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Anyway I’m gonna stream tomorrow putting in work for my Titan solstice armor because why not, maybe I’ll snag someo… damn wish I didn’t suck at everything ever no wonder no one watches me streamEvery time I try to do high level ranked help for people in D2 I’m reminded I actually suck ass at this game @airbagged1 Dave this is how you get bannedThis is how violent fascists get turned into victims, through propagandists like @MrAndyNgo
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@trenpaii @Rainbow6Game I have a TF2 clip of me landing a snipe on a dude running out from cover cause I saw him in… @NikeScarKyle Fuck I forgot it got added to that deal @trenpaii @Rainbow6Game Ooohhhh she wasn’t looking up, I got it. I was like yo you are right in front of her and sh… @veganeggma They’re just gonna keep doing it over and over until they get federal support @veganeggma Portland took the throne from Berkeley as the place where they get the most visibility and the easiest… @trenpaii @Rainbow6Game How the fuck did that dude not see you @veganeggma it really sucks how your city has become the hotspot of this bullshitPeople get so wild with how they use Twitter to try and push shit to the top of news feeds during these idiotic “pa… @PortlandPolice Warning the community to the locations of Proud Boys gathering is public safety. Nobody wants them in their neighborhoods. @MORBIDANGELENE 3 of these apply to me but I went with the obvious choice: horny @kolonelkatt It’s not even 8 pm here @kolonelkatt KattJust so there is no confusion this is Pat Washington AKA John Turano AKA Based Spartan.
Retweeted by peteXN @JoeyxRoss It is if you move to Europe or RussiaIt should be illegal to be as tired as I am @hellmouthx @brendanzig_ I told the riff master to check it out a ways back and I’m hoping he did @GrrrGraphics Y’all can’t even keep your stories straight @MrAndyNgo @eileenparkpdx Do you enjoy the easy money you get for acting this stupid? Good career choice @brendanzig_ @hellmouthx Have you listened to molesting the decapitated yetNeeded to go to the gym. Forgot gym closed early today. Now what. @brendanzig_ @hellmouthx Brendan, welcome @TheDongSide It’s always that or shitty indifference because the politics don’t affect them yet. They’ll do it up u… @andylassner Imagine just mashing words out without knowing what any of them meanWhen your new coworker has a friend stop in who’s wearing a “BORDER WALL CONSTRUCTION” shirt things get mighty weir… right here is what we call a “cop” @iFatebringer Facts, 0-2100 was just as hard as the S4 0-5500 if not worse @trenpaii Ouch, guess Twitter didn’t like’em @falloutplays Officially old @trenpaii I just wanna know what they didophelia is still looking for a home in austin tx, dm @losgatitoshermanos on IG if you’re interested in adopting! pl…
Retweeted by peteXN @c4mer0n @inihelene @dontdoxmeh Why do you pretend to be rich on twitter lmao @falloutplays Moderation in destiny is woefully lacking @alwayzdahardway RIP it was PAL, not special though. Just that region. @Im_KingJulien @falloutplays Bungie will likely ban their systems @alwayzdahardway OG is a red cover not blueIf you read this excerpt from "State of Deception: The Power of Nazi Propaganda" talking about SA in the 1930's is…
Retweeted by peteXNThis is what happens when kids grow up and realize everything they love doesn’t align with whatever bullshit the in… @wrappdinvelvet Try for Underworld next tho @wrappdinvelvet Agreed @StringsNDiscs @DustinGenereux @EmraniMd @Imamofpeace @realDonaldTrump Does your hair look like that because someone gave you a swirly @wrappdinvelvet Okay shoulders @CaySchneider I just got in to my shift and I couldn’t agree more @brendanzig_ That’s metal @_janjerome I’m catching up on the bombcast but I’m hearing your near fight story and I am so proud of you for being ready to whoop an ass @CaySchneider @CaySchneider Bröther @thisislijoe There’s a ton going on but I like it more than how the last two sounded, way too crispI need the @thisislijoe reviewThe actual best death metal release this year everything else poses hard in the shadow morning @TheBadassDog It’s real weird to see some revisionist history on kittie....dope that an all girl band made some wav… @HiRezRomanova 1 only because the suicide machines were track number 1 @theD00MS Twitters dumbass rules are extremely specific in regards to language @theD00MS You can’t do that @theD00MS YOU HAVE TO TREAD CAREFULLY @theD00MS AGAINIt’s gonna be huge once it goes free to play it will be awesome if you keep up on it for the GB crew @bradshoemaker let me give you a rundown on where destiny 2 is at and where it’s gonna go, I could get you up to sp… @ErikaVonDoom The trick is to live in a town outside the city @ErikaVonDoom Feel free to stick around @JuelzB4Swine She’s got a good nameI stand on the opposite end of this stance @Brodyxking I just kicked a hole in a wallThings that suck: my work shift Things that bang: my store getting nitro cold brew 😚👌🏻 @TokkiMiso @ReignBodyFuel The best @spughetti 😎I hope all my friends have insurance 🙏
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@AmazingGamePro I also don’t see “fucking nerd” on here could you translate this entire tweet so I can read it @AmazingGamePro I’m wearing crocs at work because they need me here @AmazingGamePro Zero favs you clownThis sucks so so hard. @Deadspin, @Kotaku, and the other GMG sites are the last oases of opinionated, personal, fun…
Retweeted by peteXNOr nudesWork is bad send good vibes @NT3KJordan @SaintNeph @PlayStation I will fight both of you @NT3KJordan @Luminosity48 Skirmish and zone control @day0ldhatee Where’s that TT shirt tho @Gigz I wish skirmish came back and comp was that and zone control @trashedvixen Hell yes @inihelene Guilty of being Italian @PopeBear “So we just wanted to get to know you really quick, just tell me are you boring?” @patrickklepek @HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN God if I could get a replacement PS4 or a pro I would give him mine with PT installed2019 is great, actually
Retweeted by peteXN @PopeBear I mean I’m all about this and would try to get on but def schedule brief interviews to get a feel for whoever it is @PopeBear Which is a part nobody really thinks of but is absurdly important @PopeBear - can they hold a conversation and be active for 2+ hours without being prodded to speak @local_dumbbitch The planet cannot support more human life, childbirth is unethical @Thejoehardcore Both will be mocked incessantly @thatgirlfrmOhio @s Kamala is gonna arrest you for having too much free timeJust a girl and her Impossible Whopper
Retweeted by peteXNSat around for almost 2 hours for the quickest interview ever please let me get this job so I can stop being poor @rockdorkrodcork I have work immediately following this :(Anyways I’m about to have the interview for the job I REALLY need and I’m about to pass out in my carI mean like DURING moments of high anxiety I know afterwards it’s exhausting but my brain just wants to go to sleep… @rabbeckaa Even during moments of high stress it’s like my head is just trying to escape like no dude closing your…