @Nicovel0 @SarahTaber_bww Yeah, I know. We have the same in Aus (not that I live there anymore), where climate chan… @youwouldknow 🤮🤮🤮 @DrHeadgear I like their call, with their flight it's like they are laughing. Jays are shyer around here, but they are nice too. @SarahTaber_bww I'm on the outside on this but geez, how bad does it have to be for them? @ianwalker Tbh, If I saw a 'goats' sign while out riding, the cartoon bubble above my head would contain '!' @two_oars Ha. Apparently 17 people that I follow also follow Sarah. I must have heard about her from one of you guys. She's great. @HapHapJyJy @adamlangleben He might even have to get a job. Hopefully. @DrHeadgear @tef_ebooks I love the way Jackdaws flock & generally dick about together. @SarahTaber_bww Genuine Q: Even with what you've said, do rural residents (overall) still support Trump in *suffici… @ronnyjowe He looked good. Still tipping Carapaz overall. @faustonef I think Carapaz is the biggest challenger (and will win imho). Just got momentarily done (enough) by Rog… @soapachu @andraswf They're like the best cartoons. I mean that in the most positive way. @JMPSimor And vice versa, depending on the needs of the day. @abigbearofaman @snigskitchen @kolinzkay Not forgeting the millions of non-european slaves & other workers who fund… @youwouldknow Yes. It took me about 3-4 years to get over that impulse. @sjjc16 @Wer_ko_der_ko This is why you're a writer & I'm not. @SportsOrla @richardmoore73 @BenjiNaesen @cycling_podcast #rundvlees @adubzky Economy model Jaguar? @Wer_ko_der_ko @andraswf @soapachu All of them look good. Some of them are hilarious. @andraswf @soapachu Tbf, the artist himself described them as 'rubbish'. Though, I rather like them. @NTTProCycling @ben_oconnor95 Ben is great. Superb effort. @theirishego @PaulBrandITV @AndyBurnhamGM Tbf, this method has served them well so far in life. It's not as if anyt… @theirishego @PaulBrandITV @AndyBurnhamGM When I look at No 10's negotiating strategy on everything it smacks of no… @richardmoore73 @cycling_podcast @NTTProCycling It's great to see him back. I also think that Riis has really helpe… @MartyMacTV Nice race-call with Maggy today. 👏 @HISTORYUK "Are you a Nazi?" "Me? Nah mate." "Ok, cool." @thebizarredj1 @briantrousers @berniespofforth It's outweighed by the vast majority of qualified scientific findings. Science>Opinion @ronnyjowe @cycling_podcast Ok. I'm busy trying not to be distracted further(yeah, I'm on twitter, I know & watchin… @Nicovel0 @gremisch 'Both' gif @michaelglasper @HISTORYUK If I were them I'd spill coffee over my computer. "*oops*" @cycling_podcast Jonny, will you be doing this every day? @RhinoFive @OwenRogers No idea. @RhinoFive @OwenRogers I don't know either. It's like football with penalties, the sort where you've seen them give… @SportsOrla To use the football analogy: 'I've seen them given' @RhinoFive @OwenRogers Well.... @CyclingOpinions @SportsOrla @laflammerouge16 Jury is busy.... @RhinoFive @OwenRogers Mm, marginal. *Just* legal. It impeded because it was so close to the line more than anythin… @paperghost Jack be nimble Jack be quick Jack spunked all over the Zoom link. @RhinoFive @OwenRogers Boels got it, just, the multiple options being of significance here. I think that the echelo… @RhinoFive @OwenRogers 🤞 @RhinoFive @OwenRogers I want a Mitchelton win obvs, but I don't think they will get it. @thesuperrookie @OCFElections Ouch. @RhinoFive @OwenRogers I could see that happening since they sat up. I didn't know why the others let Bols do that. @RhinoFive @OwenRogers van den Broek-Blaak @Cain_Unable Oh yeah. You go through the steps they provide online, several times (to be sure). Then they ask you t… @arthistorynews @jdportes @john_actuary @Heather_Adactus @danielhowdon @MorrisseyHelena @Sarah_Montague Front page… @thesuperrookie @OCFElections So Orange County going D but FL as a whole is uncertain. I saw some polls still sayi… @marinamaral2 Yes. Girls tend to be better at mimicking ‘neurotypical’ behaviour and slip under the radar - often d…
Retweeted by Creakyknees @thesuperrookie @OCFElections (In your area) which way do you think it will go? @AmishPornStar1 There's so much winning! that we're choking on it. @TeamHale Because the original was deleted:
Retweeted by Creakyknees @SportsOrla Orla, do you know of any way that I can see Women's De Panne (in the UK)? @EuroHoody And don't forget #RVVwomen which I can't see (grr!)Uncle-in-law in ICU now with Covid-19. Trying not to think about how angry I am with people who did not take this…
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Retweeted by Creakyknees @RealStephens Sagan not shaving again?I was sleeping and my cats were walking on the headboard behind me and they knocked an open water bottle down on my…
Retweeted by Creakyknees @JaneSlavin I'm getting the faintest suggestion that you're not a fan... Maybe they could turn it down a touch? @JaneSlavin ?? @sjjc16 When do you get a test/results? @hilarybennmp @jdportes They're trying to work out how Serco can make a killing out of it first. @DQSport A Dolomite? Have you cleared that with @friebos ?