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Strong start at the #PGAChamp. @TigerWoods is just three back. πŸ… shot off the lead after the morning wave. πŸ‘€ @BKoepka is in #PGAChamp form. it! πŸ•³ @AHadwinGolf with an eagle hole-out from the fairway. Scott is back. πŸ™Œ Here is a compilation of his swing in slow motion. You're welcome. driving distance leader at the #PGAChamp: Tiger Woods. look at how @JonRahmPGA gets dialed in ahead of his tee time in 30 minutes. 🎯 than one hour until @PhilMickelson tees off at the #PGAChamp. See how Lefty gets ready for a round. ⬇️ solid start to the year's first major for @XSchauffele. πŸ‘ bogey-free 65 on Thursday has @JDayGolf tied for the lead at the #PGAChamp ... eagle and the co-lead. πŸ¦… οΏΌ @MKaymer59 is tied atop the leaderboard at -5. #PGAChamp defending champ @BKoepka makes the turn at -3. He's just one shot back of the lead. 33 feet to move to 2-under. @TigerWoods is the co-leader @PGAChampionship.'s time. @TigerWoods' PGA Championship bid starts now. do you warm up? A look at @TigerWoods’ routine.πŸ… @TigerWoods has arrived @TPCHardingPark. over 30 minutes until back-to-back champ @BKoepka tees it up at the first major of the year. Here's his warm-… putter this week? Tiger Woods experimented with a newer flatstick before the PGA Championship. shot gave @TigerWoods and @SteveStricker a 1 UP victory at the 2009 @PresidentsCup at @TPCHardingPark, site of…'s version of a mic drop. Enter @TigerWoods. #TOURVault you need to know ahead of Round 1 of the @PGAChampionship. ⬇️ forget why you love the game. β›³ Wise words from @JordanSpieth. club(s) are you using on this par 3? is the best player without a major? Who will breakthrough for their first this week? Our experts discussed tha… day of prep for the year's first major. πŸ˜€ for Round 1. @TigerWoods tees off at 11:33 a.m. ET Thursday., matchups and longshots for the first major of the season. @GolfBet has your PGA Championship preview. deeper look at the rough this week @TPCHardingPark.
The locals may object to those who say @TPCHardingPark is hosting its first major this week. San Francisco’s munic… the first time. In 2009, @TigerWoods clinched the @PresidentsCup at TPC Harding Park for the U.S. Team. champions have been crowned at @TPCHardingPark. πŸ†⛳️ @DraftKings and @ThePME get you ready for the first major of the year with the daily fantasy preview. ⬇️ course has seen some amazing golf. The top 10 shots from @TPCHardingPark. rough. Big swing. In the hole. What a shot from @McIlroyRory at the 2018 @PGAChampionship. a PGA three-peat in @BKoepka's future? πŸ† 101 with @Chris_Kirk_. #TOURVault's one way to birdie a par 4. πŸ‘ @TigerWoods with a spectacular up-and-down @TPCHardingPark. #TOURVault TOUR winner. 3-time winner this season. A look at the swing of @JustinThomas34. 🏌 @PGAChampionship gets underway tomorrow. All the info you'll need to follow along: lag putt from @JordanSpieth at the 2017 @PGAChampionship. 🀀 for the case. the 2020 @WGCFedEX ball to the collection. @JustinThomas34's dad, Mike, keeps a ball from all of his son's vic… look at the full field for the @PGAChampionship. ⬇️ loves the crowd. The crowd loves Tiger.'s back for the first time in nearly five months. @AdamScott has been busy in his time away from golf."For a long time in my mind, golf and The Hill were synonymous." Where @thelanto61's journey began.
