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IT Manager for @bartonpeveril // Google Certified Trainer #GoogleET // #Edtech // #DigitalLearning // MSc IT // Dad of two girls

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@jessilynjade @hope_steven @GoogleForEdu Very timely! #DigitalBreakout is gaining a lot of interest. Good luck with… @MarkBeetlestone @GoogleForEdu Great idea! The breakout room at Bett was good fun this year. Would love to hear how it goes!I was at the funeral of my friend Dan last week. I have just heard that while the service was going on someone stol… designed originality reports to support educators teaching students to think independently & creatively. This ne…
Retweeted by Peter Horner @The_Tech_Lady @Tech_missc @GoogleForEdu Thanks @The_Tech_Lady! Got lots of ideas now.The average person gets 120 emails per day. 😳 These tips can help you get your inbox under control → 📨
Retweeted by Peter Horner @Tech_missc @GoogleForEdu @The_Tech_Lady Amazing! Found it. Thanks for the tip @Tech_missc 👍The next great social network: Google Earth?
Retweeted by Peter Horner#DigitalBreakout using #GoogleForms is something I keep meaning to introduce our teachers to. Has anyone developed… @edutechr_ @itbadger @abid_patel IMO WYSIWYG editors like DreamWeaver are becoming a thing of the past. Isn't it no… @edutechr_ @itbadger @abid_patel If they're learning to code try, which is an online ide th… excellent #ThingLink from @Tech_missc giving an interactive introduction to @googledocs using @ThingLink @edutechr_ 1⃣ Update @VMware 2⃣ Install new 10Gbps fibre modules 3⃣ Install some extra @ArubaNetworks APs 4⃣ Explo… @edutechr_ @gsuite @GoogleForEdu Google Prompt on phones or an optional Yubikey - Both methods are really fast.
@katiewells1987 Nothing as exciting as you! I'm at work all week. While it's quiet I can spend time on some project…⃣-Step Verification is the best way to protect your @gsuite account! Turning it on is so easy and it's built right… out this interactive #Chromebook guide made by @Tech_missc using @ThingLink! Very useful if you're just getti… @edutechr_ Half-term's are great. Get so much done! Any interesting projects this week?
@EdTech_K12 Any student using their personal mobile device can bypass the filter by turning off WiFi and going 4G.… started Blackbox Thinking by @matthewsyed on @audible_com. There are so many useful insights for the education… a CSV into #GoogleCalendar! Very useful for bulk importing events into your shared school calendar. 📄➡️ 📆… Q07: As we start applying, we should know that #GoogleEI selects innovative educators for the academy.…
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just learned about a #googlechrome feature where you can label, color-code, & organize your tabs into different cat…
Retweeted by Peter Horner @hope_steven @jessilynjade @meaganalfano Sounds amazing! I'm sure you'll bring back lots of great education ideas to the UK. @SimoSiitonen @googledocs @GoogleForEdu Yep good point, it adds some unnecessary padding. I just wanted to share… @EdnFoundation .@EdtechukHQ #Edtech #Edtech50 2020 #Yearbook launches soon. #MicrosoftEdu #MIEExpert
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Our @bartonpeveril #Bett2020 escape room team made it to the @Bett_show website! It was a lot of fun. What a great… @betchaboy @digitechnerd @alicekeeler @JakeMillerTech Thanks! Hope it's useful. @digitechnerd @betchaboy @alicekeeler @JakeMillerTech Very nice! I use #Chromebooks now for pretty much all of my w…
@olivertrussell @Google Half-term next week, so I should have some time to slow down and explore #DataStudio. I ke… @eduGOOGdroid @CatLamin @jessilynjade I'm not sure I have the £££ to travel to Sydney. Although, I'd probably ask my work for some help. @kev_bradshaw @Lizzthebeth Well done! Liking the Google mug 👍 @amymhudson @stadtjay @googledocs @GoogleForEdu Great idea Amy! I'll have to give that a go. @srothteachlg @bartonpeveril @GoogleForEdu @gsuite Hi Stephanie. Happy to chat about this! The applied digital skil… first group of @bartonpeveril learners have just started the "G Suite Certification for Students" exam. Good lu… @abid_patel for your support and encouragement! You're too kind!! #GoogleEI #FutureGEI
@katiewells1987 @GoogleForEdu I wish there was a European English option 😄 I'll give #SVL20 my best shot, and if it… the #GoogleEdu Certified Innovator Program, you can: ✅ Grow professionally ✅ Advocate for innovation ✅ Drive t…
Retweeted by Peter Horner @MrBeattieS Just think about all the work #Chromebooks will save you in the long run and how much the learners will benefit!👍Brought my work #Chromebook home today. My 5 year old was very impressed with the array of stickers and said "Daddy… @jessilynjade @eduGOOGdroid You're absolutely right. I'll give #SVL20 my best shot and worry about how to get there later! @eduGOOGdroid @ItsMiasTweets Thanks or should I say gracias Carlos! @abid_patel @LGfL @johnjackson1066 Wow! That's amazing. Got to say I'm impressed with the work #LGfL do. @eduGOOGdroid @ItsMiasTweets Maybe time to start learning Spanish... @eduGOOGdroid No European English speaking option ☹️While #GoogleSites doesn't yet have an option to insert a table, you can do this with the Embed Code option. Make… is a great tool for creating multiple wheels for picking students in class, picking activities, assigning grou…
Retweeted by Peter Horner @deputygrocott Morning all. Happy #FFBWednesday! I'm an IT Manager at a sixth form college and I lead on…
How do we know what learning will look like in the future? We don’t - Focus on personalized learning
