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John Apter @PFEW_Chair England and Wales

Serving Police Officer for 27 years and National Chair of @PFEW_HQ. A voice for Police Officers across England and Wales. Dad of two and a proud LFC supporter.

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@PeterCrowther4 @DC_ARVSgt @PFEW_HQ @FlintHouserehab What questions Peter? I get the same questions from multiple a… @Sgt1756 @becausepithy @2106PC @PFEW_HQ Disgraceful. @Kimmyatmtwd @FlintHouserehab @DehennaDavison @bluecollartory_ @MarcJonesLincs Thanks for the invite and for the opportunity to give a view on be… @MartinDrapper @DC_ARVSgt @FlintHouserehab Thanks Martin @nwpbf @FlintHouserehab I’ll check with the office, I know it was being dealt with. Will come back to you tomorrow 👍Just bumped into @PFEW_Chair at the police convalescent home @FlintHouserehab . I managed to catch him after he spe…
Retweeted by John Apter @DC_ARVSgt @FlintHouserehab Great to see you Harry, catch up again soon 👍Arrived at @FlintHouserehab for a visit. Looking forward to catching up with staff and meeting officers who are usi… @buster_man @LBC @NickFerrariLBC I get told before what the subject was about, if I start a conversation about pay/…’ll be on @LBC just after 8am this morning talking with @NickFerrariLBC about the recruitment of 20,000 police off…
@JohnNicholRAF @PoliceChiefs @AssocPCCs @PFEW_HQ Good to catch up John, great speech 👍A real privilege to be guest speaker at @PoliceChiefs & @AssocPCCs dinner #PoliceConf20 tonight & have the opportun…
Retweeted by John Apter @maberesford @PFEW_HQ Please give your comments to the consultation. @JohnNicholRAF @HFRSSteveApter @MHewittNPCC @DaveThompsonCC @PoliceChiefs @AssocPCCs My company, charm and good hum… up with my good friend and all round top bloke @JohnNicholRAF this evening. Can spend hours talking with him… @Hants_fire @Redbridge53 @WinchesterStn30 So sorry to hear this, thoughts are with Mikes family, friends and colleagues. #999family 💙 @Murton_Red @patel4witham The change in legislation we campaigned for covers other emergency workers. Therefore the…“Is £20,000pa enough?” “No, not at all” John Apter, Police Federation chair, says a new fast-track detective sche…
Retweeted by John ApterTune in to @VictoriaLIVE just after 10am where National @PFEW_Chair will be discussing police recruitment with a fo…
Retweeted by John ApterAt the #BBC to appear on the @VictoriaLIVE show, talking about police recruitment and the crisis in Detectives. Suc… @PC_Robocop @PFEW_HQ @patel4witham Can assure you I don’t hold back in pushing things when needed. The Home Sec kno… @PC_Robocop @PFEW_HQ @patel4witham The delays have been frustrating (that’s me being polite) but it’s the @PFEW_HQ @PC_Robocop @PFEW_HQ @patel4witham Was in the Queens Speech, the legislation should land later in the year. Achieve… @MarcJonesLincs @PFEW_HQ @patel4witham Looking forward to catching up Marc. @juniordrblog I shouldn’t laugh but I did, lots!! Great tweet. @NickJ531969 @PFEW_HQ @patel4witham Before becoming a cop I was a carpenter on building sites. In that time I was n… @JohnnyRichards @grahamwettone @patel4witham BWV is an excellent piece of kit, brings the reality of the street int… @JohnnyRichards @grahamwettone @patel4witham Agree re sentencing guidelines and that’s part of the work. The 12 mon… Police Covenant is a step closer to becoming a reality. It was the @PFEW_HQ who campaigned for this, and the Ho… @bambam3727 @VictoriaLIVE @PoliceChiefs @AssocPCCs So not the lower level, that’s a positive. Still not enough whic… @bambam3727 @VictoriaLIVE @PoliceChiefs @AssocPCCs What’s Hampshire paying new recruits Zoe?Home Secretary @patel4witham launches plan to crack down on those who attack the police. folks. Heading into London appear on the @VictoriaLIVE show to talk about police recruitment. Then heading…
@P_Policeman @hantsfedchair may be able to help? @gmhales @AssocPCCs @PoliceChiefs See you there! @NwpfChair @NWalesPoliceFed @NWPolice Thanks for all you’ve done Simon, you’ve been a real credit to the Federation…
@RogerthePolice All in the document, click on the CPS link. It’s nearer 90%. @kawgparker @NWalesPoliceFed Sadly not Kate! @mrchrisjohn @RogerthePolice Was in the Queens Speech and we’re working on it now with the Home Office. Got to at l… @RogerthePolice Conviction rates across England & Wales is 80%. We got a change in legislation over a year ago but… @Keirgray @Peter_Kirkham Thanks, I get what you mean. I need to go in hard and se where we end up. The current situ… @Keirgray There will be situations like that, there can be solutions put in place to cover that. The decision makin… @CharlieR1984 @PFEW_HQ If you take a look at the Q&A it’s covered on page 10, I’ve attached below. Hope this helps. @letties_MH Hi Zac, sorry to hear you’re feeling poorly. Take care 💙 @chedders3758 The current Act is going to be enhanced later in the year. I’m using the time now to work with Govern… @ZeroOneFiveNine There are and I’ve spoken with Judges and Magistrates about this. The sentencing guidelines need t… @ASPolFedChair @ASPolfed Agree. For me officer safety has always been a priority and my focus, equipment, training,… @Rich_Cooke1 @KarlByrne01 So sorry to hear this Rich, very sad news. RIP Karl.“The time has come that sentencing guidelines must now include a minimum tariff for assaulting a police officer. Of… @HFRSSteveApter @policecommander @cawalton7 Have you not finished the book I sent you Steve? 😘
