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Author of the His Name Was Zach book series - father, husband, Boilermaker, Marine! #Books #WritingCommunity #Authors #WritingLife

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@stephenRB4 Haha had to be done 😂 My new series is more PG-13 though and thus far I don’t foresee any MC’s dying. I… @stephenRB4 I hate doing that
@TLCplMax What?? Change??? In MY BELOVED CORPS??? @StoneyD I do both. Sometimes a conversation is only there so that it can be interrupted by some action, other time… @TerminalLance 1. Jalapeño cheese spread 2. Grizzly Wintergreen 3. Copenhagen Longcut 4. Monster energy 5. No shave…
@jacobinfante24 He’s got to go. @kfishbain I hope we get blown out again, and then again for the rest of the season.
@TheDarkerWorld1 If a pulse-pounding post-apocalypse adventure is your thing, check out Her Name Was Abby, just 99¢… only have ONE HOUR left to get Her Name Was Abby for just 99¢ on Kindle!! Check out this exciting post-apoc thr…
@sixtwentysix @EveryDayBlasian @ChiSportUpdates No, Foles already knows how to do that consistently lol @robertkschmitz As bad as he was, Foles would have been even worse. We might have been completely shutout with Foles. @HistFantasy And of course the Steve Martin spoof 😂 @HistFantasy I *love* Cyrano de Bergerac, but I prefer the José Ferrer version. “What? You accuse me of absurdity?… thought this was Colonel Sanders. @Jon_Crocilla @paulcusentino @DickersonESPN I don’t think the Bears are quite as bad. They made some big moves in 2… @DickersonESPN That’s the perfect answer to just about any Bears question. What a joke. I hope they lose out the re… @MikeRDuggan My new “Creed” series will be modern day-ish, I never give the specific year. But no, I’m just gonna p… @BradBiggs Edit to add: we all know the Green Bay defense is good, but they’re not THAT good, or at least they shouldn’t be. @BradBiggs Was that Week 12 defensive performance some kind of weird fluke or is this defense finally showing signs… @AuthorTOBurnett I thought the same thing 😂 Tired of those cookie cutter tweets.
Cyber Monday Sale! Get “Her Name Was Abby” for just 99¢ 😱😱😱 For the change rattling around inside your cupholder yo… @LaPetiteWolfe I’m wary of Amazon ads, I’ve heard too many horror stories. But good luck to you! @rjc05 @Ynotdraftmitch @BradBiggs You’re goofy bruh. @rjc05 @Ynotdraftmitch @BradBiggs You mean the year Cody Parkey missed a field goal? Foles fan confirmed. Weak af. @rjc05 @Ynotdraftmitch @BradBiggs Oops, guess you were asleep in 2018. 2017 wasn’t even a full year for Foles, he l… @rjc05 @Ynotdraftmitch @BradBiggs I’ve said like 5 times now he’s not 🤦‍♂️ I said his mobility makes him better sui… @rjc05 @Ynotdraftmitch @BradBiggs Bruh are you a Bears fan or a Foles fan? @rjc05 @Ynotdraftmitch @BradBiggs How many TD’s did Foles toss against the bottom tier Vikings? @rjc05 @Ynotdraftmitch @BradBiggs How about never posting a QBR of 15 like a Foles has? @rjc05 @Ynotdraftmitch @BradBiggs And he’s sucked for multiple teams. Let’s see where Mitch goes and how he does so… @rjc05 @Ynotdraftmitch @BradBiggs Foles’ resume has one good year on it and 8 years of sucking. @rjc05 @BradBiggs Pick up a first down on the ground, throw some nice touchdowns. @rjc05 @Ynotdraftmitch @BradBiggs Yeah, that was a great 6 minutes of football against he worst pass D in the leagu… @rjc05 @Ynotdraftmitch @BradBiggs Bruh that’s such a copout. Joe Flacco is. SB MVP too, you want him on your team?… @rjc05 @Ynotdraftmitch @BradBiggs Lmao that’s a joke. Take away the 3 TD’s in the 4th quarter at ATL and Foles had… @rjc05 @BradBiggs It did matter because without Mitch moving around we probably would have been shutout completely. @rjc05 @BradBiggs Trubisky can run, Foles can’t. That’s why. Neither one is a good QB but with a turnstile O line y… @WarrenNight975 @Klenkmeister63 @kfishbain The window is shut. This team isn’t one or two pieces away from a Super… @David312x @JJStankevitz Yup. Everything about this offense is trash, singling Trubisky out is idiotic at this point. @danwiederer And that’s why it’s time to rebuild. Nagy and Pace have failed.Goodnight, goodbye. See you next season. The Bears better clean house this week. #CHIvsGB @kfishbain Only took 35 minutes 😩It took the Bears defense 35 minutes to get a stop. Absolutely inexcusable for a defense as highly paid as this one. #CHIvsGB @barstoolcarl @NFL The @NFL would immediately shut the game down and declare it a GB win if that happened to their golden boy. @kfishbain Why are we paying this defense $100 million dollars when we could have just set up turnstiles on the field?Never thought I’d see the day our defense is the one that’s letting us down. #CHIvsGB @Johnathan_Wood1 @YasmaniGrandaI Yup, that sounds about right for NFL refs. Anything to protect a RodgersThey shouldn’t le Nagy even get back on the plane after the game. #CHIvsGB @MickTrufolesky Shouldn’t be this bad missing one guy. Who would have thought our defense was gonna be the problem tonight’sGod forbid the Bears play a complete game. The offense finally plays mediocre, and the defense turns to Swiss cheese 🤦‍♂️ #CHIvsGBTrubisky, Foles, what’s the difference? Still like Trubisky because he’s not a statue in the pocket. #CHIvsGBWho would have thought #DaBears offense would be playing better than the defense so far? #CHIvsGBI see GB has the refs for this game. What a terrible roughing the passer call #CHIvsGBWould it kill ARob to win a 50/50 ball for once in his life? Dude wants 20 million but gives up as many big plays a… @toddstarnes It can’t be this hard to understand that more people voted against Trump than for Biden, can it?
