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I'm not always serious. But when I am, rhythm is a dancer. Keeper of Whippets; our future overlords. Don't piss on my leg and tell me it's raining.

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@Baddiel My sons are six and nine. Thanks for the nightmare juice. @VitaeArcanum @Boobalander @ggreenwald Well, you know what they say: When one door closes, the gulag refuses to open the door again for appeals. @miffythegamer Saw this and thought I'd share it with you, Miffy😂. Just in case you haven't seen it
Retweeted by Peter. Peeta. Pee? Ta! @ProjectLincoln video, @eliistender10. (In regards to the Farage vom fest.) predict his clacker-valve just packed in. @Galloway1050 @Nigel_Farage @terrychristian @balgonie_kelly @Nigel_Farage @YoungJames33 @Nigel_Farage Gave me a thunderous bowel movement. (I shit you not.) @Mme_de_Boo @sihath1 @Nigel_Farage He gave it no such context. He said what he said. @Nigel_Farage Not brave enough for war, though. @MMMac88 If she smells of wee, I draw the line at Mabel.The rat, Mr. Hicks, after having so much fuss he nodded off:
@sabinalarge Shitty day. I hope the exercise helped. I'd consider putting the rest behind you, turning off the news…’ve never seen a Government Department shoot itself in the foot so spectacularly... ...then reload and stubbornly…
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@glenncat123 @Vitt2tsnoc @redhead_ordead What a dick. @Vitt2tsnoc Not I. Not in this lifetime.Delingpole, about five and a half minutes in, just spews shite about how things will work out. What a awful anus th… @doctor_oxford Sometimes a fetid cock needs to be called exactly what they are. @JamesDelingpole COCK. @JuliaHB1 Your tweet. @doctor_oxford Remember in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, where the bad guy (Nazi) ages about 100 years I mere… @JuliaHB1 Aged about as well as one of my posh wank condoms from the 90s.Just got caught stroking the cat. @actiontiff Really necessary to comment on the colour of the good man's skin? Says all we need to know about you. (Tosser.)This is the most chilling explanation of what Brexit will do to the UK economy after December. By @AdamPosen, Presi…
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@EtonOldBoys *were @EtonOldBoys We have two that worn born last year. Both absolute sods. But lovely. @EtonOldBoys Whippet! @Vitt2tsnoc @OfBLAME @LozzaFox @stevefurst @bonkrzz1018 We're all on a decreasing timeline to the dirt. Enjoy the ride before it gets even more crappy. @dukeofnewyork3 @LozzaFox @GarySambrook89 Succinct. @JamesCleverly Take a look at the dumpster fire your lot are running here. You're pathetic.
Project fear.
Retweeted by Peter. Peeta. Pee? Ta! @WanderlustGalli No. Do it. She's voting for pure evil that could end everything. @soapachu @Auroramwj He's missing the ethos of tithing. @kiki74344655 You have a shite sight more that my sorry arse. @broken_rhi @ToskaXxx I get next to nothing. I try to remain composed. @EmuHp Bugger. So sorry to hear that. @ozzyunc @Boobalander Oh, the imagery! @653toMidnight Easy now. You've only got one fella. Don't overwhelm. @mack44_d @ToskaXxx I've downgraded to 'shart shorts' for housewear. @Ruth_fielamor Sounds a bit like Jack Nicholson'wonky one from The Witches of Eastwick. Talk a about a tickler! @Jazz58884189 @queenofswords6 I've missed out on what's going on here. @Schadenfury Oh. Now I can post replies? I don't know what is going on. Probably time to switch off. Be well. @Schadenfury Same. But, it looks like speaking my mind, and calling out C Units has resulted in restrictions. I sho… @katieeeeebell Probably not giving me a massage. @Schadenfury You got a lock, too?Got 12 hours in the bin. That's good: I'm about to read a book before lights out. Whoever did that, I thank you! @JaneyGodley Even my clacker valve refuses to be wiped by that rag. @jomcd70 In a perfect world... @andrewkeates @LBC @darrenadam Shit. My bad. I misread your tweet. I am sorry. I'm hoping for sleep by that time. (… sure that, whilst looking happy, one of the Whippets is suicidal. Keeps running for the road. This ain't Mad… @WOsrin Two and a half cunts.I am heartbroken to tell you that our beloved Ben died early this morning, as I held his hand and told him how love…
Retweeted by Peter. Peeta. Pee? Ta! @andrewkeates @LBC Tuning in now. @Philsloers @WillBlackWriter The 80s needs him back. Rod Stewart wants him dead. @Schadenfury Lego, underfoot. Cauliflower. 52% of British people. @AndrewRosindell Nob. @eliistender10 Thank you, Giles. It is, well, what it is. (Not in a Trump way.) I don't open up about it too much.… @eliistender10 I definitely need an ear at some point. I spent ten years as a therapist. Now, I a victim of my own… @choptopmoseley @ThatEricAlper @WeWillBeFree82 I have long Covid. It killed my young Nephew last week. You're a fucking cunt.This makes me shit myself just reading it. And I've been trapped, deep unwater, in the dark, with dead bodies. @soapachu @zingonathome @eliistender10 Don't stop. We need people like that. @Radioheed1 @LukeRainsford Or 6th could be death. (I'm jealous of my grandparents' relationship.) @LukeRainsford A keen observation. No arguments here. @EricTrump You really are as fucking stupid as you look. You should have landed on a wank sock. Or a hooker's back. @BBCWorld Dick and balls, mate. @JaneyGodley Hell—even I'm getting a woody. @Swanswan0307 Somewhere Nordic. Low population. Iceland, maybe. I've wanted to head there for years. I promise to b… @Elektro_Kat @lindaarella Started doing that a couple of months ago.Today, I will be mostly reading my latest purchase.
Retweeted by Peter. Peeta. Pee? Ta!Michael Gove says paying consultants £7k a day is a ‘good use of money’. Whereas apparently helping low paid worker…
Retweeted by Peter. Peeta. Pee? Ta! @yann1224 @ChrisGiles_ We're far from finished yet, you tool. @finestcuts @ChrisGiles_ @MichaelYeadon3 @ClareCraigPath @JoshBerryComedy I remember sharting at the Angel on the Bridge.I am SICK of ppl who DON’T have a child dependent on daytime catheters, overnight catheters and bags, and 3 differe…
Retweeted by Peter. Peeta. Pee? Ta! @Albion_Rover @Schadenfury @TerryAnn_G Loved you in 'Derek'. UP 🐾💕
Retweeted by Peter. Peeta. Pee? Ta! @kirstiealley @realDonaldTrump From cult to a brief description of what you are, in just one letter change.You've got to chuckle at the poor Brexitists, outraged by the EU's latest refusal to roll over & obey Global Britai…
Retweeted by Peter. Peeta. Pee? Ta!Tit. @Julius_Kim @Boobalander Well of course. There are people that do just about anything you can think of, all whilst… @DarrenLomax9 @BertieSrn50337 @LeeHurstComic @libertynigel It's called science, mate. Science changes viewpoint wit…
@ali__samson @GreatAunty1 Telegraph. As trustworthy as a cider fart, and twice as sour. @perlmutations He'll run alright. Could miss out on justice there. @asteaux @LeeHurstComic @BeNosey Everything is a chemical. @BertieSrn50337 @LeeHurstComic @libertynigel Rightly so. (Nobber.) @jimbo_nash @Kirk4Defiance @btharris93 Post mortems are being carried out to see if it was a factor. My twenty-seve… @k9cbw @Kirk4Defiance @btharris93 She's like a doctor in that regard. Postponing deaths...