@pc_squirrel @donnacasey11 This is good to see 👍 @squirrell9707 @tintinplod @josephkazUK I’ve just seen it, I’ve been on leave for a week so not been monitoring Twi… @diamoundmedusa Thankfully now doing much better, been through so much so good she’s feeling a bit brighter. @squirrell9707 @tintinplod @josephkazUK Sorry but I’m not aware of colleagues who are off unless it’s flagged to me… @tintinplod @josephkazUK The laptop is linked to the screens, that’s my computer. I can justify two screens with th… @custodyfish 😂😂😂 We don’t have sew on patches but I have some other bits I could send. Drop me a DM with details an… @custodyfish Not sure what you mean re a PFEW patch? Also, what’s a sleeping box?Well look what I received!! A big thanks to my #Mancrush @policecommander for sending me an advanced signed copy o… @custodyfish In fairness, the laptop isn’t usually open when it’s linked to the two screens. But even two screens is a luxury! @NickManifold 👍 Signed by the 2018 team! @RoamingRoyston @policecommander @cawalton7 😂 I moved some papers which I didn’t want to be in the picture but the… @maybesmile Was half full, now empty but soon to be full again!Back in the office after a lovely week off! Time to deal with the mountain of emails, there are quite a few! If you…✳️ 9/10 charged under new Assaults on Emergency Workers (Offences) Act 2018 walk free @MoJGovUK
Retweeted by John Apter @AshmanDoug @HantsPolice @SurreyPolice Good luck Doug, not sure where you’re posted but if you’re ever passing Fed… back to work today after a few days R&R with the family. For those asking (surprisingly lots of you) my old…
Taking a few days family time, going to be spending some time with my old mum who’s not in the best of health. Will…
Six little little words that can mean so much to people you don’t even know. comes in many forms, I like this one! Officer safety must not be a postcode lottery, this should be stan… news from ⁦@gmpolice⁩. Thoughts are with the officer. Police officer seriously injured after car chase… @JustaNumber___ @kitmalthouse Understand it’s a joint role which should ensure a better link between policing the the MOJ. Not a bad move!
@Tola_Munro @NBPAUK @gwentpolice @GwentPoliceEMA @GP_CCKelly What a lovely touch Tola, good luck for the next move 👍 @GMPFederation Many thanks for the invite, thought it was a good evening with some great questions. Good to meet wi… @HFRSSteveApter Tough day bud xxLost my fantastic dad 7 years ago today. Miss his laugh, his advice and his wise words. #RIPDad x
@Peter_Kirkham A real shame. @InspGadgetsDog @Robbed_bald @WYP_SBarberini @WYP_DigitalPol @cpsuk @CollegeofPolice There was a consultation of OS… keeping an eye on the #reshuffle as whether we like it or not politics plays a big part in policing. This cert… News understands Sajid Javid has resigned as Chancellor
Retweeted by John Apter @Robbed_bald @InspGadgetsDog @WYP_SBarberini @WYP_DigitalPol @cpsuk @CollegeofPolice Don’t disagree, the… Manchester to attend the @GMPFederation open meeting. Looking forward to sharing a platform with the Chair of… @InspGadgetsDog @WYP_SBarberini @WYP_DigitalPol @cpsuk @CollegeofPolice As I said, some forces have increased, that… @InspGadgetsDog @WYP_SBarberini @WYP_DigitalPol @cpsuk I have, for years! Some forces have increased, others haven’… one of tonights "customers" didn't like females. Going home tonight a little bit sore after being kicked to…
Retweeted by John Apter @WYP_SBarberini @WYP_DigitalPol Sorry to hear this Sarah, completely unacceptable. Need to push for the BWV to be p… officers’ mental health focus of a new @PFEW_HQ campaign. #ManUpManDown police work by all involved. This type of work goes on every minute of every day, much of which is unseen…
@BJH251 @metpoliceuk @EssexPoliceUK Congratulations! 👍Great to see this, well done @MerseyPolice, let’s hope justice is done.
The headlines may change at pace but these painstaking investigations need to be thorough & extensive. One team!
Retweeted by John ApterNational @PFEW_Chair spoke to @BBCNews on Saturday about #PolicePay: "A new recruit might be starting now on £18,50…
Retweeted by John ApterThe final draft of the @PoliceChiefs @CollegeofPolice National Strategy on Policing and Mental Health will soon be…
Retweeted by John Apter @things1973 @PoliceMutual @channel5_tv The government has stated that the wider rectification will be for all. The… a much needed day in the office today, catching up on paper work, emails and stuff!!In between the admin I h…
@MPSAndyBrittain @Uniformofficer @MPSCroydon Well said! @NewbiePC1 That’s tough, very sad 💙 @JustaNumber___ @tnewtondunn 😂 @tnewtondunn Wish they’d build a bridge between the mainland and the Isle of Wight, would save me a fortune!We are so grateful that you both made the effort to spend time with us. As the threat changes it is more important…
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