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Host of @PardonMyTake podcast w/ @barstoolbigcat. former @xfldefenders place kicker/offensive weapon. current XFL free agent. “Mr. 35 yards”. blocked by OJ

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Wellcome aboard @KDTrey5 glad to have you in the Red Wolves pack #aroo he’s probably thinking about other girls Me: thinking about Creed’s 2001 Thanksgiving halftime performance a…
Retweeted by PFTCommenterBe a alltime sike out if Usman came out and immediately punched Masvidal and turns out Masvidal was just a really intricate cake @PardonMyTake @Billyhottakes @PFTCommenter @BarstoolBigCat
Retweeted by PFTCommenter @Billyhottakes make a singal out of a flashlight and shine it on the roof of the bar pirate stream periscope of Jose Aldos ground defence to continued technical difficulties with the live stream Ive been forced to take the fight off the big screen.… @dkm14 I would of picked itMe after ordering the UFC fight on ESPN+on my phone then not being able to play it on my ap then loggging in on my… trying to get on TV with this tweet. Fight island #UFC251 surrounded by sharkinfested waters is simple incredble!!! @Balldinho @PFTCommenter @2ShotsAnt1 Lol he just doing what Jordan did
Retweeted by PFTCommenter @PFTCommenter Hockey players would never or something like that
Retweeted by PFTCommenterWow what a narcississt
@BaldyNFL Ur pinky is majestic Bryan @BarstoolRia Hi norm is it ok if I call u lebronMarty looks like a Russian submarine captain the moment he realises the American ship tricked him into steering int… part of working out is gettting drunk later on a delicous craft brew @DanaB_Number3 #BeersAfter @bhw116 Exactley this could be our chanceIn true English soccer fashion, we need Christian Pulcisicisc to have unprotected sex with as many of his teamates… min’s til @BunsAnarchy to be followed immediately by #beersafter. Will chasing @ESPNBooger make me puke? Probabi… said what i said .’s in 16
A anonymous source has informed me that @BarstoolBigCat’s rarely used, and long since abandoned reddit accounts fir… @Jaguars BLTCommenterOur 4th round pick Ben Bartch has signed his rookie contract 🖊 #DUUUVAL
Retweeted by PFTCommenterI will legaly change my last name to “name on the front is more important” in the event I am signed @PFTCommenter @TheMikeOMalley @PardonMyTake Aggro Crag >>> Lombardi Trophy
Retweeted by PFTCommenterWas awesome to have @TheMikeOMalley on todays @PardonMyTake. Who wouldve known that in his living room he posseses… the record i think its always cool to use cuss words. I also basicaly started the Hong Kong riots by defiantley… @Seahaven15 “All legslative powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall c… and the congressman guy recap for those just catchig up on the news: @Red_Whorenado ???? @barstoolWSD You called me@the b word @barstoolWSD Mitch Trubisky was a better pick then your first round pick in todays draftYes we meant 1215 today with @BunsAnarchy . The intern repsonsible for the incorrect post has been fired. we have r… @BarstoolNate Hope its made out’ve sarin gas @TomFornelli It is now ur godI want to make one of these cakes were ppl think its a dog and if someone trys to cut it open it realeases poison g… will get a Washington RedWolves tattoo the day that it happen’s if that is the name changeLiteraly everyone suggested this for 15 years. Youve has your time. Nows the time to hear the RedWolves.… not excepted is literaly trending because bored fans of a cartoon cat book called “warriors” are cancelling… @PardonMyTake with @TheMikeOMalley talking GUTS sports and the Agro crag. Plus @danawhite from UFC Fight island… @MikeyG_two3 that the B1G jumped right in to canceling all out of confrence games without even trying the medical communti… redwolves here let’s’ make this happen in love w the Washington red wolves. Great point about the sheep as well. Instant superbowl if this is new name @espngolic 👊You'll have a hard time finding a more HEATED rivalry than @PFTCommenter & @BWalkerSEC vs. @barstoolchicago. The r…
