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Joel Reamer @pettyintrigues Dallas, from a DC-9 at night.

Unrepentant whistler.

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@jaimemaas @MgtyMicroscope @Tayster @jpalmerdubs @upwithpeople @UWPIAA Oh, I’m familiar, but I’m gonna watch that anyway! @NightPromoting This one...this one made me feel a little sad. @tgilley817 @BudKennedy OK, sure, whatever, go fishing or volunteering for Meals on Wheels or read a book then, don… @NebraskaTyler I don’t have a Washington Post account, so I can’t read and comment on a story that Berenson clearly… @lrc2009 I think that the Girl Scouts have been a force for social good the last few years; I won’t overly begrudge…
@lrc2009 Oh, people are literally upset at that tweet. Like, “I’m never ordering cookies again” etc etcJiminy @BudKennedy God these people need to get lives. @sweetbabette @levarburton I ran into him on set down there a couple weeks ago. You will be shocked to hear he seems like a good guy!Coney Barrett is a hack who came by her seat in an incredibly gross way, but the people upset at the Girl Scouts a… @NebraskaTyler @IanTFury @govkristinoem Their positivity rate is off the charts and their governor refuses to even…’ve walked the line with Scabby all over this great land—Scabby is by, of, and for the working people. You can try… these diner stories were so maddening: They serve to oversimplify a white notion of "real" America, instead of…
Retweeted by Joel ReamerWhat is the artist trying to say @IanTFury @govkristinoem Do you guys know what a backwards mess you look like to much of the rest of the country? @SpataTimes I loved how you don’t indicate who has what sign (that might read as sarcasm; it is not).I know I’ve said this kind of thing mostly about the White House’s “protocols,” but if we saw something like this h… fairness, the sport is not called Major League Infection Control
Retweeted by Joel ReamerThe new Body Worlds exhibit is incredible. Eve Game Seven @OrneryPiglett I thought it was just a general sentiment.Bugger. Well, no need to talk of this baseball “season” ever again, though it did often provide entertainment and respite.I was at the Goonies house today. @chrisna Weird, I woulda thought they had just the St. Louis stations. I bet Rolla and Cape Girardeau TV channels h… @DanielleVEsq A woman running for Oregon’s STATE SENATEVisiting a television market like Portland Oregon, I get two states’ worth of ridiculous attack ads. @harrysiegel @jaycaspiankang That was incredible, and despite the dark edges a balm to the earlier story about the…
Boy I’m shocked by the mess with @BadgerFootball right now. @OrneryPiglett Well, yeah! It’s like the lime green and purple apartment block. @jesus_jimz God I hate that franchise. @jesus_jimz #CardinalsDevilMagicgtfoh @terrapin_sf No! @BeschlossDC keep looking in the background of these photos to see if any of these dumb assholes are the dumb assholes I grew… a Brewers fan, I would like to celebrate ANY World Series wins. But you know, I’d still probably revere the losi… @alivicwil It’s batshit nuts here these days. @MrHoward After reading that programming tab, I cannot be convinced this is real.we, the viewers, deserve better
Retweeted by Joel Reamer @gangrey This American Life this week had a similarly horrifying story about Nicaraguan asylum seekers. @JLap64 (I like that autocorrect!) @JLap64 Oh good—I’m supposed to fly in next week. I just landed in the Pacific Northwest today, and it’s on the gro… @JLap64 All the shows I handle in ABQ are having, understandably, major freakouts. It’s gonna be really hard to sho… @meshawnmaria @coldwars How many abortions do you think the guy in your banner has paid for? @mtwidns This account is gonna do numbers tonight. @thedavidcrosby I thought it was quite good, especially the remixed-Beach Boys score. Beat Beach Boys movie but that’s a very low bar.I wasn’t prepared for reality to become an RPG chat room. was the first time a nominee didn’t get a vote from the minority in 151 years.Zero opposition! passed this truck in Western Washington around the time Coney Barrett got confirmed. “Black Guns Matter.” Whew! W…
@MKupperman Out on the road in the hinterlands I’ve noticed that she and AOC are the bogeymen in races they have li… @JackJmatt True. Similarly, only a quarter of me wasn’t joking around. @CheckersN @JackJmatt @AsteadWesley Those people elected Steve King. @SouthwestAir Caught a meeting of Ones. @SouthwestAir Currently connecting at DEN @barryisthedon Yeah, there is no Sconnie Time in my near-future. @barryisthedon It keeps Thanksgivings lively. @barryisthedon I’m related to both!Two drifters, off to see the world There’s such a lot of world to see My huckleberry friend, moon water and me 🌝 🌊
Retweeted by Joel Reamer @justinsreedy Ugh, sorry man.I always wish I could have seen his “K2” set on Broadway in the 80s. @MilesKlee I love Southwest but I have definitely had seatmates on there that I would have preferred to be a 12’ skeleton. @1010WINS “Born on third base...thinks he hit a triple...”.@MilesKlee: “...............DAMN IT!” know the moon water has got to be colder and fresher than Night Water from the sink at 3am. crisper than water…
Retweeted by Joel ReamerI think it's really important to remember this doesn't come out of incompetence. This comes out of extreme, incredi…
Retweeted by Joel ReamerCroz is having a good time on the Twitter machine this morning. @thedavidcrosby in Denver. Looks like planet Hoth down there. Smith, trailblazing female drummer from Wisconsin, dies at 107
Retweeted by Joel Reamer @FrancisBrennan Just take a minute and give hard thought to what you’re doing with your life. You don’t need to be this way.He’s really something. @KenLayne “MYSTERY SOLVED” might be over-the-top, but that one person is the head of the Keck Observatory and gave… Stop and Be Friendly. @Lindasantangel1 @cara_jeffrey The roof is closed.This is a really good example of how someone not from Texas talks when they want to sound Texan.
Retweeted by Joel Reamer @wireframebb Figured it was that or the White Castle. @murphstahoe @mikesonn Yeah, no bueno @kbiegel You’re a traitor to Cougartown, Kevin.
These people aren’t gonna automatically stop being dumb, cruel, bloviating assholes once Trump loses. legend grows. cool, I love seeing all these Dodgers fans who have been hanging out indoors together, shouting, often maskless… @route9signs Every time I roll with this shirt I get a parent with their kid asking them, “What are those on that g… @route9signs Cool mask on your wife @ClueHeywood “Welcome, foolish mortals.” @HowardMortman @senatemajldr @jasonjdick Just a perfect distillation of how government has become way more about po…’ve met Batista on set for work. He’s a good union member. @gregauman @tashanreed @VicTafur Damn, you are the fastest tweet on the timeline.Uh oh...does he think I’m Mr. Brown? @NFLSTROUD I travel to Vegas for work a lot, stay right across the street at the Staybridge Suites (very glamorous,… @TheAVClub “:Voldemort’s Lament”🥞 In the 1960's Pancake Palace used to be a restaurant in the old International Terminal (now Terminal 2). The pala…
Retweeted by Joel Reamer“Who are you people?” @OrneryPiglett “South Carolina is not for sale, Lindsey Graham Dot Com, that is Lindsey Graham Dot Com.” @MrHoward Uh ohBrett Phillips sighting. The Happy Warrior.
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