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San Francisco Chronicle culture critic; #TotalSF co-founder & podcast host. Spends too much time in the archive. S.F. Oakland. Alameda.

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So many highlights and laughs in this episode. Seriously considering turning #TotalSF into a podcast where we just…🎙️New #TotalSF!🎙️ The Quentin L. Kopp episode!! 🖋️📨😠 Where @hknightsf and I get life lessons and writing tips fro… Francisco Then & Now. (Well, Marin this time.) Pioneer photographer Eadweard Muybridge documented the then-new…
Retweeted by Peter Hartlaub😂😂😂 Still with us! He’ll be 93 years old in a week. @JesseThorn 😂😂😂 His writing does have some Gene Shalit influences.Kopp was an S.F. supervisor, state senator, judge & huge name in BART and high-speed rail history. The 380 freeway… do @hknightsf and I do when a man writes us more angry letters than anyone else in our lifetime? We invite h…
@ETSshow @nytimes @DrJenGunter @DBelardoMD @drninashapiro @rocketgirlmd @chrissyfarr @ChaseTMAnderson Looking forward to it!! @king_kaufman My second favorite park!! @KellyHartlaub and I went there for our last big wedding anniversary trip. @DustyDrifter1 @OpenSFHistory @sfchronicle @JourneyOfficial @NealSchonMusic @SantanaCarlos @YO_RANDYJACKSON @anylaurie16 @jackiekashian Good news (IMO) from the Alameda Comedy Club. I'm on their list & just got this e-mai… @Ethan_Mizzi @hknightsf We were very excited! @LilyJaniak @hknightsf Thank you!! I tucked in my shirt and didn’t wear a hat! Super fancy for me. @jmmallon @LilyJaniak @hknightsf
@1986taurus @hknightsf @chris_labarthe And he swims there every day!!! @JesseThorn @GregProops @GrantBrisbee Giants fans loved Culberson. There are at least four people in this photo who… @sullistreet @hknightsf I mentioned off mic that Jello came on our podcast before and QK said “If you see him again… Journey timeline is small part of a huge week of @JourneyOfficial fun in @SFC_Datebook Here's @MusicSF talking… visited the most prolific cranky letter-writer of our journalism careers. He apologized for nothing, but we ha… @chris_labarthe @hknightsf We were both good cops!And the sun shines on the Bay! We mined our @sfchronicle archives for the best of @JourneyOfficial 🔥… latest: The @gubbioproject, one of my favorite nonprofits in San Francisco, nearly closed due to the #Covid_19 p…
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@hknightsf It’s official!! This tweet is binding ⬆️ @pbogdis13 @hknightsf 🌁🌁🌁💯 @SFDEM_MEC @morayogunbayo That’s so great!!! Can’t wait to see it. (Hoping a cardboard Fauci cutout is involved. 😂) @juanjunoz @hknightsf I need to get back there. I have no excuses. It's very BART accessible! @chrishanrahan @hknightsf 💯💯💯 @SFShag @hknightsf The Beep's rocket would be a solid compromise to get Heather over the edge. I've never seen a… @TommyLovesStuff @hknightsf And in Moonjumper Alpha!!! s/o @bzotto and I have been in #TotalSF tattoo discussions for years. Still haven't convinced her, but Sutro Tower…'d love to read this story!!⬇️ 1. Please reach out to @morayogunbayo if you have a cool pandemic tattoo or have l… @HerbCaenDaily @hknightsf @RollOverEasy @jjinsf Definitely! I'll be around. Are you on a book research trip or fun or both?“I think (being able to) hop on a bus and go anywhere is a different, better kind of freedom.” Love this @RyanKost
@jjinsf Glad you're OK and started this dialogue in a pointed but positive way. It will help people in the future. @11Parsecs @hknightsf Thanks! We love Page Street, think it’s an important & inspiring Slow Streets model, and beli… @hknightsf @DeanPreston @MuseeMecSF @sfoasis Weird to think we probably were crossing paths constantly & didn’t know it. @jgalvinator @DeanPreston @hknightsf @MuseeMecSF @sfoasis I’m pro Slow Street … if it thrives and the people on tha…
@DeanPreston @hknightsf @MuseeMecSF @sfoasis I’m a former D5 resident!! In a studio near the corner of Oak & Mason… Fournier is clearly the best basketball player in the world.
