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That third one is so good wonder how much is to target trans folk and how much is to just undo what obama did cause I wonder if trump a… @milkteaik Get out this way and I would GLADLY show you a few things
Retweeted by peteXNthe cliff wife is currently yelling at her youtuber husband because there are now 10,000 gta wasted edits of her ro…
Retweeted by peteXN @IveSeenKyle @MotherOfDoggons @AirPowerUnicorn Idgi @IveSeenKyle @MotherOfDoggons @AirPowerUnicorn Okay Ashton you can give it up now @IveSeenKyle @MotherOfDoggons @AirPowerUnicorn Am I being punk’d @IveSeenKyle @MotherOfDoggons @AirPowerUnicorn Are you actually this dumb or is this a bit @IveSeenKyle @MotherOfDoggons @AirPowerUnicorn Oh no why won’t anyone worry about the rapist’s job 😭😭😭 @trashedvixen Your body needs a breakWTB 1 (one) companyLf 1 (one) apex friend I can’t take these solo queuesBack with apex destiny was being wack
@TruthGazetteAL You don’t even know how your dick works yet playing apex legends and destiny, don’t care if anyone watches I’ll be here all night so I…
Retweeted by peteXN @Peeverson I know you @Joverrated_ Do what I do: no friends @Peeverson You’re only saying this because of the edgelord hood pull @yooocaitlin @ReignBodyFuel Mine was 2 and my neighbor is a piece of shit so that’s why I’m assuming he just took my mail @yooocaitlin @ReignBodyFuel Also I think my neighbor stole my care package with the T-shirt and I’m very sad @yooocaitlin @ReignBodyFuel Send me melon my store ran out @ErikaVonDoom U crazy @ErikaVonDoom Sick ink playing apex legends and destiny, don’t care if anyone watches I’ll be here all night so I… @hhaaleigh @alyssaschoener Woah woah let’s not jump to conclusions @alyssaschoener @hhaaleigh I can say with 100% certainty that no she still sucks and she still shit herselfwas in the middle of trying to think of how to do this one when i had a sudden moment where i just had to sit back…
Retweeted by peteXN @souls2deny Except KoRn is fucking badWearing a disembodied shirt with a disembodied tattoo @QasimRashid When this came out someone dug up his Facebook and he had a lot of posts leading up to this march of h… @local_dumbbitch Wear black listen to lots of lamb of god and get a shitty worn down black cowboy hat that looks like it’s seen people die @axetogrindcast That’s the answer you WOULD give if we were 👀 @spookperson Here have a gift that is a bone thugs shirt and nobody is ever allowed to have it @spookperson I finally actually watched this and holy fuck this dude seriously thought this was IT hahahahahhahaa @delamomanny @ErikaVonDoom BRUUUUUHHHHI don’t know how to photograph myself but I think I managed to bring my lats out from below my layers of shit @StoutWork Would’ve been a grinder for sure but the last rep felt way slower than it actually was. I probably made… @redneckstomp_ That’s your cue to not buy a Gamestop gift card“The things that keep me up at night these days are the ability to create a fake video and audio of a world leader…
Retweeted by peteXN5x15 of good mornings can suck my goddamn dick @trashedvixen Oh wowHave Bark - Songs to Bark At The Sun (2008) @PIoppiis @trashedvixen So buy itReasons I need someone around to tell me that what’s actually happening isn’t what I feel is happening, I felt like… to hit 3+ at 395, I for sure had another one in me RIP @airbagged Oh just 75? Ez @classiclib3ral @DarthLux Timcast with the classic “woah....I never knew this happened but wow....I cant believe....”“This band sucks” @MotherOfDoggons What gets me is that women have been breastfeeding their children since the birth of humanity yet… @airbagged This is fucking awfulParents are forcing their autistic children to drink bleach. Why? Because FB told them that it’s a miracle cure.…
Retweeted by peteXN @ChaunceyCC At least the last time I saw Slayer I managed to sneak weapons in, beat up one metalhead, and got to pi… @ChaunceyCC I mean I would personally be into LoG more but everyone at concerts now are just trying to document it… @kjhovey @DFPsheikh I’m cracking up the privacy settings even are turned on lmaoooSeeing videos of Slayer in 2019 with no crowd movement and just a million cellphone videos gives me a real weird fe… @EylonALevy She is a piece of shit who has been leading her country to ruin so noget over yourself good lord
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Retweeted by peteXN @axetogrindcast Are we being secretly polled for another segmentthere's a rat
Retweeted by peteXN @hunnybunchbaby Technically you can still sleep and have puffs in the AM @hunnybunchbaby Sleep puffs in AMI google searched “Vin Diesel with hair” and stumbled upon so many cursed images so here’s just a few to ruin your…
Retweeted by peteXNHow do I get a squad wipe with only melee and 24 light rounds and my teammates are fucking on the other side of the map pinging Mozambique’s @kelsvvc Hbd mr manTeam after team of perfect rolled gambit armor sets in coordinated fireteams keeping me and 3 randoms at 0 motes wh… @trenpaii zero chillDoctor: No you can’t catch dementia from your boss who has dementia Giuliani: Oh yeah? Just watch me...
Retweeted by peteXN @wrappdinvelvet Should I @ him
@FLOORPUNCHED Meowtallica @airbagged Literally nobodyRemember who stole the Supreme Court seats @CRoss213 Pro video game players, the amount of money found in either professional competitions, advertisements, an… @CashApp $xnasty @roule21happy birthday to ME @Travis_Guin I really want to know what their songwriting sessions look like @PopeBear Knowing they’ll lose in court so they go on the personal attack? Gee I wonder where in 2019 America they learn such things 🧐🧐🧐 @PopeBear Like who cares what the twitter and IG followers think this isn’t a clout thing this is business and a ju… @PopeBear You can tell that FaZe is run by basically kids because they need to shut up and get into court with lawy… know a lot of people, myself included, are cynical about big gov’t and gov’t oversight but this is a brief look i… can confirm this is true, and that it's hilarious. The first one was "Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare" so obviousl…
Retweeted by peteXNOkay it’s done. Bloodborne mod to play as enemies. Press L3 to take control of locked-on enemy. Press L1+R1+R3 to r…
Retweeted by peteXN @bennybroll Unless they’re gonna come in and feed it to me while I’m dead in bed @Facesovpain At the very least you needed to edit your voice to sound muffled at the beginning somehowI’m not eating enough because when I get home from work I’m so dead tired i can’t bring myself to cook help @Facesovpain I’m madNot an incredible game but fun @stephkise I wonder if you could work with it and make it dessert @stephkise Should’ve tried it anywayI deserve a date with @DarthLux this is ostensibly true however incredibly unlikely @Cozmo23 Buffs, thank god @DestinyMBP Seems people like itLmao
@franmirabella Power per hour is now a quantified amount @CashApp $xnastyWow Holyoke mall is beyond wack and are all malls this hopeless nowBeing supportive v2.0