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ESAM (Panda Global) @PG_ESAM

Professional Smash Bros Ultimate player for @PandaGlobal. #1 Pika worldwide. Clemson Graduate. He/Him. Busted. Nice. 1-3-18 💍

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@thissidedown11 This was cool to do!HELLO MELEE/FGC PLAYERS: We've managed to get a study approved at UW-Madison (a tier 1 research university) concer…
Retweeted by ESAM (Panda Global) @gcyoshi13 LMAOOOOOOO @TweekSsb That chase at the end was so good omg @MilleniumY2K Idj combos scare me LOL @MilleniumY2K I think his neutral is way *less* versatile since he doesnt realy have a grab, so shield just kinda b… @MilleniumY2K If he had a better empty jump grab that would also help, but because his SH is high his neutral becom… @MilleniumY2K Fox has OOS options
@Dark_Wizzy_ @Jigglypuff_Best Nah def not bottom 20POWER EGG LMAOOOOOO had a dream that I had an entire room full of bananas. Like hundreds of bananas. I've been eating too much banana bread @lean_973 @Q234_SSB @YungTaylorSwift Yo we eating latkes?How do i tweet funny things @Dom_ssb @NickRiddleSSBB Dude ur so sick @MilleniumY2K It looks like ur super jumping and u dont have to You ever think about your favorite thing about Ultimate characters? What about...your lea…
@JasonPevitt I dont trust people on twitter to count so its just easier LOL @Dark_Wizzy_ Min min broke, falcon idj is too scary, puff dair loops >>> @Light_S21 @LarryLurr HUH @LarryLurr @Light_S21 The truth @ProZD A MOOD @Mikrobz_ @Light_S21 @MVD731 @TSM_Leffen Florida has like 327 problems with it but at least we dont underrate our characters LOL @Dark_Wizzy_ @buff_ssbu Im glad u agree @Light_S21 @MVD731 @TSM_Leffen Yeah apprently New England has something in the water where they are blind to their… @gamejoiadvance Cloud is mehAlso people generally got mad at my tiers being too big so i tried to make them smaller/make more tiers @MVD731 I almost put wario at #2 tbh, and yeah zss broke LOL bumping shulk down gave room @Light_S21 @TSM_Leffen I mean if thats ur argument gg u got it LOL @Light_S21 IMA GO TO UR SETS AND COUNT HOW MANY TIMES U RECOVER AGAINST EVERYONE @MVD731 :)It's that time nominated Piunk for @CapcomFighters #CapcomCup2020 via @smashggWATCHING THE MARVEL TWITCH RIVALS MADE ME WISH I HAD MY FIGHTSTICK WITH ME!! WE GRINDING GAMES WE PASSIONATE ABOUT,… @SamuraiFGC @AxlLArcStelar LOL THE PETTINESS Tan and asian, but the bald rings trueHow Nintendo Has Hurt the Smash Community Read:
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ESAM vs @gsmVoiD (But in Chess!) ARE THE MASTERS OF SMASH ALSO MASTERS IN CHESS? @HugS86 Hugo the fries are ass stop @lean_973 Like you can think youre better than them overall but at the very least u gotta say “they played better that setRemember when me and the other Black Lives Matter protesters got shot at and pepper sprayed in the street because w…
Retweeted by ESAM (Panda Global) @Connor__1989 @HugS86 makes sense cuz both are 4'7"CMON IBDW RUN THIS BACK FROM LOSERSWHAT WAS THAT ENDING @JL_tcmKing @BBcognito mutual flop era @LiquidChillin as a vegan i approve the pun @sleepykokiri I feel attacked by thisYES PLEASE DO 1 BAN NO DSR IN MELEE IT'D BE SO COOL TY SUMMIT COUCH COMMENTATORSPeach’s pancaking >> Pika’s pancaking