"This is what I've been gearing up for. We've got a lot of big events starting from here, so looking forward to it.… @BKoepka three-peat? Our experts make their selections for the @PGAChampionship. vibes for @McIlroyRory this week. He won the 2015 @DellMatchPlay at @TPCHardingPark in 2015. #TOURVault of the craziest finishes to a final round you'll ever see. 14. Birdie from the water 15. Hole-out eagle 16. Bo… "Phenomenal." 4. "Unthinkable." 3. "Impossible." 2. "Got it." 1. "It's the twirl." @TigerWoods' top five shots… it in the fairways this week. The trees at @TPCHardingPark are no joke. 🌲😳"A little spark." Victor Dubuisson from off the cart path during the 2015 @DellMatchPlay at @TPCHardingPark.… - πŸ† 2019 - πŸ† @BKoepka goes for three in a row at @TPCHardingPark. times for the @PGAChampionship are out. @TigerWoods @McIlroyRory @JustinThomas34 @JonRahmpga… Championship - 7 #FedExCup - 5 TOUR wins - 113 The group of @TigerWoods, @JustinThomas34 & @McIlroyRory will b… πŸ—£οΈ One word to describe this birdie by @TigerWoods during the 2018 @PGAChampionship. smiles @TPCHardingPark in preparation for the @PGAChampionship. πŸ˜ƒ numbers are staggering in the majors. @BKoepka elevates his game to a different level.'re facing the wrong way, @JonRahmpga. A look back at his incredible shot during the 2017 @PGAChampionship. πŸ‘"Once you get that one swing thought ... then you're off and running." @BKoepka explains why golf is a funny game., the reaction. πŸ™Œ Then, the result. 😡 What a spectacular shot by @TigerWoods during the 2009 @PresidentsCup a…🌲🌲 The risky play. 🌲🌲 @McIlroyRory saved par from here during the 2017 PGA Championship. and raised in Southern California, @TigerWoods’ career has flourished in his trips upstate.β€œI had no hope on Wednesday.” Propelled by the support of his wife Patricia, @Seth_Reeves shook off six straight m…
Retweeted by PGA TOURFluff got emotional. He won his first in 1980 with @JakeTrout, who watched him get his latest with @jimfuryk.
Retweeted by PGA TOURDialed in. 🎯 @JustinThomas34 leads the #WyndhamRewardsTop10. His top shots of the season. ‡️
The golden hour at @TPCHardingPark. 😍 πŸ† The moment @BKoepka successfully defended his @PGAChampionship title. biggest comeback of his career. A closer look at @JustinThomas34's @WGCFedEx victory. @patrick_cantlay 9. @XSchauffele 8. @JDayGolf 7. @MattFitz94 6. @TyrrellHatton 5. @JonRahmpga 4.… Rankings for the PGA Championship. Memphis to Tahoe. Shots of the week from @WGCFedEx & @CudaChamp. for success. In the gym with Sea Island Boys. πŸ’ͺ Episode 4, presented by @MichelobULTRA, is out now.'s good luck charm. πŸ• The matching trio. πŸ˜‚ @werenskir's @CudaChamp victory. πŸ† The Good, Bad and… come in all shapes and sizes. πŸ†πŸ• Successful Sunday for @JustinThomas34 and Nate. early look and breakdown of PGA Championship odds, via @Golfbet. putt gave Brooks Koepka a T2 finish and moved him to 96th in the #FedExCup. Had he missed he would’ve finish… @NHL dreams in Sweden πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ to @PGATOUR prospects at San FranciscoπŸŒ‰. Meet @USFDonsMensGolf's Tim Widing, our ina…
Retweeted by PGA TOURThis putt by @JustinThomas34 took forever to drop. - πŸ† 2017 - πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†, #FedExCup 2018 - πŸ†πŸ†πŸ† 2019 - πŸ† 2020 - πŸ†πŸ†πŸ† A look back @JustinThomas34's 13 TOUR wins. misses the fans. Especially kids like Eidan. They traded autographs in 2018. needed a backup caddie at the last minute. He found a solid No. 2. πŸ† to the contributions of sponsors and donors of the Valero Texas Open, through its associated Benefit for Chi…
Retweeted by PGA TOURInside the golf bag of @JustinThomas34: for your #MustSeeMoments favorite: to describe this feeling right now!! Years of hard work and trusting the process πŸ† @CudaChamp
Retweeted by PGA TOURStay in the fairway on this hole. 🐻 to know this week's course. @TPCHardingPark hosts the 2020 PGA Championship.'s funny. He's caring. He's one of the best golfers in the world. This is @JustinThomas34. πŸ˜… with 3+ seasons with 3+ wins (since 1970): β€’ Tiger Woods β€’ Jack Nicklaus β€’ Tom Watson β€’ Phil Mickelson β€’ V… motivation. @BKoepka looks to 3-peat at the PGA Championship this week. mood. 😎 It's PGA Championship week! years young. @PhilMickelson's T2 last week is the best finish in a WGC from a golfer 50 or older. in the winner's circle. πŸ† @JimFuryk turned 50 when golf was shut down. He made the most of it when the… want to caddy? All you need is a coin
Retweeted by PGA TOURViews from Memphis. πŸ˜β›³ Good night, @TPCSouthwind. luck from Nate. ❀️ Pizza deserved, @JustinThomas34. are often learning experiences, and that was the case for @JustinThomas34 at @WGCFedEx. Losing a three-stro… big week for @StallingsGolf. A T5 finish @CudaChamp moves him from 132nd to 115th in the #FedExCup standings. T…