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@BenBlacker You’re too late HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHhhHahHahhhahhhHahhahhhHahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhah @RobRenzetti Kinda @BenBlacker know this is not the important thing to focus on but the thing that I hate secondmost about far right memes (afte… memory of the 2016 debates is thinking Clinton (whom I didn't particularly like) absolutely ate Trump's lunch --…
Retweeted by Paul F. TompkinsFor the Institute's first-ever 5-minute explainer: Briahna Joy Gray (@briebriejoy) lets us know why "Big Government…
Retweeted by Paul F. TompkinsThere’s no debate: If we #TurnTexasBlue, Trump is through. $38 for 38 electoral votes. Match me:… it out! @ApplePodcasts is featuring our 100th episode with @pftompkins! Listen to Three Swings 100 and all…
Retweeted by Paul F. Tompkins @OsitaNwanevu BickeringThe four COVID personality types
Retweeted by Paul F. Tompkinsalmost ready!
Retweeted by Paul F. Tompkins @BillCorbett Bill that is up to USAs a woman who’s from there, if the Democrats want to flip Texas they should not under ANY circumstances make fun o…
Retweeted by Paul F. TompkinsYou can pet the dog in Potion Permit
Retweeted by Paul F. TompkinsIf twitter verifies me I will release the recipe for the covid vaccine
Retweeted by Paul F. Tompkins @Manglewood The people have spokenExactly so @BenBlacker In your heart you know @TheBestNuala @emilynussbaum That dog looks happy as hell what point are you trying to prove @andrewfutral Deer is not scared of YOUI love this show & am so lucky to have done a lil role on it @TylerMahanCoe Hmmm how manyWHICH ANIMAL IS THE SCAREDEST @emcoffey3 I’m awesome at it @JosephHarnish Not this time, it was fun @BrotiGupta Broti. Did you LIKE it. @BrotiGupta Well?i love going to the dentist they say what kind of tooth u want i say surprise me
Retweeted by Paul F. Tompkins @vornietom HahahahaI am looking to punish people
Retweeted by Paul F. TompkinsShoutout to whoever it was on the set that read this and shared it: I love you all @annasalix I feel like you’re saying I’m being ridiculous, like someone would have to intentionally try to be as ridiculous as I’m being @UKrazyFan Are you telling me what I said seems hard to take seriously, almost comically so @telecomic Although your theory sounds extremely shaky I cannot confidently discount it because I am a college dropout @AmyDearing3 Are you implying that what I’m saying is silly, even comical @emcoffey3 How are you at spotting jokes
@MilesKlee He saw the bracelets-and-stew tweet and thought “I bet I can beat that, I just need a few weeks to focus”They have everything they ever wanted and they're still mad
Retweeted by Paul F. TompkinsIt’s time for genuine change in the most powerful city council in the country. It’s time for a transformative visio…
Retweeted by Paul F. TompkinsOne positive thing about zoom schooling is parents being able to see and hear what really goes on in a class.
Retweeted by Paul F. Tompkins @shannonwoodward @ThrillingAdv @pagetpaget you wish there was something you could do to help America right now? Guess what, there is. Please convert your… long wait is over. We're proud to announce the launch of the Gravel Institute, fighting PragerU on its own turf…
Retweeted by Paul F. TompkinsI am SO looking forward to doing this. One of my favorite shows to do, ever. Not to be missed! literal months of falling into a rabbit hole of watching deranged Disney Adults livestream from Disney World…
Retweeted by Paul F. TompkinsLatest episode of Star Trek: The Pod Directive is up! My co-host @TrondyNewman leads a fantastic discussion with so… @kmikeym Okay good DON’T WATCH THAT SHITI don't wanna be famous i wanna be BOOKEDT like this bitch! She stay in her bag 💅🏾
Retweeted by Paul F. Tompkins @RheaButcher @ForeverDogTeam @threeswingspod Thank you for having me on and everything else you said I am throwing…! I’m on my dear friend Rhea Butcher’s THREE SWINGS podcast, happily helping them celebrate 100 EPISODES!… @kmikeym May nonshareholders chime in at all?now THIS is a celebrity impression
Retweeted by Paul F. TompkinsI can’t believe this Trump tax story dropped the same day I was going to release this takedown meme.
