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Host of @PardonMyTake podcast w/ @barstoolbigcat. former @xfldefenders offensive weapon. Current XFL free agent. “Mr. 35 yards”. blocked by OJ

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Insanely good look at the state of the American Dream that you would never get from anywere else on the internet unfortunate the news about Trevor Lawrence. As a college football fan I hope he’s back for Notre Dame and healthy long term.
Retweeted by PFTCommenter @Trevorlawrencee Buckeye fan here, Just wishing you a speedy recovery, hope you get back out there as soon as you c…
Retweeted by PFTCommenter @Trevorlawrencee Boston College Football Fans hope for a full and speedy recovery for you @Trevorlawrencee Always…
Retweeted by PFTCommenter @rudeboy_junda Thats to much mayo @ElDu Red scare @PFTCommenter There RB coach literally translates to "Russian threats"
Retweeted by PFTCommenter @Muhamma80708697 12.5 @jabronisports Jets are easly franceMore like Cam Putin imo┏┓ ┃┃╱╲ in ┃╱╱╲╲ this ╱╱╭╮╲╲house ▔▏┗┛▕▔ we ╱▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔╲ Bet on quaterbacks to score rushing TDs ╱╱┏┳┓╭╮┏┳┓ ╲╲ ▔▏┗┻┛┃┃┗┻┛▕▔
Retweeted by PFTCommenter @IndySportsSteve Hes happy and thriving just looking more mature and distinguished then he used toWoke up the old blind boi yelling flea flicker at my telvision FLICKERWe’ll see which canidate really wants to win Pennsylvania with a election eve hologram JoePa endorsementWould of been hilarious if Gurley had gotten tackled at the one that time. Morris can’t take that chanceFact. Live by the sword die by the sword @PFTCommenter
Retweeted by PFTCommenterHe said to my face that he was stealing it, which I repsect and encourage #ThePlaymaker
Name literaly translates to CeeDee Lamb its the best "ppl forget that" of all time to queston @hen_ease Ryder status if hes using this as the headshot from @Return_Of_RB tbh. Looks like Quinn S… @AdamSchefter Let he who has not had percautionary standard knee surgery in the middle of a workweek cast the first stoneFolk’s its Gucci DiNucci in primetime sunday #GoDukes like the “weight” part here is just a tad unnesecary @dcunited 😉The Dozen radio live now on SIRIUS85 let’s cook w some exellent trivia's trivia time! Amazing battle between @PFTCommenter & @BWalkerSEC vs. @DoubleVodkaDon, @JoeyMulinaro, &…
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This is what im talking about when I say literaly everyone besides the quarterback on the 49ers is a offensive line… @ElDu EliteMy favorite Allways Old guys are Jim Leyland and Sparky Anderson. In these pictures they were like 42 and 40. Honor… @tayman47 @Billyhottakes is very important content: A Tournment of the oldest looking young soccer players of the 80s 10/28 featuring @michaelirvin88 is live! - Full World Series Game 6 recap (congrats @TommyLasorda!) - The Bear…
Retweeted by PFTCommenterMore tiring: podcasting or playing football? @michaelirvin88 weighs in.
Retweeted by PFTCommenterare you serioooouuuusssss we learn nothing from the The Rays last night? No place in sports for numbers. Should of been replaced by roman… @hen_ease’s pants had a sound track new set of a Dozen questions live on our Instagram story! Come play and test your knowledge:…
Retweeted by PFTCommenterYour wife is obvously a very smart woman @PFTCommenter the moment you come into the office and see PFT isn’t wearing the pants he bought you
Retweeted by PFTCommenterTheyre a Christmas gift from hank. his little heart would of been broken if I never wore them the place accross the street is only doing take out for lunch and its raining Justin Turner is positive for corona and is celebrating on field wo a mask , major league baseball should probly… SERIES CHAMPS!