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Those pillows are very classy. Can’t believe nobody is taking my side on this … @scurryn @KellyHartlaub 😂😂😂Best thing about @KellyHartlaub saying no when I asked her out when we were 19, then getting together at 29: When… incredibly excited for the guest @hknightsf & I booked next week. Probably the S.F. resident we mention the most… @sfimporter @skttrbrain Cars not being “omitted.” They built an 800-spot garage in GGP and there’s a ton of parking…🏠SCOOP!🏠 My latest: Sorry, NIMBYS. Supervisor @RafaelMandelman on Tuesday will propose allowing any single family…
Retweeted by Peter HartlaubGeorge Dondero, who snuck onto the unfinished Golden Gate Bridge and lived through two pandemics, dies at 107 by…
Retweeted by Peter Hartlaub @anjin1865 Thank you!!! @ds_rodg 💯💯💯Fucked around and made tortas this week. Older son gave it “a solid A-minus” & younger son said “it’s not not not… @Con_Chron @SJGiants I need to get down there!!Dog sitting our friends’ pup Dash this week. 🐕 We ran a DNA test and he’s half terrier and half cinnamon roll. got sad realizing we don’t get to watch Kenley Jansen pitch against the Giants in the ninth inning tonight.🎙️New #TotalSF!🎙️ The S.F. is coming back episode! 🎆🌁 🌁🎆 Where @hknightsf & I set our mi…
@sfimporter Yes I do! It's no secret - it's in the article & on social media & in my writing. Got priced out of SF… @sfimporter Like my dad who survived polio? Getting people like me and my 86-year-old father on bikes (yes, he bik…'s the win-win part of this that I wish more people could see. If you support better bike/walk/transit infrast…, I felt similarly in early 2000s when I lived in SF and relied on my car. Biking opened up SF, made me… @brezina @hknightsf I also appreciate it as a second biking option beyond the Safeway/Wiggle route to get from Ferr… @brezina @hknightsf Not sure we added much to the beauty but our hearts were in the right place. 😂 Page Street is… new Cleveland Guardians name is locally sourced and landmark/transit-related. Would be like if San Francisco c… @derivativeburke @theeboyracer @hknightsf Thanks Kevin - I think if you listen to the episode you'll see we're on t… recorded on Page Street! We talk about the decision to pull down art on Page, and explain why fire officials &… @burr_timber I'm so impressed by that. @omar01 @KellyHartlaub Exactly!!!Ultimate #TotalSF date night!! So glad the @sfoasis was saved and is thriving again & can't wait to check out "The… favorite part is when George Dondero turned 100 but was still inventing things & made a device to level the bocc… went to boot camp at the gym w/ my wife for the first time which ended with @KellyHartlaub saying “It’s easier… is less of an obituary and more of a life goals checklist. George Dondero, who snuck onto the unfinished Gold…🎙️New #TotalSF!🎙️ Where @hknightsf and I make some new art for Page Street, while drafting our favorite S.F. exper… @dtnick This is fair. Bonds myopia is Giants fan kryptonite. I wasn't much of a Bonds fan though, especially once… @JesseThorn Went there for almost every Giants road game from 1995 to 1999. Liked the Dodgers dogs and the organist… fans lead the MLB in cheering wildly for a deep fly ball that is pretty clearly staying in the park. @susanslusser I think Duggar could round the bases twice before Pujols gets around once. @susanslusser I had Posey at 18-1 odds to win until about 15 minutes ago when he dropped to 7-2.Posey and Pujols in a foot race. Who you got?omg love this so much ❤️🚌❤️
My latest: There’s finally news in the case of the swiped SF school board recall petitions — and a lesser known inc…
Retweeted by Peter Hartlaub @missmrm @sfchronicle The nicest people!! @alextweeting @sfchronicle ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Love that you have a photo!!! @TrashManGarbage I know precisely where she sits. Because I AM Mary Hart. This is her burner account.
Received several inquiries about the status of the Spam musubi so I took a special photo. Come on over @ellenhuet not soon forget today's @sfchronicle Fifth & Mission podcast, with powerful reporting from @caroncreighton and… @sfchronicle newsroom is committed to climate coverage. The recent four-part Rising Reality series on sea lev…
Retweeted by Peter Hartlaub @jjinsf @sfchronicle Me too!!! I was on a good cycle getting healthy lunches at Venue, Miss Saigon, Tim and Lemonad… how many big Chronicle stories in history were broken with the aid of a Jill Tucker special. @Grant_Marek @sfchronicle My kids are very stoked b/c I keep bringing junk food home for them. of my favorite parts of being back in the City Hall press room: proximity to the historic streetcars. (12 days…
Retweeted by Peter HartlaubMe and the substandard BLT I’ve been making for the past 16 months can totally relate to this. ⬇️ them your Twitter avatar photo and they said “Jose!!!” in unison. (Also, your double espresso macchiato is… @karangadang @sfchronicle @erinallday @leahgarchik @kimseverson Pete Special = Mango smoothie. They may ask if yo…’s a game you can play at Java Trading Co. Walk up to Joe & Fi’s and ask for your favorite @sfchronicle journa… things feel better rn than going to @sfchronicle 5th & Mission & visiting Java Trading Co. w/ Joe and Fi. Fi h… @TrashManGarbage Pretty sure you’re wrong. Think those are her exact seats and she also blew up both of the beach balls. @susanslusser Always that moment where I’m debating cranberry juice or orange juice and think “hell yes I can get both!!!” @artybz 😂😂😂
If you had asked me a year ago my prediction for when we’d get salad bars back I would have guessed somewhere betwe… @melissalouie @hknightsf That was a long fun day! to go @milesintransit1!!! 🚆💯💯💯 being a fan with the prime Mary Hart seats in the middle of a tight pennant race against your bitter rivals… @trow125 @JohnKingSFChron Very cool!!!