Retweeted by Paul F. Tompkins @M_Blasucci @OnlineAlison @MelissaStetten Stop, you’re driving me crazy!!! @M_Blasucci @OnlineAlison @MelissaStetten Come on— the hair? The clothes? They do NOTHING for you? @moviemanstan @OnlineAlison @MelissaStetten @M_Blasucci Stan maybe stay out of this one, we’ll check back with you later @M_Blasucci @OnlineAlison @MelissaStetten Maria stop lying you know he’s hot @OnlineAlison @MelissaStetten @M_Blasucci He’s undeniably sexy and charismatic @OnlineAlison @MelissaStetten @M_Blasucci Maybe you should call the cops for me @OnlineAlison @MelissaStetten @M_Blasucci It’s all so logical!!!Ugh I’m 6 episodes into The Vow and Keith is only making MORE sense to me I think this is not what’s supposed to be happeningHey, remember when the Panama Papers were released and they showed how basically every wealthy person on the planet…
Retweeted by Paul F. Tompkins @janedoe5001 @BogwashSwamprot The only reason you shouldn’t expect it is because I am not a liar. The key ingredien… @JoshHernandex @MohanadElshieky I’ve seen it every time I’ve made fun of the Lincoln Project, you are more than wel… @PsychicWhoosh @MilesKlee Just realized I wasn’t clear, I meant the audience @ScottAukerman I can’t give you an EXACT source but I definitely remember reading it in a very recent paragraph in this storyI can confirm it, he did I dip a cool ranch dorito in ranch dressing that is sort of like putting an ice cube in water
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@passport220 Belligerent and provocative? Come on. You want to talk about what is “clearly” in evidence in this vid…, this just went from serious to seriously serious, PLEASE WATCH (cc: @PFTompkins )
Retweeted by Paul F. Tompkinsimportant to remember that this is a single isolated incident of super rich guy doing this and the system that allo…
Retweeted by Paul F. Tompkins @sherberthoover1 @MilesKlee I don’t think either? The story just broke and people are responding to it @PsychicWhoosh @MilesKlee Wedding Crashers? @magicmikecastle Do it Do it UNFOLLOW THEM ALL @WeNeedSports1 I think maybe this is all too big for you to get your mind around @MilesKlee Everyone will focus on this, which they already knew, and not that he is terrible at business which they also already knew!“$750 for taxes? That’s the same price of a Starbucks covfefe.”
Retweeted by Paul F. Tompkins @magicmikecastle Look for yourself 😪 @magicmikecastle 😢 next #TAHLive is on HALLOWEEN! 10/31 5pm PT/8pm ET. Features all of the WJ Players and two BRAND NEW spooky Bey…
Retweeted by Paul F. Tompkins @magicmikecastle I can’t believe you don’t even follow meare you telling me an outlaw joseyed these wales
Retweeted by Paul F. TompkinsOnly 40s BC kids will understand
Retweeted by Paul F. Tompkins @BrotiGupta I know this is a tribute to me and I am touched @passport220 Also I don’t know how you think the comedy club analogy tracks but good try @passport220 Good point, what is more provocative to heavily armored goons than some people just standing there? Gl… ted cruz was the nominee for the supreme court so he'd tweet out a pic of a shirt that says Notorious Ted C…
Retweeted by Paul F. TompkinsSeeing Keira Knightley outside of a period piece is like running into a teacher outside of school.
Retweeted by Paul F. TompkinsI have just been informed that this woman has a drum for a head, I had believed for the longest time that it was a…
Retweeted by Paul F. Tompkins @JoshHernandex @MohanadElshieky “I haven’t seen it so you are making it up.” @DrewRickett I know @alihobbalah @matchafrosting When the cops are all crowded around the one guy they knocked to the ground & a small… @alihobbalah @matchafrosting Yes we may never know what led the people in military gear to start shoving and hittin… ever thinking that this man or the Lincoln Project was ever on your side
Retweeted by Paul F. TompkinsIf you’re “concerned” about rioters, whom would you say is rioting in this video? Either join the people who admit… love these dinner companions so much servin’ & protectin’ & chargin’ & obscurin’’m not a negative person, but if I could talk to birds, a lot of people would be in terrible danger.
Retweeted by Paul F. Tompkins @paulandstorm @JamesUrbaniak Hope he sees this bro @TessDegenstein GAMECHANGER