Retweeted by PFTCommenterIm not a doctor but Magic Johnson being down there after the Justin Turner news is one of the riskier manuvers you could draw up @PFTCommenter @Nationals Hit the music one last time
Retweeted by PFTCommenterCongrat's to the Washington @Nationals, current World Series ChampionsThe Rays problem isnt that they had a nerd tellling them what to do , its that they had a dorkFeel free to use this when u return from commercial @Buck @DaMidgetZimbo @JeffDLowe @DanaB_Number3 So 5?Kevin Cash,more like head in assListen Im a complete and total idiot, but even I know that was the stupidist thing ive ever seen done by a smart guySaying “he’s Pulling Snell” sounds like a peaky blunder caught u jacking offBilly would love being in this house. Its 100% chillin w the boys in a all expense La Quinta while some psycho gran… @Billyhottakes Toxic masculinty right here Billy @PFTCommenter
Retweeted by PFTCommenterIf I was roasting I would of had everyone get up and tell only jokes about Dales infertilty. If we’re all on the sa… @BarstoolRia Maybe she didnt want to get kidnapped riaIm like just trying to repsect the process of the show and give all the guys a fair shot #TheBachelorette another note now my mom wants to know why I drank so many beers smh....I told her it was cold in Canada
Retweeted by PFTCommenterHonestley the best chance anyone has is to become Dales little wingman friend, earn his trust, and then slip laxati… is a lockeroom cancer #TheBachelorette @PFTCommenter Dale rn
Retweeted by PFTCommenterBring back dryhumping 2020 #TheBacheloretteABCBros before Rose #TheBachelorette was watching both at same time because im a genius, but I just changed the second screen also to the Bachelorette… @PFTCommenter “Fucking Gramatica.”
Retweeted by PFTCommenterClare is absoluteley going to radicalize these guys. You can only push a group of bros so far before they become a squad #TheBacheloretteThis guy allways looks like a backup TE whose kicker just missed a game-tying extra point #TheBachelorette @StevenCheah As a homage to the man himself you shoud make payment optional on theseWhen you dont like them fucken apples #TheBachelorette Come over Dale: I cant. You have a cocktail party to host and the guy’s want to get to know you better Clare… guy wants to let Clare know that he found it extremeley degrading that she asked him to take his clothes off.… should never “look forward” to telling anyone how you feel. Emotional Equivlant of hoping a email “finds you well” #TheBacheloretteMost unrealstic part of #TheBachelorette is all the fellas are doing is pounding white wine and strawberrys and non… #TheBachelorette on one screen The World Series on the other as God intended. Lets’ hope for a couple walk offs
Game respects game Alex Trebek proving he’s a 🐐 by keeping it together on this one
Retweeted by PFTCommenterAfter 2 weeks of multiple health screens and asking everyone to quarantine, I suprised my closest inner circle with… @PFTCommenter and @BWalkerSEC in round 12 of the dozen today
Retweeted by PFTCommenterCan someone use that new iphone measuring ap to see whats more impressve- me hurdling a goose or vince carter jumpi… HAVE THE SAME BIRTHDAY AND ITS WHY WE LOOK ALIKE 1/31. @PFTCommenter
Retweeted by PFTCommenterCHICKS ONLY. Shoot you're shot and text 646-762-6332 any and all chick related questions. Best ones will be read li…
Retweeted by PFTCommenter @Lee0107_ Yeah we donated over 50k couple months ago @PardonMyMeme @Lane_Kiffin AlphaExtremeley relatable @Lane_Kiffin @whoisjwright appreciate youre transparency- while I’ve got you here @NotNateNord @LightsCameraPod @BWalkerSEC @SmittyBarstool @TomScibelli @Glenny_balls @TheDozenTrivia Star Trek one… @TheDozenTrivia is live. Me and Brandon verse team @Glenny_balls @TomScibelli and @SmittyBarstool in a instant… thing happens: Matt Nagy:
Retweeted by PFTCommenterChris Berman. Still the best highlight reader of all time. 🐐 #MNFxESPN
Retweeted by PFTCommenterTexas legend Nolan Cryin behalf of all office employees across America- Shoutout to Matt Nagy for taking a stand against unessesary meetings
@FrankieBorrelli @StoolStreams @hen_ease Takes a big man to apolgize @PFTCommenter Your Leroy merely adopted the dark. The Hog was born in it, molded by it. Leroy merely adopted the bl…
Retweeted by PFTCommenterAnd for the first time its The hedge hog verse the blind dog tonight. No love lost am amazed at the speed with which he domnates that second wiener. Hot dogs, bruh