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Jared Petty @pettycommajared The Highway to the Danger Zone

Writer for Free Association working with Google on #Stadia. I make Pockets Full of Soup & Prev @KindaFunnyVids @EAStarWars @IGN. Personal acct.

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...aaaaaand pretty sure I have the flu.OMG OMG OMG @ajessilee @Lilah01 Khalilah's a rogue cop who doesn't play by the rules.Sunglasses? More like FUNglasses... amiright?! @waltdwilliams Except for Keanu.I have eaten badly for a week. Strangely, this has resulted in weight gain. Some day I would like to ask God why e… @TheSeaGiraffe Now there's no call for that.Just realized that in a few months I'm going to have to listen to the Smash Brothers announcer guy voice shout "Ban… @McFortuneCooki We should ask him. @hunterpence? @McFortuneCooki Baseball, while physically demanding, doesn't typically subject players to many player on player co… @McFortuneCooki Yes baseball games are typically longer than that. I'd estimate closer to 150 mins anecdotally sinc… @MikeJMika A Vectrex? @McFortuneCooki 162 plus playoffs.Meanwhile, in baseball... I woke up tired that's never a good sign so how is your week going?
So @AlexaRayC brought me a new friend. @gamespite @BMiggs @gamespite @BMiggs What Jeremy said.
@BridgeTheMan @andrearene @garywhitta @DigiAtlas I mean we totally COULD... @iplaycornhole @sandman420 @Samuel_IGN @iplaycornhole I mean the sport is fun and all but it's named after an anus. @speedyclax Hmm... of these three I think I enjoyed FF9 best. It's a weird old game and rough around the edges but it has a good heart. @USofJR Good math.Twitter Roundup: Immunize your children, the world is round and very old, climate change is man-made and real, soci… @Samuel_IGN I just can't bear all the coveting that's going on in my heart. @GengarsMyth In.Nothing is more existentially disturbing than an empty Buffalo Wild Wings with a cornhole tournament playing over the bar. @lizziekillian Nothing worth doing really is. @Samuel_IGN Please go away. @waltdwilliams What about the helicopter door? @lizziekillian This is the high quality content I follow you for. @Samuel_IGN Seriously I'm just crazy jelly. @garywhitta @andrearene @DigiAtlas Sorry Andrea. As much as I love working with you, we never argued about printers… @Samuel_IGN OH LOOK: @Samuel_IGN That was you?! Rad. The write up I saw from IGN was Colin Stephens... was that from your notes? I'm so… @DigiAtlas @garywhitta I miss hosting with Gary more than anything else I did at KF. @BridgeTheMan Just play Old Town Road the whole time and you'll be fine. @psandp @garywhitta We are dark rivals. @garywhitta @TheCinephileGuy I'm with Gary on this one @garywhitta Shut up Gary nobody likes you. @nadiaoxford Paging @garywhitta @crankycraig Yeah I've seen BD videos before but somehow I just missed what the creators were going for, or thought… is my favorite sentence ever. went to the dentist and they didn't have to numb my face and it's now officially The Best Day of My Life™ @nadiaoxford Yes I am very polite to hardware and software as well. Except for printers. Fuck printers.People responding have convinced me I am wrong about the opinion is express here, that the value of the parody outw… responding on Twitter have convinced me I am wrong about the opinion is express here, that the value of the… responding on Twitter have convinced me I am wrong about the opinion is express here, that the value of the… @FruitpizzaOG @CorridorDigital Yes, I know it's parody. It's more the responses that weird me out.The video's intentions appear parodic, staged, or fake. It's the sentiment that troubles me, the sort of blase typi… so there's this video going around Twitter of people hitting an advanced humanoid robot with sticks & throwing t… @stevesaylor @leahjewer @CyberpunkGame Steve and Leah, I think you two could knock this out of the park. @Charalanahzard @ZachariusD"The best lack all conviction, while the worst, are full of passionate intensity... I know that twenty cent…
Never forget The Year of Luigi.
Retweeted by Jared Petty @JoshLMcKinney @IGN This is a good point @Lukard I appreciate the honesty. I rarely smoke, but every couple of months I indulge in a cigar. Picked up the ha… @Sirsonik I've been to that place a few times.Congratulations to Canada for having the best sports dinosaurs. 🍁🍁🍁 @BridgeTheMan I hate you ConnorOkay, friends, GTG. Thanks for indulging my ego. @MilSus13 Superb @achollow1 Still Pirates. @garywhitta Mario. @MysteryPeacock @KindaFunnyVids I hope so. @RoBaeBae Japanese curry from Coco Ichibanya @Warlock8151 If you can afford it, a 4 port Handy H6 portable recorder, 2 SD cards (always have a backup), spare… @cool_geek_15 @garywhitta Bacon @Nebuuzz Purple. HALLOWEEN. @TillyTweets This is a good reply. @iamlightbulb Nope @EFFTENDO PCE 1000% @chasebunker Sometimes I really do. @TillyTweets But the narcissism and validation... @Stealth40k 3. @UnoFlashy I usually built my own PCs then but I think I had a gateway for a while. Or at least a half-gateway. @GameSetMatchSly Yes @chadridgeway @Parmersan I'm not a Pokexpert so I feel unqualified to comment @QuesoBandito17 Smile. @gakwy Etrian Odyssey 2, Shiren the Wanderer, Super Scribblenauts, Monster Take, Dragon Quest V, Izuna, Arkanoid DS… @adamantium_claw Hawaiian BBQ @AntBarlow Pitch: Keep it very short, clean, and appropriate to the publication. Block: Read something you love un… @GeekyFriedRice DuckTales. @Drew7182 Yikes. Man I dunno... I haven't met many Bourbons I didn't like. My go-to is Eagle Rare 10 but that's har… @Themax1222 Pac Man Vs @AmandaMcGPRH Looking for a new good book, Amanda. What do you recommend? @TheBluesMan361 It's local nature and moral ambiguity. @JosephKnoop I love history so this is like picking between my children. Big fan of the ancient near east/Med from… @GregEid Ori @KidLiquid Because I tried for The Worst and they wouldn't take me @DuckMonotone An Indian restaurant in Pinole, CA @Gambit616 Ori. @_kampa There is no don't large enough to express the "Yes" I would say to this. @BenGaspin Strong Bad in Poker Night at the Inventory. @lpeter31 I don't, usually. I have help from great people, a forgiving and patient spouse, good medical professiona… @ThuggnDuggn "James Duggan: Legacy of a Legend: The Movie: The Game: The Experience™" Rating pending. @ZWaller_ On keto: hard boiled eggs. Off keto: pretzel/cheddar Combos