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"Boris is bad, but at least Corbyn's not in charge for the pandemic!!" Ok let's be realistic. If Corbyn had been PM…
Retweeted by Dubai Brotherhaha ok man sure this will happen the fucking michelangelo
Retweeted by Dubai BrotherRemember when the Panama Papers leaked, and then no world government claiming to be a democracy did anything? It's…
Retweeted by Dubai BrotherWatching liberals find a new Tory they think is decent only to find themselves disappointed is like an incredibly s…
Retweeted by Dubai Brother @petefrasermusic Our label had an office there in the mid 90s, next to the Raymond. The area was still shady AF then. @AtBestIsKorny @KXCIofficial Absolutely streets ahead of everyone else as coolest looking jazz musician. And that’s no mean feat.This will be worse than the disease. There’ll be covid/5G etc truthers start to be elected to councils & parliament… cool & hilarious example of grassing someone to the police. Clearly still rankles her
@phingersphil HahahMillennials are honoring RBG's legacy by not retiring until we die
Retweeted by Dubai BrotherBen being the only person not understanding the appeal of L’Il Sebastian but Ben is me, L’il Sebastian is Marina Hyde & Pawnee is Twitter @stuartctaylor @ratbanjos Yesss @MaxTundra they fucked it when they banned bootleg salesEverything staring the US in the face was massively avoidable and American liberals will watch reproductive rights…
Retweeted by Dubai Brother @ratbanjos I’d honestly watch a Des series; not the murders, just him going about his daily life; working in the jo… isn’t real I refuse
Retweeted by Dubai Brotherthis absolutely can’t be a real tweet
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Retweeted by Dubai BrotherLibs always miss this about conservatives (the smart ones anyway). This is all a long game.They get their judge in and the senate flips or whatever, what does it matter? They’re making policy unencumbered f… I’m sure it’s cool no precedents have been violated previously or whatever RBG. Your refusal to retire during the Obama years has led to your probable replacement with Ted Cruz or someon… lived through the response to the 2008 wall street crime spree and now the response to covid, the common thr…
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A real tragedy of the last five years is that media people who should know better have allowed Labour's factional b…
Retweeted by Dubai Brother This slaps. If early 70s Miles had taken a crack at his old rival's tune Have not been able to stop thinking about this since my wife told me about it on Wednesday…
Retweeted by Dubai BrotherThe Modern Lovers, c. 1971. Loving this one: JR so young!
Retweeted by Dubai Brothercops are scum @country_jim All the dead bodies from the sunken refugee shipsVirgin & Chad headphone guys well, nevermind eh? @dandouglas Ah well, nevermind ehI believe this is one for you @ClientJournoExp for Healthcare Professionals @simonloverules Mmbop the biopicAbsolutely buzzing for Clap For Carers 2.0, got my pots & pans ready by the door and everything @Carolly7 Yes, from the Pet Shop Boys
Des, then; sort of a silly script, too potboilers for me, but Neil Tennant is amazing. Simultaneously bland and menacingCorbyn- literally never on the wrong side of history. Anti war, no greater supporter of human rights. Tom Watson…'s almost like he literally didn't give a fuck about any of that stuff and was just chasing money and status...FBPE being weirdly silent about their boyfriend part 2’s just say the plight of gambling addicts moved me... TO A BIGGER HOUSE
Retweeted by Dubai BrotherYeah fuck this guy
@nailheadparty Suing'lost' 🤔
Retweeted by Dubai Brother @phingersphil How many of them do you think the 'rona has claimed, I'm going with at least fiveSo this is the setup that I wrote Blondie’s Heart of Glass with. Borrowed Teac quarter inch 4 track. My old apartme…
Retweeted by Dubai Brother America needs to end, and soonCONTROVERSIAL oPINIOn- poppy wearers are generally mask truthers, so this business will fail @IsabelleOC I just want to meet MartynThe funny thing is, even the headbangers who want to nuke France who he's trying to appeal to will still tell him t… weirdly quiet about sir haircut now#forensic #twentypointsahead @IsabelleOC My parents bought houses & cars at them, they loved it @IsabelleOC fine @IsabelleOC Still love homes under the hammer for a pure hit of it @IsabelleOC Me too, but I listened to a podcast about how a lot of those programs have a sort of hidden agenda of g… Alan Partridge podcast is worth it just for the way he puts the stress on the 'you' in "Are You Being Served?" @IsabelleOC We couldn't tell all the white women apart so we stopped watchingRemember when Tom Watson let all those paedophiles get away with it? Also great leadership. Ian Brow !
Retweeted by Dubai BrotherIn ocean's eleven one guy's job was to give a suitcase to somebody and he got the same amount of money as the guy w…
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Retweeted by Dubai Brother @ellen_godwin Stop watching, christleftist twitter liberal twitter
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@anewlinerelated @hoodmusic I did this too! Only way to commemorate at the timeLove this Sleaford Mods track's currently watching the new Billie Piper series. It's actually not bad, using a Consumer Electronics track was pretty unexpected too @nailheadparty We're still on the last series. It's like a Bataan death march at this point you think he didn't vote Brexit and Tory I have some magic beans to sell youOh no, unlike his fanbase of provincial call centre middle managers, Noel's a right winger, john @meemalee The awokening of Jedward is definitely unexpected, but fuck it @JohnRMulvey Kero Kero Bonito supporting Saint Etienne, was only quiet because the PA was switched off and the only… @ClientJournoExp with the jokes here, always brings a smile to the TL. cheers man"being called" because it is lol
Retweeted by Dubai Brother*pretentious coice* Saw The Bug do an installation in a Berlin art gallery that was designed to cause physical pain… @meemalee @ChristinaMcMc The last time we saw them was Meltdown at the QEH. Only seats we could get were level and next to the PA 👍 @rhodri Accidental PartridgeA fair few, but the first one I remember was Mogwai doing the noise bit in Xmas Steps in the smaller upstairs room… @ChristinaMcMc My hearing was never the same after Comets On Fire at ATPLast night's vote was your occasional reminder that there's no such thing as a Tory rebellion.
Retweeted by Dubai BrotherGuy who shanked his own father & brother for the top job & was beaten by David CameronOh Christ we’re not stanning Ed Miliband again are weThe best part of this latest round of "why don't we make the poor into serfs" is the casual, completely unexamined…
Retweeted by Dubai BrotherOmg she’s such a slytherin
@country_jim haha STILL WAITING PETEI am shook this and their taking part in the BLM protests Jedward's rebrand exercise is on fleek