@RamsesDecrees Lowkey Peach pancake is more influential than Pikas 's @gsmVoiD it was actually insane @KonkeyDorf @HazmattRules i was -99% readyIm bald so this is accurate do you think is winning Summit? TBH I feel like #FreeMelee fires are gonna light under Mango/Hbox so its one of them for me @jhonxiolon It's been a trend for like 2-3 years, people even did it in Smash 4 LOLSo I'm already leaning one way, but in my tier list videos on Youtube (coming soon) which would you ratherIf you got a $100,000 per year salaried job at 22 and your salary doubled every 5 years, you'd retire having in you…
Retweeted by ESAM (Panda Global) @MilleniumY2K ooh toxic mixups with doom/nova and sent drones @MilleniumY2K Nova/?/Dorm?AND THE WINNER IS @R_Vigno ! You have 24 hours to check your DMs and reply or I'll be pulling another winner! Tha… @DM_SSB @Dark_Wizzy_ it 2-frames so...yeah @Dark_Wizzy_ hate that for me @WaDiRob LitIntroducing... BUFFR 💖 Connecting perfect practice partners, one Luigi secondary at a time. #SmashSummit
Retweeted by ESAM (Panda Global) @BTSsmash LOOOOOOL i love this @juanpi_a1 Owo whats this
do you all still like among us videos? because we have an exciting one for you today. there's good impostor player…
Retweeted by ESAM (Panda Global) @thwacktician Its key lime pie Kokiri made me for my bday!Hey look, its pacman“Gender balance. Pronoun neutral and ethnically diverse.” Animaniacs making neckbeard twitters heads explode w this…
Retweeted by ESAM (Panda Global) @boxrZhu @SSB_Swedish @squidslaugh its really really cleanThis Toph Lovage Squid commentary is actually so good omg
fighting games be like
Retweeted by ESAM (Panda Global) @XHEFSEASON @pissbugs @JL_tcmKing ...i dont know what this means @XHEFSEASON @pissbugs @JL_tcmKing Hes my friend too!! @pissbugs @JL_tcmKing Let me roast WiWi pls @pissbugs @JL_tcmKing Bald people frequently are @JL_tcmKing @pissbugs Im not worried about the bars, im just saying 53 likes? Cmon have aspirations @JL_tcmKing @pissbugs Is this supposed to be impressive on your end LMAO @gamercalzone @gamejoiadvance (For reference i also apologized for this, that was hella shitty)PLAYING VOID IN A FT5 IN CHESS SMASH BROS CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP canceled the olympics when cases weren’t this bad, please cancel eating potato in a group
Retweeted by ESAM (Panda Global)This comment on the #FreeMelee petition, literally couldn’t have said it better
Retweeted by ESAM (Panda Global) @DLeon420 Next monday? @DLeon420 :eyes:This is threatening aura and I Dont Like It ™️ @CONEY Da bomb tastes like literal poison, and THEN its dumb spicy I hated itAs long as stays up, I'm convinced that this is nothing but a contract dispute between Nint…
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Welp. This wouldve sucked always a pandemic when offline literally cant exist? Not godlike. Not nice as he… @JL_tcmKing @Q234_SSB I cant tell if im being serious or ironic @lawrencetheband Deep dish pizza yes, new york style pizza no"ultimate has the worst theme music out of all the smash games" me:
Retweeted by ESAM (Panda Global)The 2 sides of twitter @Atomsk92 @DM_SSB He’d be so sick with it tbh @Q234_SSB 😂😂 HE DONT MISS 😂😂💯
THIS IS SO SICK WTFFFFFF @DabuzSenpai Because bad @CDUltimate Ok but thats not your choice? If it was and you were doing it anyway, id say the same thing. Being forc… months ago @CDUltimate ...yeah its your job and you need to pay bills, of course thats different?? Necessities are unavoidable…’S 👏 HERE! 👏 HyperX x @DuckyChannel One 2 Mini is AVAILABLE NOW! 👏 🔗
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