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Adam Fletcher @PezRadar Orange County, California

Senior Product Marketing Manager at @DigitalExtremes for @PlayWarframe. Past: @Blizzard_Ent, @Twitch, @GearsofWar, @Borderlands. Aspiring baker 👨🏻‍🍳

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@aramisx @Warcraft "Patch Notes Draft" lol @JohnTeymoorian Time to pull out the bike! @DIRTYON3_ Pics came up in my memories yesterday. @theRSSfeeds Congrats!!!1 year today w/ @DigitalExtremes and @PlayWarframe 🥳🥳 @RodFergusson This is so you. I’m sure he expected this. HahaBroke my diet for the first time in over a month. Gotta have some of these kinda days sometimes. (I also should st… @alexmonney lol... that's pretty amazing. Well your stuff is inspiring me to keep going :) @alexmonney Just hit my 31/31 as well! Congrats dude! You are doing great <3March ends today. April begins tomorrow. March sucked. April will probably suck as well, but we will get through it. <3 @amgo This was my last Friday night. I just hit a point where I was digging into my own brain for things and sad th…
@nodezero A legend sir. <3 Thanks for being a wonderful co-worker/teammate and more! Enjoy the time off! Can't wai… 22nd Birthday @StarCraft <3 Prime Access has arrived! Get instant access to: 🦋 Titania Prime 🗡️ Pangolin Prime…
Retweeted by Adam Fletcher @Careion_ @FNATIC Looking forward to hearing about your new adventures. Congrats on a great 4 years <3 @RodFergusson Yikes :( @RAPiDCasting @StarCraft My sweet sweet child <3 @triplesixxcreww Honestly - Face Masks search on etsy brings up hundreds :POrdered some off Etsy tonight. May as well be safe and help out a crafter :P @andrearene What in the worldddddddddddddddddddd hahahahaBrownies! 🥰 #AdamBakes @Gregtito I believe so due to the scaling and getting people to move to other content. @Gregtito Also for sub 60s use your heirlooms if you have them. It stacks. If you have upgraded heirlooms, you can… @Gregtito Onto Draenor!
@ShannonZKiller I mix hot dogs with my ramen all the time. Egg + Hot dogs <3 @MilesPlusEV Haha - I can't believe I got pulled back into that Lamb. I also can't believe he kept charging after… @xaryu I would dieeeeeeeee for a setup like this @geminibros Stay safe and healthy. You and the fam. ❤️❤️ @Yo_Goliath @PlayStation best dude for the job! @h34rt1lly 😭 Just gotta commit! @tylerlansdown The whole time I was screaming.. and when I knocked myself back into Zag and away from ETC, I told e… can't believe I didn't die here.. Bless you Whitemane and Junkrat mines. 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳 @ChanmanV @FishStix @GarrettArt @NotPatrick @EllohimeTwitch Best list.He came back. He also asked me if they can invite them over on Tuesday. My response.. "CORONAVIRUS! -- Cardi. B"… @BigKipp_ Nice work!! @Kauza Yupppppp @tbwrightartist Niceeeeee. Great work. @cattlepillar 😭 @_Olson_ 😱 that’s insanely awesome. Way to go :o @Hostyz Haha. Not at all :p @cattlepillar Try to grab a pull-up bar to maybe keep back and forearms going in between climbs. @NefertitiKoopa Hey - as long as you are happy with how you look! :) @JimmyS Nice! @Hostyz Yeah. Changed mine up. Enjoying it and still a challenge. Just in a maintain mode until this is all over. A…’s everyone doing that had fitness goals in 2020? Hopefully still on the train. Don’t let sitting at home derail you! 💪🏻🏋🏻‍♂️ @harropj @SUBWAY Looks like normal masks as opposed to N95 @JamesStevenson Scrolling through I thought these were bacon donuts. 🤪
@jacquelinesg 🙃 @JeffAHamilton Taken literally outside my window lolStill hasn't come back. Welp... 🙃 @mikemetcalf @MidoriChunLi @AmyJantzer @themakerist @Sunset_SC2 Yesss FF 2/4 was so good @hawkeward right?!? @jaczie Fiscally responsible! @SOLIDAge @HugoAgostinho @MarkFujii I had reservations on 4/10 😭😭😭I swear to god I think my roommate went on a Bumble date during this nonsense and if he did, I’m gonna blare Cardi-… @TheRealSophist Bless you. And glad you are doing okay. @SOLIDAge @MarkFujii BUFFALOOOOOO
Workout time from the confines of my room. Exciting... @Kauza Good name choice for an island. @TheRealSophist Ooooooof. Can’t be delivered from someone ? @TheRealSophist Kylleeeeeee. Hope you’re okay. Let me know if you need anything. ❤️ @JeffAHamilton That’s sick @RodFergusson @GreatWallofChin 😂😂😂 @johntdrake He had an answer in the SC town hall on CNN a few weeks back that was incredibly empathetic. It was so… @jaczie RICEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE @jaczie 🥦 🥔 🍄 @johntdrake @andrearene :( I'm so sorry for the loss. <3 you guys /hugs @Dayntee I mean to be honest, I'd cry if I had to put together a new treadmill as well. :PGood outside workout day! ☀️🌴😎 The only time I ever get sun now 😭 up and get combat-ready, Tenno! Earn Double Affinity on all Platforms from now until Monday at 2 p.m. ET.
Retweeted by Adam Fletcher @erikaishii This is awesome
@Nimithiriel Costco!! @vmaun Costco yo @Dayntee Shall see each other at many shows for sure !! @Dayntee !!! Congrats on the amazing opportunity at Wizards. Worked with that crew when I was at Twitch. Best team. ❤️ @Gregtito @JamesStevenson Literally said he didn’t need to do this yesterday because everyone was already doing it 😂 @BornaBenko I mean.. Crude prices tanked 50% of it's value over the last week and a half. That is the reason why.… @GillyweedTV Travel safe! Stay healthy <3 @GillyweedTV Yes plz! Miss you tons! Let me know if there is a going away if you’re still around and this isn’t still going on (covid) @ErinEberhardt @Blizzard_Ent Congrats! I remember when you and @alexvolk started on the same exact day :D @alexvolk Congrats!! @JackFellingX @LogitechG @HermanMiller I’m waiting as well. @kateburning Yep! A few years ago I did this with a friend when he was still playing :P @cruz_marciel For Premium?Tough one! 1. Rich Peverley @RichPeverley - ALL HAIL RAPTOR JESUS! 2. Adam Foote 3. Jere Lehtinen 4. Wayne Gretzky @SylveriaDreams @RobotEnt This is great. Kudos to Robot @phudrick @marykateives :o. Yeah I filled up for $3.79 at this exact spot a few weeks ago. @beeGamingLive Costco @bexchangewords Super cheap for Southern California. I filled up a few weeks ago and it was $3.79 a gallon. Same exact place.Just paid $2.79 a gallon for premium gas in Southern California. The end of times are here.
All this time at home would have been a great time for a new doggo or puppy. Great opportunity for house training. @TDatuli @CNN Pot calling the kettle black. 😂 @TDatuli @CNN Hi person that doesn't even follow me but literally scours the internet for keywords to reply to...… went back up to answer 1 question and they immediately went back to Wolf Blitzer. I love it. HahaCNN cutting away when Pence talks and only going back when Deborah Birx or Anthony Fauci talks is pretty great. @xaryu Thanks!!! @xaryu Got a recommended brand ? :) @Katealyst Amazing. @xaryu I need to buy me these bars. @jacquicollins_ @PlayVALORANT Congrats <3