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@QuarterJade my friend: monster hunter world
I think he nailed itI asked my nephew to draw a picture of me @Jae_Day6 Vouch @QuarterJade @Sykkuno @Valkyrae @DisguisedToast @pokimanelol @AOC Vouch @scarra @AOC @DisguisedToast Vouch @scarra @scarra @ItzMasayoshi Honestly same @starsmitten_ @QuarterJade @blaustoise @ItzMasayoshi Not me :) @QuarterJade @blaustoise @ItzMasayoshi He definitely will be a 20k+ streamer imo @ItzMasayoshi @blaustoise @ItzMasayoshi this might be weird to say, but i feel like he was born for live-streamingI can't stress enough that I think @ItzMasayoshi has some of the best content-aware humor on all of twitch please g… was going to go eat but then was pulled into another among us lobby sorryu @blaustoise You deserve it bro
@pokimanelol Sorry for reporting youbackstabber pov @Valkyrae Rooting for you @george_10g this is awesome! (why does a cup of coffee look more handsome than me) @peterparkTV Thank you follow!👻☕
Retweeted by Peter Park 👻 @starsmitten_ no @squidsonstrike make wallet sad @floaromaa no U @Yunnieee this patch is awful @yvonnie neitherI really appreciate all the people that check into my streams! Lately I've been feeling a lot of weird anxiety over…
among us with friends @tigerfish102 But that would expose my scarra shrine @Sanchovies you really dont miss @Smix hes perfect @fuslie I've come a long way from the naked host 🥺new video up! :D >> @fuslie @Smix leslie you have a FINANCE @Smix @fuslie sueslap monkaW @fuslie Remember when you told me you peaked earlier this year. I TOLD YOU LESLIE, FUSLIE STONKS ONLY GO UP 📈🔥 @Valkyrae This dudes cringe @Shiphtur did you just wake up or @scarra wtf @edisonparklive @fuslie @SocialDilemma_ shes not wrong @lolArnav im a mercy main @Valkyrae give him a raise @Valkyrae thats very Pogchamp @Pterodactylsftw i also havent played standard since college but i just collect for fun now since no one i know really plays @Pterodactylsftw we should crack packs some time @Pterodactylsftw wait youre an mtg nerd too? youre so cool...
@ItzMasayoshi CuteSup @Valkyrae Rae stonks 📈 @LilyPichu perfection @scarra @rolas0912 I can vouch for valentina
@itshafu @JoINrbs i dont know how to count @BaboAbe show me your butt abe @fooozley ok thats my bad i thought you were ok with it @Mirak624 @LaLaChuu thanks for setting my house on fire and stealing my cats, youre a real one @scarra That’s a false charge
@tokyo_calvin @monsterhunter @Monster_Hunter @starsmitten_ BITCH NOT ME @ItzMasayoshi Never playing brawl stars with you again
@OfflineTV @michaelreeves @DisguisedToast @pokimanelol @LilyPichu @scarra It’s timei rolled another diluc btw @Valkyrae ok cool hope someone invites you to play gl 👍 @Valkyrae hi would you like to play games @Pterodactylsftw no :')GENSHIN IMPACT VIDEO Pog: Link >> PC Download >>… @ArmanMotavvef probably 1pm - 9pm @10kAtlas its right above novice fasting @Hyrax_tv can i just drink 2k calories in yogurt soju? @Pirohx i am far from perfect but ty for the kind wordssorry leslie but no starbucks for a bitYou can make a straight line from my chin to the bottom of my neck... Intermittent fasting starts today @imane oh sh- @imane i hope so @Lineos_Art I love it @ItzMasayoshi @Natsumiii its actually a lot like battlerite if youve played that game @ItzMasayoshi john with the ez carry @ItzMasayoshi lets go
My nephews are adorable And they know the shadow clone technique @CompleteJade @starsmitten_ dude shes going to freak when she sees the designs @scorgzi See you on the rift gamer @blaustoise I’ll keep this in mind for whenever I need it @insanitylol Thanks gamer! @implushys Thanks old friend :) life would have been much worse without you @peterparkTV happy birthday old friend ❤️
Retweeted by Peter Park 👻 @jhingerale It’s perfect ty @Little_Luly 🥺❤️ @lolArnav Ty king 👑 @scarra Feel better soon :(
@SkoochLoL I’m going to pitch a little legend that looks like a fungus to spread awareness on athletes foot, are you in? @brookeab THANK YOU BROOKE 🥺🥺🥺 @tjbrownmusic Thanks tj ily @StenDragoti Ty Sten!! @alexiaraye Thanks Alexia!! @whanderlust Thanks Sandra! 😊 @starsmitten_ You’re not being a wuss, it’s a totally understandable concern. Team comms in competitive games are o… @Smix Thank you Sue! I feel like you always know exactly what to say, I appreciate you and all that you do for me and our friends 😭❤️ @Valkyrae Gm @greeyscalez Ty 🥺 @itshafu @yvonnie Gl @tjsmith Thanks tj! :) @RiotMoosey @yvonnie It fucking blows so far @Yunnieee Thanks yun!!!