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Host of @PardonMyTake podcast w/ @barstoolbigcat. former @xfldefenders offensive weapon. Current XFL free agent. Dean - Medill Journalism School. blocked by OJ

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Joined Twitter 10/2/12 played a nice game of word association with @Edelman11. Jameis to New England?
Retweeted by PFTCommenterIm stilll planning on kidnapping Hanks dog 5 months of intense chemotherapy and battling cancer. I got to ring the bell this morning. Bills Mafia Style.…
Retweeted by PFTCommenterTodays #JumpsuitJanuary historcal jumpsuit: Georgy Zhukov 🎥: @JackKennedy now live @BSSportsbook. Gona be living the #cigsinside life style this weekend and doubling down on my Bills b… Edelman on @PardonMyTake today discuses what its like post break up watching Tom and Gronk and Scotty Miller… @jerryferrara can u settle a bet? was bernie Williams in episode two of entourageWe are live on SIRIUSXM 85 for @TheDozenTrivia w @TheLizGonzales @nickturani @DonnieDoesWorld @Glenny_balls @BarstoolBigCat @PFTCommenter Awesome interview with Mad Dog 2020.
Retweeted by PFTCommenter @Return_Of_RB I apprecate the kind words Rico but I literaly just have long hair and a bad mustache. Called playing the hand your dealt @cristoferoberts @PardonMyTake @BarstoolBigCat This is actualy 100% correct translationThose Bills beat these Cheifs but Those Cheifs beat those Bills. These Bills are better than those titans who weren…
Retweeted by PFTCommenterNot sure about his coaching abilty but Dwayne Ledford sounds like the name of a guy who borrows ur truck to rob a b… @PFTCommenter FUCK YES
Retweeted by PFTCommenter @RandyScottESPN @PardonMyTake @BSSportsbook I think it was basically a excuse to drink in public and smoke cigarettesWhat historcal jumpsuit am I wearing today?Hello Detroit we are open for business starting today at noon. gona be inside you this weekend @BSSportsbook. Sirianni when Carson Wentz audibles next year
Retweeted by PFTCommenterLadys and gentlemen may I have your attention... RG3 to the Bears @PardonMyTake w The best pitcher of alltime @gregmaddux and superbowl MVP @Edelman11 -Dan Campbell is the bigg… @hen_ease @AaronRipkowski made a bot listen to 4000 hour’s of @PardonMyTake and this entire graphic is what it created Mitch is pick 6 from Wisconsin this is allmost to easy so I wont say it. Like this is 100% desinged to troll @BarstoolBigCat @TomFornelli #NVPName literaly translates to Trubiskys a 6th stringer time, running the PKM all night and winning the BGL with @AaronRipkowski & @itzjoben LFG…
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Ask and ye shall receve @danny__woodhead Love u @danny__woodhead @Dameshek i will trade you the entire washington wizard's for your NBA team @Dameshek ENJOY!You know I had to do it to 'em
Retweeted by PFTCommenterHey @Lions Cc @kelemartin him premptive coach of the year right now would absoluteley die for Dan CampbellWhen the knee cap’s are vegan @PFTCommenter And then Barry would calmly hand the kneecap to the referee and act like he’s been there before.
Retweeted by PFTCommenterCalvin Joshnson and Barry Sanders might pull a ham string running to comeback for one last szn after seeing this
Retweeted by PFTCommenter @diannaESPN Dozen is live on SIRIUS XM85 feat @JackKennedy @nickturani @kbnoswag @DonnieDoesWorld @TheLizGonzales and the t… @jaybusbee Say it w your chest Jay 🗣 🗣 🗣Historcal jumpsuit January poll for today @JoseCanseco @Billyhottakes Mr 40/40 bad boys of Verdansk are back all night @PFTCommenter. Come watch us fry —->
Retweeted by PFTCommenterMaking Billy Football our dietican is maybe the smartest thing ive ever done
@MattNegrin @CillizzaCNN 1. Feet @MattNegrin @CillizzaCNN Classic Cilizza propping up a coastal EliteA incredible NFL moment- WOODHEAD: attempt lat to RIVERS (INCOMPLETE) RIVERS: 77 yd FGA (MISSED) @hen_ease @Chiefs Toe look’s a little wonky to me 👀 @NFLHatesCLE @hen_ease @BarstoolBigCat @Billyhottakes P good. Billy what do u say @PFTCommenter
Retweeted by PFTCommenter @kelemartin @VivaLaStool no it’s same brand as other historical ones but just Marie antoinete pattern #letthemeatcake @Coma2020Guy wildy incorrect Dozen Radio start’s now on SIRIUSXM 85. We have @TheLizGonzales @JackKennedy @nickturani @Glenny_balls Melania on the plane right now, resting her eyes briefly, then somewhere over the state of North Carolina…
Retweeted by PFTCommenterFootball guy @UncleChaps @BarstoolBigCat @hen_ease I think your very handsome now and no longer grotesqueImagine the amazing fart you get to let out when u get on the helicopter to finaly leave the White HouseWhich historcal jump suit am I wearing today @PFTCommenter
Retweeted by PFTCommenter Rivers is not retiring hes’ simply being put out to studNew @PardonMyTake w @D_Bo20 Duncan Robinson and discusing: -The Mets GM 62unansweredtextsanddickpicgate -Are Nets o… sisscored Hank back to life. This game kicks ass Lenny shirts in stock now
Retweeted by PFTCommenterGreat news Aaron Ripkowski has become the first ever draft pick for team @PardonMyTake on our Warzone squad because…,, 👇 serious GRIT here. @PardonMyTake @BarstoolBigCat @PFTCommenter
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@BizNasty2point0 @ryanwhitney6 Wow what if youre name had been JissonetteThiccolas Cage. Cant un see it
Retweeted by PFTCommenterDemocracy in acton from ur votes- Its the War of 1812 for #JumpsuitJanuary @hen_ease is also my under standing fact. day for @HardFactorWill. Been one of my best friends in the world since 2nd grade and today he’s a dad. Congrat’s on the sexTrivia is live. A all time Big 12 points battle and Brandon gets punished 10|9c. Trivia time. Crazy trivia slugfest as (#8) @PFTCommenter & @BWalkerSEC take on (#6)…
Retweeted by PFTCommenterTomorows jumpsuit should be: @NICKMERCS Hell ya. Got 4 yesterday mostly w a cargo truck then PRd in jenga today. #DifferentVibes
This is teamwork. No egos just winnning. @kelemartin is the greatest athelete besides American Pharoah that ever ex… @Billyhottakes Oh no look’s pretty good to me is one win away from the Championship and $10,000 tune in NOW
Retweeted by PFTCommenterCan u imagine. @AdamSchefter whipped up a new photo shop meme from today's PMT
Retweeted by PFTCommenterThis says nothing about his turf toe which is actualy the most severe injury in the world. Im gona make your dog so… Matty and the entire ownership group. Everyone follow the @NZBreakers our team in New Zealand. For every… @kelemartin @Dark_Londo When the Seahawks did it at the one inch line verse Calvin Johnson and then when it happen to DK this y… Madison Unversity >>> Miami #TheU