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Paul F. Tompkins @PFTompkins HOLLYWOOD, U.S.A.

Comedian/Actorian: BoJack Horseman - Threedom - Superego - Instagram:

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@41Strange in an abandoned button factory in Athens, Greece (Photo: Dec_Des)
Retweeted by Paul F. TompkinsMost of my youthful mistake were buying Warped Tour tix and laughing too hard at Malibu’s Most Wanted.
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Retweeted by Paul F. Tompkins @mondomascots GREAT cover for an arsonist.Honestly if you on some bullshit then we won’t make a good match. I’ve gotten two dudes I’ve dated to delete their…
Retweeted by Paul F. TompkinsAnd... a suspected arsonist? have clothes looked so new.
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Retweeted by Paul F. Tompkins @blainecapatch FUCKA small favor, please. If I am ever possessed by a demonic entity and you are attempting to cast that demon out of…
Retweeted by Paul F. TompkinsA @PFTompkins sighting can happen at ANY time, you must ALWAYS be ready.
Retweeted by Paul F. Tompkins @blainecapatch Who am I up againstCan't believe Harvard rejected Quentin Tarantino's application
Retweeted by Paul F. Tompkins @deanna1stOf3 @AmericanWifeABC I don’t know who you think I am but I have never been on that show @elizaskinner Let them live
Hungry Trees
Retweeted by Paul F. Tompkins @sydiot No, I don’t want someone else to get nominated, this would be for me @yayforzig If I can’t get this off the ground by September I will be calling on you @PFTompkins 🎶 I KNOW, I KNOW, IT’S SERIOOOOUS 🎶
Retweeted by Paul F. Tompkins @RaphaelBW Ahahahahaaha @RealBarabbas We didn’t win them when the band was together or when the band actually did get back togetherHey what if I got nominated for an Emmy? It could be for playing Mr Peanutbutter. Or maybe for guest starring on th… wish I could go back in time and tell my mom Nicholas Sparks sucked for more reasons than artistic merit
Retweeted by Paul F. TompkinsCouldn't get into Star Wars Land but there was no line at Terrence Malick World
Retweeted by Paul F. TompkinsHonestly was iffy on #GayRights until I heard this slapper by Tayla Swiff feat. the incredible Emmy winner Ann Dowd…
Retweeted by Paul F. Tompkinsit is my constitutional right to make fun of ready player one
Retweeted by Paul F. Tompkins @danawickens YepSome good news for a goddamn change years ago on this date, these 9 people were killed by a white supremacist at the Emanuel AME Church in Charles…
Retweeted by Paul F. TompkinsPHILADELPHIA! Superego has added a Forgotten Classics show! Come see us, youse! Early show tix:… @MattGourley A heh heh what Matt means to say is that Philly is full... of tickets that are still available to buy!… @kushibo @BrandyLJensen That’s a cartoon, did you not know? I’m very sorryEvery time you don’t see a rainbow, God is considering drowning the entire world againFor the love of god have ya girl send a cease and desist
Retweeted by Paul F. TompkinsSorry to hear of the passing of Gloria Vanderbilt. Thoughts and prayers to her personal friend Robert Hazard.Sorry, but that’s where the clip ENDS. We do not see the kid pulled back up. So... I worry. @reasereaser It’s been a while! @Molly_Kats @LibyaLiberty And it MUST not be done. @Molly_Kats @LibyaLiberty Imagine if you said it in a calm, reasonable voice. How terrifying would it be to hear that. @gravencanada That’s me all right’s one in here where we definitely do not see the save and it haunts me your boyfriend work at Slate them and prosecute them
Retweeted by Paul F. TompkinsLet’s maybe not make any dramas set in Boston for a while. Let’s give it like three years and see if we miss it. @TrondyNewman ............................ @TrondyNewman Oh my good gravyGot my dad a gift for Father’s Day. He hates gifts. I know this but I had a souvenir from my trip to Dominica I tho…
Retweeted by Paul F. Tompkins @BrandyLJensen No. NO. Thank YOU.I demand a present day photo of your dad. Show me the broken man your dad has become.
Retweeted by Paul F. Tompkinsive trained a phoenix to sneak into your houses and cry on your bread, unslicing it 😘😘
Retweeted by Paul F. TompkinsFinally enough time has passed that we can admit THE TRUTH @BrandyLJensen That baby was WEIRDonly a matter of time before the devil lets kevin spacey find the keys to his youtube account too
Retweeted by Paul F. Tompkins @marcellacomedy Hahahaha @melanielynskey @JasonRitter 🥰 @nwalks (For real though you have seen Jaws, right) @nwalks 🥰🥰🥰 @nwalks Shit! @nwalks And on Fathers Day smh @nwalks Um, NO CREDIT HERE? How sharper than a serpent’s tooth etc!I can’t believe this but #Lover leaked. The track list I posted was accurate. Idk why this happens to sweethearts b…
Retweeted by Paul F. TompkinsHappy Fathers Day to this dog and this dog only
Retweeted by Paul F. TompkinsWhen a tweet gets more than 3 likes.
Retweeted by Paul F. Tompkins#ANTSAT run from the cops (Sound ON) weird father-daughter stuff happening with the kiss cam today; crowd unsure how to react
Retweeted by Paul F. Tompkins @GriffLightning @bransonreese I’m just asking questions @EricCunningham HahahahaCommenting "how do you know my boyfriend" on every photo of your dads I see.
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@yayforzig Suspenders and shorts is a classic look dad is OFF his rocker lmao
Retweeted by Paul F. Tompkins @brettsperminute @SamKieffer He is a velvet-covered angel @bransonreese I mean, who’s WORSE @SamKieffer @brettsperminute 🥰🥰🥰 @nsilverberg @AlexanderJMoser @bransonreese HahHahahI know we all think our dad was the coolest, but my dad was the engineer behind the inflatable flailing tube man.…
Retweeted by Paul F. TompkinsWhen you mute someone on Twitter but they dont know it yet.
Retweeted by Paul F. TompkinsI have reverse-daddy issues bc my father actually treats me with SO much respect that I hate having sex
Retweeted by Paul F. Tompkins @reasereaser You know I won’t let you downDonna, in her car; her Benetar blaring, the police lights flashingMuting conversation.... NOWHow do I block Simpsons content specificallyHayley, in Gordon’s office; her milkshake flyingme waiting for a happy pride text vs my dad waiting for a father's day text
Retweeted by Paul F. TompkinsThank you for your service to phenomenology.
Retweeted by Paul F. Tompkins @markmcconville“What about us Dog Dads?”- lots of dudes in Silver Lake today.
Retweeted by Paul F. Tompkins @RoryOMalley Look at dem cheeksesI was estranged from my dad for years and continue to having a loving but complicated relationship with him. I know…
Retweeted by Paul F. Tompkins @ihatejoelkim @nsilverberg Also that specific irritation of not being able to watch videos/load photos on airplane… @ihatejoelkim @nsilverberg I’m glad somebody else said it first because we’re all thinking it.these are the only jokes in like 90% of movies now
Retweeted by Paul F. Tompkins @TymberleeHill Oh no TymbsHappy Fathers’ Day from your dads.
Retweeted by Paul F. TompkinsHappy Father's Day to my Dad, Charlie Gundacker
Retweeted by Paul F. TompkinsIf this is an actual “day” I don’t understand why there aren’t medically induced coma home kits @ted_pen Really worth it @99Zach Yeah the main reason I won’t be your dad is you don’t know how to read a room