Retweeted by Peter Horner#GoogleSites settings menu is getting a redesign! A small change, but having all settings in one place will make it… @edutechr_ @zbukhari197 @itbadger @Itsbenwhitaker Well done! Welcome to the #GoogleET team. 👏👏Today is #SaferInternetDay and @bartonpeveril students will be completing their first @idea_award #DigitalBadges. W…’s #SaferInternetDay so here’s a cheeky #sketchnote for you! @UK_SIC
Retweeted by Peter HornerWhen you let students learn on their own terms, such as through projects or everyday experiences, they can develop…
Retweeted by Peter HornerThinking about applying for the Google Innovator program? Want some encouragement? How about some tech tips to go w…
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@katiewells1987 @googlrainbow Well done Katie! Welcome to the #GoogleET club. 👍👏👏 @SkyCaves19 @HollyHuntProf @HalcyonSchool @AppleEDU @JNealeUK @josephperkins Nice! I would have liked to come along… @Jaebuc89 @GoogleForEdu Glad to hear it Jesse! This is a great hidden feature that our staff who've moved to #Chromebooks love.If you have a #Chomebook with a stylus try out the #GoogleClassroom Android app. Perfect for giving digital annotat… @abid_patel @ShorifaKhanam Me too. Still wired with some nice Bose earphones, which do the job. Hopefully get some… @SkyCaves19 @HollyHuntProf @HalcyonSchool @AppleEDU @JNealeUK @josephperkins Great stuff. Looks like a lot of fun! @abid_patel @windowsserver @PaperCutDev Agreed! Or what about a Papercut docker container we can deploy on… @Tech_missc @Acer_Education @AppsEvents1 @DanTaylorAE Looks fantastic! 🏔️Arts, History and Culture Educators I saw this news this morning and thought it was worth a share, these would make…
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@clairegowland @EduFuturists @ullamaaria @scotlandlouise @ThingLink Nice idea! I'm talking to our art department t… @chriswoodteach Indeed! Luckily the power has just come back on. My wife will never know if I was serious about getting the BBQ out.🔍 for #GoogleDrive files in #Chrome could be a big time saver!'ve got a power cut ⚡ Was about to start cooking a roast dinner. Might have to get the BBQ out.
@deputygrocott @GoogleUK @idea_award For younger age groups, check out @GoogleForEdu #BeInternetLegends. There is s… @deputygrocott We're using @GoogleUK #BeInternetCitizens to create some tutor activities - @abid_patel Thanks for sharing the link Abid! Great to hear from the innovators in the chat.Cooking jambalaya while listening and learning from @EduFuturists talk to @ullamaaria and @scotlandlouise about… @roger_nixon Thanks for sharing Roger. User based assignments is definitely the way to go. It bugs me that the brow… OS borrows from well-established operating systems, and this new feature - if implemented - will be taking a…
Retweeted by Peter HornerSo many highlights from #BETT2020 on the @GoogleForEdu stand - a real favourite this year was sharing the brilliant…
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Thanks to the @GoogleAccess team for developing these great #chromebook #accessibility features to support ALL lear…
Retweeted by Peter HornerSubmit your best #GoogleClassroom tips for the chance to see your name in lights ✨ (otherwise known as our…
Retweeted by Peter Horner @eduGOOGdroid @pertuzluisfer @GoogleForEdu Nice! I have so many Google branded things, but no Google🧦 yet. @LesleighAltmann I hope to make it along to this 😁Please retweet and share with your colleagues! #londonteachers #primaryteachers #ukteachers #primary #edtech
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@Itsbenwhitaker Chromebases are pretty scarce. Maybe a Chromebox like the Acer CXI3 with an i5 and a nice screen. is a must if you are new to #Googleclassroom!
Retweeted by Peter HornerOver the last year the @GoogleForEdu #AdminConsole has gained a lot of functionality around groups. It's now possib… wins again to show basic app navigation. This is a great way to solicit feedback after paper prototyp…
Retweeted by Peter Horner @EricaTuke Amazing use of #GoogleSlides! Love how you simulated app navigation in the prototype by linking to slide… @edutechr_ @GoogleForEdu Google Hangouts Chat may be a better option. Also, Google appear to have plans to unify th… birthday, @googlemaps ! 🎈 Thanks for 15 years of helping us explore our world. Check out what's new with Map…
Retweeted by Peter Horner @edutechr_ @GoogleForEdu Isn't Google Currents an updated version of Google+ for education and businesses?
So many great web-based tools for sharing information with students in an interactive way. Have just been helping a… came across @GoogleUK #BeInternetCitizens👍 Just what I needed for creating tutor activities around #FakeNews a… @KatieF @GoogleForEdu Thanks Katie. Good idea! I think the other issue is when assignments are marked and returned…
The countdown ⏰ is on! #SaferInternetDay is only one week away. Check back next week for fun and engaging…
Retweeted by Peter Horner @abid_patel @neverware @GoogleForEdu Wow! Only five years. We came across @neverware in 2016 and turned some of our… @GoogleForEdu Thanks @GoogleForEdu! I'll submit this as a feature request. @jd689908 about #DigitalWellbeing, is it possible to limit #GoogleClassroom to only send notifications to students b… a Google Form into an AI/Chatbot. A nice little intro for students/staff and offers an interesting alternative…
Retweeted by Peter Horner @barrydQVX @GoogleForEdu @gsuite Thanks. That's what I thought. Just wanted to double check! @barrydQVX @GoogleForEdu @gsuite Nice! Was a webcam required for this one?Just wondering if anyone has had their students sit the G Suite Certification for Students exam. If so, are there a…