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@Valkyrae OF COURSE QUEEN 😤 @39daph Your art keeps getting better and better @Valkyrae WOOO ITS HAPPENING @AriaSaki @TrulyTenzin @HelloFresh 🥺 @mayahiga6 you know what nvm, BIRDS SUCK @HelloFresh they were delicious 👍 @CouRageJD those are all good things jack @mayahiga6 im sorry about saying birds suck @fuslie sure @cyr kill me cyr @emmalangevin langoustine @QuarterJaded i was never really into glasses but then happy to be here @peterparkTV as zhongli and summons @Moonpowpow to destro- I mean warn you. #peenertwtday #GenshinImpact
Retweeted by Peter Park @Shiphtur Ur hot bro
@SammayTV Treating everyone with decency shouldn’t be hard SadgeUnboxing some delicious @hellofresh meals on stream today Check out HelloFresh with code PE… @Sydeon Fuuuck you’re so cool @itsraechill is it free or is it free* @itsraechill how was school today? let me cut you some fruit... @p_egasus Nice @imaSpaceboy You gotta focus on you brother, your health and happiness is what your viewers care about most! @CrazySlick_ lookin cute
@REALMizkif yo @edisonparklive take care of yourself man, we've all got your back @QuarterJade @primegaming FAR CRY LETS GOOO @imane The insecurity and projection 🙄 @fuslie Love you both ❤️ @CabinFever_Stan @HelloFresh i will be cooking with dani THIS THURSDAY @HelloFresh If you think you saw this tweet already you are definitely crazyExcited to announce I'll be partnering with @hellofresh this month! I'll finally be cooking my own meals instead of… @fuwaffy i just eat it whole @kyedae oh you like mac n cheese @kyedae whered you hide the body @xChocoBars @back4blood @AriaSaki @starsmitten_ LETS GOOOO THANK YOU BACK4BLOOD @starsmitten_ @back4blood @warnerbros @AriaSaki @xChocoBars HAVE A GOOD STREAM @itsraechill @AriaSaki CURSE YOU WINDOWS UPDATE @Valkyrae ok hear me out genshin is releasing this himbo @JerichoWasTaken NOTHING IS EVER ENOUGH FOR YOU PEOPLE @Valkyrae If I ever make a gacha game, I'm making you the featured banner for an entire year
@peterparkTV Plushie for his bday :D!!! Hope you're having a nice day!!
Retweeted by Peter Parkso grateful to be where I am in life, so grateful for my incredible friends, so grateful for this thicc dumpster heres to another year @QuarterJade and ill say it again @starsmitten_ I bring out the worst in youThanks for all the birthday wishes guys but I am sorry to inform you that I lied I’m actually 23 😔Happy Birthday to @peterparkTV ! I can’t stay up to watch the entire stream due to timezones and need of sleep bu…
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Turned 21 today 🥳 @GenshinImpact Oh my @Natsumiii @BaboAbe ? @itshafu LETS GOOO
@BaboAbe too far @insanitylol Oh shit now you’re ratioing me @insanitylol L nerd @insanitylol Deag for sure @BaboAbe Can I be the door
@BaboAbe For you I’d step on twoim late whats new @GenshinImpact Yooo that’s sick mihoyo haha so ganyu rerun when 🥺 @mayahiga6
@fuslie @drpepper @ntwrk I LOVE DR PEPPER @yvestoiletseat @scyyeri Hi @Trainwreckstv wishing you luck big T @LudwigAhgren no but actually though im so lonely @LudwigAhgren break deez nuts lol
@Loldear 김밥 @LilyPichu @michaelreeves @Natsumiii @BaboAbe I still think about this betrayal @itsraechill Line for choking starts here 👇 @jummychu2 @peenerpark Wdym that’s the best part of my stream @QuarterJade happy for you time to give the people what they really wantIn order to push up the rankings, I have decided to post more thirst traps @dakotaz I shouldve just spent it all on you 😔 @dakotaz dude same sadge @happiIyariel @peenerpark @lolArnav bro youre so hot??? @BoxBox @scarra lets fuckin go dude
@LudwigAhgren @qtcinderella SHUT THE FUCK UP NUMBER 6 @hasanthehun take me on a date!! @LuluLuvely @xChocoBars @Twitch poggers dude @h7une MUSTARD WITH PICKLES SUCK YVONNE @Valkyrae @Sydeon also you look so fucking good brother hell yeah @Sydeon Yeah I’m struggling in trigonometry please help @Spec_Agent_C @Twitch fuckin plot twist baby @Twitch @brodinplett @Twitch jummy says these are rookie numbers, I need to show my feet more @Twitch 361 is my squid game numberare you fucking kidding me @twitch? @annoyingaria best i can do
@scarra Too late, let me read you your rights @scarra I'm placing you under arrest @portilho *laughs in korean* @portilho bro @imane I KNOW RIGHT, so annoyingExcited to announce that I’ll be partnering with @EpicGames this year!! Use my code peterparktv in the epic games store 😎👉👉❤️ #EpicPartner
@fooozley @brodinplett