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@Alistair_McF @Sodapoppintv @REALMizkif @aroiagarcia @aLexBY11 @LMDShow @JuanSGuarnizo @MoistCr1TiKaL @Rubiu5 @epiicreborn @scarra Holy shit @Natsumiii @scarra Separate emails, check your promotions tab @QuarterJade incredible look 👏👏👏
@DaithiDeNogla :DOnly the realest gamers watch @scarra @Sykkuno I’m in your suitcasemorning among us -> modded among us -> po box opening -> rust(?) @nmplol ill hire you for 10 scrap @squidsonstrike cool people bein cool @HyperSeanic Bro. @starsmitten_ that was very POGGERS @alexandravbotez @21savage Vouch Me while waiting to get destroyed in three moves @yoongslt (Please don’t feel bad I know you meant it as a joke) 😊 @yoongslt I will never recover from this absolutely stunning defeat 😔 @portilho you* *not Mateus @yoongslt That’s fair, have a nice dayHey you I love you 😘
Had an amazing time hosting wwFest SQUADS with @TheVampsCon Make sure to watch wwFest: Valorant Edition which sta… @Natsumiii I’m feeling personally attacked @BoxBox your mind is a wonderful thing @Sydeon 👍👍👍👍
good morning beautiful people @5uppps Lies and deceit @DisguisedToast @dakotaz @itshafu Hahaha @Kkatamina ill make sure nabi and I match @brodinplett Every tip Every. Tip. @5uppps Some things were never meant to be @pokimanelol How dare you encapsulate me so perfectly 😡 @QuarterJade @midilune_ @iGumdrop @Sydeon This is amazing T_T @brodinplett Your turn? @MerryKish thanks!! @StevenSuptic Steve. @ItzMasayoshi @twulytenzin vouch @CLG_HotshotGG I live to pleaseHair is supposed to fade out into a lighter blue Thanks @mindysnam for the dye job and thanks to everyone who donated to charity!My midlife crisis @Valkyrae
@QuarterJaded why am i laughing so hard at this @tonkat5u That’s some nightmare shit @5uppps @MushyOsprey @Kurogiris @voucheryy @sleepingnstuff So much damn talent, congrats to the winners! @QuarterJaded Sounds good to me m8 @Valkyrae huh I'm unsure about this but I guess its worth a shot @Valkyrae thats actually insane TEACH ME YOUR SECRETS @_bubtea @Jack_Septic_Eye Jack I just woke up I’m not ready for this @h7une Could you ruin mine 😳 @Goldenglue Morn @LilyPichu How could you be so brave like this @TheRealRyanHiga So cute @AriaSaki This is so cute @Jack_Septic_Eye But is five hot @yvonnie @StevenSuptic We get it you play among us @TikoFn @neekolul @itshafu KomodoHype @neekolul things: I don’t have a twitch contract and look at the nameWtf twitch @fuslie "im gonna sleep early today" fuslie 2021 @Kkatamina @scarra hm. @TeanaKitten If my kids are half as cute I'll be very lucky @LilyPichu wouldnt be last I mean* @LilyPichu if I was in that tournament, you wouldnt be dw @QuarterJade family is everything @LilyPichu Yikes these children are fucking cringe @brodinplett Knives? That’s amateur hour. Whip out the chainsaws, don’t be shy @Sydeon im here for it @brodinplett Dude you'd be a sick uncle brodinI also swore in front of them twice and they started repeating it SORRY BROHad a really long talk with my oldest brother about life and got to see the nephews for a little bit too My soul r… @Sydeon @LenovoLegion @Microsoft LETS GOOOOOOOOOOO @fuslie @LenovoLegion @Microsoft AYYYY LETS GO ROOMIE 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 @ItzMasayoshi @QuarterJade This is simultaneously incredibly funny, accurate, and wholesome how do you do it john
@scarra @Valkyrae Bro. @ashluvscorpse ? @Kkatamina @yvonnie so youre telling me if we ban miyoung from getting starbucks, we can charge her more rent? @yvonnie and yes i had a typo @yvonnie hes not wrong @Valkyrae enjoy your break :) @brodinplett @QuarterJade All I can imagine is you covered in mocha drizzle @brodinplett @QuarterJade A brodin, no whip, no ice, trenta @RubberNinja ?! @QuarterJade @brodinplett can i add an order on too @Natsumiii @BaboAbe I mean he did @Sykkuno @Corpse_Husband @DisguisedToast @brookeab @Jack_Septic_Eye @LudwigAhgren @5uppps @peterparkTV @Sugoi_Ash
Retweeted by Peter Park @AnneMunition @LogitechG congrats Anne! @QuarterJade i cant believe youve done this @5uppps the dumper i aspire to have 😔HAPPY BIRTHDAY @Corpse_Husband !! 🎉🎉🎉🎉
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@QuarterJaded You have nothing to apologize for, you enjoy your free time the way you want :) @squidsonstrike Black is HOT @itshafu ♥️ @Jack_Septic_Eye Can we hold hands while in line for the sorting hat? 😳I heard if you get crewmate for 4 hours straight you become a wizard @jakenbakeLIVE just a clout chaser what can i say :) @hasanthehun I’ll do runs with you all day kind sirhihi!!!! Live today at 2pm pst!!🎉 Drunk Proximity Voice Chat Among Us! (Corpse’s idea.. LOL) JackSepticEye Ash C…
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