Retweeted by PFTCommenterWhen u have to live in a bubble but also owe a enormous amount of product to los pollos hermanos
Hell ya the Colts light beer wolf is back baby and better then ever @RiverboatRonHC @Redskins plus red wolves were elite squadron that provided immediate first aid at the pentagon her… @PFTCommenter #aroo
Retweeted by PFTCommenter @PFTCommenter Empty back field = the Lone Wolf formation
Retweeted by PFTCommenter @RiverboatRonHC @redskins @TheTerry_25 @dh_simba7 @KyleAllen_10 @DaleJr @miakhalifa think this is a absolute no brainerI’m all in on the Red Wolves name. Paint giant full moon at midfeild. Fans are the Wolfpack howling on 3rd downs. L… trivia@time. Me & @BWalkerSEC taking on Chicago boys @barstoolcarl, @BarstoolChief & @barstoolWSD in our rivla… MINUTES till trivia! Rivalry week continues with THE CHICAGO BEEF IV as @PFTCommenter & @BWalkerSEC look to eve…
Retweeted by PFTCommenter @ChukNasty_ No thats @MarquetteKingI have recieved another anonymous job offer this time from a anonymous NFC coach. Not only will I make this work bu… got your ball Youve got your chain You ran through red light, speeding Eugene to Bend. Who else broke the law…
5 minutes til 🔒 in. Spliffs after
Retweeted by PFTCommenter @AdamSchefter Just throwing this out there but @danny__woodhead would be a exellent fit in that system @GrantVinson15 Thats unheard of in a loss. Tells u who the better team wasThis is basicaly my entire childhood In 30 seconds. Eastern conference finals live. Stanley cup run start’s now #capsyear @killiancasey2 @PardonMyTake Desk is completeley complete. Perfect desk @MarquetteKing We can be tandem duo. U punt I kick u hold we win eastern sharp im back on twitch live from the @PardonMyTake assingment desk continuing my Stanley Cup playoff… @ChrisCoteESPN To be fair like 300 of those are from a old neighborhood group thread that I havent figured out how… answer your queston there both Bill O’Brien I had to blur out the second one where he tried to trade Deshaun Watson for meBREAKING: Two anonymous NFL AFC South Head Coaches have anoymously confirmed to me that they would sign me in a eme… @BarstoolBigCat @PardonMyTake @hen_ease @PFTCommenter
Retweeted by PFTCommenter🤔 🤔 🤔 @UncleChaps @espngolic take it easse @UncleChaps @espngolic Because hes catholic (Norte dame) and has a lovely wife and several pugs. also probly the nutrisystem fartsSincere PFT post: Gona miss @espngolic on the radio. He was a big constant part of morning routines over here for a… thing there dads a lawyer. Save a ton on litigation 74% agree yes. Second place only had 9. Absoluteley a land slideThat guy died to. Punter walked in on him w his wife. Was a whole big story I make the Jets or giants or any other team that was playing at metlife if there kicker came down with corona… @willmassina @NYJets_Media Im marketing myself as a exlusive backup kicker available in worse case scenario on game…“They’re a lot of people saying Dak is going to get a similar contract. That would be hilarious. That would actuall…
Retweeted by PFTCommenter @DSMBTweets @hen_ease @PardonMyTake @BauerOutage @BarstoolBigCat The punter and going for it are only real threat’s… @PardonMyTake with reocurring guest @BauerOutage discusing the return to baseball, how he edits his own meme… I dont know how to multply by 100s and I never took a economics course. Neither did Einstein though$Doge $Doge $Doge I have no idea what it is but moneys all made up any ways so Dogecoin is perfect expression of we… @9527Narendra @BarstoolBigCat @hen_ease Love it. Big cricket guy. number1 cricket podcast in the USA👀👀👀
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Yeah they get there plane smashed by hail but now they get to hit the Buffalo Wild Wings in terminal 4 so id call i… @schwartzsteins Takey award winnners though!Cut by team that only exist’s for 1 month be fully guarenteed lose a opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for beauty is God's handwriting- Emerson up on phillys’ morning news rivlary week on The Dozen. Me and @BWalkerSEC vs. @SmittyBarstool, @BarstoolNate & @Glenny_balls. Who ya got? to delete tweet’sAt home hernia remedysHow to diasgnose your own hernia