@Nick_Solari @JulieBorowski Has anyone anywhere ever stopped trusting their parents once they figured out Santa? I… @JulieBorowski I agree. My daughter figured it out at age 6 anyway 🤷‍♂️This is the last day to get His Name Was Zach FREE on #Kindle! Check out this exciting and emotional post-apoc stor… @PepeSilvia05 @DawindycityP I feel the same. If we don’t win today, and in convincing fashion, I’d rather lose out… @denishaughnessy I use it quite often and can’t think of a reason why it would be omitted. That sounds like one of…’m just trying to figure out for exactly what activity you’d wear these 🤨’s #blog post is up! Come see how my works-in-progress are coming along 😃#books @TLCplMax They could still probably beat the Jets.Just a few hours left to get my debut post-apocalypse novel for free! Click the link to get it now 😃
Today’s blog post is up: when did YOU fall in love with reading? #blog @soniarosawrites I’ve loved reading since age 5. My siblings got tired of telling me what things said, so I was det… @halo_scot Yeah, pretty flat for the last couple months. What with the pandemic, the election dumpster fire, i just… @MarkPotash Idc how good those defenses were, Foles put up ZERO against a trash Vikings team and has been outscored… @DawindycityP Devin Hester returning the Super Bowl opening kickoff for a touchdown. I was jumping up and down watc… can still get my debut novel His Name Was Zach FREE on Amazon Kindle 😃 16 others already have, and you can join… @sixtwentysix @EveryDayBlasian @ChiSportUpdates And I see delusional clowns who saw Foles have about 6 good minutes… @sixtwentysix @EveryDayBlasian @ChiSportUpdates Good, he can ride the Bench for a couple years and maybe learn a th… @KevinBarrick It’s more evolutionary. Any time an invasive species arrives in a new place, it pretty much takes ove… @JJStankevitz Almost like Nagy is a bad coach who can’t develop talent and truly believed he could make his idiotic… @ErikLambert1 Pace and Nagy both need to go @MidwayPat @JJStankevitz I’m saying Foles should have been benched a few weeks ago and Mitch put back in but Nagy s…
@David312x @JJStankevitz He’s not the piece that needs fixing. If they had took some of that money they threw at tr… @JJStankevitz Nagy never wanted him to start the season, and he benched him at the first opportunity. Then he allow… you want FREE books? Of course you do! Check out my debut post-apoc novel His Name Was Zach and it’s short story…
Retweeted by Peter Martuneac @SeabassSaid @adamjahns @ErikLambert1 As if Foles would do any better @adamjahns It also adds a chance to win. With Foles we would have NO chance to win.Do you want FREE books? Of course you do! Check out my debut post-apoc novel His Name Was Zach and it’s short story… @authorcfturner Hey humans, do you breath air?FREE BOOKS! Starting tomorrow my debut novel His Name Was Zach and its prequel short story Abby: Alone will be FREE…
@Moore_Brandon23 @DawindycityP If they can beat the Packers with convincing play, there’s a chance they catch fire… @dsegler210 @DawindycityP Trubisky gives us a chance, Foles gives us no chance to win. It’s as simple as that. @DawindycityP We at least have a chance to win now. If we started Foles then the game would already be a Lost Cause. @JKrug74 @Adam407 @BigDadGetzBandz Probably not, because the entire offense sucks. @stephenRB4 Thank you! 😁 @stephenRB4 I finished a 1600 word chapter yesterday, full of excitement and daring-do in a booby trapped tomb 😬 @Crab_People13 @BigDadGetzBandz The point is people hated Mitch so damn much that they blinded themselves to the MA… @Adam407 @BigDadGetzBandz Trubisky gets the job done if you give him even a mildly competent team. The ENTIRE team… @In3dRes @BigDadGetzBandz Did you watch last year? Literally everything regressed, the run game, the O-line, receiv…’s blog post is up! What’s your chief blessing today? #Thanksgiving #Thanksgiving2020 @JaybillsGames @runbackdave No one can learn from career backup Foles. He ought to be learning from Trubisky. @runbackdave We’re dead last in basically every offensive category. He literally could not do any worse.
@gradybridges @ChiSportUpdates Grab a comfy seat then because losing won’t happen anytime soon.Yes! A chance to win! @TLCplMax @McDonalds Trust me on this one, open up a tab at McDonald’s. Save you some time.